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possible to use it in tethered operation, to connect a barcode reader and a wired ethernet or wifi
Connect a standard punctured torus to each side of th
Mirage Resort in Atlantic City, he wanted to connect a $330 million 2.5-mile (4.0 km) tunnel from
ur park & ride express routes are provided to connect a heavily suburban corridor of Mongtomery Cou
a woodworking joint that is generally used to connect a roof rafter to the top plate of a supportin
Shasta cult is also used to connect a number of local South Indian warrior deitie
Traction's goal is to inform, inspire and connect a growing social network of left-leaning 20-
k and operate as a subsidiary of Public Media Connect, a regional non-profit company that also owns
Winsock and TCP/IP stack that were needed to connect a computer running Microsoft Windows to the I
lementation and formation of Project Homeless Connect, a national model that addresses homelessness
mic handle also has support for a hot shoe to connect a supported flash gun and a cold shoe to add
in mid-2008 to facilitate a manageable way to connect a point of care community.
y kicks the positive objects, the player must connect a series of logic gates to the boot.
will be in excess of 370 kilometres and will connect Abu Dhabi's key onshore oil fields to an expo
connect your Twitter account from your Friend Connect account.
The Connect Acoustic Sessions are tracks that Phantom Pla
tecting the forest and the need for action to connect activities in each partner community to globa
w that, for the first time, we may be able to connect activity to individual features on the nucleu
nd 1880, before the railway line was built to connect Adelaide to Morgan further upstream.
alve chamber and the plug has two passages to connect adjacent ports.
She and Nicholas begin to connect after rescuing Euripides from Earth.
In 2008 Gauntlett proposed 'the Make and Connect Agenda', an attempt to rethink audience studi
The proposed Kingston Bypass will connect Algona Road to the Southern Outlet.
Two sets of four passenger elevators connect all floors: one set travels from underground
Road was divided into three major phases that connect all the five main gates in and out of Addis A
In 1991, a bold plan was put forth to connect all of the destinations together with an expa
s, relabeling operations, and operations that connect all pairs of vertices with given labels.
The planned Purple Line which will connect all three MARC lines will connect with the Pe
Facebook Connect allowed instant registration for users who al
The 2nd and 3rd Districts connect along the Kentucky border for the 10th Congre
proposed heritage streetcar system that would connect Altadena, Downtown, and Pasadena City College
nnual ColorFest in October, Bloomfest in May, CONNECT, an evening in August where art, science and
Such providers claim to have the ability to connect an interpreter at any time of day, within a m
oman, United States Navy, while attempting to connect an air line to the submarine at a depth of 10
es from Southern, Southeastern, First Capital Connect and CrossCountry, formerly Virgin Trains.
seen it used by Thameslink or First Captital Connect and believe it has never seen use since Traml
ject implemented by Mel Chin, and is aimed to connect and represent the voices of children across t
web-applications, such as popular frameworks connect and express.
The station is served by First Capital Connect and (occasional) Southern trains, and is on t
ng in, and enjoying theatre - to communicate, connect and inspire".
application allowing users to easily explore, connect, and party via their cellular phones.
TTH is used by many clients on the Direct Connect and Gnutella file sharing networks.
Services are provided by First Capital Connect and Southern.
ticket offices operated by both First Capital Connect and the East Coast Main Line Company, however
nd is the designer of several games including Connect and Rivers, Roads & Rails.
ok, where he oversaw the creation of Facebook Connect and the Facebook Platform.
e outcome is that most people find it hard to connect and get to know people online.
lt Digital Media and Webmaster Marketplace to connect and do business with others in the industry.
Two pins in OpenWire can connect and exchange data only if they support compat
two train operating companies, First Capital Connect and National Express East Anglia, and therefo
Owing to his personal connect and popularity with listeners, he was awarded
The station is served by First Capital Connect and Southern trains.
member BBS systems agreed to allow anyone to connect, and access everything on the systems, instan
anization of Rebirth Through Healing seeks to connect and unite individuals worldwide, who share in
Connect and mobilize students throughout the country
cted to Peterborough station by First Capital Connect, and then on to the North and Scotland by Eas
amond Bus, and is operated as part of Central Connect, and provides them with a strong foothold in
He begins to connect Anna with this series of catastrophes and str
E313 (King Baudouin highway) and E34 highway connect Antwerp with the Ruhr Area.
Pixable's use of the Facebook connect API and integration with other online portals
so share their results utilizing the facebook connect applications programming interface.
y Heathrow Terminals 1, 2, 3) on the Heathrow Connect are free of charge and can also be used by pa
operated by the BLT Baselland Transport, and connect areas in the nearby half-canton of Baselland
e have been speculative articles written that connect Ariconium to the characters in Arthurian tale
Only Connect: Art and the Spectator in the Italian Renaiss
The station is served by First Capital Connect as part of their service from London King's C
lly from fans of 4chan, for offering Facebook Connect as the only signup mechanism.
