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e JPMorgan Chase Tower from near its base on a cloudy afternoon.
termined by the state of the weather (sunny or cloudy), air temperature, and relative humidity at th
The beer is light in color, slightly cloudy, and has a large, foamy head.
rried out to determine the differences between cloudy and filtered olive oil.
1960: Cloudy and Cool (Vee Jay) with Billy Wallace, Bill Le
Despite this, the cloudy and rainy conditions of June and July aided th
when the emerging spirit no longer turns water cloudy, another test conducted remotely inside the sp
The yeast gives Unibroue beers a cloudy appearance and provides a characteristic eleme
t that remains suspended in the beer creates a cloudy appearance, and can have a yeasty flavour.
h wax in diesel or biowax in biodiesels form a cloudy appearance.
s stay suspended in the drink and to produce a cloudy appearance.
A storm, designated Oval BA, in the cloudy atmosphere of Jupiter has strengthened and tur
Location of Cloudy Bay
Cloudy Bay Vineyards is a winery in the Marlborough r
Sealers visit Cloudy Bay and set up stations in Port Underwood.
Cloudy Bay also produces notable Chardonnay and Pinot
Cloudy Bay is located at the northeast of New Zealand
o one of the best known New World white wines ( Cloudy Bay Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc) although the gr
Cloudy Bay's first commercial vintage was produced in
Cloudy Bay's 140 hectares (350 acres) of vineyards ar
The beer is pale yellow, slightly cloudy beer with a refreshing tartness.
the disc and a subterminal series of irregular cloudy black dots, obsolete towards the costa and inn
dry, still and cloudy cider, very much like a traditional scrumpy.
Scrumpy Heritage and Traditional are hazy, or cloudy ciders.
se from 1997, recorded between Roomic Cube and Cloudy Cloud Calculator.
This was not unusual as cloudy conditions were reported across the country wh
th yellow-gray metallic sheen, small eyes with cloudy corneas, jerky nystagmus, gingival fibromatosi
een materials like gold embroidery, patina and cloudy crystals.
dam in cloudy day
Bangor Marina on a cloudy day
The Sage Gateshead on a cloudy day
The picture was shot on a partly cloudy day in Sept. 2009
ns Am - A Single Ray of Light on an Other Wise Cloudy Day
"Sunshine On A Cloudy Day" (Archer, Dan Cutrona)
On a cloudy day, the flower may last until night.
On a cloudy day, they flew at low altitudes of around 150
Stahl House on a cloudy day.
,and clothes hanging out on a line to dry on a cloudy day.
at night, although they do by day, more if on cloudy days.
whitish from the salt excreted at night and on cloudy days.
on sunny days, but generally remain closed on cloudy days.
shes, although it is sometimes active on dark, cloudy days.
iffuse light which is a specially important in cloudy days.
through the following May and very few totally cloudy days.
of Butlins, Minehead that can be seen even on cloudy days.
Senlin: His Cloudy Destiny
notably Black Rat, available as a sparkling or cloudy draught cider, and sold under the name of the
wine undergoing malolactic conversion will be cloudy due to the presence of bacteria, and may have
ng day's weather forecast was fair, orange for cloudy, flashing orange for rain and flashing white f
e Intelligence Committee, "the outlook is very cloudy for legitimate, timely elections in November 2
He was also forced to remain in cloudy form, having lost the control to regain his so
vy, upper-surface corridor with a broad, dark, cloudy frass line.
quent epidermal loss, identifiable as white or cloudy fungus-like patches.
The cloudy gecko, Hoplodactylus nebulosus, is a species o
It is cloudy, has a sediment and is quite dry, this is very
The source of the Ma Wat River is located on Cloudy Hill.
It is usually clear, and a bit cloudy in appearance.
6 white balance options: Automatic, Sunny, Cloudy, Indoor Home, Indoor Office, and Night
It may be cloudy, is sweet, and has a spicy ginger taste.
, and he took me to the pub and I got drunk on cloudy Kentish cider for the first time in my life.
Cloudy Land (Облачный край), 1994
te into the 1890s, typically depict a misty or cloudy landscape with a marsh or small pond in the fo
would pour some of the acid into the glass of cloudy lime water.
cted by Jeffery Hart and produced by companies Cloudy Logic and Concrete Lion.
hich then falls into a second region where the cloudy look is replaced with fire.
