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It is a dimensionless parameter that compares the rate of absorption of a so
o molten metal mass flow rate ratio is a key parameter in controlling the droplet diameter and henc
OPTIMIZE(*FULL): A named parameter specifying a single element which is a speci
satellites, the orbital plane is a defining parameter of an orbit; as in general, it will take a v
A related parameter is the free thyroxine index, which is total
Catalycity is a macroscopic parameter to describe surface catalysis (heterogeneous
ow is one possible choice, leading to a four parameter chirplet transform (for which time-shear and
.) of the microscope is allowed to be a free parameter in the fitting.
eory is predictive even though it has a free parameter.
ness landscape) refers to a multidimensional parameter space that organisms (or arguably, individua
powers of 1 / N, which is treated as a small parameter.
accept and getpeername, require a socklen_t* parameter and programmers often pass the address to th
The treatment of space as a musical parameter is one of the most important preoccupations
standard model gauge symmetries, B is a free parameter which can in principle take any arbitrary va
re above the oxide surface (df) to be a free parameter.
onian is time-independent, {U(t)} form a one parameter unitary group (more than a semigroup); this
potential partners usually require a certain parameter or parameters to be at a certain level for t
nfinity, without any fine tuning of a system parameter.
has a cubic crystal structure with a lattice parameter, the distance between unit cells in the crys
) of a system as a function of a bifurcation parameter in the system.
a function of the time t, and μ is a scalar parameter indicating the nonlinearity and the strength
ypically have just one method, with a single parameter.
rnel a cubic spline - this latter has a free parameter, with each value of the parameter yielding a
The particle number is a fundamental parameter in thermodynamics which is conjugate to the
Residence time is a key parameter affecting the degree to which decontaminatio
Also note that although it accepts the parameter of type Source, which determines whether ins
osed to be amplified through the addition of parameter points in body strength and stamina.
addition, SFC provides an additional control parameter - pressure - by using an automated back pres
of the target program as an additional input parameter.
zation of the forward-backward algorithm for parameter estimation on hidden Markov models to stocha
e call) to be omitted when used as an actual parameter.
pumping energy in the fiber is an important parameter of a double-clad fiber laser.
ch Interference Level (SIL) is an acoustical parameter calculated from sound pressure levels measur
It is an extensive parameter, as it is directly proportional to the size
s instruction set (1) but with an additional parameter z to specify the next instruction in the man
CT is an key parameter when making measurements related to the pH o
, the argument of latitude (u) is an angular parameter that defines the position of a body moving a
with other informative letters (or an extra parameter) representing the condition.
Weibull distribution contains an additional parameter.
mpact of any number of systematic and random parameter variations.
g a gamma distribution with mean 1 and shape parameter L, the second having a gamma distribution wi
ily design filters to minimise any arbitrary parameter, for example time delay or tolerance to comp
t/2' and provides an anonymous function as a parameter
ld not be assigned as objects or passed as a parameter to a subroutine; only their elements could b
problem arises from passing a function as a parameter to another function call.
inition of the quantity now known as Fried's parameter.
can be constructed at run-time, passed as a parameter, returned from a subroutine, or assigned int
not require you to enter a search term as a parameter.
ase - on a single graph, with frequency as a parameter along the curve.
s, as well as his occupation with space as a parameter of music.
maximum diameter and the ratio between this parameter and the diameter at the distance of the maxi
In BlueJ both the parameter values for and the return values from method
assing the Polish Wikipedia eightfold by the parameter of depth.
cation is needed to multiply an element by a parameter (*param), by a constant (*const), nor to add
The couplings are set by one parameter, tanβ, at the scale where the supersymmetric
il and a number of "lobes" controlled by the parameter n.
ixed Point) - Divides the accumulator by the parameter
ttenuation constant, also called attenuation parameter or coefficient, is the attenuation of an ele
It is a characteristic scale parameter in the Rouse Profile of suspended sediment c
The RLR coder with parameter k (logarithmic length of a run of zeros) is
A short story collection, Impact Parameter (and Other Quantum Realities), was published
ross-reactivity is also a commonly evaluated parameter for the validation of immune and protein bin
In computer programming, Parameter Value Language (PVL) is a markup language si
lower quality than the Constant Quantization Parameter copy.
