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the Anishinabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council, a regional tribal council that is a member o
first Nation is a member of the Bimose Tribal Council, a Regional Chief's Council that is a member
ic law of the new state, establishing a Privy Council, a Legislative Council and the General Affair
ompanied Cardinal Cullen to the First Vatican Council, a council also attended by Melbourne's then
First Nation is a member of Ogemawahj Tribal Council, a regional Chiefs' council.
Trevor Perrett of the Citizens Electoral Council, a conservative party;
first Nation is a member of the Bimose Tribal Council, a regional tribal council that is a member o
ce covers the geographical areas of the Moray Council, Aberdeenshire Council, and Aberdeen City Cou
Walungurru Council Aboriginal Corporation
3.7% are council accommodation
The Executive Council Act (R.S.O.
the Islamic Council ACT,
The Executive had limited veto power over council activities but did not sit in on council meet
He also was active in student council activities.
Kogarah City Council Admin Building
Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council Administration & Finance
Politically it is part of the Winchester City Council administration.
The Council adopted a budget and passed policies.
That donation went through National Security Council adviser Oliver North.
The Council advises the Chancellor of the Exchequer Georg
National Pan-Hellenic Council Affiliates
The council affirmed the Fifth Council's decrees about th
nservative Mike Blomeley became leader of the council, after the council meeting saw the Conservati
s saw the Conservative gain a majority on the council after winning 22 seats on the council.
eral Democrats stay in overall control of the council after retaining 35 seats on the council.
Composition of Cornwall Council after the 2009 elections
ervative Party gained majority control of the council after the council was under no overall contro
e Conservative increase their majority on the council after winning 32 of the 51 seats on the counc
He was elected onto the City Council again in 2004.
He was elected to city council again in 1850.
tical retirement to run for the Winnipeg City Council again, representing the Daniel McIntyre Ward
award from Council Against Communist Aggression, 1972
The council agreed that Peter spoke through Agatho.
The Watcher's Council aids in Buffy's research of Glory, and she an
Member, Executive Council, All India Youth Congress
The Jedi Council alone chose promising Jedi to join them.
The City Council also appoints a City Administrator who overse
The council also honors Maris's request to keep Russ's wi
The council also included Liberal Democrats and Independe
neral and one speaker chosen from outside the council also serve on the Council.
The New Town Council also joined the enterprise.
Clubs include student council, among others.
Renee Bowser, Advisory Neighborhood Council, ANC 4D02
Bryan Weaver, Advisory Neighborhood Council, ANC 1C03
In 1838, when the Council's functions were separated, he became a membe
As of June 2009, both Lancashire County Council and the local council, Rossendale Borough Cou
Nation within Canada, the Old Massett Village Council and the Skidegate Band Council.
m Seattle who has served on both Seattle City Council and King County Council.
eigh was elected a member of Richmond Borough Council and thereafter of the Greater London Council,
The package was passed by the Oslo City Council and the Akershus County Council in 2001, and
From 1983, he was a member of the municipal council and member of the city council of Vienna.
member of the Oweekeno-Kitasoo-Nuxalk Tribal Council and a member of the Tsimshian First Nations t
1997 onwards, he has served on Brampton Town Council and Brampton City Council.
The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and executes the policies and directives of t
The land was purchased by the Greater London Council and opened to the public in 1975, with owners
rman of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council and was past chairman of the Gulf Coast Counc
He is a former Mayor of Mt Roskill Borough Council, and a former Auckland Regional Council polit
Guildford Borough Council and Surrey County Council has invested money
Surrey County Council and the Surrey Historic Buildings Trust resto
Conal Kavanagh is a member of Wicklow County Council and Wicklow Town Council since 2004.
reviously a County Councillor on Louth County Council and a member of Dundalk Town Council for the
lesex, and was a member of both Acton Borough Council and Middlesex County Council.
as a joint project between the Greater London Council and Barnet Council.
member of the Western Australian Legislative Council and the Western Australian Executive Council.
party gained a landslide victory in the Urban Council and Regional Council election in 1991, and su
The project was funded by Essex County Council and the BP petrol company, and the results ea
Milorg was organised into a council and 14 districts.
He was a member of the Provincial Council and Marlborough County Council, and of the Le
a was transferred to Herne Bay Urban District Council, and in 1974 to Canterbury City Council.
Member of Council and Trustee of the RSPB, 1992-95
lages jointly elect Buxton with Lammas Parish Council, and fall within the area covered by Broadlan
ed councillors: Agnew on Newtownabbey Borough Council and Douglas on Limavady Borough Council.
