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Matthew Lyon, a Democratic-Republican congressman from Vermo
In the 1990's, Ardon Lyon, a philosophy professor from London, purchased
The station is located on the ruins of Fort Lyon, a Civil War-era fort.
On 18 May 1805 he married Maria Lyon, a resident of the city.
ny manufactures eighty-five tons of coussins of Lyon a year and that production increases by 10% ann
In 1555 Bassantin published at Lyon a corrected edition of the work of Jacques Foca
wanson), who takes up with novelist Tony Blake ( Lyon) after leaving her former beau Jim Woodward bec
re Pierre Augereau, whose orders were to defend Lyon against the invading Allied armies.
of the excommunicated emperor at the Council of Lyon against the unjustified accusations made agains
ded in 1971 by activists Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, Alice was the first organization for gay Democ
goalkeeper for the club's league match against Lyon, almost an hour before the match was set to be
Lyon also represented Carleton in the Ontario legisl
Lyon also has the distinction of being the only pers
Lyon also saw a spiritual adviser.
Lyon also had a primary residence at Bluff Hall in n
man of Harold Lockwood, Joseph Burks, and Frank Lyon, among others.
major world opera houses, including Frankfurt, Lyon, Amsterdam, Dresden, Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, Ne
removed to Illinois by Union Captain Nathaniel Lyon, an act that helped fuel tension between secess
At the time, it belonged to Richard F. Lyon, an associate justice of the Supreme Court of G
Bob Lyon, an American politician, is a former Kansas Sta
1824, HMS Griper, under Captain George Francis Lyon, anchored off Cape Pembroke on Coats Island in
ntansier's company, he played at Tours, then at Lyon, and came back to Paris where Mademoiselle Clai
Rueil-Malmaison near Paris, and has sites near Lyon and at Pau.
went to work at the General Society, a bank in Lyon and worked there until 1913.
she sailed the following day convoying General Lyon and Little Rebel.
ted by Val Guest and starring Bebe Daniels, Ben Lyon and Richard Lyon.
l Neurophysiology in the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon and of Clinical Neurophysiology in the Neurolog
When negotiations among the governor, Lyon, and Price failed, Lyon took military actions t
as born in Richmond, Ontario, the son of George Lyon and the first male child born in the village.
that election was superseded by his election at Lyon and he did not take up the see.
by Marcel Varnel and starring Bebe Daniels, Ben Lyon and Vic Oliver.
, his Egyptology professor at the University of Lyon, and followed him in his devotion to Egyptian p
t to France, in order to study French in Dijon, Lyon and Paris.
In June 2007 he left Lyon and moved to Al-Watani.
Lyon and Ross climbed a large Ru tree, having first
neau studied theology at a Catholic seminary in Lyon and music in Paris.
sh/American adventure/western film starring Sue Lyon and Leslie Nielsen.
ucceeded St. Chamond (Annemundus) in the See of Lyon, and was consecrated in 657 or 658.
mical Engineering degree from the University of Lyon and an Sc.B. and Ph.D. from the University of P
naldson now resides, we see the home of Richard Lyon, and earlier of Thomas Wheeler, Jr., worthy anc
He was the nephew of Saint Sacerdos, bishop of Lyon, and his successor.
The building at 115 was built for M.R. Lyon and has been in use as a funeral home since 190
Whitehead was married to the former Ruth Madre Lyon, and they had two children.
He was born in Lyon and died in St Jean en Royans.
era American film starring Basil Rathbone, Ben Lyon and Aileen Pringle.
ges, he was a sergeant in the National Guard of Lyon, and rapidly advanced through the ranks to beco
s well as Daughters of Bilitis founders Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin.
by WKRG-TV founder Kenneth R. Giddens, William Lyon and Jay Altmayer as the centerpiece of an autom
Encore Series 2006, Encore Series 2007, Live at Lyon, and Live in Boston
ine, Evian, Aix-les-Bains, Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Lyon, and Paris.
58,000-acre (230 km2) reservoir in Livingston, Lyon, and Trigg counties in Kentucky and extending i
aughter of Renauld II and his first wife Ida of Lyon and Forez.He had at least two younger brothers.
ate seventeenth-century style, designed by T.H. Lyon, and somewhat at odds with the College's origin
ian and Mozarabic Rites, that of the Diocese of Lyon and certain Catholic Order Rites.
They proceeded to suppress Caen, Lyon, and Marseille, although the counter-revolution
ied firstly, Sir John Keith, secondly, Sir John Lyon, and thirdly in 1384, Sir James Sandilands.
a deadly right-hand side combination with Jamie Lyon and Darren Albert.
, Yoann, is also a professional footballer with Lyon and a French International who competed in the
He was the son of St. Rusticus, Archbishop of Lyon, and wife.
