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moves not seen in the previous games, such as a DDT, a fallaway slam, and various types of suplexes
d-1945, Carson first encountered the subject of DDT, a revolutionary new pesticide (lauded as the "
rkers - to order water purification devices and DDT airdrops to cleanse the area of airborne agents
suta have been found to have a high level(s) of DDT and PCB's.
of eggshell thinning due to contaminants (e.g., DDT and heavy metals).
ury and Southland farms have elevated levels of DDT and a programme run by the Ministry of Agricult
g concern over possible hazards associated with DDT, and in the 1950s the government began tighteni
OmegaPure, contained excessive levels of PCBs, DDT and Dieldrin, all of which are recognized as ca
es Limited (the world's largest manufacturer of DDT) and many others manufacturing a range of produ
y dangerous substances, including Agent Orange, DDT, and other pesticides.
He introduced bills to ban DDT and to limit cars to one per family, but neithe
hat DDD is so similar to and is a metabolite of DDT, another probable human carcinogen.
Less coding is required to create a DDT application than to create a similar one using
'Wham-Bam Thank-You Ma'am' and the 'Double Arm DDT' are the same move performed in the Ready posit
DDE and its parent, DDT, are reproductive toxicants for certain birds s
lt, unsuccessfully sued to stop the spraying of DDT arguing that it was damaging the wildlife.
nt heralded the demise of the widespread use of DDT, as well as legislation to protect the environm
a variety of pollutants including heavy metals, DDT, bacteria, and sediment which limits the stream
have also seen a substantial recovery since the DDT ban was imposed.
f the environmental movement, he fought against DDT bans, citing lack of evidence for detrimental e
abbed Christian with a facelock, and executed a DDT before pinning his opponent.
o Environmental Protection Agency, some uses of DDT continued under the public health exemption, fo
ercury and organochlorine pesticides, including DDT, DDD, dieldrin, 2,4-D and paraquat, were produc
d (game debugging technique, a reference to the DDT debugger) which enabled the player to move any
y operated by David Marti and Xavi Bastida from DDT Efectos Especiales while on set.
ich have alarming levels of deadly poisons like DDT, endosulfan, hexa and trivalent chromium, lead,
d in March 1954 in order to start production of DDT for the National Malaria Eradication Programme.
at are often derided as write-only include APL, DDT, Forth, TECO, Perl and regular expression synta
DDT has also been found in the endangered Hectors d
restrictions placed on pesticides, specifically DDT, have caused tens of millions of needless death
older policy by recommending the limited use of DDT in the control of malaria-carrying mosquitos.
, he has argued publicly for the renewed use of DDT in sub-Saharan Africa to combat malaria.
unusual in actively collecting the insecticide DDT in huge amounts from houses in Brazil, without
discovery of insecticidal qualities and use of DDT in the control of vector diseases such as malar
The use of DDT in New Zealand was banned in 1989 due to negati
The use of DDT in Australia has been totally banned since 1987
stralian Academy of Science entitled The Use of DDT in Australia recommended continued use of DDT w
The use of DDT in the United States is banned, except for a li
pesticides, Palm advocated the continued use of DDT in controlled circumstances.
and has argued publicly for the renewed use of DDT in sub-Saharan Africa to eradicate mosquito pop
ompound structurally related to the insecticide DDT, is a miticide that is effective against the re
DDT is no longer effective in preventing malaria in
)2CHCHCl2 or C14H10Cl4, whereas the formula for DDT is (ClC6H4)2CHCCl3 or C14H9Cl5.
A live album was released in 1989 on the DDT label, but the band split up.
with low rainfall and occasional droughts, had DDT levels that were above the European Union's per
r bands of that time include Kino, Alisa, Aria, DDT, Nautilus Pompilius, and Grazhdanskaya Oborona.
with DDT of 100% strength".
en adequately addressed, such as the effects of DDT on some wildlife.
His DDT patent was recorded in Switzerland in 1940, the
break down very slowly in the environment, like DDT, polychlorinated biphenyls, and lindane.
DDT programming and programming using the Windows A
Deflagration to detonation transition ( DDT) refers to a phenomenon in ignitable mixtures o
soil since grass is shorter and sparser and the DDT residue on the soil is retained by the animal.
and his colleagues had hoped, as the amount of DDT residues in the environment dropped, osprey num
artment of Health Services was permitted to use DDT to suppress flea vectors of bubonic plague.
ring and Rachel Carson and concomitant push for DDT to be an industry-sponsored strategy to discred
Reductive dechlorination of DDT to form DDD
pesticide use granted in that Act, EPA approved DDT use against the pea leaf weevil in Washington a
s reported an unsuccessful struggle to restrict DDT use in Nassau County, New York that the issue c
DDT was first registered as an insecticide in Austr
Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane) ( DDT) was a widely used synthetic pesticide before i
re toxic to plants and animals, until 1947 when DDT was found.
The book argued that pesticides, including DDT, were poisoning both wildlife and the environme
ely collect large quantities of the insecticide DDT without any apparent adverse effects.
abeln; Valentin Herbing: Musikalischer Versuch, DDT, xlii, 1910

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