Machynys lies in the Llanelli Town Council and Carmarthenshire County Council ward of Gl
twelve years on the Vale of Glamorgan Borough Council, and fifteen on the Dinas Powys Community Cou
hin the district of South Derbyshire District Council and County of Derbyshire County Council.
Establishment of an Executive Council and Legislative Council
and ongoing funding is from Waverley Borough Council and Surrey County Council.
nd Ward, which is represented in Newbury Town Council and West Berkshire Council.
Elections for the Flemish Council and the Walloon Council were not held until 1
In implementing the Council's reforms, Bishop Russell established a Dioce
for mayor, 9 candidates running for regional council and 41 candidates running for ward council.
Powys is administered by Powys County Council and has 73 elected councillors representing 7
nt was a Member of the Queensland Legislative Council, and was the ceremonial head of that Council.
He also was a member of the Executive Council and of the Legislative Council of New Brunswi
ontested elections for the Punjab Legislative Council and the Imperial Legislative Council, which w
It is governed by Carmarthenshire County Council and Llanelli Rural council.
it receives services from Rossendale Borough Council and Lancashire County Council.
were purchased by the Greater London Council and demolished.
A Member Society Council and an Executive Committee, elected by the Co
served as a councillor on West Riding County Council and as an alderman of Castleford Borough Coun
s Chairman of both the Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Hong Kong Vocational Council.
e was also a member of the Norwegian Cultural Council and Authors Association Literary Council.
o represents his party in Stavanger Municipal Council and Rogaland County Council.
The local authority is Daventry District Council and the village is part of Northamptonshire C
The area is governed by the Newport City Council and the Coedkernew community council.
tion was funded by both the Lancashire County Council and Burnley Borough Council.
Copse Wood was purchased by Middlesex County Council and London County Council in 1936 for £23,250
ugh of Lancashire served by both Wyre Borough Council and Lancashire County Council, having previou
Voters typically elect a City Council and a Mayor.
me a solicitor for Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council and later became Manchester City Council's ed
s jointly elect the Buxton with Lammas Parish Council, and both fall within the area covered by Bro
as been a Lib Dem councillor on Surrey County Council and Guildford Borough Council.
to 1834 he was Chairman of the Home District Council and the last to serve the post before Toronto
e is administered by West Lancashire District Council and Tarleton parish council.
Kingston upon Hull City Council and Malet Lambert High School.
He was elected to Durham City Council and to Durham County Council in 1947, serving
boundary on the A256 between Thanet District Council and Dover District Council.
e he became secretary of the Tel Aviv Workers Council, and a member of the city council in 1929.
all is also represented on Warrington Borough Council and by Grappenhall and Thelwall Parish Counci
she has been a member of Hammerfest municipal council and Finnmark county council.
Significant tenants include the Brisbane City Council and Suncorp.
He was a councillor on Northumberland County Council and Prudhoe Urban District Council.
In 1837, he was named to the Executive Council and Legislative Council; Nielson was a member
He was Chairman of the Supreme Council and State Council of Tatarstan Republic July
support of the then Greater Manchester County Council and Manchester City Council, North West Arts
He was chairman of Bootle Trades Council and Labour Party.
ittees, including The University of Hong Kong Council and the Hong Kong - United States Business Co
the Leader of the Opposition in Glasgow City Council and led the SNP Council Group on the majority
state chair of the National Jewish Democratic Council and president of the Jewish Community Council
He also served as council and vice-president of Equity.
lackmore Vale ward of South Somerset District Council and Somerset County Council.
lfast North contains 14 wards of Belfast City Council and 5 of Newtownabbey Borough Council.
administered by the West Lancashire District Council and the Tarleton parish council.
ale branch, secretary of the Canning Division Council and a member of the State Council.
It has a parish council and is located within the Rother District Cou
970s to the early 1990s on New Alresford Town Council and Winchester City Council.
as a councillor to both the Caradon District Council and to the Saltash Town Council in 1982.
The village has its own Parish Council and is part of East Northamptonshire District
Conway remained a member of Kildare County Council and of Naas Town Council, where he initiated
today is represented both on Nottingham City Council and Gedling Borough Council.
It is now governed by Leeds City Council and Morley Town Council.
under the authority of Carmarthenshire County Council and Llanelli Rural Council.
ncillor, she served on both the London County Council and Chelsea Borough Council.
ment Commission, the Muskingum River Advisory Council, and the Workers' Compensation Council.
