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ing the summer months, making motion picture exhibition a year-round business.
haps best known for The Great Travelling Art Exhibition, a series of graffiti-style temporary drawin
Most recently the international blockbuster exhibition A Day in Pompeii was displayed from 25 May -
as part of the ICFF Bernhardt Design Studio Exhibition, a high-profile juried competition whose pri
ening at what might be the opening of an art exhibition a young man approaches Tony and introduces h
Following the success of the exhibition a number of other entertainment venues - not
The Jazz Loft Project was accompanied by an exhibition, a public radio series, a website, and a mul
He won an exhibition, a scholarship, and the Ellerton Prize, but
A press release that introduced his recent exhibition, A Voyage in Dwelling, states: “Just's video
08, The Making of the Royal Marines Commando exhibition, a major display highlighting the demands of
The Mirror World was an exhibition about the highly popular French cartoon char
de the River Mersey and City Soldiers was an exhibition about the King's Regiment.
open to the public and contained a permanent exhibition about the nations of the Commonwealth, which
see also: N01SE, a multi-site exhibition about information and transformation - offic
At the Tallum Pavilion, visitors can see an exhibition about the cemetery and the story of its orig
Real Weapon Gallery: An interactive exhibition about ammunition.
me famous in 1975 because of the documentary Exhibition about herself, which contained several stage
In 2004, Stromness Museum opened an exhibition about Stout's times in the Big Brother house
e are displays of everyday life including an exhibition about rites of passage and an exhibition all
Bonsai Slovakia is an international bonsai exhibition about bonsai, suiseki, and tea.
oject, working with the museum, to create an exhibition about their locality covering the period 183
moting crafts in the UK (as evidenced by the exhibition about the gallery in the Fitzwilliam Museum,
The fundamental statements made in the exhibition about the Wehrmacht and the war of annihilat
rt Moderne de St Etienne (1997), the touring exhibition About Vision - New British Paintings in the
In 2001 there was a national exhibition about energy in Styria, Austria.
This is an exhibition about inventors of the 19th Century, which o
The museum also houses an exhibition about the history of Fort Victoria itself.
There is a permanent exhibition about Raymond Mays' contribution to motor ra
There is also an exhibition about Doctor John Hall and the obscure medic
ase of development include the opening of an exhibition about leafcutter ants and the expansion of t
In 2001 there was a special exhibition about art and water.
uilt in the late 2000s, to house a permanent exhibition about Sir Peter Blake, including the origina
There is also an exhibition about the nature reserve, and spotting scope
In 1921 he had an exhibition abroad for the first time (the exhibition of
an early collection at the London Designers' Exhibition accompanying London Fashion Week.
The purpose of this exhibition, according to Jon Rubin, was "essentially [t
buted essays to the publication for the 2005 exhibition Accumulated vision : Barry Le Va, Institute
hip funding for production, distribution and exhibition across all media
n the spring of 2008, Dil Se performed as an exhibition act at the Hindi Film Dance competition Boll
atured ballhandler, a key role in the team's exhibition act.
In early exhibition action, Canada East avenged years of frustra
The most recent exhibition additions to Discovery Place include World A
At the Exhibition Adrien Philippe first met Antoni Patek and a
4 karat gold jewelry in commemoration of the exhibition Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures of the Nationa
en the Volcanos learn they'll play a crucial exhibition against a minor league team, attracting seve
ame for USSR on April 28, 1971 in a friendly exhibition against Bulgaria.
for knee cartilage damage suffered during an exhibition against the New York Jets.
They played an exhibition against the Brooklyn Bridegrooms.
alt Lake in exchange for the team to play an exhibition against Seattle.
's first televised boxing match, a six-round exhibition against Laurie Raiteri in London on 22 Augus
Lake from another penalty in a 1-1 tie in an exhibition against Boca Juniors.
The Reds played an exhibition against the Chicago White Sox.