Using a constant Coriolis parameter prevents the formation of beta gyres which a
, that's maintaining a constant quantization parameter (QP).
at can be modified: RPq (the corresponding q parameter from the Mathieu equation), RPa (the corresp
III of the DCE suggesting a critical spacing parameter between SIII and the TATA box, initiator ele
ant temperature, between the crystal lattice parameter of an alloy and the concentrations of the co
ibution, using a Dirichlet distribution with parameter α as a prior.
Determine sensitivity to each component parameter
In econometrics, two parameter values (sometimes called structures, from am
ate by the application of an external tuning parameter such as magnetic field or pressure is hypoth
Full support for four parameter logistic (4 PL) and five parameter logistic
Left panel: For small parameter values, there is a saddle point at the origi
A fourth optional parameter (not used here) specifies how far the arc co
Pressure is a fundamental thermodynamic parameter that is expressed in units of force divided
tially distributed random variable hain with parameter λ, that is, with probability density functio
Here, the parameter appears as a Lagrange multiplier; the multip
Historically, the parameter ε0 has been known by many different names.
If the parameter prefix is non-NULL, perror will first print
Typically the most important weather parameter measured at this height is wind speed and di
It is a very important dimensionless parameter in analyzing Natural or Free convection.
mplex dynamics, the connectedness locus in a parameter space of polynomials or rational functions c
tive is with respect to small changes in the parameter.
tever disk is set as the startup disk in the parameter RAM.
al in a sublinear function of the input size parameter n.
rease in the Racah interelectronic repulsion parameter, given the symbol B, that occurs when a tran
each sub-sequence of length n, where n is a parameter around 4-6 base pairs, in each promoter, so
The current quark mass is a parameter to compute sufficiently small color charges.
ernal importance given to node j, and α is a parameter.
efined by a set of N sequences, where N is a parameter).
are two variables not in any plate; α is the parameter of the uniform Dirichlet prior on the per-do
In quantum theory the invariant mass is a parameter in the relativistic Dirac equation for an el
The Density Contrast is a parameter used in galaxy formation to indicate where t
ed Chaplygin gas is considered, where α is a parameter which can take on values .
Note that s is a choice variable and p is a parameter of the environment that is fixed from the pe
This is the parameter one would be interested in when converting n
Geomagnetic latitude is a parameter analogous to geographic latitude, except tha
Dynamic electrophoretic mobility is a parameter that determines intensity of electroacoustic
n celestial mechanics, the mean anomaly is a parameter relating position and time for a body moving
Rake angle is a parameter used in various cutting and machining proces
el cells, charge transfer coefficient is the parameter that signifies the fraction of overpotential
Mass is a parameter and space and time are unchangeable.
μ is the parameter called the chemical potential (which, in gen
g parallel to an east-west line its northern parameter is lined with many old mansions.
Its Tisserand parameter with respect to Jupiter, TJ, is also unusual
and a finite support on the kernel location parameter, BARK achieves sparse representations.
E(r) - both a local geometry parameter, and the energy per unit mass of the dust pa
rving long-term evolution and many different parameter combinations).
Acoustic rheometers are able to measure this parameter, see External links.
performance is often reduced by message and parameter creation, transmission, translation and inte
ence up if you don't like it (a minimum size parameter would be a good addition to the image tag th
vibrometer prior to applying modal analysis parameter estimation methods.
This is the most important parameter of the filter that sets the rejection band.
The most common parameter is the crystal size distribution.
MPI: Model Parameter Identification
rious for its difficult call by name default parameter passing mechanism, which was defined so as t
r set a limit on θ13, a neutrino oscillation parameter responsible for changing electron neutrinos
is frequently used as a nondimensional time parameter.
ns between the different species occurs, the parameter catalycity is not appropriate.
t formulations and the interpretation of the parameter estimates differs accordingly.
The quasi-conservation of Tisserand's parameter constrains the orbits attainable using gravi
lution@Home to move the realism of simulated parameter combinations significantly towards observed
lure, and reduces the rate of stress-induced parameter change over life.
ce which may increase the mean value of some parameter at its output dependently on its input.
The name of the parameter is not part of the method signature and is i
ndom variable , for a suitable choice of the parameter λ > 0.