Wilson served on the county council and city council for Fredericton.
er, was also Chairman of the Stratford County Council, and then Mayor of Stratford and Chairman of
He was a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council and the North District Council.
The Speaker of Toronto City Council and Deputy Speaker of Toronto City Council se
as won the Chalmers Grant of the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council.
Jules Dufaure - President of the Council and Minister of Justice
Until 1 April 1998, Newbury District Council and Berkshire County council were responsible
Christmas Islands Islamic Council and
ing comes from the state via Hampshire County Council and Havant Borough Council.
irport is jointly owned by the Newcastle City Council and Port Stephens Council, and managed by New
Chester, UK: Cheshire County Council and Cheshire Community Council Publications T
It is a member of the European Cricket Council and an affiliate member of the International
Buchanan was vice-chairman of Glasgow Trades Council and sat on the city council from 1919 to 1923
North Yorkshire County Council and Craven District Council invested £1.2 mil
Tiptree is administered by Colchester Borough Council and Essex County Council and lies in the Parl
Crowley then retired from the Watchers' Council and raised Robin.
The building is owned by Southampton City Council and is on a 125-year lease; until 2006, it wa
Locally she has been a member of Drammen city council and Buskerud county council.
7 February - The West Australian Legislative Council and Executive Council meet for the first time
o served as Chairman of Richmond River County Council, and delegate to Northern Rivers County Counc
l is also the northern most ward for Trafford council and also is home to the Trafford Town Hall, h
It became the property of Ilford Borough Council and was used as council offices until 1994.
is a county councillor on Oxfordshire County Council and city councillor on Oxford City Council.
He was subsequently elected to Tyrone County Council and Cookstown Rural District Council.
erved as a member of the first Brantford city council and of the council for Brant County.
The company is owned by Birmingham City Council and the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, but t
always a Member of the Victorian Legislative Council, and is the ceremonial head of that Council.
dlesex until the creation of Middlesex County Council and the London County Council in 1889.
t is administered by West Lancashire District Council and Tarleton parish council.
and served as a councillor on Watford Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council.
He is a member of the Business Council and the Council on Foreign Relations, and an
They advise the Council and perform certain duties assigned.
It is administered by South Dublin County Council, and its Local Electoral Area for county coun
hich includes British Waterways, Preston City Council and Lancashire County Council.
er things, demands for an elected Legislative Council and an Executive Council responsible before t
own of Eastleigh itself, do not have a parish council and are goverened directly by the borough cou
ary in 1918, both the local Romanian National Council and the Ukrainian National Council based in G
lso became a member of the Health Professions Council and the General Dental Council.
e was elected as a councillor to Salford City Council and she served on the council until 1992.
een devised and implemented by Gwynedd County Council and the Countryside Council for Wales.
Pope, Council, and World: The Story of Vatican II (1963)
Former councillor on Gwent County Council and Newport CBC.
The village has its own elected community council and gives its name to an electoral ward of Pe
unded by Natural England, East Devon District Council and Devon County Council.
served as a councillor on Camberwell Borough Council and was leader of the council.
Member of Strasbourg City Council and Member of the Strasbourg Urban Community
d Swindon, governed respectively by Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council.
From 1993 to 2003 it housed the Sigulda City Council, and now houses the Sigulda Regional Council.
tch was a councillor on Cambridgeshire County Council and was council leader.
as a local councillor on Motherwell District Council and North Lanarkshire Council since 1976.
The village has its own community council and is part of the Neyland West Electoral war
In 1972 he was elected to Mornington Shire Council, and became president of the council 1979-80.
e village is represented on Kirkburton Parish council and is in the Kirkburton ward of Kirklees Cou
ormer Conservative Leader of Westminster City Council and served on the council from 1974 to 1998.
hip of this museum passed to Penwith District Council, and since 1985 Penzance Town Council owns an
Independent Chairman, London Theatre Council and The Theatre Council (formerly Provincial
July 1792, he was appointed to the Executive Council and Legislative Council of Upper Canada.
1857, he was named speaker of the Legislative Council and so became a member of the Executive Counc
Main articles: Lewisham London Borough Council and Lewisham local elections
e new college has the support of Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Funding Council.
She served three terms on the Erie City Council and was elected City Council President in 199
served as a councillor on Lanarkshire County Council and Motherwell and Wishaw Council from 1946.
use was acquired by Twickenham Urban District Council and after major alterations became the counci
many public representatives from Nenagh Town Council and North Tipperary County Council.
A member of the Student Council and a narcissist.
The larger village is made up of mainly council and ex-council houses.
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