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two prizes for the replacement of two types of bulb, a 60 watt incandescent light bulb and a PAR 38
s a perennial wildflower growing from a fibrous bulb a few centimeters wide.
ost basic 19th century form consists of a light bulb, a piece of tinfoil with a pinhole in it, and a
Bulb, abbreviated B, is a shutter speed setting on a
The bulb absorbs sunlight which makes it grow.
plant comes from a small herringbone-patterned bulb an average of one centimeter in diameter.
w and deeply grooved; it supports the olfactory bulb and is perforated by foramina for the passage o
of the bulb and the
d nominations; Woody Allen's The Floating Light Bulb; and a revival of Paddy Chayefsky's The Tenth M
Flowers emerge from the base of the bulb and produce 4 to 12 flowers with an intense mar
cribriform plate, which supports the olfactory bulb and presents foramina for the transmission of t
or - with perennial garden, aquatic garden, and bulb and annual garden.
e the liquid is trapped inside the bottom glass bulb and has nowhere to go, the expanding gas pushes
Musashi's metaphor for strategy is that of the bulb and the flower, similar to western philosophy o
It grows from a pinkish-brown bulb and sends up a naked green stem topped with an
With 9's help, 5 was able to salvage a light bulb and operate it using pieces of wire.
s demonstrate that the changes to the olfactory bulb and main olfactory system following birth are e
rbon microphone, phonograph, incandescent light bulb and system of electric lighting.
ound shutter may have settings for T (Time), B ( Bulb), and times from 1 second down to 1/100th or le
ufficient amount of mercury must be left in the bulb and stem to give readings between the required
ith a speed range of 8 to 1/4000th second, plus Bulb and flash X-sync of 1/250th second.
n character out of cement, iron, a mop, a light bulb, and a beer can.
range of 1/1000 second to 1 second, along with Bulb and a flash X-sync of 1/60 second.
he cranium suggest a relatively small olfactory bulb and poor sense of smell, compared with night mo
the game where pressing space bar when a light bulb appears over the player's head will result in y
air is pulled out and then the ends of the root bulb are eaten, or occasionally the hair shaft itsel
based not only on electric light (as in a light bulb as seen on early album covers) but also using "
d modified by Albert Tullgren, who used a light bulb as a heat source.
The mushroom also has a characteristic large bulb at the base of its stem with a blunt short root
There was one, dimly lit, light bulb at the center of each tent.
umination: Backlight is via a tiny incandescent bulb at the left edge of the display.
s pull the leaves out of the plant and chew the bulb at the end.
get of 2016 to phase out halogen bulbs, and any bulb available for purchase after the 2016 date must
a pop-up flash to reduce red-eye by moving the bulb away from the lens, an increase in zoom capabil
When reservoir G is lowered, bulb B and tube T are filled with gas from the enclo
Each mature bulb bears a single flowering stem, which terminates
The duodenal bulb begins at the pylorus and ends at the neck of t
raffic lights have blue lenses with a yellowish bulb behind them, the combination yielding a green c
"Light Bulb Blues" (McGeorge, Sohns) - 2:32
, as well as herbaceous borders and naturalised bulb borders (including daffodils, wood anemones and
e, could be a bit of fuse wire or a low voltage bulb broken open, or a photographic flashbulb broken
ent, nearly 14 times what an incandescent light bulb can produce.
y means of which the quantity of mercury in the bulb can be increased or diminished so that the inst
A LED light bulb can be expected to last 25-30 years under norma
This plant's bulb can survive relatively long periods of time wit
The pressure of the gas in the bulb can be obtained by measuring the level differen
Bulb catalogue cover (1888)
vements such as remote monitoring and automatic bulb changing made resident paid keepers residing at
This survival rate doesn't call for a bulb changin' for up to 7 years!
A "soft box" is an enclosure around a bulb comprising reflective side and back walls and a
It consists of a conventional bulb connected to a capillary in which a constrictio
It consists of a bulb connected by a capillary tube to a manometer.
f recreational gardens discovered, that a light bulb connected to ground and a highly spun wire make
The Edison screw fitting is a system of light bulb connectors, developed by Thomas Edison and lice
It consists of a lower bulb containing a volatile liquid and a mixture of g
When a hand is placed under the bottom bulb containing the colored liquid, body heat transf
ds are found underground, usually attached to a bulb, corm, tuber, etc.).
They reproduce slowly either by bulb division or seeds and have gradually naturalize
ed on the “blue-chip following” for Air Cycle's Bulb Eater product, the publicly traded clean techno
According to Air Cycle, nearly 6,000 Bulb Eater machines are currently in use worldwide.
Air Cycle manufactures and sells the Bulb Eater lamp crushing system.
al products including its flagship product, the Bulb Eater, an award-winning drum-top lamp crushing
Neologisms taken from Hindi include bijli ( bulb, electricity), misal (example), chitro (drawing
The hot tube engine is a relative of the hot bulb engine with better timing control.
