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A Lad an' a Lamp (1932)
An A record lookup for foo.example.com
giving it an A+ rating.
McSally with an A-10 Thunderbolt II
McSally is an A-10 Thunderbolt II pilot.
ASALM Propulsion Test Vehicle on an A-7
Lee received an A.B. in Physics and an Sc.
An AA4-Battery (Rechargeable) Pack with recharger
It follows an AABA form.
He makes an Aakhari Decision.
Skull of an aardwolf.
The finale is an ABACA rondo.
Adopting an abandoned farm (1891)
Wormhole is an abandonware game.
Hathumoda, became an abbess
Christina, became an abbess
His sister Ethelhild was an abbess.
She later became an abbess.
"Knee": An abbreviated form of "Kneeblank".
CONT is an abbreviation for continue.
KNCO is an ABC Radio Network affiliate.
Serious Questions, An ABC of Sceptical Reflections.
Susan Banks, an Abernethie heiress
An able fielder, Lee took 59 catches.
Gouda was an able teacher.
An able fielder, he took 134 catches.
An able fielder, Cole took 15 catches.
An able fielder, he took 60 catches.
It is an abnormal, pathological fear of having an injury.
Fix please, Muir's article is an abomination!
An aboriginal canoe on display
In an About.com
He also was an above-average shortstop.
It does not yield an absolute directly.
It was an absolute loser.
The United Party won an absolute majority.
It has an absolute magnitude of -2.72.
"Never an Absolution" - 3:03
proportion] is an abstract idea.'
Her mother was an abstract painter.
Cahana is an abstract painter.
All articles are published with an abstract.
an abundance of Arab and Persian loanwords
It is an abundant number.
It has an academic program and an Athletic program
Nathan Wetherell (1726-1808) was an academic administrator.
He received an academic education.
He pursued an academic course.
This article is about an academic title.
Mary Steenburgen, an Academy Award-winning actress
It was nominated for an Academy Award.
It became Sirius College, an Academy.
an accept state (a ∈ S);
Pilot Knob is also an acceptable name.
Jiyeon is an accessory designer.
It is an accessory pigment to chlorophyll.
An accessory toenail on a right foot
He died after an accident in 1634.
'There's been an accident,' she said.
It was an accident.
It was really an accidental thing."
An accompaniment for rehearsal is provided.
She is also an accomplished gardener.
Margaret Louisa Herschel (1834-1861), an accomplished artist
He was also an accomplished poet.
Jenny Scheinman is an accomplished violinist.
Colchin was an accomplished single wicket performer.
She is also an accomplished artist.
He was also an accomplished bio-illustrator.
Mang Ke is also an accomplished painter.
He is an accomplished guitarist.
He is also an accomplished violinist.
Adam Levy is an accomplished jazz guitarist.
Judy Carmichael is herself an accomplished pianist.
Scott Dill was an accomplished football player.
Hoffman is an accomplished dancer and singer.
He was also an accomplished painter.
He is an accomplished scholar and author.
McNair was an accomplished saxophonist.
Barnard was an accomplished horseman.
He was also an accomplished sailor.
I had never played an accordion before.
He wrote an account of this expedition.
Then follows an account of the Incarnation.
He wrote an account of its destruction.
After schooling, he became an accountant.
He became an accountant.
He is an accountant.
MacNabb qualified as an accountant.
Benbridge had an accounting office.
DIBt is an accreditation organisation.
It results in an accumulation of desmosterol.
fewer steps for an accurate result).
and an accurate, extensive acquaintance
This is quite an accusation!
HB 921, Relating to an accused's right to an examining trial before an
An ACE editing session with three participants.
An ACE Hardware store in Springboro, Ohio
An acervulus (pl.
In enzymology, an acetolactate decarboxylase (EC
In enzymology, an acetone carboxylase (EC
It is an acetyl derivative of digitoxin.
In enzymology, an acetylalkylglycerol acetylhydrolase (EC
It is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.
Diisopropylphosphate is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.
In enzymology, an acetylenedicarboxylate decarboxylase (EC
In enzymology, an acetylesterase (EC
In enzymology, an acetylornithine deacetylase (EC
In enzymology, an acetylputrescine deacetylase (EC
The fruit is an achene.
The election was certainly an achievement.
EverQuest II has an achievements system.
An acid radical is an anion left after removal of h
Generic example of an acid anhydride.
Picramic acid is an acid.
An acidic oxide (sometimes known as an acidic anhyd
Angus was an acknowledged wine buff.
He became an ACM Fellow in 1998.
Cyriacus, an acolyte
An acorn is a type of nut.
principle of an Acousto Optical Spectrometer
Ivan comes to live with an acquaintance.
It was an acquired taste."
The defence secured an acquittal.
An Acrobat's Heart (2000)
An Acrobat.com
It is an acrylic resin.
An Act incorporating Brigham City
An Act to make an additional Article of War.
(*) McKenzie was an acting minister.
He soon embarked on an acting career.
that undergoes an action or process
An action forms an abstraction of a computational p
WBUZ airs an active rock music format.
He was also an active freemason.
Bold denotes an active player
He was an active Presbyterian.
Williams was an active feminist and pacifist.
Craxton was also an active composer.
remediation (SMS), and/or an Active Portel.
as an active Christian Science church.
He is an active football coach.
He is an active proponent of existentialism.
He was an active Quaker.
Jeffery was an active Chief Scout.
Wise remained an active and steadfast Republican.
It is an active aid to navigation.
Johnson had an active day as well.
This is an active Parish.
He is an active politician member.
The larvae is an active feeder.
He was an active Freemason.
Elaphe quadrivirgata is an active, diurnal snake.
Notify participants of changes in an activity
An activity celebrating World Vegan Day
Noah Young - An Actor
Mr Beverley - An Actor - Stanley Brett
He debuted as an actor on 1993.
Keiichiro Katsumoto, an actor
Mori Okamoto, an actor
Most Outstanding Performance by an Actor - Female
"Everyone's an Actor" (Jason LaRocca) 3:29
His son, Rupert is also an actor.
His nephew Jai is an actor.
By profession he was an actor.
He is also an actor.
Their son, Jasper, is also an actor.
Ryoo Soo-young (born 1979), an actor.
I'm an actor.
I'm really not an actor.
Chandrika Chevli is an actress and broadcaster.
Her sister Gerd was an actress too.
Natalie wished to be an actress from an early age.
Alice, an actress, wants to direct an indie picture.
1982), an actress, and Arabella (b.
Her sister Florence was also an actress.
Andee Frizzell is an actress.
Alex Meneses is an actress.
His Judy is an actress.
She has also worked as an actress.
She can be an actress/comedienne (female) or an actor/comedian
Maggie Cheung as Ling, an acupuncture doctor.
In enzymology, an acylglycerol lipase (EC
An adaptation for water conservation.
1924 The Three Graces ( an adaptation)
An Adaptaur cow
Wizard is an adaptive caster.
as an addendum.
Kill An Addict 1:02
Andy has an addiction to masturbation.
In 1841, an addition was authorized.
An addition was added in 1955.
An addition was completed about 1874.
An addition was completed in 1952.
It has an addition.
Shawn Camp provides an additional acoustic guitar.
An additional six aircraft were severely damaged.
An additional 118 people were killed.
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