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該当件数 : 480

d convicted rapist and murderer Les Murphy to persuade a witness to change his position, and had pro
job in the colonial service, and sets out to persuade a woman to marry him.
Wagener had used his business contacts to persuade a cigarette firm to produce "Sturm" cigarette
he FV to join his government, and was able to persuade a few individuals to enter his first cabinet,
ve document, a motion or a brief, attempts to persuade a deciding authority to favourably decide the
in again accompanied Meir to Amman, trying to persuade Abdullah not to join the coming Arab-Israeli
An was first published in 1937 and helped to persuade Adolf Hitler to give Rommel high command in W
der Brethren of Trinity House, were unable to persuade affected parties to contribute to the mainten
To persuade Albert in giving up on the business plan, Wai
ascribed to Plato where Socrates attempts to persuade Alcibiades that it is unsafe for him to pray
Jason Reitman helped persuade Amanda Seyfried to star in this film.
of a delegation which tried unsuccessfully to persuade American president Woodrow Wilson to call for
aimed at influencing domestic opinion and to persuade Americans to support the invasions of Afghani
businessmen, the two film students managed to persuade an ad agency and a public relations agency to
ty experiments showing how group pressure can persuade an individual to conform to an obviously wron
Waite managed to persuade Andy Warhol to come on board as producer.
Willie tries to persuade Anne to break off her engagement with Jack an
uffalo Bill's Wild West Show in an attempt to persuade Annie Oakley to join the Wild West Show.
e evidence that may convince one jury may not persuade another.
e impossible to wipe out all white men helped persuade any chiefs sitting on the fence to take the s
ns to take part in a strike, or peacefully to persuade any other person or persons to take part in a
ines, such as; a person should never trick or persuade anyone to use a drug; a person should not all
Ako attempts to persuade Arthur to impregnate Lucie so that he can exi
Both of them are on a mission to persuade as many leaders as possible that the Evacuati
n order to do so, the player character has to persuade at least 4 of 9 guilds to aid him.
While they were sometimes able to persuade authorities to their views, particularly afte
s Anatoly Kornukov travelled to Azerbaijan to persuade Azerbaijani authorities to allow Russian mili
At those councils, Chesney attempted to persuade Becket to compromise with the king, but was u
ans, particularly because they were unable to persuade black voters, who had switched over to the De
ement relaunched in late 2010 as an effort to persuade Bloomberg to make a presidential bid and/or l
Perkins also attempted to persuade Bo Jackson, their first-overall pick from the
lantly during the battle and tried in vain to persuade Brueys to order the fleet to set sail.
story of the abstracted packet, and sought to persuade Burghley to grant him his liberty by offering
Castmate Mike Farrell tried to persuade Burghoff to stay on the show, citing the lack
fessional Soccer League and, after failing to persuade Bury he was worth a contract, drifted into no
Daffy does everything he can to persuade business to his new establishment, hanging si
Basedow and Wolke tried to persuade businessman and educational pioneer, Johann P
Upon his successful management of RJ He was persuade by the Government of Bahrain to assumed the p
Rum, Mercedes and Francesca try to persuade Carmen to change her mind and join the tour b
es in a siege, they were formidable enough to persuade Charles the Simple that they might become val
g with professional football, where he helped persuade Chuck Noll to draft Franco Harris out of Penn
ere was a campaign by a Pennsylvania woman to persuade churches to sing this song at the close of th
ter of the Home Rule movement, he was able to persuade Churchill of the need to counter the national
After trying and failing to persuade Churchill, Molotov travelled on to Washington
ao sent Liu to the modern Guangdong region to persuade cities to submit to Liang rule, and 50 some c
eckford was shown on television attempting to persuade Clark to drop out and endorse Crosbie, to no
ral Torah law, but also due their attempts to persuade common-folk to join their ranks.
unded by Sue Hall and incorporated in 1999 to persuade companies that being climate neutral was pote
rge blue truck, and for her frequent trips to persuade companies and people to take part she initial
During a presentation to persuade companies to provide more medicine to the poo
ecember, Kim made plans to leave and tried to persuade Dave to go with her.