However, Ford describe the Connect as a 'dual use' vehicle, equally able to meet
meeting, Rose said "few companies are able to connect as completely with consumers in the way that
Services on the line are run by First Capital Connect as part of their Great Northern Route.
SPAWAR provides the hardware and software to connect assets at sea, on land and in the air.
ellidae, when spicules (usually dendroclones) connect at their tips to form a ladder-like structure
ECR, the unrealised plans would have seen it connect at Hackney Wick to the unbuilt North Cross Ro
Major streets would directly connect at Union (creating an intersection) and then
that allows them to run around the train and connect at the opposite end.
National Coach services connect at Chippenham to London, Wales, South West En
All of these routes connect at or nearby both of the station platforms.
of Fenny Compton, near Knightcote, and would connect at Oxford with the Great Western line from Lo
All but the Culver Line connect at DeKalb Avenue station in Downtown Brooklyn
th, GA - Express Route 102 and GRTA Route 480 connect at Acworth
Trains connect at Ormskirk with Merseyrail services to Liver
The lines connect at the Five Points station and is the only st
Passengers can connect at Machynlleth for trains to Aberystwyth or S
into, there are no bus routes that officially connect at Bell Station.
As of 2005, 75% of all U.S. companies connect at least part of an employee's pay to measure
he spheres and throw them back to the well to connect at least 3 of the same color in one column an
e Ramsey Lewis Foundation was created to help connect at-risk children to the world of music.
d as the Atlanta and Hawkinsville Railroad to connect Atlanta, Georgia and Hawkinsville, Georgia.
Three six day per week local routes connect Auburn and North Auburn, Rocklin and Auburn,
nnels which were now short-listed to possibly connect Auckland City's Spaghetti Junction to North S
become "famous air bases in a route that will connect Australia with California".
, weRead launched Author's Corner, a place to connect authors and their fans.
ember 2010) Bangalore Rajdhani Express trains connect Bangalore and Delhi.
utopista and the RENFE railway line (R4) that connect Barcelona with Manresa and El Vendrell.
n February 1, 1888 the line was lengthened to connect Bardstown to Springfield, Kentucky.
Several local bus services connect Barnards Green with the surrounding area incl
sfield and Bath Branch Line opened in 1869 to connect Bath to the Midland Railway network at Mangot
Ford presented the Ford Tourneo Connect battery electric concept vehicle at the 2009
This project will connect Baumgarten in Austria with the eastern border
om March 2009, Southeastern and First Capital Connect began running some peak hour trains from Kent
om March 2009, Southeastern and First Capital Connect began running some peak hour trains from Seve
Over the summer Wessex Connect began integrating smartcards onto the service
outh Carolina Upstate region, specifically to connect Belton, South Carolina, and Easley, South Car
an important transportation project that will connect Bethesda, Silver Spring, College Park, Riverd
A transfer is required to connect between the subway and bus routes at this sta
12th century, however, and there is no direct connect between the saint and this particular, late,
the station and so a transfer is required to connect between surface routes and subway at this sta
Bhutan and India have signed an MOU to connect Bhutan with the Indian Railways network.
venues, which, in accordance with their name, connect Binghamton with those neighbors.
andling and re-routing algorithms, methods to connect bio- and non-bio systems.
iTunes, Eircom Music Club, Vodafone, Sony Connect, Bleep, Wippit ,easyMusic and 3ireland.
ation is accessible by means of a tunnel that connect BNY Mellon Center and the US Steel Tower.
The funicular was planned by Emil Strub to connect Bolzano with the Mendelpass.
he first bridge in 1853, ferries were used to connect both sides of the river in the city.
face for road transit, which allowed tramways connect both sides of the river using the bridge.
1793, after which a bridge was constructed to connect both halves of the village.
treet Railway, and south through Whitehall to connect both
gth mezzanine above the tracks platforms that connect both fare control areas at either ends.
Corridors connect both the upper and lower levels.
The service is the first bus to connect both train stations, also the first to connec
ian bridge spanning the Neisse was rebuilt to connect both parts.
started a four-in-hand stagecoach service to connect Bournemouth to the railway at Holmsley.
vements were necessary along Route 607/772 to connect Brambleton to Exit 7/Loudoun County Parkway o
Over the past six years the Connect brand has been rolled out to a large proporti
GWR's aim was initially to connect Bristol with London; its chief engineer was I
ol and South Wales Union Railway was built to connect Bristol, England, with south Wales.
Internet Application development projects to connect browser clients (Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash, AJA
a network of first-floor walkways that would connect buildings across the City.
the resort and particularly a road that would connect Bukovel with Yaremche.
