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ファイルのサイズ (バイト単位)。

File's size in bytes.  - JM


The size of the recorded file is set in one byte, and the file size is described in one byte in the file management information. - 特許庁


The file is read in, and interpreted line by line.  - FreeBSD

ファイルサイズを 512 バイト単位で表した数値 (切り上げ表示)。

File's size in 512-byte blocks (rounded up).  - JM


that files are mapped in page-sized units.  - JM

ファイルサイズに関する制限を返す。 単位は 512 バイト。

Return the limit on the size of a file, in units of 512 bytes.  - JM

512 バイトのブロック単位ファイルのサイズを表示する。

sum's default, and print file sizes in units of 512-byte blocks.  - JM


To perform mirroring by units of files. - 特許庁


When recording the contents file group, contents file management information for managing the contents file group in file units and the package management information for managing the contents file group in package units are recorded into the record medium. - 特許庁

ファイルの割り当て量は 1024 バイトブロック単位ファイル名の左に表示される。

The allocation of each file is printed in 1024-byte blocks to the left of the  - JM


A transmission source divides an original electronic file into file configuration units X(1) to X(N). - 特許庁


A plurality of files B, C, M and P are cached in a memory by the management units of a file system. - 特許庁


To operate each encrypted file without altering an application program. - 特許庁


Also, in file information B, the file information of the respective files distributed within unit time is stored. - 特許庁


Each time these files are recorded on the recording medium, an identifier of the relevant file is entered to an image management file in the order of imaging for each date. - 特許庁


When a new file is stored in a NOR flash memory, file data is generated in cluster units forming the file. - 特許庁


File names of files stored in a file storage 173 and confidential levels of files which are configured in a file unit are databased as metadata of data being a file entity in a file access list 172. - 特許庁


The source file division registration means performs analysis according to a programming language of the source file, and stores a method file generated by dividing the source file into a method unit in the source file storage part. - 特許庁


Thus, the method includes: a step (S160) of creating the data file obtained by gathering the road element mesh-unit data as a road map file; and a step (S170) of creating the data file obtained by gathering the background element mesh-unit data as a background map file. - 特許庁


When it is determined that the data unit includes the file system meta-data, the processor writes the data unit of the meta-data to a diagnostic file. - 特許庁


Thus, management by the chapter unit without being restricted by the unit of the radio file can be performed in the same way as the file. - 特許庁


A file is defined as a management unit for inputted information, and an extent is defined as the management unit for a contiguous recording in the file. - 特許庁


Duplication of a file from a master to slaves S1 to S4 is carried out not in slave units, but file units unlike heretofore. - 特許庁


To improve the efficiency in deleting or inserting data by block in a file system for managing files by block. - 特許庁

ファイルのサイズを 1K ブロック単位で示した数値 (切り上げ表示)。

File's size in 1K blocks (rounded up).  - JM

Linux 2.4:このファイルはエントロピー・プールのサイズを「バイト」単位で規定する。

Linux 2.4: This file gives the size of the entropy pool in bytes .  - JM

このファイルは読み出し専用で、読み出しは 32ビット単位で行う。

This file is read-only and can be read in units of 4 bytes.  - JM

このファイルは書き込み専用で、書き込みは 32ビット単位で行う。

It is write-only and can be written in units of four bytes.  - JM


If file sizes are being listed, print them in kilobytes.  - JM

1024 バイトのブロック単位ファイルのサイズを表示する。

compatible with BSD sum and prints file sizes in units of 1024-byte blocks.  - JM


The document file is encrypted for the unit of a block of 4 Kb. - 特許庁


The processor identifies each data unit in the file system. - 特許庁


The real-time file data, such as video data are stored in units. - 特許庁




Then, reproduction processing of the file is performed in units of the virtual volume. - 特許庁


A transmitter side executes encryption in the unit of files to configure a module. - 特許庁


Real-time file data such as image data are stored by unit. - 特許庁


The file management server stores a file, and file management information including a symbol image showing a management unit of the file and a thumbnail image related with the symbol image. - 特許庁


To provide a system for backing up a file of an unique file system in a network connection type storage by file units by directly referring to the volume where the file system exists. - 特許庁


A fire compression merge section 359 applies compression and merge to a module file group in the unit of scenes and the attached information file to generate a contents file 360. - 特許庁


A peak value data of a cross-sectional profile is found by moving a prescribed profile meter along the cross-sectional profile with a prescribed interval unit, based on a cross-sectional profile data found about a road face. - 特許庁


The information processing apparatus creates a moving picture file management table 23C in a way capable of particularizing the borders in encoding processing units in compliance with the FAT (File Allocation Table) system and utilizes the moving picture file management table 23C for reproduction of the amplitude file. - 特許庁


The storage system is connected with a first computer including a filing system for converting file data identified for the unit of a file and block data identified for the unit of a block. - 特許庁


To provide a file reader for improving the reading efficiency of a resource file from a file storage device for storing a received resource file constituting a module in a region divided by a reading unit larger than the mean size of the resource file. - 特許庁


The terminal device 4 at a file requesting side simultaneously acquires one file by a unit of divided files whose number is larger than that of a plurality of terminal devices for acquiring the files and repeatedly carries out the acquisition of the divided files until the file acquisition is completed. - 特許庁


Data information such as the number of bytes, bit rate, a unit and setting range, etc., of data is directly described in a data file of the source file and the source file is converted into a file (ASAP file) for calibration by using the information of the data. - 特許庁


To provide a file search device that uses an index file for efficiently and speedily extracting data even if searched file of a CSV file or the like is large-scale in units of several hundreds MB, and to provide a creation device for the index file. - 特許庁

さらに、flagsには、ファイル作成フラグ (file creation flag) とファイル状態フラグ(file status flag) を 0 個以上「ビット単位の OR (bitwise-or)」で指定することができる。

In addition, zero or more file creation flags and file status flags can be bitwise- or 'd  - JM

predMinSize($size): サイズが= $size (バイト単位) であるファイルのみを残します predMinTime($time): 最終更新時刻が$time (unix タイムスタンプ) 以降であるファイルのみを残します

predMinSize($size): keep only the files which size is = $size (in bytes). predMinTime($time): keep only the files that have been modified after $time (unix timestamp).  - PEAR


Radio file management is performed using metadata according to the chapter unit acquired with respect to one radio file. - 特許庁

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