As the limit of a parameter approaches a certain critical value, the spe
The role or meaning of the parameter β is best understood by examining the deriva
way to the Mandelbrot set as the values of a parameter such that the origin does not escape to infi
e energies associated with the value of each parameter assumed in the state.
ally being refined and a number of different parameter sets are available.
The quasi-conservation of Tisserand's parameter is a consequence of Tisserand's relation.
Depending on the parameter values, the potential function may have thre
n complex templates where more than one type parameter is necessary.
f a clay deposit in which the only important parameter is the thickness of the clay (i.e. the clay
only expand or contract: the only dynamical parameter is overall size of the S3, parameterized by
ependently the density, the optical mobility parameter and the effective mass parameter of free cha
tionship between a biological property, or a parameter derived from a biological property produced
occurs only at a (single) maximum or minimum parameter.
command can be specified in any order, each parameter is defined to be passed in a specific order
ted to vary, or when optional parameters and parameter arrays are desired.
on is a way of describing the parameters and parameter types with which a legal call to the functio
If the curve is given parametrically with parameter t then the radius of curvature is
in geodetic statistics, particularly robust parameter estimation and in gravity field models.
al milestones including the highest plasma β parameter ever achieved at the time (early 1980s) and
d the " X-No-Archive" header when posting, a parameter that informs services like Google Groups not
PQF filter parameter
The executable program reads parameter values from input files, performs the simula
lly, but not always, with a limited range of parameter forms (many languages lack support for infix
You know, the regular birth-date-and-age parameter.
time (aPTT) is the most reliable coagulation parameter and should be obtained regularly during trea
The IAL report described parameter substitution in much the same terms as the A
lities for real-time and post-test RF signal parameter measurement, instrument display recording, d
ht time delay limits the same post-Newtonian parameter, the so-called Eddington parameter γ, which
ction by its taking a single scalar constant parameter.
In laser science, the parameter M² is the ratio of the beam parameter produc
he right-hand top of the camera selected the parameter to be modified.
t the template to remove the shortname alias parameter.
Why should this parameter find itself so close to 0? (Or, why should Q
more likely to change than operands, so the parameter list to the operation remains more stable.
that deal with the alteration of some global parameter, such as the greenhouse effect, atmospheric
ehicle follows the spiral at unit speed, the parameter t in the above derivatives also represents t
is standard gravitational parameter.
is standard gravitational parameter,
is the standard gravitational parameter, in km3s−2
collector in the form of a stored procedure parameter.
60 allowed for two evaluation strategies for parameter passing: the common call-by-value, and call-
areas, including aircraft structure, engine parameter recordings and pilot operations.
Does not support output parameter.
From this result, it is evident that the parameter | 1 − q | is a measure of the departure from
can be quantitatively expressed via the WAPS parameter.
osition a country holds by the corresponding parameter.
Unlike the beam parameter product, M² is unitless and has no variance
e superconductor, the magnitude of the order parameter and consequently the superconducting energy
ours of site C. α is called the conservative parameter and can range from 0 to 0.25 in a square lat
where λ is the Marquardt parameter and I is an identity matrix.
The lattice parameter is about 0.646 nm in the cubic crystalline f
ultiplying the top and bottom of the Shields parameter by D2, you can see that it is proportional t
the Hubble Constant H0 and the deceleration parameter q0, the latter indicating the presence of a
The CCI parameter was concluded to be quick, easy and non-inva
ethods that are designed to measure the same parameter (or property) will have a good correlation w
er should work at low values of the coupling parameter and even lower values of the round-trip loss
The coupling parameter should not be confused with the round-trip l
then yield an estimate of the value of the B parameter.
In contrast, the Hubble parameter seems to be decreasing with time, meaning th
function name and "content" is the function parameter.
azard will differ additively by the relevant parameter estimate, which is to say that their predict
the sound of a siren, in which the frequency parameter is variable through time.
the Hubble constant H0 and the deceleration parameter q0, the latter implying the existence of dar
The Lockhart-Martinelli parameter is a dimensionless number used in internal t
The integer parameter m is referred to as the guard band of the er
Right panel: When the bifurcation parameter increases further, the limit cycle disappear
The Immirzi parameter appears in the denominator because the entro
It is not always necessary to use the seven parameter transformation, sometimes it is sufficient t

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