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get an outside opinion - 研究社 新英和中辞典


hear an opinion from an expert - Eゲイト英和辞典


We will hear her opinion first. - Weblio Email例文集


the act of listening to a superior's opinion - EDR日英対訳辞書


He sticks to his own opinions more than he listens to opinions of others. - Weblio Email例文集


take medical [legal] advice - 研究社 新英和中辞典


I e-mailed my teacher to ask her view. - 研究社 英和コンピューター用語辞典


You should ask a physician for his advice before taking this medicine. - Tanaka Corpus


I can say a lot of opinions, and I can listen. - Weblio Email例文集


We can hear other people's opinions there. - Weblio Email例文集


of an administration, to listen to the opinions of a special-interest group - EDR日英対訳辞書


I want you to meet him in order to hear his opinion. - Tanaka Corpus


We were able to hear your valuable opinions. - Weblio Email例文集


I'll talk it over with Marty and see what he thinks. - Tanaka Corpus


Also, the senior statesmen had opportunities to give their opinions to the Emperor and the Prime Ministers. - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


in public organization, a meeting to hear from well-informed concerned people when deciding an important issue - EDR日英対訳辞書


We will interview two people so we can hear both sides of this question. - Tanaka Corpus


To easily listen to acquaintance's opinions when buying an article or service. - 特許庁


You should get advice from a mycologist before you eat any mushrooms you have found yourself. - Weblio英語基本例文集


I have come incognito from Prague for the purpose of consulting you." - Arthur Conan Doyle『シャーロック・ホームズの冒険』


for as you shall hear, we had not long the benefit of his opinion. - Robert Louis Stevenson『宝島』


To solve a problem that it is necessary to temporarily disconnect a call, to dial a third person, to listen to the opinion and to report the result to the first speaking party again when it is necessary to listen to the opinion of the third person in a one-to-one interactive style. - 特許庁


To refuse a hearing to an opinion, because they are sure that it is false, is to assume that their certainty is the same thing as absolute certainty. - John Stuart Mill『自由について』


People more happily situated, who sometimes hear their opinions disputed, and are not wholly unused to be set right when they are wrong, place the same unbounded reliance only on such of their opinions as are shared by all who surround them, or to whom they habitually defer: - John Stuart Mill『自由について』


In order more fully to illustrate the mischief of denying a hearing to opinions because we, in our own judgment, have condemned them, it will be desirable to fix down the discussion to a concrete case; - John Stuart Mill『自由について』


(a) The inspector shall fully acknowledge the importance of dialogue with the financial institution subjected, and shall carefully listen to the other party's explanation and opinions. - 金融庁


In these circumstances-as you would have heard my brief explanation earlier-I intend to take measures upon the enactment of the bill while seeking various opinions on this matter... - 金融庁


At any time, the Head of the Department may listen to the expert or experts who issued the report when the privilege was being applied for as an antecedent for the best decision. - 特許庁


Meanwhile, the appropriate execution of due process concerning the soliciting of opinions from relevant parties is important for the setting of accounting standards - 金融庁


In October of the same year, Masahiro ABE asked the Coastal Defense Department its opinion regarding the "Special News." The following November, the Department answered that the content seemed dubious and referred ABE to the Magistrate of Nagasaki. - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


To call any proposition certain, while there is any one who would deny its certainty if permitted, but who is not permitted, is to assume that we ourselves, and those who agree with us, are the judges of certainty, and judges without hearing the other side.9 - John Stuart Mill『自由について』


According to an interim report I received yesterday, the study has so far proceeded almost smoothly, with no major problems pointed out in hearings with various sectors, so we do not face any new challenges that we must overcome - 金融庁


For instance, in regards to the issue of restricting the total amount of credit that can be provided to each borrower by all money lenders on an aggregate basis, I have instructed the Project Team on Money-Lending Systems, Senior Vice Minister Kouhei Ohtsuka and Parliamentary Secretary Kenji Tamura to properly examine and determine borderline issues and other such operational problems. As for the specifics, we are currently performing the task of broadly seeking the opinions of members of the Democratic Party in policy meetings, as well as the respective opinions of the Social Democratic Party and the People's New Party on an individual basis. - 金融庁


According to the situations of the learned content and the confirmation test of e-learned learners, a video content registrant or an instructor determines learners to be helped, and helps the learners by a video conference to hear the actual thoughts of the learners and to confirm the facial expressions of the learners, which enables correct answers to questions. - 特許庁

(1) 政治的意味又は高度に象徴的な価値を有する語,図形若しくは標識を含む標章又は紋章学的要素を含む標章に関しては,イタリア特許商標庁は,次条の規定に従い,登録前に,関係のある若しくは責任のある公の機関に対しその意見を聞くために標章の写し及び必要とされるその他のものを送付する。例文帳に追加

1. In the case of a mark including words, designs or signs having a political significance or a highly symbolic value, or including heraldic elements, the Office shall forward, prior to registration, a copy of the mark and whatever else is appropriate, to the concerned or responsible public bodies to obtain their opinions, in accordance with the provisions of the following Article. - 特許庁



The ban was fully lifted in December 2007, with the sales of all insurance products approved as a result and, now that roughly three years have passed, the steps for prevention of harmful practices are slated to be changed as necessary on the basis of monitoring results and other information from the perspective of the protection and convenience of insurance policyholders, etc. However, I do not feel it appropriate to make a definite statement about any future orientation now. From what I heard, however, over-the-counter sales make up 1 percent of non-life insurance sales and approximately 6 percent of life insurance sales, which are the figures that I believe have been reported to me. Judging from those, it seems to me that the firewall or information on financing deals is protected fairly strictly. I recall the debate that took place in the past about the possible highly negative impact of the insurance sales by banks on the livelihood of sales agents marketing life insurance products but some regional banks are actually not engaged in life insurance sales. In the meantime, I hear that the three mega-banks are selling life insurance, but my guess is that it rather reflects their effort to have a full line of products, so to speak. The possibility of the insurance sales by banks posing a real threat to the life insurance industry, particularly the livelihood of life insurance sales agents, was a subject of a heated debate in the LDP as well. It turns out that more liberalization does help add more convenience for the people, as the results show: the over-the-counter sales by banks make up 6 percent of life insurance sales and 1 percent in non-life insurance sales. Let me also point out that it is extremely important to protect life insurance policyholders and that the greater the convenience for prospective policyholders, the more accessible life insurance becomes. I cannot give any definite word at this point in time – if I may be a little daring, however, I would say on the issue of the scheduled review after three years that the statistics look acceptable to me, but that is just my personal opinion. - 金融庁


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