According to the catalogue essay the exhibition aimed to draw attention to Picasso's achieve
The exhibition aims to explore how pictorial and literary c
ce, including Border Mild (a dark mild ale), Exhibition Ale and its generally well-regarded Border B
In 1876 at the Brisbane Exhibition, Alfred Hubbard won second prize with his Li
The exhibition almost immediately became the showpiece of d
The exhibition also marked the beginning of the internation
awasee in Indiana to the Century of Progress Exhibition, also known as the Chicago World's Fair of 1
The exhibition also ran at the Wexner Center for the Arts i
m the 14-screen multimedia presentation, the exhibition also once included a 'Tunnel of Mirrors,' a
The exhibition also addresses the way the Chinese were trea
The exhibition also included Lewis Carroll's photographs of
The exhibition also contains various furnishing objects, an
Exhibition Alt-Wien, 1894
which opened in 1908 for the Franco-British Exhibition, although this was later modified to a desig
For the exhibition, an entire house was built that the American
ly, and curated the award-winning travelling exhibition Ancient Egypt: Digging For Dreams of the Pet
tish Library, to launch the Evolving English exhibition and featured performances by the renowned Br
An annual pantomime, art exhibition and film season feature and the Youth and Ed
piece selected for the Royal Academy summer exhibition, and in 1963 his exhibition at the Drian Gal
The King's Hall Exhibition and Conference Centre is a multi-purpose ven
eatures cattle, poultry, fruit and vegetable exhibition and competition, horses in action, floricult
The exhibition and education programmes are developed with
r Zeldin) meet at the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition and fall in love with each other.
The conference includes an extensive exhibition and also hosts CIH's AGM.
won awards at the 1879 Sydney International Exhibition and the 1880-81 Melbourne Exhibition, but ha
of Fine Arts' "Art after Hours" invitational exhibition and auction.
of Fine Arts' "Art after Hours" invitational exhibition and auction.
tudies and Art in Contemporary Culture is an exhibition and research center dedicated to the study o
ket was established in 1847 on the corner of Exhibition and Bourke Streets, Melbourne, Australia.
After the exhibition and following the advice of Prince Albert, G
C., Plazzo Venezia, the 1988 Venice Biennale Exhibition, and the Fine Arts National Museum of Valett
The hotel was built for the Vienna World Exhibition and was designed by Carl Schumann and Ludwig
nley, the result being simultaneously an art exhibition and a conventional property vending.
n Rhys Frankenstein's Children: Electricity, Exhibition, and Experiment in Early-nineteenth-century
ultivation and promotion of Pathology by the exhibition and description of specimens, drawings, micr
was awarded the CB for his work on the Great Exhibition and was knighted by Queen Victoria in 1875.
These days it is an exhibition and events centre.
The Benn Hall is a conference, seminar, exhibition and party venue located in Rugby, Warwickshi
) 511 Bathurst (During the Canadian National Exhibition) and 508 Lake Shore routes.
final project which is displayed in a museum exhibition and the top two students in the program win
A great exhibition and a cycle of debates were held in Tokyo in
ed in St. James's Park in 1814 for a special exhibition and premature victory reception of the allie
airburn was a commissioner of the 1851 Great Exhibition, and chairman of the Executive Committee tha
udes items relating to film production, film exhibition and the experience of cinema going.
ituated was developed for the British Empire Exhibition and Wembley Stadium.
se of animals for scientific, entertainment, exhibition and trade purposes.
The International Association of Exhibition and Events (IAEE) is a non-profit profession
oustic folk music, this was his first mature exhibition and saw him use his now-trademark blend of f
features a fair ground provided with modern exhibition and telecommunication facilities just at som
paintings shown at the 1882 Boston Art Club exhibition, and his final painting exhibited at the Clu
tion building on the Up platform contains an exhibition and waiting room, other facilities at the lo
The film has only been seen at this exhibition, and once on network television in the UK at
t organized in 1948 and feature a symposium, exhibition, and workshops on light and electron microsc
with 7 and 75 splitting outside the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre.
ng is the central atrium, a meeting, eating, exhibition and learning space which rises to three stor
e original co-founders of the well-known art exhibition and event space Orchard, on Orchard Street i
I. Abramofsky, Exhibition and Sale, March 28 through April 4, 1976, Te
risoners' Inventions is a book, a travelling exhibition, and an ongoing collaborative project.
da marked the centenary of her birth with an exhibition and a series of concerts in her honour.
mas's Shop where there is a wool and weaving exhibition and workshop.
