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commune in Christchurch and is by religious affiliation a Friend (Quaker).
carried on cable in Montreal during its CBC affiliation, a claim that is definitely false.
was a co-founder of the American Scientific Affiliation, a Christian organization that describes it
KBCA, which held The WB affiliation a mere six months prior to the announced CW
erg, a lifelong Democrat, changed his party affiliation a few months before the election in order t
He changed his party affiliation a number of times in his political career a
ndians since the Reds had changed their AAA affiliation after the 1992 season, and he played 51 gam
network was announced, it signed a 10-year affiliation agreement with most of Tribune's WB station
, which launched in January 1995, signed an affiliation agreement with Channel 25.
In early 2010, the institute formalized an Affiliation agreement with the Smithsonian Institution
While the NHL franchise had signed an affiliation agreement to the end of the 2011-12 season,
pril 14, 1934, the Phillies entered into an affiliation agreement with the New York-Penn League Haz
d serves as a repeater for WKAQ-TV under an affiliation agreement and simulcasts over 95% of its pr
In September 1996, the BayBears signed an affiliation agreement with the San Diego Padres.
ucational Media Foundation, under a network affiliation agreement with KVB, signed on with their K-
ns are affiliated with ABC after signing an affiliation agreement in 1997.
twork MeTV on April 25, 2011, as part of an affiliation agreement with MeTV and Newport-owned or -o
In 1979, WORA-TV entered into an affiliation agreement with San Juan-based WAPA-TV, endi
er said it would negotiate to extend CJBN's affiliation agreement with CTV, which was set to expire
In 1985, WORA-TV changed its affiliation agreement to WKAQ-TV, and on January 1, 199
s of the ECHL announced they had entered an affiliation agreement with the Bruins for the 2007-08 s
n College, and Morehouse College signed the affiliation agreement and became the original members o
The Affiliation agreement marks a new era for the institute
e ECHL and the Lightning entered a one-year affiliation agreement for the 2010-11 season on July 29
e expansion Washington Capitals had a joint affiliation agreement with Richmond and both teams sent
pital and the medical school signed a joint affiliation agreement.
They had affiliation agreements with the St. Louis Cardinals (19
We expect to announce affiliation agreements in time for the launch."
Town Pump also has affiliation agreements with Pilot Travel Centers.
ted WKAQ-TV's programming (one of the first affiliation agreements, now common on the island).
ndicated programming service by voiding all affiliation agreements.
n: 38 Reserve Size: 799 hectares Linguistic Affiliation: Algonkian (Ojibway) Tribal Council Affilia
uan Hu paid nearly US$2000 for state studio affiliation, allowing the film to be distributed in Chi
uan Hu paid nearly US$2000 for state studio affiliation, allowing the film to be distributed in Chi
tures in one's physiognomy determined one's affiliation, although the Nazis palavered a lot about p
Malley later changed his party affiliation, amid some controversy, back to that of the
r partner in the duopoly because of its Fox affiliation and because it was established earlier.
Catholics, 15.88% people with no religious affiliation, and 4.03% Lutherans and 3.28 Greek Catholi
n Catholics, 7.31% people with no religious affiliation, and 1.34% Lutherans.
basing matches in part on a user's academic affiliation and field of study.
sm many Iyers adopted the new philosophical affiliation and were called Iyengars.
% Lutherans, 28.2% people with no religious affiliation and 14.2% Roman Catholics.
cycles, changes in social status and group affiliation, and any abnormal behaviors or activities.
release, neither band had any record label affiliation, and it was decided that the record would b
ne's existing station CFCL retained its CBC affiliation and CTV service was provided by a rebroadca
In 2002, KADY dropped the UPN affiliation and became an independent station again.
op involving 4000 participants of religious affiliation and other actions of LDS Teens.
pposition leader John Turner, with no party affiliation, and placed ninth of twelve candidates with
In 2005 B&F Sports became in direct affiliation and council of The Cochran Firm (St.
The party affiliation and district numbers of Senators are listed
mary unfairly excluded voters with no party affiliation, and that voters should be able to vote for
d be unfair to the service to adopt a party affiliation and he said he had none.
off berth, and later switched to Republican affiliation and lost a race for the Texas State Senate
Catholics, 18.43% people with no religious affiliation, and 6.37% Lutherans.
n Catholics, 8.53% people with no religious affiliation and 0.62% Lutherans.
iversity in 1950 due to his Communist Party affiliation and he emigrated to Poland.
B moved from WPTY (where it was a secondary affiliation and shown during late nights slots) to WLMT
Catholics, 18.02% people with no religious affiliation and 9.62% Lutherans.
k Catholics, 3.59% people with no religious affiliation and 3.37% Orthodox.
e added, and the church dropped the Baptist affiliation and officially became Elmbrook Church.
n Catholics, 6.79% people with no religious affiliation and 0.47% Lutherans.
n Catholics, 6.87% people with no religious affiliation, and 3.46% Lutherans.
k Catholics, 1.66% people with no religious affiliation and 0.85% Lutherans.
an Catholics, 4.6% people with no religious affiliation, and 0.6% Lutherans.
training disciples regardless of religious affiliation and which continued through Nizamuddin Auli
treasurer, who since switched to Republican affiliation and lost his bid for the United States Sena
an Catholics, 7.9% people with no religious affiliation, and 1.2% Lutherans.