The hot bulb engine only ran well at one speed- and a low on
engineer Rudolf Diesel, it was based on the hot bulb engine design and patented on February 23, 1893
rom 1881, in 1894 they produced their first hot bulb engine.
ample, however, the Lanz used a semi-diesel hot bulb engine.
h a Bolinder four-cylinder 320 bhp (240 kW) hot bulb engine.
Hot bulb engines were produced until the late 1920s, oft
When the hand is released from the bottom bulb, equilibrium is able to be re-established so th
ith a 1/150 second X-sync speed and support for bulb exposure.
Named after the electric light bulb factory nearby, the preliminary layout included
y of the economy is tourism, together with some bulb farming.
mprovements found during his inspections of 204 bulb fields in 1927, following controls in the field
laboratory glassware which consists of a glass bulb filled with a small amount of fluid - usually m
& Style, and tourists with "the largest herd of bulb flashers... found directly across the street fr
nd deformed reinforcing bar, angle and profile, bulb flat)
The lightbox contains a light bulb for each musician which Lonberg-Holm switches o
Allium kokanicum is an Old World bulb geophyte, native to temperate and tropical zone
A branch, the nerve to the bulb, given off from the nerve to the bulbocavernosu
crete cells, each illuminated by a single light bulb glowing 24 hours a day.
centres of production for the large flower and bulb growers Winchester Bulbs.
The Bulb has been used for informal concerts and even a
Inventor of the hot bulb heavy oil engine
The crew was distracted by a blown light bulb in the landing gear position indicator display
There's a light bulb in everyone
, the system was electrified, with a 1,500 watt bulb in a rotating lens, producing a flash every 20
dish coastline, and with its 1000 Watt electric bulb in a huge lenshouse, also the most powerful lig
They are located in the olfactory bulb in the mammalian central nervous system.
The bulb inside the projector is 15,000 watts.
The bulb is covered by a tunic.
The bulb is edible and has a strong onion flavor.
The bulb is then dormant until late summer.
The duodenal bulb is the place where duodenal ulcers occur.
The bulb is filled with a gas such that the volume of th
red when the plant is pulled up and because the bulb is seen as a living being, as it is able to spr
Sponsorship of a bulb is $25 per bulb and is either dedicated in hono
According to museum curator Jack Stanley, the bulb is fake, consisting of a hollow bulb illuminate
While all parts of the plant are poisonous, the bulb is particularly toxic.
s is covered by the Ischiocavernosus, while the bulb is surrounded by the Bulbocavernosus.
The thermometer bulb is positioned to rest at the bottom of the jar.
The second longest-lasting light bulb is in Fort Worth, Texas.
Due to the way that the bulb is formed, with the stem emerging from a depres
The Allium validum bulb is three to five centimeters long, ovoid and cl
The inlet to the bulb is connected to a ground glass joint, while the
The Bulb is home a vast array of urban art including mur
Hangable Auto Bulb is a 1995 electronic music EP by Richard D. Jam
Next, the bulb is heated until the mercury in the stem joins t
The bulb is located in the Memorial Tower at the Edison
n they are collecting the desired fraction, the bulb is cooled with ice to aid condensation.
The clear light bulb is enclosed in a plastic base made up of a "bow
In the on state, light from the projector bulb is reflected into the lens making the pixel app
is the umbrella light where the light from the bulb is bounced off the inside of a metalized umbrel
This onion grows from a reddish brown bulb just over a centimeter long.
s from a reddish brown spherical to oval-shaped bulb just over a centimeter long.
This onion grows from a bulb just over a centimeter long which is sometimes
ells measured 3 feet by 9 feet that had a light bulb kept on around the clock and they were locked e
The bulb, known as the Eternal Light, was credited as be
Another Bulb landmark, referred to as "The Castle," is a lar
ower costs through more efficient usage, longer bulb life from dimming, and reduced emission carbon
en resistor consists of a hydrogen-filled glass bulb like a light bulb, in which an iron wire is loc
, JPG Magazine, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Times Bulb Magazine, ReFoto, MAXI Magazine, Redefine, The
"In Concert (Hot Bulb mix)"
Shutter speeds from 1/2000s to 30s and Bulb mode
mechanical shutter speed was provided, even in bulb mode.
or 1/400 sec, X or M flash synchronisation and bulb mode.
An incandescent light bulb, modulated by pulsing the current powering the
a spherical structure located in the olfactory bulb of the brain where synapses form between the te
the eyelids here lie in close contact with the bulb of the eye.
sclera and cornea form the fibrous tunic of the bulb of the eye; the sclera is opaque, and constitut
bulb of Allium haematochiton
Interior of anterior half of bulb of eye.
Interior of posterior half of bulb of left eye.