Three sons: Anton, Lyon, and Duncan
Both Lyon and Juvisy will appear in next year's UEFA Wome
ame route as the Montargis line between Gare de Lyon and Moret-Veneux-les-Sablons
Quietly withdrawing to Lyon and later to Avignon, de Billy devoted himself,
Gen. Nathaniel Lyon, and the officers and soldiers under his comman
m prevention unit at the General Secretariat in Lyon and planned the formation of the first Internat
rooklyn, for Attorney General; and Reuben Robie Lyon and James A. Allen, of New York City, for the C
Zenezini grew up in Lyon and began skating at the age of eight.
centers in France (fourth in rank after Paris, Lyon and Lille).
t to work for the Banque Nationale de Credit in Lyon and continued his work there until his death.
They proceed to Lyon, and deposit a document in the safe, allowing t
ts du Lyonnais, a mountain range to the west of Lyon and in the eastern part of Massif Central.
n areas, both about 10 kilometers distance from Lyon, and are centered on L'Arbresle in the north an
Rouen, Vienne, Clermont, Romans, Saint Juste de Lyon and Cambrai and the post of archdeacon of Worce
These ten men, Lyon and four others are buried at Kranji War Memori
Eastern sections of the Lyon and Geneva Railway
he movie, Anne kicked the pill habit, threw out Lyon, and returned to her New England hometown, Lawr
He was born in Lyon and died in Paris.
s around the world including the Silk Museum in Lyon and the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Medical Research), Edouard Herriot Hospital in Lyon and EDAP TMS (Nasdaq : EDAP), Ablatherm HIFU wa
had three successive rectorships-at Vesoul, at Lyon, and at Grenoble.
residency permit to New Zealand developer Mark Lyon, and a court case over "double dipping" saw Geo
2007-08 season, including goals against Rennes, Lyon, and Lorient to help Lille finish in a respecta
Ben Lyon and his wife Bebe Daniels settled in London dur
Lyon and Reynolds both later joined Special Operatio
He was named the honorary director of the Lyon and Haute-Provence observatories.
The same system applies in Lyon and Paris.
tionary disturbances compelled him to flee from Lyon and take refuge in Paris in 1793.
le industry was the main industrial activity of Lyon and the surrounding region.
Foreman Thomas Lyon and Solicitor General John A. Boykin began the
rogressive Conservative governments of Sterling Lyon and Gary Filmon.
Emil E. Reinert and starring Bebe Daniels, Ben Lyon and Charles Farrell.
In 1866 the town got its start after Robert A. Lyon and Associates of Toronto were granted a timber
tain, and fought (for example) at the sieges of Lyon and Toulon.
States House of Representatives against Matthew Lyon and Israel Smith, receiving 29% of the vote in
He also played for Rennes, FC Lyon, and Suisse Paris.
Probst escaped and returned to Lyon and Paris.
Tensions between Lyon and the Blair brothers culminated in Lyon leavi
servatives won the 1977 election under Sterling Lyon, and Orchard was appointed Minister of Highways
of resolving the dogmatic dispute just as would Lyon and Florence councils a few hunred years later.
On August 27, 2007, Lyon announced that the majority of the site would n
In May 2010, the Orchestre National de Lyon announced the appointment of Slatkin as its nex
His oldest brother was George Byron Lyon, another mayor of Ottawa.
is professional debut in a league match against Lyon appearing as a substitute.
aum lived with his wife in the "H" house of the Lyon Arboretum until his death.
The house is now the main headquarters of the Lyon Arboretum.
tle of France during World War II initially the Lyon area was part of the southern unoccupied zone o
turning from a mission to bomb airfields in the Lyon area on 2 June 1940 it strayed into Swiss airsp
rseas Baptist missionary to the Kachins, Albert Lyon, arrived in Bhamo, but died of consumption with
e school was originally founded in 1837 by Mary Lyon as Mount Holyoke Female Seminary.
of Coahoma, Friars Point, Jonestown, Lula, and Lyon as well as the unincorporated community of Sher
Ben Lyon as H.
Ben Lyon as Tony Blake
Sue Lyon as Sylvia Boran
inally, the film was to star James Hall and Ben Lyon as Roy and Monte Rutledge, and Norwegian silent
Ben Lyon as Brand Osborne
Ben Lyon as Cooky Bradford
4, Godart was elected the sixth deputy mayor of Lyon as a member of the Radical Party.
nearly 37, returning to first professional club Lyon as a TV pundit for the official channel.
atory of Concarneau, and finished his career in Lyon as Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Scienc
ppointed Auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Lyon as well as Titular bishop of Ottocium on Octobe
The AFL appointed Garry Lyon as coach for Australia, for his first time as c
He was born George Byron Lyon at Sorel, Quebec in 1815, the son of George Lyo
Caserio was executed by guillotine in Lyon at precisely 5am, August 16, 1894.
Elected Archbishop of Lyon at the age of 10 through his family connections
He died in Lyon at the age of 77.
n his musical education at the conservatoire de Lyon at age 29, where he studied clarinet He began p
1999 T. Edgar Lyon Award of Excellence (Mormon History Association
Captain Nathaniel Lyon, aware that the governor had secretly had artil
change from destructive to nurturing and brings Lyon back from death.
September 1943 to a circuit organised by Robert Lyon based on the town of the same name with a branc
Greg Lyon: Bass
edy film directed by Val Guest and starring Ben Lyon, Bebe Daniels and Reginald Beckwith.