Catholics, 19.48% people with no religious affiliation, and 1.98% Lutherans.
However, on July 5, 1984, he switched party affiliation and continued in office as a Republican.
Several versions of Cai Shen's political affiliation and subsequent deification are circulated.
Democrat but soon after switched his party affiliation and became a Republican.
ertake missionary work under denominational affiliation and auspices.
verne EB. (2002) The neurobiology of social affiliation and pair bonding.
s, Brady announced that he had switched his affiliation and had joined the Democratic Party.
y 1910, Hardtner had switched to Democratic affiliation and served for two years in the Louisiana H
These 3 representatives had no political affiliation and sat on the opposition side of the House
defeat by Winston, Blossman switched party affiliation and was elected in 1996 to the Louisiana Pu
September 2006: WATL drops its WB affiliation and becomes a MyNetworkTV affiliate; sister
al attention because of Hoffman's Tea Party affiliation and because of the large amount of support
peted as an Independent, with no conference affiliation and were led by Rich Ellerson.
representing Capricornia, had no political affiliation, and retired in 1903.
d, he was required to resign from his party affiliation, and thereafter sat as a crossbencher.
ent lists were summed up by their political affiliation and then seats distributed using d'Hondt fo
It is Baptist by affiliation and a member of the Old Dominion Associatio
t positions are required to declare a party affiliation and to be residents of the county.
er his defeat, Pinac switched to Republican affiliation and ran third in a special election held on
Catholics, 15.25% people with no religious affiliation and 1.32% Lutherans.
Catholics, 13.11% people with no religious affiliation and 4.47% Lutherans.
n Catholics, 1.86% people with no religious affiliation, and 0.27% Lutherans.
ject to answering the question of religious affiliation, and around 6% do object.
Catholics, 28.02% people with no religious affiliation and 16.28% Lutherans.
Catholics, 17.03% people with no religious affiliation and 7.33% Lutherans.
Catholics, 14.76% people with no religious affiliation, and 1.19% Lutherans.
ph Vas, leading Friscia to switch her party affiliation and become a Republican.
call letters to WBQC-LP to reflect its new affiliation and began to identify on-air as "WB Channel
aine cross, symbolic of the team's regional affiliation, and the dragon called the Graoully, which
n Catholics, 4.84% people with no religious affiliation and 1.18% Lutherans.
k Catholics, 2.38% people with no religious affiliation and 0.31% Lutherans.
Catholics, 23.62% people with no religious affiliation and 4.00% Lutherans.
He later changed his affiliation and continued to stand as an Independent, s
lted in the introduction of a new system of affiliation and a restructuring of the organisation.
s advertisements focused primarily on party affiliation and national issues.
ational fraternity terminated the chapter's affiliation and ordered it to stop using the Tau Epsilo
Affiliation and Extension Programs are offered in Chile
n Catholics ,5.17% people with no religious affiliation and 0.93% Lutherans.
Catholics, 18.11% people with no religious affiliation and 1.83% Lutherans.
people with no religious affiliation and 6.34% Lutherans.
Despite her independent affiliation and the strong party system of the time, bu
Catholics, 19.92% people with no religious affiliation and 6.67% Lutherans.
people with no religious affiliation and 2.29% Lutherans.
n Catholics, 26.7% people with no religious affiliation, and 22.1% Lutherans.
ed war crimes simply on account of his unit affiliation and was tortured by the Soviet secret servi
n Catholics, 6.19% people with no religious affiliation and 2.10% Lutherans.
Catholics, 25.54% people with no religious affiliation and 3.19% Lutherans.
Republican, Gomez later switched his party affiliation and served on the Lafayette Parish Republic
SCU maintains its Catholic and Jesuit affiliation and supports numerous initiatives intended
Members of the American Scientific Affiliation are from various movements, such as evangel
in Texas to switch to Fox from a Big Three affiliation, as KDFW in Dallas and KTBC in Austin both
The CBC affiliation as dropped in 1964 when the network started
nominating another candidate with the same affiliation as the one whose seat has become vacant - t
er network following the removal of the Fox affiliation) as part of a long-term renewal agreement b
(the name being a reference to his current affiliation as an anarchist, and his past membership in
eferring to the main subchannel and primary affiliation, as well as selected programming on NBC.
arket that proudly announces its Vietnamese affiliation as a "Sieu Thi Viet Nam" - Vietnamese marke
hat a new representative had the same party affiliation as the outgoing representative.
r Duncan Brannan, who met him through their affiliation as the voices of Chuck E. Cheese.
