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An applied electric field during the sticking preventing driving is equal to or less than the coercive electric field of the piezoelectric body (30), preferably, 10 to 80% of the coercive electric field. - 特許庁


Square wave voltages Va, Vb over a withstanding electric field are applied between electrodes 11A, 11B of the ferroelectric capacitor 11 at specified intervals. - 特許庁


To provide a production method of a bismuth layered structure ferroelectric crystal having a weak coercive electric field Ec and a large residual polarization Pr. - 特許庁


To increase the coercive electric field while lowering the dielectric constant of a dielectric film having a composition represented by Sr_2(Ta_1-xNb_x)O_7(0≤x≤1). - 特許庁


To provide a piezolectric porcelain composition composed of PbSrTiZrO3 with a large electrostrictive constant and coercive field strength. - 特許庁


Consequently, a conventionally unrealizable ferroelectric film having a dielectric constant of 35 and a coercive electric field exceeding 50 kV/cm can be formed. - 特許庁


The composition ratio of materials is determined from the given operating voltage and film thickness condition, considering coercive electric field as the material depending on difference of composition ratio. - 特許庁


To provide a ferroelectric material large in remnant polarization and small in coercive electric field, and to provide a method of manufacturing the ferroelectric material. - 特許庁


Thickness of active layer t_1 identical to thickness of the active layer is calculated by dividing the anti-voltage V with anti-electric-field E_0 (active layer thickness measuring step). - 特許庁


Then, since an anti-electric field gets higher in the diffusion area where elements are diffused, the diffusion area does not act with an usual driving electric field. - 特許庁


A piezoelectric actuator includes a piezoelectric structure layer in which any of two anti-electric field points in a hysteresis characteristic has an antisymmetrical polarization-electric field hysteresis characteristic located at the same electric field polarizy. - 特許庁


The polarization domain having the polarization direction parallel to the surface of the dielectric recording medium is formed by impressing the voltage above the coercive electric field between the probe 11 and the respective bias electrodes. - 特許庁


Next, the periodic polarization reversal structure corresponding the resist pattern is formed on the substrate crystal by applying a voltage higher than the coercive electric field to the second electrode rod for a prescribed period of time. - 特許庁


To provide a high-reliability semiconductor device which lowers the coercive electric field of a ferroelectric capacitor, and to provide a manufacturing method for such a semiconductor device. - 特許庁


Accordingly, when the STN is crystallized on the yttrium oxide film 66, the ferroelectric film (STN film) 57 having no oxygen loss and ≥200 kV/cm anti-electric field can be obtained. - 特許庁


To provide a bismuth layered structural ferroelectric crystal which has small coercive electric field Ec and large residual polarization Pr; and to provide its producing method, and an electronic device using the same. - 特許庁


Then, while the temperature is lowered, the applied voltage is controlled so that voltage application of the coercive electric field or more is maintained, and when the temperature of the piezoelectric film 20 is equal to or lower than 100°C, the voltage application is stopped. - 特許庁


The substrate crystal is turned into a single-domain state by applying a voltage higher than a coercive electric field of the second order nonlinear optical crystal to the first electrode rod for a prescribed period of time. - 特許庁


After the piezoelectric film 20 is heated to a temperature of ≥250°C (at which a coercive electric field is 0 V or below), a predetermined voltage is applied, and this state is maintained for one minute. - 特許庁


To provide a bismuth layer structure ferroelectric (BLSF) which is capable of controlling a coercive electric field to a desired value and operat ing under an operation voltage corresponding to each application, to provide a method of producing the same and a dielectric/electrostrictive element using the ferroelectric. - 特許庁


In the bismuth-containing layered structural ferroelectric crystal, the residual polarization Pr(μC/cm^2) and the coercive electric field Ec(kV/cm) satisfy Ec≤35 and 1<Pr/Ec when the hysteresis characteristics of the crystal are measured at 25°C. - 特許庁


To provide a nonvolatile semiconductor memory device capable of suppressing the dispersion of electric field resistance and preventing voltage resistance from being lowered without expanding a chip area. - 特許庁


After the elapse of a fixed time, the switch 23a is put in the on-state and the switch 23b is put in the off-state by a timer 10, and polarization processing where an electric field higher than the coercive electric field is applied to the piezoelectric body film constituting the piezoelectric sensor 10 is executed. - 特許庁


An electrostatic capacitance is varied according to a control voltage applied to an electrode. - 特許庁


To provide a piezoelectric actuator having superior durability in which the amount of displacement of bending distortion in a thickness direction is not deteriorated significantly in a piezoelectric ceramic layer with time, even driving with a driving method in which a voltage is applied in reverse direction exceeding an electric field resistivity strength Ec. - 特許庁


To provide a semiconductor device having a nonvolatile function by which polarization can be surely generated by applying to a ferroelectric substance capacity an electric field larger than the coercive electric field, the destruction of a gate insulation film be also prevented, and a high voltage is sufficiently applied to a gate electrode, even by electric charge which generate polarization. - 特許庁


Related to the piezoelectric film 18, its permittivity is 150-500, a plane where an X-ray diffraction peak is maximum is a (001) plane, a dielectric los is 5% or less, Pb/(tr+Ti)=1.1-1.5, and a plurality of piezoelectric thin films 18a and 18b having different composition ratio are stacked. - 特許庁


By employing a fluoride (one of CaF_2, BaF_2 and MgF_2) as a buffer layer on a diamond single-crystal substrate or an epitaxial thin film, an excellent ferroelectric PZT thin film having remnant polarization charge (68 μC/cm^2) twice as much as that of a conventional one while keeping a coercive electric field at the same value (33 kV/cm) is provided. - 特許庁

特にこのBaTiO_3 にバリウムを少なくとも部分的にドープすることによって、キュリー温度及び飽和分極がかなり高くなると共に抗電界強度がかなり低くなるので、このような材料から製造された容量結合構造体を有するガス放電ランプはかなり高温で且つ低い点灯電圧で点灯しうる。

Especially, at least by partially doping barium to the BaTiO_3 makes the Curie temperature and saturated polarization of the ceramic material considerably high and strength against electric field pretty low, so that the gas discharge lamp having the capacitive coupled structure, made of a material which can be lit at a considerably high temperature and low lighting voltage. - 特許庁

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