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the state of high or excessive activity or productivity or concentration  - 日本語WordNet


to mass-produce something in order to reduce its cost  - EDR日英対訳辞書


Major production bases are centralized in Osaka and Hyogo.  - Weblio Email例文集


monopolized capital  - EDR日英対訳辞書


This company carries out concentrated production of technology-intensive electronic components in Japan (exploring the merits of concentration). - 経済産業省

本体組立ては需要の大きい地域で行う キーコンポーネント(エンジン、油圧機器、モーター等)は日本で一極集中生産  商品開発機能を有する工場による開発部門と生産部門の一体化ならびに海外生産工場のレベル向上

Integrate development and production operations and uplift the level of overseas plants' capabilities under the Mother Plant System. - 経済産業省


Before this period, there were many pottery wholesalers around Sanjo, Kyoto, but they produced only a small amount.  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


In order to introduce monopolization, it is necessary that the production and distribution of consumption goods is focused.  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


By the latter half of middle period, bronze ware was intensively manufactured in Nakai and Hie sites at Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture and in Suku sites in Kasuga City.  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


Most weapon type bronze ware were intensively manufactured in these sites, except for the flat bronze sword.  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


The control programs of each of production devices 101 and 102 are managed centralizedly by a control program managing server 600 connected by a network 500. - 特許庁


To appropriately prevent curling of a printed matter while avoiding a decrease of a production efficiency by preventing an ink from concentrating locally. - 特許庁


To provide a method of magnetizing the permanent magnet of a concentrated winding type motor which is excellent in productivity with less influence on a magnetizing voltage to winding. - 特許庁




Consequently, effects such as concentration of labor power, division of production process, needlessness of mass production facilities, possibility of shipment adjustment, are obtained. - 特許庁


On the other hand, in Japan the improvement in the labor productivity of its service industry, particularly of personal service businesses in which employment is concentrated, has been sluggish. - 経済産業省


However sites with concentrated evidence of bronze ware manufacturing, such as those in northern Kyushu, have not yet been found and its manufacturing and distribution system remain unsolved.  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


To provide a production managing information system for agriculture and fisheries for collecting required data from producers and performing the centralized management of work processes in place of farmers or the like. - 特許庁


To provide an individual information management method and a system in a circulating production simply, surely, and centralizedly managing the individual information in the circulating production. - 特許庁


To establish a carrying-in control method for storage-retrieval machine system capable of accepting incoming goods corresponding to the secured racks preset by sorts of products even if a concentration of products is generated to one storage-retrieval machine. - 特許庁


Nonetheless, the productivity of Japan’s service industry generally remains low10, and, in particular, the labor productivity of industries in which a number of workers are concentrated11 is lower than that of other industries. - 経済産業省


Keeping the improvement of service quality in mind, Ai Rental is succeeding in raising the productivity of its service by focusing on its core business and outsourcing the non-core business activities of sales, distribution, and production. - 経済産業省


In contrast, companies that did expand overseas tended to concentrate on producing high added-value products in Japan by shifting the production of relatively low-priced products overseas. - 経済産業省

この輸送費が非常に高ければ財の移動が容易でないために、消費地において均等に生産することが 適当であり、地理的集中を行って生産する集積は発生せず、経済活動は分散し孤立することとなる。

If transport costs are very high the movement of goods is difficult. Therefore it is better for each area to produce the goods that it consumes; agglomerations or geographically concentrated production do not occur, and economic activities thus remain dispersed and isolated - 経済産業省


To provide an air conditioner capable of reducing a burden on the inspection, production and selling side, by preventing the situation in which many inspection requests concentrate on specific time or the situation in which many repurchases concentrate. - 特許庁


This integrating and managing means collects the production management data of production systems distributed for arrangement to a common data base for centralized management, and sends the production management data of the common data base to a business work system in response to a request from the business work system. - 特許庁


To provide a product information management system capable of intensively and efficiently managing data ranging from the production management data of products under production to the shipping management data of products posterior to shipping in a long term by storing the information of the products under production and the information of the products posterior to shipping in different databases. - 特許庁

以上、製造業の主要品目別の生産・設備稼働率・在庫の各水準につき、主要4 品目を中心に確認したところ、洪水によるHDD や輸送用機械等の生産急減の大きな要因の一つが、特定の電子部品をタイ国内で集中して生産している事業所*67 が浸水し、当事業所が生産停止に追い込まれたことにより、在庫が急速に払底したことにあると考えられる。

As explained above, four major items in the manufacturing sector are examined based on the levels of production, capacity utilization rate, and inventory. One of the major reasons for rapid decline in the production of HDDs and transportation machinery, etc. due to the floods can be that production centers*67 producing specific electronics parts intensively in Thailand have been inundated and forced to suspend production, which led to a rapid depletion of inventory. - 経済産業省


