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of colleagues in downtown Calgary, Alberta, who bet a month's salary on who can last the longest wi
In later years he regularly bet a new hat on the Boat Race with W.B. Woodgate "
McDonald and Loggins make a bet about McDonald's new song, "I Keep Forgettin' (
Robert, thinking he has lost the bet, admits to the whole truth.
lled in 2005, it was reformed under a new name, BET: After Dark.
anuary 1990 and was also suspected of placing a bet against his own team losing an FA Cup tie in th
Gilbert N. Lewis bet against his discovery, and he had to pay when L
y called Puttana Chendu (Putta's ball) to win a bet against his uncle T. S. Venkannaiah.
Morris also bet against members and other takers at St Andrews
bank's settlement at the behest of the men that bet against the main character.
BET aired a separate benefit show at the same time,
he immediately got back to his feet and won the bet; albeit at the cost of a black eye and a few br
ound in synagogues at Naaran, near Jericho, and Bet Alfa.
Craig loses badly, but he's bet all the money he made in London against himself
He then tells the boys (after they bet all their money on the Chopper) to make the Cho
Bet also includes the New Project, which are lower
ka Heroes Of The Krait/Southern Cross), and The Bet, among others.
icials (police officer, an employee of the Shin Bet, an employee of the Mossad, etc.).
also available in-game, in which the player can bet an amount of money on one or more drivers to wi
In 2009 she began hosting for BET and is the LA Entertainment correspondent for a
he completed a pilot game show with former You Bet and Stars in Their Eyes presenter Matthew Kelly
BET and Rediffusion Limited had strong links with t
ang, De Dhakka, Mee Sindhutai Sapkal, Taryanche Bet and Mee Shivajiraje Bhosle Boltoy.
He became a member of kibbutz Degania Bet, and worked in road construction.
ed the Elephant Hotel in Somers in honor of Old Bet, and it was purchased by the town in 1927.
also went to horse races with her, and bet and won a dollar and a half.
Jerry (Jithan ramesh) is a man who always takes bet and he hates love.
s directed by Marc Klasfeld, and had airplay on BET and on MTV Jams.
It grew into a bet and a full blown concept after careful consider
The girls accept the bet and that's when the troubles begin.
The show was picked up by BET and the title was changed to Monica: Still Stan
Caine quickly volunteers to finance Fitz's bet and the con is on.
Eventually, the Tings make the wrong bet and their entire fortune is wiped out, compound
The pitcher accepted the bet and fired a fastball, which Monroe hit for a ho
in December of 2005, and saw heavy rotation on BET and MTV.
ed by Darren Grant, received limited airplay on BET and MTV.
He falls prey to Simha's bet and ends up going out with a female colleague.
eived major airplay on hip-hop radio, MTV2, and BET and reached #14 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart
Hanlon welched on a bet and refused to buy Corbett a new suit for winni
It was later announced on BET and Access Hollywood that Brown has reconciled
o Billboard Awards and was a regular feature on BET and other popular music video channels.
but was best remembered at Sussex for losing a bet and having to run across the outfield in his un
made frequent reference to the Simmons-Tierney bet and some made daily tabulations and adjusted-fo
R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks at number 10, and BET's 106 & Park at number 4. It had success on BET
Guy accepts the bet and takes her home.
Kate is furious about having been a part of a bet and refuses to believe his claims that he has f
t wife, a different handling of the 30 garments bet, and, perhaps the most crucial alteration is to
On April 20th, BET, announced that the show is renewed for a secon
is taxon compared to Charadra deridens, Schmidt bet Anweiler ten dollars that the DNA barcodes of C
V of Scotland visited the castle, and a drunken bet around 1620 resulted in the castle passing to C
He stated that there was no bet as he was not ready to eat another column.
He also is as good a bet as the Wolverines boast on the receiving end of
The video had heavy rotation on BET as well.
n be won upon settlement depends on how much is bet at those odds.
Band or Duo for Surrender to Love in 2004 and a BET Award for the BET J Cool Like That Award in 200
BET award for - Best UK Hip- hop Act 2008 (Won)
Pretty Ricky (nominated for "Best Group" at the BET Awards 2007) and Grammy Award-winning rap artis
En Vogue performed the song at the 2008 BET Awards with Alicia Keys.
rs Awards, Broadcast Music Incorporated Awards, BET Awards and others.
h Ron and Ernie Isley performing "Shout" at the BET Awards where the Isleys were honored with the L
Hayley Williams) performed the song at the 2010 BET Awards on June 27, 2010 in a medley with Eminem
BET Awards
BET Awards (2005)
BET Awards nomination for Best International Act: A
"Performance from the 2004 BET Awards" [multimedia track]
iley and the Hall brothers reunited at the 2009 BET Awards, performing "I Like" as part of a new ja
At the 2009 BET Awards, Jamie Foxx samples "Computer Love" in t
At the 2006 BET Awards, Hamilton won the BET J "Cool Like That"
in the category Best Comedic Video at the 2008 BET Awards.
hit song "Poison" along with Ne-Yo in the 2009 BET Awards.
ng the song as a tribute to Jackson at the 2009 BET Awards.
