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values to  - JM

"行末の空白字 (警告)"

"Trailing Blank Space Characters (a warning)" .  - JM


It alerts you to grammatical errors.  - 研究社 英和コンピューター用語辞典


Base class for warnings about dubious syntax  - Python

警告 : オプションに指定するファイルパスは、大字小字を区別します。

: all complex options that require a file path are case-sensitive  - PEAR


A warning object character string is retrieved and extracted from the questionnaire question sentence by a warning character string detecting part 2. - 特許庁

警告を出したり、 C コンパイラによっては最適化により字列を削除する

may complain, and some C compilers will optimize away the string.  - JM


Base category for warnings about dubious syntacticfeatures.  - Python


Base category for warnings about dubioussyntactic features.  - Python


These specialists warn that unique culinary cultures are now disappearing.  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


If the personal information exists, a warning is notified together with document identification information. - 特許庁


When the indication of a fuel meter for remaining fuel reaches 10 L, remaining fuel warning letters 131 and a remaining fuel warning symbol 132 are displayed. - 特許庁


The CPU part displays a warning sentence on the operation display part 1a, changes a background color, and gives a warning announcement from a speaker 1c. - 特許庁


The warning means can also be a warning statement which is indicated in characters small enough to disable reading from the outside of a lot provided with the conduit, and can also be indicated depending on environmental changes near the warning means. - 特許庁


The electronic document calibration device or the like informs a user that the electronic document is inappropriate for the recipient, when inappropriate. - 特許庁

ioctl は書化されない Linux の内部機能であって、警告なしに変更されることがある。

Ioctl's are undocumented Linux internals, liable to be changed without warning.  - JM

(ELF のみ)(glibc 2.1.3 以降)空字列でない場合、解決されていないシンボルがあれば警告を出す。

(ELF only)(glibc since 2.1.3) If set to a non-empty string, warn about unresolved symbols.  - JM

警告:このライブラリでは、Windowsのレジストリ用に拡張された INI 法はサポートしていません。

Warning:This library does not interpret or write the value-typeprefixes used in the Windows Registry extended version of INI syntax.  - Python


Base class for warnings about constructs that will change semantically in the future. - Python


Base category for warnings about constructs that will change semantically in the future. - Python


A character string which has problems as input instruction for personal information is preliminarily stored in a warning character string data storage part 3 as warning object character string data. - 特許庁


Balloons 44A to 52B indicating warning contents are formed as warning images corresponding to objects 44, 50, 52, a character string 46, and a thin line 48 to be warned in printout 42A, 42B of page layout; and synthesized to be printed out. - 特許庁

登録意匠の所有者及び実施権者は, 当該意匠が適用され又は組み込まれている製品に, 警告標章( 標識)-丸で囲んだD の字-又は意匠登録について警告する言を付する権利を有する。

The owner and licensee of a registered design shall have the right to mark the products, where such design has been applied to or incorporated into, with a warning mark (sign) --an encircled letter D --or a text that warns regarding the registration of a design. - 特許庁


An alarming part 159 outputs alarm information indicating the possibility of processing completion of the processing object, when determined not to satisfy the prescribed character recognition precision. - 特許庁


When there is the limitation target program with the relevance ratio higher than a predetermined threshold, a warning generation part 39 outputs a warning on a display 20. - 特許庁


In addition, a warning display part 44, for warning by coloring an excessive speed region exceeding the speed limit, is displayed on the dial 40, whereby the driver can further easily grasp whether the current traveling speed is in excess. - 特許庁


To automatically detect whether a document, which is a target for information leakage, exists among documents stored in a box, and issue a warning if any. - 特許庁


To output a document image together with an added representation attracting warning attention when a secret word is detected in the document image. - 特許庁


A method for displaying that the driver must abstain from drinking alcoholic drink on the alcoholic drink container includes displaying a catch phrase with capital letters strongly prohibiting an automobile driver from drinking the alcoholic drink directly on an alcoholic drink container or on a label, and a warning sentence explaining its detail in a warning space. - 特許庁

五 排除措置命令、納付命令又は警告前の通知に対し意見申述等をするのに必要な授権又は代理人の権限を証明する

(v) Documents proving the authorization or authority for representation necessary for stating an opinion, etc. prior to a cease and desist order, order for payment, or warning; and  - 日本法令外国語訳データベースシステム