Subsequently, he firmly tries to persuade David to stop seeing Jade until the end of sc
ost fitting adornment and Steevens offered to persuade David Garrick to present one.
ravelled to meet with Whitmer in Richmond, to persuade David Whitmer to move west with him to rejoin
Corn refiner A.E. Staley led the campaign to persuade Decatur to borrow the $2.0 million necessary
He tries hard to persuade delinquent but strong students to join the te
pictorial art in Normandy, when he managed to persuade Descamps, who was on his way to England, to s
way through Tunstall Forest, Joanna tries to persuade Dick to turn against Sir Daniel in sympathy w
m adaptation of Camelot, Warner was unable to persuade director Joshua Logan to cast Richard Burton
Hatch also believed that he could persuade Dirk Benedict to return and play Starbuck.
orbit around its sun, the Doctor is unable to persuade Donna to join him on a long shuttle bus trip
a fight with them is inevitable, he tries to persuade Drusilla to leave town with Spike, to no avai
ng under siege, but sent messengers to try to persuade Duan Ye that the Later Liang regime was becom
ther Gerebernus should be killed and tried to persuade Dymphna to return with him, but she refused.
Cameron tries to persuade Ed that Elise loves him deeply despite her er
In order to complete his mission, Snake must persuade enemy soldiers to join his ranks because of t
The captive's sermons managed to persuade Enravota to convert to Christianity and be ba
eams for help, at the same time attempting to persuade Esmail to drop the gun.
Gawain, offers to try to persuade Ettarre to love Pelleas.
He tried to persuade families of the Hunger strikers in July 1981
touched and they return to Mount Mangdang and persuade Fan Rui to join Liangshan as well.
nals' most powerful state branch, was able to persuade federal Nationals leader Ian Sinclair to tear
Hortense must try to persuade Feet that she wants to quit her life as a lou
A massive signature campaign was launched to persuade Fernando to stay on to complete his term.
lowing a Football Association led campaign to persuade FIFA to award medals to all the winners' squa
lowing a Football Association led campaign to persuade FIFA to award medals to all the winners' squa
lowing a Football Association led campaign to persuade FIFA to award medals to all the winners' squa
lowing a Football Association led campaign to persuade FIFA to award medals to every non-playing squ
Alonso also helped persuade former Real Sociedad team mate Juan Ugarte to
Sure enough the Duke is able to persuade Francesco to return to Paris with him.
but some years later, in 1933, did manage to persuade Franklin Roosevelt to exchange ambassadors.
art of the U.S. Army detachment dispatched to persuade French Emperor Napoleon III to withdraw his t
its historical role in Armagnac were able to persuade French authorities to continue permitting its
Kenji Doihara then tried to persuade General Song to set up an autonomous governme
, a powerful shareholder in the SIR, tried to persuade George Stephenson to supply a locomotive for
ated Georgia, and furthermore moved to try to persuade Georgia to recognize genocides against them a
Giovanni's uncle, Cardinal Ascanio Sforza, to persuade Giovanni to agree to a divorce.
rutited by the Yankees, but Dubuc was able to persuade Greenberg he could start sooner in Detroit, a
made while he was unconscious, is intended to persuade Hamilton that it is now too late for him to r
ce at a banquet by Han Yu, Han Xiang tried to persuade Han Yu to give up a life of officialdom and t
wrote to his sister, at Jerusalem, trying to persuade he to leave the christological party of Eutyc
nvoys to pressure him; even Margaret tried to persuade Henry to give it up.
Egypt and elsewhere used this information to persuade Henry McMahon to meet Hussein's demands.