The artery of bulb of vestibule is a branch of the internal pudend
essure between a sealed receiving flask and the bulb of the funnel, the flow of fluid will rapidly c
e an additional narrow-bore glass tube from the bulb of the funnel, to the ground glass joint around
In February 2011, a single bulb of Galanthus plicatus 'E A Bowles' was sold on
nitor, which is longer and thinner than the hot bulb on a hot bulb engine.
Individuals sponsor a light bulb on a live Christmas tree, located outside of th
into Ivysaur and then later into Venusaur, the bulb on its back blossoms into a large flower.
This onion has a bulb one to two and a half centimeters wide and bear
onion grows from a thick-coated yellowish-brown bulb one or two centimeters long.
rows from a yellow-brown to grayish oval-shaped bulb one or two centimeters wide.
eed half a meter in height from a reddish-brown bulb one to two centimeters long.
The Spanish Needle onion grows from a bulb one to one and a half centimeters wide which ma
Lemmon's onion grows from a bulb one and a half to two centimeters wide and has
The red Sierra onion grows from a bulb one or two centimeters wide and bears a stem wh
The fringed onion grows from a reddish-brown bulb one to two centimeters wide and sends up a nake
in" and used to showcase Thomas Edison's light bulb, one of the first large-scale public displays o
This onion grows from a reddish-brown bulb one to two centimeters long, producing a slende
This onion grows from a bulb one to one and a half centimeters wide and send
porrum), and may be distiguished from bulb onions by having only a single storage leaf, si
It is closely related to Lilium, but each bulb only flowers once, and then dies after producin
eived quite differently; as a hand holding up a bulb or egg from which a Narcissus is growing.
The glass bulb or link applies pressure to a pip cap which act
af cuttings, by division of the large tunicated bulb or from offsets.
omes from their appearance - that of a knobbly ' bulb' or flower attached to a long stalk.
is held closed by either a heat-sensitive glass bulb or a two-part metal link held together with fus
ug that either provides access to the expansion bulb or possibly acts as a vent from the diaphragm.
ith "cribs", overhung with a single white light bulb over each entrance.
from the olfactory epithelium to the olfactory bulb, passing through the many openings of the Cribr
Strong winds make the water south of the Bulb peninsula, off the beach, popular with wind- an
Plastic bulb pipettes are generally not precise enough to be
st six hours, a heat lamp or incandescent light bulb placed near the weld will speed the curing time
Each bulb produces two leaves, up to 8 cm long and 2 cm w
Each bulb produces two-three leaves, up to 13.6 cm long a
was changed to 100-volt/1,000-watt incandescent bulb producing 350,000 candelas of light intensity w
s would like to disconnect the rip-rap from the Bulb proper, to keep walkers from disturbing the bir
and illuminates when current flows through the bulb properly.
Bulb Records is a Michigan-based record label that w
drew's first full-length release, according the Bulb Records website as of the year 2000, was suppos
e housing are two mirrors; the first, above the bulb, reflects the light downwards to the second mir
ights and fruit rots but also as leaf spots and bulb rots in the field and in stored products.
This onion grows from a reddish brown bulb roughly a centimeter long.
include the presence or absence of force bulbs, bulb scars, and ripple lines; the condition of the s
perhaps an inch deeper than the diameter of the bulb seems to work well.
The projector consists of a 430 W incandescent bulb set in a weatherproof housing.
The bulb setting is used on some cameras, including some
s such as the Olympus SP-560UZ have a 'limited' bulb setting, allowing time exposures up till 8 minu
s perennial wildflower grows from a dark-coated bulb several centimeters wide.
This lily grows from a bulb several centimeters wide and produces wavy-edge
Bulb shooting
energy into a failed light set to bypass failed bulb shunts to illuminate the remaining bulbs of the
79 to sufficiently exhaust the air from a light bulb so a carbon filament incandescent electric ligh
Medal is offered annually by the International Bulb Society and is considered the highest honor tha
The International Bulb Society awards The Herbert Medal to persons mak
en the ashes have cooled, 9 - bearing the light bulb staff, a symbol of the persistent light of know
can survive for days without eating because the bulb stores energy.
It has a bulb structure, and usually grows to a height of 20-
Joseph Swan, inventor of the incandescent light bulb, supplied about 1,200 of his lamps, and a year
Dry bulb temperature is the temperature that is usually
Unlike wet bulb temperature, dry bulb temperature does not indi
He is given a powerful light bulb that makes him invincible.
Unlike the main olfactory bulb that sends neuronal signals to the olfactory co
It is a stem-rooting bulb that grows up to 1 metre high, though usually r
was killed in his home while replacing a light bulb that was manufactured by the defendant in Ontar
Thomas Edison designed a bulb that was supposed to last forever, called the E
o about 3 feet (0.9 m) tall and develops from a bulb that lodges in between rocks in the shoals.
out 1877-1880 when Joseph Swan invented a light bulb that could be used in homes, and Broomhill beca

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