Music Award and Best Male Hip-Hop Artist on the BET Awards.
2008 BET Awards: BET J Award
ng a performance of the title track on the 2006 BET Awards; "Where's the real party at?
on HBO, PBS, ESPN, Channel 4, Sundance Channel, BET, BBC, and WE television, while his films have b
David Berbotto made a bet before the European Championship of Budapest 20
He then spent time in the army and Shin Bet before being recruited by the Mossad in the 196
nelly (Bartels), and Clarence Van Dyke (Sparks) bet Bennett they will pay him $10,000 if he tells t
Bet Bet was first incorporated as a district on 18
The Shire of Bet Bet was a Local Government Area located about 1
ty of Maryborough, Shire of Tullaroop, Shire of Bet Bet and Shire of Talbot and Clunes.
her who has earlier constructed a bridge across Bet Bet Creek and built the nearby "Bridge Inn", un
ty was abolished, and merged with the Shires of Bet Bet, Tullaroop and surrounding districts into t
parts of the City of Greater Bendigo, Shire of Bet Bet, Shire of Maldon and Shire of Tullaroop.
n 1 October 1915, two boroughs were united with Bet Bet-Tarnagulla Borough, established on 12 Augus
A bet between his friends and himself ends up with hi
There had been a bet between a player on each side on their total in
wants to know what Dr. Lee is planning for the BET Big Southern Classic (a large competition of co
raphy award for the short film category at the ( BET) Black Entertainment Television BFM Festival
illegally to Palestine, on the Ha'apala (Aliyah Bet) boat named after Hannah Szenes.
o publishing houses, she accepted the deal with BET Book/Arabesque.
Her second book from BET Books, Three Times a Lady (2001), became her fi
e Arabesque, Sepia and New Spirit Imprints from BET Books.
In 1926 the British Electric Traction Group ( BET) bought the two and formed EYMS to take them ov
Jekyll & Hyde - Performer: A Young Girl, Bet, Bridesmaid, Housemaid, Nurse; Understudy: Lucy
Alto then led out with a pot size bet, Brunson with the chip lead countered by moving
esult that their major stake in the Tilling and BET bus companies passed into public ownership from
w was scheduled to premiere on July 14, 2009 on BET but had been postponed.
n admits that he initially just wanted to win a bet, but says "it's not about that" anymore.
by the Israeli internal security service (Shin Bet), but the agent monitoring him had concluded th
rthyr Tydfil RFC manager (He was also offered a bet by his uncle that if he "dump-tackled" McIntosh
He is recorded as having won a bet by running the 21 miles from Birmingham to Warw
inanced one half of Tierney's obligation to the bet by contributing USD$2,500.00 of her own.
, she was named Entrepreneur of The Year by the BET cable television network.
World with Black Enterprise and has worked for BET, CBS News, NBC News, and NPR.
up single, the title track Something Big on the BET Celebration of Gospel 2011.
It was banned on the BET channel, after complaints from Benzino and othe
BET charged a fee for each text message entry, in a
cision in what has become known as the Ultimate Bet cheating scandal.
Best Bet, Chicago Tribune
The Bet Collector, directed by Jeffrey Jeturian (Philip
The 2nd Annual BET Comedy Awards (2005)
rofessional football player Derwin Davis on the BET comedy-drama series The Game.
ace on TV shows including National Lottery, You Bet, Comic Relief, Children in Need, Don't Try this
d ownership until it was merged with the former BET company, Aldershot and District Traction Compan
e is currently at Barrow AFC in the Blue Square Bet Conference following a spell with Oxford United
However Bet couldn't raise the money and Alec (who was attr
The pair recently filed a lawsuit against Dash, BET, Damon Dash Music Group, Dash Films and Huck Fi
ttle Melvin, a local drug dealer, makes a large bet, defies expectations and hits the number.
Old Bet died on tour in 1827.
He noted that since the Bet Din did not have experience adjudicating matter
he Great Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem" (ukhdat Bet Din HaGadol biYerushalayim), so that the court
The same year he was appointed ab bet din of the Portuguese synagogue of Amsterdam, a
In 1989, Rabbi Willig led a Bet Din that heard allegations of abuse by Rabbi Ba
The Bet Din found Lanner guilty of three charges and fo
The Bet Din read their determination to the litigants,
s ben Jacob ha-Nasi, and Abraham ben Isaac, "ab bet din" of Narbonne.
In 1927 the head of the London bet din, Rabbi Shmuel Yitzchak Hillman sought help
This goal was enunciated by Shin Bet director, Yuval Diskin, in 2007, who warned tha
her is suddenly told to kill Dahlia Tal, a Shin Bet double agent with whom he had been working.
The big, nearly-black colt was bet down to the 5-2 favorite.