The end product is a cloudy, mildly alcoholic beer with yeasty and phenoli
winds leave the mountain enshrouded by a light cloudy mist, while under the clear sky, especially in
12. Tshibungu Mukaji-(August)"the cloudy month with a weak cloud"
orst of Chicago's history, occurred during the cloudy morning "rush hour" on October 30, 1972.
This understory plant thrives in rainy, cloudy mountains and forests at elevations ranging fr
If it is a cloudy night, the evening meal begins when the head o
In 1993 Geffen released his second album, It's Cloudy Now (Achshav Me'unan) which reached Gold in th
The title track "It's Cloudy Now" was followed by the question that many Is
According to recent scientific evidence, cloudy olive is a special type of suspension and emul
Cloudy olive oil has a veiled appearance that can per
On the same time, cloudy olive oil containing microdroplets of vegetati
ailable form of olive oil in the world market, cloudy olive oil is gaining increasing popularity amo
next day, and through the next night, a muggy, cloudy one.
coids align light that is diffracted creates a cloudy or swirling like appearance.
w in color; intensely lemony in flavor; clear, cloudy, or opaque; and sweet or sweet and sour.
d snowy day, More's execution takes place on a cloudy overcast day, Wolsey's death is presaged by a
Typical cloudy patches and veining are apparent.
performed during which 1800 ml of an odorless, cloudy, pea soup-like fluid containing a pale yellow,
Weather: 78 °F (26 °C), partly cloudy/ periodic rain
I had recently selected that same cloudy pic as the front of the article Architecture o
The cloudy remnants of SN 1054 are now known as the Crab
Mothership, Go-Con & Cloudy Skies Bath
Sunday morning, 3 July 1898, there were partly cloudy skies with fairly calm water.
Admittedly, it was aided by cloudy skies, which gave Lewis plenty of swing - his
an, is also simple - a backcloth depicting the cloudy sky above the Blasket Islands, a row of shoes
an entirely unlabelled photo of a blue, partly cloudy sky, printed on the front of a booklet of a 10
The background shows some soft trees against a cloudy sky.
They can be found clear, cloudy, smoky or even containing a variety of rare im
productions such as Lulu, Closer and Something Cloudy, Something Clear.
f cool, wet and foggy winters and cool to warm cloudy summers.
"Sinnefiasmeni Kyriaki" (Συνεφιασμένη κυριακή; Cloudy Sunday) - 4:26
inous, to make clear things that are tacit and cloudy, that have no name until painted…..”
Although the sky had been partly cloudy, the red sample had been exposed to sunlight t
There are three curved cloudy transverse lines of white irroration on the an
singer, Janice Vidal also covered this song as Cloudy Vacation 'Yum Tin Gah Kay' in her 2008 Cantone
Cloudy versions tend to still have small pieces of gi
as "...longwinded and roundabout, obscure and cloudy, very talkative and very tedious, yet an hones
synthesize more efficiently above the shade of cloudy water and competition from submerged plants bu
ary 1944 U.S. day attack, failed target due to cloudy weather
Unsatisfied with the cloudy weather conditions in Germany, ten Bruggencate
Commences with light breezes from the E and cloudy weather.
uch, as well as at night and during periods of cloudy weather.
The numerous fires and cloudy well water, a little-known effect of a large q
Whisky will often turn temporarily cloudy when stored at cool temperatures, or will go c
There are indications of a cloudy whitish dot towards the termen below the middl
The Mexican Cloudywing, Mountain Cloudy Wing or Nevada Cloudy Wing (Thorybes mexicana)
St Arnou St Cloud, Belgium style, cloudy with a white head.
There is also Cheddar Valley cider, which is cloudy with a distinctive orange, almost red, coloura
the Bells Toll", "Wedding from Hell", "Partly Cloudy, with a Chance of Disaster" and "The Fantasy",
not navigate by the stars because the sky was cloudy with smoke.
h as Frankenstein to films like Metropolis and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.
In the trailer for the animated movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, a re-edited versio
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a 2009 American
's films, including Open Season, Surf's Up and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
On June 22, 2010, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs became the first 3D

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