Lyon became the youngest member of The Magic Circle
r, helping lay the foundation which resulted in Lyon becoming the best football club in France.
lowing his brief stint with Marseille he joined Lyon before moving once again to the club he now pla
It was founded in 1901 when Frederick Saxton Lyon began practicing patent law in Los Angeles.
Lyon began her career as a reporter at such Los Ange
principal trumpet for the Orchestre National de Lyon between 1969 and 1971, and for the French Radio
l Biennial, Kwang Ju Biennial, Taipei Biennial, Lyon Biennial as well as presented solo exhibitions
Built around 549 by the Lyon bishop Saint Sacerdos, the church was damaged i
The Lynda Lyon Block incident
t execution to occur using it was that of Lynda Lyon Block on May 10, 2002.
Lynda Cheryl Lyon Block (February 8, 1948 in Orlando, Florida - M
LeRoy was daughter of a Lyon bookseller.
Beverley Hamilton "Bev" Lyon, born at Caterham, Surrey on 19 January 1902 an
English statistician and economist, see Arthur Lyon Bowley.
Morris Lyon Buchwalter departed his life on March 12, 1924
Edward Lyon Buchwalter
Street, called either the Laughlin Annex or the Lyon Building.
The Lyon Building.
In 1981, Lyon built the first optical mouse, at Xerox, for wh
Lucius Lyon built Fort Gratiot Light north of Fort Gratiot
er in "Twelve O'Clock High" (1964-1967), and as Lyon Burke in the 1967 movie Valley of the Dolls.
December 12, 1864, Confederate General Hylan B. Lyon burned the county courthouse at Hopkinsville, b
John Lyon Burnside III (November 2, 1916 - September 14,
n selected to host the Games over Amsterdam and Lyon, but as the Austro-Hungarian Empire had been a
His name was Salma Lyon, but he finally took Louis Aldrich as his legal
he defeated future Premier of Manitoba Sterling Lyon by only 1,266 votes.
He was succeeded at Lyon by Landebertus otherwise Lambertus.
Mr Lyon can be heard at 5pm every Sunday reading the ne
10 minutes away, gare Saint-Lazare and gare de Lyon can be reached in 30 minutes.
In the election of 1800 Matthew Lyon cast the deciding vote for Jefferson after the
He was interred in Lyon Cemetery.
eational sports and the construction of the USC Lyon Center, the fencing team received a new base an
Lyon Chapel
Introduced to the Lyon chapter of the Combat resistance organisation,
s allowed to choose two witnesses to her death, Lyon chose her spiritual adviser, Sally Michaud, as
Traditionally, Lyon cold meat shops sold bugnes just before Lent, d
ther dates claimed for the establishment of the Lyon College, the first veterinary school in the wor
s editions were brought out at Brescia, Venice, Lyon, Cologne, Ingolstadt, Paris, Cremona, and Rome.
The 10th arrived at Fort Lyon, Colorado, in October and remained for the rest
e Huguenots and a fellow refugee, a banker from Lyon, commissioned the painting to commemorate the m
ite in 1978 with the cooperation of the William Lyon Company,developers of the Bennett Ranch subdivi
He entered the Dominican Order at Lyon, completed his theological studies at the Unive
He participated in a Colloquium held 1977 in Lyon concerning the persecution of Christians in Lug
It stars Ben Lyon, Constance Cummings, and Thelma Todd.
ue, Essien appeared in eight of the ten matches Lyon contested and the club was ultimately eliminate
Anne Lyon, Countess of Kinghorne (1579 - 27 February 1618
ee, Ida, Monona, Woodbury, Plymouth, Sioux, and Lyon counties.
981 to 1985 and as a trial commissioner for the Lyon County District court from 1989 to 1992.
Lyon County
and sold the property in 1982 to Don Tibbals, a Lyon County commissioner, who subsequently sold the
Lyon County (north)
Cunningham is a native of Lyon County and an author of five books about region
It is owned by Lyon County and leased to Silver Springs Airport, LL
Carl Anderson was born in Lyon County, Minnesota in 1897.
Lyon County, Kentucky which was separated from Caldw
pril 10, 1810 in Caldwell County, Kentucky (now Lyon County, Kentucky).
wardly through Lincoln County into northwestern Lyon County, past Minneota.
y agricultural irrigation and flood control for Lyon County, Nevada.
Assembly for the 38th district (which includes Lyon County, Storey Countey and parts of Carson City
Homestake Mine ( Lyon County, Nevada) Artesia Lake
Weed Heights is a community in Lyon County, Nevada.
He was born in Kuttawa, Caldwell (now Lyon) County, Kenutcky on June 26, 1841.
conda Copper Mine is an open pit copper mine in Lyon County, Nevada that was owned and operated by t
a in the unincorporated town of Mound House, in Lyon County, at 95 Kit Kat Drive.
central business district of Silver Springs, in Lyon County, Nevada, United States.
the Neosho is joined by the Cottonwood River in Lyon County.
) He engaged in mercantile pursuits in Kuttawa, Lyon County; Confederate pension commissioner of Ken

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