使用しているマシンの long int 型で表現し切れないくらい大きな数が字列に入っており、オーバフロー警告が抑制されていれば、PyLongObject を返します。

If the string represents a numbertoo large to be contained within the machine's long int type and overflow warnings are being suppressed, a PyLongObject will be returned. - Python


"Gobunsho" (a collection of letters written by Jodo Shinshu high priest Rennyo [1415-1499] to his pupils) says the believers of kakushi nenbutsu would go to "mugen jigoku" (the Avici hell, which is believed to be the most painful of the eight hells).  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


If the passenger ignores the warning, the captain will order the passenger to stop the nuisance in writing.  - 浜島書店 Catch a Wave


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) warns it is about time for dealers to start selling their hidden antiquities.  - 浜島書店 Catch a Wave


It also requires a health warning that covers at least 30 percent of the display area of a tobacco package.  - 浜島書店 Catch a Wave


Synchronizing therewith, a 1/2λ retardation plate 13a is slid so as to correspond to the region of the remaining fuel warning letters 131. - 特許庁


As a result, the remaining fuel warning letters 131 is visually confirmed by a driver so as to be emphatically displayed more than the other parts in a liquid crystal display part 13. - 特許庁


When electric document data which uses a piece of component data meeting the warning condition exists, the present invention notifies the person in charge of that effect. - 特許庁


The user for whom the document file processing is delayed is detected to issue cautionary notices, and the total efficiency is enhanced thereby. - 特許庁


Thereafter, when a recovery period has expired with respect to unrecovered confidential documents, a warning message is transmitted to the browsing terminal. - 特許庁

(1) 特許所有者及びその同意を得た実施権者は,発明が実施され又は含まれている製品に,特許番号を表示するか又は特許出願の存在に関して警告する言を記載することにより警告表示を付す権利を有する。特許所有者の名称及び特許付与日又は出願日を警告標章に表示するものとする。

(1) The proprietor of the patent and the licensee, with the consent thereof, has the right to label products in which the invention has been implemented or included with warning designations by indicating the patent number or providing a text that warns regarding the existence of the patent application. The name of the proprietor of the patent and the date of the grant or application filing date shall be indicated on the warning mark. - 特許庁


In warning and displaying the risk that the character or diagram of the print result cannot be identified, the relation between object color of a printed object and background color of the background on which the object is printed is investigated, and warning and display considering the relation are performed. - 特許庁


To warn a creator of a document or an electronic mail whether an updated document or electronic mail is proper or not at every time when updating the document or the electronic mail, when creating the document or the electronic mail. - 特許庁


As a result of the collation, whether or not the document or the data are the document or the data registered in advance is discriminated, and when the discrimination indicates that the document or the data are the document or the data registered in advance, warning processing is executed. - 特許庁


When the access level of a copying destination of the document is not included in the disclosure level of the stamp, it is warned that the security level of the document is high by instructing a text (e.g., R1 secrecy) of annotation set to the document. - 特許庁


In addition to the submergible time without reducing a pressure, it preferably provides an internal quantity of nitrogen and an internal quantity of oxygen by the indication of the needle on the dial. - 特許庁

なお、別紙様式Ⅱ-5による書の発出を行うまでもなく、無登録で金融商品取 引業を行っていることが判明している場合にあっては、直ちに別紙様式Ⅱ-4によ り書による警告を行うこととする。

Although it is unnecessary to issue a document using the Attached List of Formats II-5, if it is identified that a business operator is conducting financial instruments business without registration, supervisors shall immediately warn the business operator in writing using the Attached List of Formats II-4.  - 金融庁


The owner of a trademark is entitled to place, next to the valid registered trademark, a sign consisting of an encircled letter “R” or wording which warns of the registration of the mark (“Trademark registered in Latvia”, etc.). - 特許庁


When no such source document is present, a visible alert is generated on an associated user-interface, illustrating to the user the absence of a source document. - 特許庁


When the authentication verifier cannot confirm the authentication information, the printer 30 carries out a different printing function such as not printing the document or printing the document with an authenticity warning. - 特許庁

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