In 1953, he helped John Arlott persuade Henry Horton to take up county cricket as his
ad wife, sings this song to Anna Leonowens to persuade her to accept the King for what he is, despit
After failing to persuade her to go out with him for a curry, Del quick
d'Epinay, the mistress of the house tries to persuade her godchild Marie-Anne de Saint-Pons of the
male's vigour and biological fitness, and to persuade her to pick him above all other males - a for
alth was so bad that he begged the duchess to persuade her husband to release the composer from his
onship with Rita, and tried unsuccessfully to persuade her to marry him.
rned about Louise's mental state and tries to persuade her to see a doctor.
ldless couple kidnapping a pregnant woman and persuade her husband that she is dead.
s less than happy about the idea and tries to persuade her that it isn't a good idea.
Despite Mrs Erlynne's honest attempts to persuade her to return home to her husband, Lady Winde
d Elisabeth wanted a baby sister and tried to persuade her aunt and uncle to let her parents adopt o
Nelly resident in Chipping Campden, trying to persuade her publisher Mr Dent to advance her moneys.
d obtains the sword, whilst Mathayus tries to persuade her to allow them to leave, she declines and
Maxx and Julie persuade her to step back from the brink, however, and
er that Charles was in love with, in order to persuade her to marry him.
Kyra and Eric then persuade her to participate on a prank, pretending to
rima donna, Antonia Bernasconi, attempting to persuade her to sing his settings of her arias rather
at night's events, although Stingray tries to persuade her to call the police.
the wedding, and the king and his court must persuade her to agree.
Connie and flies to Mexico in the hope he can persuade her and her father to drop their lawsuit.
oticing that she closely resembles the Queen, persuade her to impersonate her real self.
Her brother James II made vigorous efforts to persuade her to return to Scotland , where he hoped to
own religious figures were enlisted to try to persuade her to recant.
estruct with Nathan, who has already tried to persuade her to commit suicide with him.
enced apparitions from specters attempting to persuade her to sign the devil's book, visions from th
that Thomas followed her to France to try and persuade her otherwise or merely to be with her.
to go to university in the Mumbai and has to persuade her brother to let her go.
clared that Stowe negated her own attempts to persuade her readers that emancipated slaves were indu
hoped if he went to Utah he would be able to persuade her to come and join him with their three chi
s inspired by the green movement and tries to persuade her reluctant roommates to join the cause.
tructed by Robert Hooke and John Flamsteed to persuade Hevelius to use telescopes for his measuremen
A traitor tried persuade him to come to England.
h wife knew about his activities and tried to persuade him to stop.
s thriftiness, his wife managed eventually to persuade him to build an ornate mansion at the top of
se Marie finds Jack in the cabin and tries to persuade him to reform.
In 1934, Hans Lehfeldt attempted to persuade him to leave Nazi Germany; he refused, believ
ilians sent an emissary to him, attempting to persuade him to retire.
y Apollo to follow the first man he meets and persuade him to come home with him.
Sir Humphrey tries his best to persuade him to omit any reference to the Solihull pro
Lord Blackadder is his agent and manages to persuade him to condense his new play Hamlet.
Song Jiang stops him and manages to persuade him to release the woman.
sident Ma Ying-jeou paid a visit to Chiang to persuade him to stay.
She attempts to persuade him to stay with her, taking on an almost agg
stantly distracted by other people who try to persuade him to get married and get a job.
pist monk in Bethlehem Abbey, Portglenone, to persuade him to return to the Catholic faith.
crowd, but producer Norman Newell managed to persuade him to go on.
In Sunnydale, Dawn walks with Clem to try to persuade him to use his demon senses to find Rack's pl
urtiers of the Emperor Constantius managed to persuade him that Silvanus was planning to seize power
Montag's fire chief, Beatty, tries to persuade him that books are evil, and urges him to ret
The humour revolves around her efforts to persuade him to try something new, or at least stop ho
cted Pap who was still in hiding and tried to persuade him to come over to his side.
November 1641 by Charles I who was trying to persuade him to support the Royalist cause.