School buses also connect Bulphan with Palmers College in Grays, and th
s designed to be pedestrian friendly and will connect Bunker Hill to the Civic Center.
operated by Travel West Midlands and Central Connect Buses.
ate a number of bus companies, all grouped as Connect Buses.
Software solutions to connect businesses and monitor progress;
Connect businesses to government systems via third-pa
effort at Google to make new products … that connect businesses with customers in new ways."
Two services are still branded as Surrey Connect, but run from Flights Hallmark's Heathrow dep
London also Streetcar's new owner Zipcar and Connect by Hertz.
it is almost impossible to even connect by phone with the water dept.
It can be used to connect camera directly to printer that supports Pict
Google Cloud Connect can automatically or manually synchronize cha
rtainment and services, helping to inform and connect Canadians.
One thing we felt was important was to connect cartooning's present to its earliest days, so
The center is called the Pawnee Community Connect Center.
tems of parks and interconnecting parkways to connect certain cities to green spaces.
It would connect Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in we
west and picks up again west of River Road to connect Chicago to O'Hare Airport.
d, a turnpike, was built by early settlers to connect Cincinnati to Zanesville and points east.
The MEETin group also help connect cities around the globe, and allows members t
Organized in 1880, the C&W was founded to connect Columbus, Georgia, to Birmingham, Alabama.
oss the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge to connect communities as distant as El Sobrante and New
The tunnel is a link to connect commuters from the Fulton Street Station with
Two shuttle services also connect commuters with the Metrolink Station, with on
ayLink USB graphics technology is designed to connect computers and displays using USB and Wireless
n oil service company, READ, which uses it to connect concentric tubular components with sealing an
ance and behavior change, in his organization CONNECT Consulting, LLC.
aration, the Central High School student will connect, contribute, and compete in today's changing
ally built, its purpose was as much to better connect Cornwall and Newburgh to its north with Highl
ude add-ons such as hydraulic or manual quick connect couplers, position monitoring systems, emerge
It was built in 2002 to connect CR 296 (118th Avenue N, which is being upgrad
m continues to be a regional hub where people connect creatively, professionally and socially throu
orth Western Railway (LNWR) company, built to connect Crewe with the jointly owned with the GWR Shr
"How to Connect Dead Sea Scroll Fragments" in Understanding t
Working alone, they connect deeply with nature, follow the patterns of th
More recently, the Small Format Connect design has been perfected, with a slightly mo
ston, before crossing the Clyde Arc bridge to connect destinations south of the River Clyde, includ
utility presumes that the customer will only connect devices that are compatible with the voltage
The buses connect different parts of Bangalore to the tech park
in tubes formed from the plasma membrane that connect different animal cells over long distances.
lines (or transmission line elements, TLM) to connect different components.
users to simply and quickly access details on Connect Direct features that are specific to their ne
It does not connect directly to I-85 or any other Interstate.
here is an obligation from other operators to connect directly to them some "famous" mobile company
yracuse's now-defunct commuter train line, to connect directly to the station.
The reservoir does not connect directly to the main reticulation system; rat
A new tunnel was bored to connect directly to the end of the eastbound tunnel a
pass through the north end of Fall River and connect directly with Wareham, Massachusetts.
The centre will also connect directly with the Brighton centre, Cinema and
This new stop is intended to connect directly with the railway station's concourse
However, Oneida County routes do not connect directly to those in Onondaga, Cayuga, and Os
The extension was supposed to connect directly to the Bayshore Caltrain Station whe
The first variety attempts to connect directly with the brain.
; the presbyteries in the south of the island connect directly to the general assembly.
so that they can be closed with a stopper or connect directly with other elements of a manifold; t
The controller and camera can connect directly to a home network router (which in m
Dumfries Avenue as a boundary, which does not connect directly to Grand Junction Road, was by desig
A few percent of hydrogen bonds connect distant amino acid residues and are not invol
Connect Distribution stocks around 120,000 stock line
, also paved and well maintained, marked etc. connect district capitals within provinces.
or, Vaikalipatty, Chennaltha pudu kulam, s to connect district head quarters of Tirunelveli
chusetts-based LLC whose principal goal is to connect donors directly with families on the verge of
The first route (the Green Line) is slated to connect Downtown Tampa to the USF area via Nebraska A
e is the third of three pedestrian bridges to connect Downtown Denver with the Highland neighborhoo
world under the theme "We are the BRIDGE: We connect dreams around the world".
n the morning peak, operated by First Capital Connect dual voltage Class 319s.
a short branch line from Leighton Buzzard to connect Dunstable and eventually Luton with the Londo
trance, which were installed by First Capital Connect during 2007.
Before Connect each line would have its own radio system.

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