Windsor gave his political affiliation as Republican and his religious affiliation
Party primary Clavelle had to change party affiliation as required by state law .
l registered voters designating their party affiliation as Democrat.
Despite his political affiliation, Astor quickly demonstrated his independenc
The Horizon have enjoyed a special affiliation at select home games with Special Olympics,
The box cites his political affiliation at the time of the important event (his Pre
he University of Warwick before his current affiliation at the University of Oxford.
uary 1, 2009, indicating that KUIL lost the affiliation at that time.
The link to the “ Affiliation”-usually an academic institution appointmen
He switched his party affiliation back to the Democratic Party on May 24, 199
leader of the UUP, and Coulter switched her affiliation back to that party, allowing the West Belfa
later identified as a Republican when party affiliation became required of candidates.
d later identified as a Democrat when party affiliation became required of candidates.
d the question of his party description and affiliation became a divisive issue in the Chesterfield
ovement at first avoided any denominational affiliation, becoming known in the early 1970s as "The
There is no affiliation between Folsom Street East (NYC) and Folsom
nvention, were he was successful in gaining affiliation between his party and the Democratic Party
An affiliation between the Outpatient VA Clinic in Jackson
There was a close affiliation between the station, the amateur radio soci
e for the first time, he left the political affiliation box blank.
Affiliation: Brooklyn Dodgers 1936-1937
His Whig affiliation brought him out of favour under Queen Anne,
It has never had a network affiliation, but for about a year had local news until
in the 1974 federal election without party affiliation, but was defeated by Progressive Conservati
Mrs. Cobb was of Methodist affiliation but regularly taught a class at her husband
erved form on grounds of authorship or clan affiliation, but topically, grouping the Soma hymns.
tish counterpart to the American Scientific Affiliation, but its theological diversity is broader.
The college has no denominational affiliation, but does hold to Presbyterian and Reformed
It was thought to have a Free Methodist affiliation but became a part of the Eastern Council of
d/or Moorea to determine the Mangaia bird's affiliation by analysis of the osteology.
hristian denominational and Jewish movement affiliation by bringing together persons with differing
ecord turnout of over 30%, was a yes to NUS affiliation by 53.26% for to 46.74% against.
university for the North of England open to affiliation by colleges such as Owens College which imm
ry, but voters who decline to state a party affiliation can vote in one party's primary if the part
ilure of WATU to secure a full-time network affiliation caused that station to go dark in 1970.
As a result, after the Fox affiliation ceased, KUIL became an independent station,
er 2009, W50DA dropped TBN and announced an affiliation change to RTV, which took effect on October
After the affiliation change, The WB had been available in El Pas
After a series of network affiliation changes in the late 1970s among WBAP, KRLD
Affiliation: Chicago White Sox 1939-1942; Brooklyn Dodg
entral Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) [ Affiliation code: 1130067], New Delhi and belongs to th
these groups through marital and political affiliation collectively instituted and integrated the
pite early reports of KUIL pursuing the NBC affiliation, competing station KBMT would broadcast NBC
and, exercised the clause in the 1986 group affiliation contract and pulled its programming from se
e, because only the grandparents' religious affiliation counted, not the possibly common faith pers
Irish Cycling Federation affiliation date.
Petersburg Cardinals upon their signing an affiliation deal with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1966.
n 1997 as the St. Petersburg Devil Rays (an affiliation deal with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays) and rem
The Jam and Lakers have an affiliation deal for the 2010-11 season.
The Flames signed a secondary affiliation deal with the Johnstown Chiefs of the East
In 1995, McGraw-Hill cut an affiliation deal with ABC which called for all of its s
They had affiliation deals with the Chicago White Sox (1938-39),
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Her party affiliation did not keep her from appearing with her so
While the UPN affiliation did not result in immediate changes to the
t a registered party, and Perry's political affiliation did not appear on the ballot.
niversity of Florida, but the institutional affiliation doesn't appear to be part of the name.
redited with the most accurate record of MP affiliation during the 2005 Conservative Leadership ele
uisiana and shifted to unpopular Republican affiliation during the war.
However, The CW affiliation ended up on a digital subcarrier channel of
The CW affiliation ended up on KFWB, now officially called KGE
Although this affiliation faded, he remained very much a Red Tory.
o move on to the ACS Secondary Schools with affiliation favours.
making organisation and is funded mainly by affiliation fees paid by golfers as part of their club
ort period after the club failed to forward affiliation fees to the state governing body.
e both their independent and their party of affiliation figures combined.
ville-Roanoke-Greensboro, and gained the WB affiliation for Roanoke DMA in November 1994.
2, 2011, it was announced that the primary affiliation for the Central Florida market will be take
At present the College is awaiting affiliation for B.Com, B.Sc.Biotechnology, M.Com and MS
Nexstar had earlier lost the Fox affiliation for WTVW in Evansville, Indiana following a
A digital subchannel of KVII-TV gained the affiliation for the new CW network, which merged the pr
Since the Big East is the university's affiliation for most varsity sports, I think it will su

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