After trying, and failing, to persuade him to give it back Smart takes it and hides
edly which led a decathlon promoter to almost persuade him to pursue a decathlon career.
contacting a Christian minister in Florida to persuade him to call off his plan to burn the Quran. 
in a vise, popping out his eye, presumably to persuade him to disclose the whereabouts of Miraglia.
imms met Thompson on the street, and tried to persuade him to avoid the Vaudeville, but was unsucces
of Terry and throughout the film she tries to persuade him to emigrate, something she is almost succ
s at the front, and made strenuous efforts to persuade him not to.
who may have been a relative, did his best to persuade him to save his life by conforming to the Chu
n the deputy headteacher, Mr Woods, could not persuade him to open the door for several hours.
the former wife of her spouse always tried to persuade him to show leniency in his acts, Christina d
she opposed her husband's work, and tried to persuade him to stop - she was released on bail before
November 21, 1963 with over 3200 attendees to persuade him to run for another term.
cle into the river, she asks Bex and Ollie to persuade him to make an apology.
her asked then Aberdeen boss Alex Ferguson to persuade him to continue training as an accountant.
ment from abroad, these inducements could not persuade him to leave Berlin a second time.
though manager Ted Bates tried his hardest to persuade him to sign as a professional, he preferred t
hen interviewed by James Ussher, who tried to persuade him with arguments current from John Sprint.
organs, he was pursued by Allan Herschell, to persuade him to set up in business in the United State
ssion', Glenstrae accused Argyll of trying to persuade him to kill Ardincaple: "I Confess, before Go
enian" was offered 4,000 pounds of tobacco to persuade him to remain and continue his work.
iscouragement by several priests who tried to persuade him to abandon his plans.
to track down her estranged father, Mark, and persuade him to come to Holby.
Arsenal manager Bertie Mee managed to persuade him to stay, and McLintock went on to win thr
s chief of staff, to visit O'Brien's home and persuade him to support Gorrell.
y McCoy, another former bandmate were able to persuade him otherwise.
Although the Buffaloes attempted to persuade him to play for their team, they eventually a
The directors, however, managed to persuade him.
on, as he had spent nearly a decade trying to persuade his own father to allow him to marry commoner
he next year, Abraham tried unsuccessfully to persuade his sister to retain her virginity.
He then attempts to persuade his men that they do not have to participate
get a delay of three weeks, to see if he can persuade his superiors to agree to Soviet demands: £50
Tiberge enters and tries to persuade his old friend Des Grieux to allow young love
In October 1189 he attempted to persuade his fellow bishops who had monastic cathedral
t in the Internet, and he reportedly tried to persuade his father to buy internet company Pointcast
Steven is struggling to persuade his wife to allow him to have more contact wi
rned to Walford in May 1987 and he managed to persuade his long suffering wife to give their marriag
Barnier tries to persuade his masseur to marry his daughter Colette, pr
ca, Eddie Murphy's character, Akeem, tries to persuade his love interest to marry him and go to Zamu
er from testifying, and so tries to cajole or persuade House to delay diagnosing, treating or releas
friend "Shooter," a skilled poker dealer, to persuade Howard to play him.
nded to prevent the loss of civilians, and to persuade insurgents to lay down their arms.
agreed to give the United States one month to persuade Israel to extend the moratorium on settlement
Both teams have to persuade IT office workers to dance.
under the current Resolution 1696 in order to persuade it to co-operate with the IAEA.
in an attempt to reconcile differences and to persuade Itagaki and Kido to return to the government.
atabeleland to use his father's reputation to persuade its king Lobengula to sign a treaty of friend
ing Charles I of England visited the house to persuade its owner, Colonel Edward Prichard, not to ch
Lafitte did eventually meet and persuade Jackson of their support, which proved useful
out repairs in an old theatre, Tony tries to persuade Jacky that they should leave the company and
ited States, attack the U.S. with it and help persuade Japan into aiding them with the attack.
amily disclosed decades later, Leroy tried to persuade Jarman to give herself up.
ey too are doomed, he unsuccessfully tries to persuade Jenny Johnson to have sex with him before the
am Shemtov, who urged friendly congressmen to persuade Jimmy Carter to declare the day to be Educati
Asia, the Empire of Nicaea, and had tried to persuade John X to join him, but he had refused becaus

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