The Best Bet earned S$170,000 during its sneak preview, and
Bet Efrayim (2 vols., Lemberg, 1809-10), commentary
At Bet El Yeshiva, he belonged to a group of 12 mekuba
He remained at Bet El Yeshiva until his death, eventually becoming
In later life, he became the Rosh Yeshiva of Bet El Yeshiva in the Old City of Jerusalem, Palest
Rabbi Meyer also founded and led Comunidad Bet El, a congregation that became a model of many
The topmost zone is characterized by Bet emnites nzinimus with Inoceramus concentricus a
The bet ended on May 22, 2010 with the price of oil at
t represent the aspirations of the men who were bet entitled to be consulted.
song in an episode of his documentary series on BET entitled Trey Songz: My Moment.
Then again, I bet every bloke thinks that!
Perry is the author of Barbershops, Bibles, and BET: Everyday Talk and Black Political Thought on t
ided to sell the licence to the pub and offered Bet first refusal.
s lectures on aerial success, the two Americans bet Fonck a bottle of champagne that one of them wo
covered by Flinders, and was considered a safer bet for a Labor candidate than the redistributed Fl
, but in recent years has generally been a safe bet for the Republicans.
in the Premiership and looked a reasonably good bet for a UEFA Cup place.
ign suggested that Dole, once considered a safe bet for reelection, suffered from Barack Obama's de
emocrat Jim Callahan, Keene looked to be a safe bet for the 67th district, which has more registere
p winner's medal, Caton was looking like a good bet for a Football League First Division title winn
He was then transferred to the Shin Bet for questioning.
In 2005, another bet for $10,000 dollars was arranged with a pair of
The series aired on BET from July 2007 to March 2009.
of his stories, which leads to him accepting a bet from Lord Blackwood to spend the night in a hau
ries Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is which aired on BET from 2006-2008 which gave a close look at Cole'
ter who hides out for a month in Devon to win a bet from his editor.
o had died in 2001, was often mentioned, as was Bet Gilroy - he even broke into Bet's former home i
armel, labelled with Hebrew letters (Hill Alef, Bet, Gimel and Dalet).
The six are Bet, Gimel, Daleth, Kaph, Pe, and Tav.
Bet glucosidases can also be considered as yet anot
When Bet got in touch with the brewery three months late
ma', north of Aniam, within the Eleutheropolis ( Bet Guvrin) region.
inating him as a Shadar to obtain support for a bet ha-midrash which he intended to establish.
He was satisfied with lecturing in his bet ha-midrash to a few chosen pupils, whom he init
eleven years of age he entered as a student the bet ha-midrash of his native city, and after a cour
He was sent at an early age to the celebrated bet ha-midrash 'Etz Chayyim, studied under Rabbi Be
rom 1888 was a Stiftrabbiner and teacher in the bet ha-midrash at Inowrazlaw.
mily, he settled in Jerusalem, founding there a bet ha-midrash.
In 1785 he published his responsa entitled Bet Hadash ha-Hadashot, and in the following year t
ould say that we are about 95% certain, but the bet has yet to be settled.
ick for this purpose and his locomotive won the bet, hauling five wagons, carrying ten tons of iron
owl with four Shredded Wheat and the caption "I bet he drinks Carling Black Label".
vertising support, in particular the classic “I bet he drinks” series of adverts, and partly with t
Loop in a wheelbarrow, fulfilling a pre-playoff bet he made with the Hall of Fame goaltender.
was made as a result of a wager where Wynorsky bet he could remake the film in the same (inflation
"I'll Bet He Was Cool"
l gotten treasures to their rightful owner, you bet he's going to play some word game in order to c
Seems to me that the best bet here is just to have Bishop of Rome redirect to
ed as to its definite form; the disputes of the Bet Hillel and Bet Shammai were occurring about the
ng the winners would vanish if he ever placed a bet himself.
She performed this song at the 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards.
The song was performed at the 1st Annual BET Hip Hop Awards in 2006.
The 1995 Source Awards, as well as at the 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards.
med with MC Lyte, Yo-Yo, and Salt-n-Pepa at the BET Hip Hop Awards.
BET Hip Hop Awards
BET Hip-Hop Awards
s guard Walt Frazier took one look and said, "I bet his teachers called him ‘Mr.
ra Lee President and Chief Executive Officer of BET Holdings, Inc.
11, Aaron and Damion performed without Teddy at BET Honors in Washington DC.
yson asked the staff member who had started the bet how she knew the challenge, to which she replie
Bethel Airport (IATA: BET, ICAO: PABE, FAA LID: BET) is a state-owned pub
In 1946, in the framework of the Aliyah Bet illegal immigration, he sailed aboard the Kness
Bridges, Tyler, Bad Bet in the Bayou Farrar, Strauss & Giroux (2001)
The show premiered on BET in January 1980, the same year the network came
arrested by the Israel Defense Forces and Shin Bet in a joint operation which caught him by surpri
s were the only ones that placed the odd little bet", adding that he would not have bet in his own
When we made the bet in 1975, we were 80% certain that Cygnus was a
w that aired on Black Entertainment Television ( BET) in the United States.
an eight-part docu-series TV show due to air on BET in early 2010.

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