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Rubber elasticity, a well-known example of hyperelasticity, de
This elasticity also gives rise to the Windkessel effect, wh
The Elasticity and Resistance of the Materials of Engineeri
possessing high tensile strength, as well as elasticity and lustre.
o partially responsible for the loss of lung elasticity and recoil in emphysema.
best known for his work on electromagnetics, elasticity and thermodynamics.
ogists and obstetricians to increase vaginal elasticity and bladder control.
stic tissue in a blood vessel, the lower the elasticity, and the lower the compliance.
lk and flavor of rice, the tapioca gives the elasticity and springiness, therefore it should never c
leading figure in the science of rubber and elasticity, and author of a number of influential texts
Two common models for rubber elasticity are the freely-jointed chain model and the w
xtremely UV resistant and maintains its high elasticity both in tropical and arctic climates, it mai
In the linear theory of elasticity Clapeyron's theorem states that the potentia
seep in after the Champagne corks lost their elasticity due to contact with the moist wine.
(E) The electric elasticity equation
Determining price elasticity for the agricultural or industrial sector ca
Syntactic elasticity in combining with deep thinking and concrete
tend to decrease the poverty rate, hence the elasticity is positive.
Municipal water demand elasticity is also difficult to measure because histori
from a single piece of wood, its modulus of elasticity is different between the part taken from the
engineering applications, so the modulus of elasticity is often one of the primary properties consi
A high modulus of elasticity is sought when deflection is undesirable, wh
ical cross-links, which account for the high elasticity level of TPU, whereas the flexible chains wi
g parts have relative clearance due to their elasticity, metals not being rigid materials as is evid
understanding a platform provider's elasticity model/dynamic configuration method,
ine links at the right spacing to confer the elasticity needed to propel some jumping insects distan
“Multiple-Home Ownership and the Income Elasticity of Housing Demand” (2006), Working Paper Ser
Dulong also worked on the elasticity of steam, on the measurement of temperatures
e involves difficulty in measuring the price elasticity of water.
of a rare disease which creates accelerated elasticity of muscle tissue, causing the heart and lung
SAM can provide data on the elasticity of cells and tissues, which can give useful
uch as optical tweezers, to characterize the elasticity of DNA, to induce the mechanical unfolding o
lids are absorbed through the extremely high elasticity of the rubber.
when, as 'The observed of all observers' his elasticity of spirits and 'Bonhommie' served to create,
f stone skipping (formerly attributed to the elasticity of water) and at another helping to lay the
"The Concept of the Arc Elasticity of Demand", 1934, RES
Invoking the theory of rubber elasticity, one considers a polymer chain in a crosslin
Mechanical properties: elasticity, plasticity and fracture; Tensile, creep, im
relax without being stressed out, Oda added elasticity powers to Luffy for a comical effect.
" injection technique aims to restore dermal elasticity rather than to fill underneath the wrinkles.
a titanium alloys have a strength/modulus of elasticity ratios almost twice those of 18-8 austenitic
sing process localized reduction in the foam elasticity, resulting in the creation of a lighter foam
Their marked elasticity serves to preserve the upright posture, and
See also: theory of elasticity, strain tensor and holographic interferometr
perfectly inelastic supply curve (i.e., zero elasticity), suggesting that a land value tax that reco
perties of Vytex include barrier protection, elasticity, tactile sensitivity, strength, comfort and
des a combination of lightness, strength and elasticity that is superior to that of synthetic materi
Ball's research interests include elasticity, the calculus of variations, and infinite-di
ign of suspension bridges led him to work on elasticity theory.
inequality plays an important role in linear elasticity theory.
dual material groups, such as the modulus of elasticity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, an
able achievements in mechanical engineering, elasticity, thermodynamics, long distance telephony, el
He is known for his work in finite elasticity, thermoelasticity and for formulating the Si
ned the best in self-service, automation and elasticity to deliver a complete enterprise cloud compu
in Coney Island, skeptics murmured that the elasticity was gone from the stomach of the one-time Am

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