To provide a system for producing high-quality bivalves at a low cost by differentiating each function of the production of minute algae as a feed for the bivalves, the growth of spats, the release of the spats, the collection of adult shellfish, and the cleaning of the bivalves before shipping, and installing a concentrated installation and distributed installations corresponding to each of the functions. - 特許庁


A top board part D1 with a box-like shape and an intellectual productivity improving means constituted by utilizing this top board part D1 are provided and a constitution is made in such a way that the intellectual concentration force of a human body existing at a definite position in the neighborhood of the top board part D1 can be increased by the intellectual productivity improving means. - 特許庁


With “production in areas where there is demand” as a general principle, this company is striving to construct a local procurement structure for the entire ASEAN region by fostering local industries in the ASEAN regions (engines in Indonesia, mission devices in the Philippines, chassis frames in Thailand,plastic components in Malaysia), except for functional components which are intensively developed and produced in Japan. - 経済産業省


The rainwater collected from a roof of the large area is concentrated in one concentrated a vertical door sluice pipe, and a generator available on the market is connected to an end part of a rotary shaft of a propeller by rotating the propeller of a horizontal rotary device, and the electric power is produced by volume capacity of the connected generator. - 特許庁


Traditional production regimes are therefore being reviewed to enable companies to focus the bulk of their management resources on their core business, fighting for the advantage in the innovation competition, while comparatively weak areas are being outsourced or production facilities consolidated, as companies seek to establish optimal procurement and production systems on a global scale. - 経済産業省


After the war, manufacturing output was increased by new construction or expansion projects of factories and business establishments in the Hanshin Industrial Zone; however, because of unipolar concentration of Tokyo, headquarters and business establishments have continued to move to Tokyo thereafter.  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


Recently earthenware of firing failure and earthware with a cracked surface from high temperature are being studied and the possibility of intensive earthenware manufacturing in large-scale settlements were raised.  - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


To provide a method for concentratedly obtaining high-density viruses in a short period of time in artificially mass producing useful algaecidal viruses against red tide-causing algae. - 特許庁


To provide an anode significant for producing metal foil with uniform foil thickness and high quality at high productivity over a long period by preventing partial current concentration on an anode thereby uniformizing a current distribution. - 特許庁


Thereby, the targeted shape of the induction coil can be stably produced by reinforcing the induction coil 13, and high eating quality can be ensured by concentrating heating energy. - 特許庁


In addition, the production efficiency is enhanced more by judging whether or not storage processing to a memory of the digital television main body 20 is appropriately executed on the side of the intensive signal broadcast device A1. - 特許庁


To provide a polyphase induction machine wherein harmonic components in a rotating magnetic field due to concentrated winding can be suppressed and productivity can be enhanced as compared with distributed winding. - 特許庁


Also, a rotary electric machine can be provided with a small coil end, a high volume productivity, a high space factor and a good productivity by adopting a stator of a concentrated winding approach. - 特許庁


To provide a piezoelectric transformer for which discharge by electric field concentration of an internal electrode inner end in a disassembly process is prevented, productivity is improved and reliability is improved as well. - 特許庁


To provide a larval fish bed structure that suppresses movement of larval fish, hardly causes concentration of larval fish and effectively supplies oxygen to the whole fish bed and to control larval fish in high productivity. - 特許庁


Power saving is attained by intensive operation of one person at ease safely in spite of operation stop by trouble and an extremely dangerous working condition and improvement in workability, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity is obtained by radio control operation. - 特許庁


Power saving is attained by intensive operation of one person at ease safely in spite of operation stop by trouble and an extremely dangerous working condition and improvement in workability, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity is obtained in bush and grass clearing by radio control operation. - 特許庁


To provide a rotary electric machine that efficiently operates, by eliminating a higher harmonic of magnetomotive force close to a fundamental wave, while holding high productivity being an advantage of a concentrated winding system. - 特許庁


Operation stops due to troubles and dangerous working conditions are safely saved by the concentrated radio control operation of an operator to improve workability, efficiency, efficacy and productivity. - 特許庁


The workability, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in wireless control work can be improved while making the operational stop due to trouble and very dangerous work conditions secure and safe and also achieving power saving by one person's concentrated operation. - 特許庁


As the index of the quality of a task which is the productivity of the white color, a positive active level and intensive duration are obtained from an acceleration sensor and an infrared sensor. - 特許庁


To provide a rolling bearing cage having improved manufacturing efficiency while relaxing stress concentration on connection portions between each annular plate and each connection pin, and to provide a rolling bearing. - 特許庁

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