With all of his designs - those in the Met exhibition and others available elsewhere - Gurhan offe
op-Up Days is an annual non-profit festival, exhibition and rodeo held in Lethbridge, Alberta, for f
against terrorism' was launched in the same exhibition and there were talks about NATO's involvemen
DKM Forum is a Norwegian exhibition and marketing company that produces, distrib
e “Suisse Pavilion” in Seville for the Great Exhibition and wanted to display portraits made by Rolf
ch was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and bought for the Tate in 1942 while the sc
The recent exhibition and convention center features a mixture of
nterest in cultural theory and the theory of exhibition and museum practices.
Later that year the first Bauhaus exhibition and festival was held, for which Klee create
as accompanied by a publication, a web-based exhibition and a Symposium which took place at the Inst
1964 and briefly to England in 1968 for the exhibition and publication of her book, Flowers of the
The exhibition and usable floor space open out on both side
l Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park is an exhibition and conference centre which hosts, among man
here were 130 pictures by 69 painters in the exhibition, and this included artists such as Reynolds,
frastructure projects like the new Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, Melbourne Museum, Cit
th anniversary of his birth was marked by an exhibition and seminars in Ferrara and concerts in his
he following year, the Ranney Fund put on an exhibition and sale in New York in order to raise money
A juried exhibition and opening was held on March 14, 2008.
Anna-Mi Fredriksson, paired up to present an exhibition and performance of painting, sound and movem
all of Cooper Union in New York city held an exhibition and memorial to honor the work of this maste
cean themed park and resort in Asia, the new exhibition and creative business zone.
The tower was the centrepiece of the Empire Exhibition and its image featured on many of the souven
These floors are used as exhibition and education areas with displays of museum
Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC), is a large exh
ween 1981 and 1990 and chair of the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre between 1983 and 1989.
There is also a semi-permanent Darwin exhibition and a full collection of all the animals in
plished during an Independence Day parachute exhibition and fireworks display, which is the one day
till then: the building for the New Zealand Exhibition and a new Post Office for the Otago provinci
l Nyman in 2010 at Corso Como, a fashion/art exhibition and an ASVOFF film program at the New York A
ts, provides state-of-the-art instructional, exhibition, and performance space for all the arts disc
Clermont-Ganneau attended the exhibition, and was the first person in England to atta
ion of the United Kingdom at the 1890 London Exhibition and received a gold medal.
Life magazine covered the exhibition and noted "Some critics believe that his sta
pe fund for the co-production, distribution, exhibition and digitisation of European cinematographic
There was a medical exhibition, and cultural activities.
able menton at the 1868 London International Exhibition and Walter Lindrum, Australian billiards cha
on the top floor of The Helix is a dedicated exhibition and visual art gallery which compliments the
rWays 2010 Conference and the Fluid Frontier exhibition and symposium, the ecoarttech-UNT project, t
ony of Fire is an annual multi-day fireworks exhibition and friendly international competition held
farm and the local community, with offices, exhibition and meeting rooms.
It now houses Health Education Exhibition and Resources Centre.
won a gold medal at the International Health Exhibition and a silver medal at the Saxon Innkeepers'
the Annual Computer Security Conference and Exhibition and CSI SX.
s the 1931 Aluminaire House, designed for an exhibition, and later sold to New York architect Wallac
It was part of Ofili's Turner Prize exhibition, and now hangs in the Tate Gallery.
This exhibition and associated website examines history thro
ice and the public, to provide experience in exhibition and curatorship, to add focus to a college p
provide resources for collection, curation, exhibition and education; to raise public awareness abo
as a restaurant but most recently used as an exhibition and entertainment space.
of the River Clyde adjacent to the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre and the Clyde Auditori
tional Defence appropriated the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede Grounds, which was also used as
to seat 68,000, built for the Franco-British Exhibition and was considered a technological marvel.
e Walnut Lane Bridge, Cliveden is hosting an exhibition and educational program on the construction
ualty and served on the boards of the Regina Exhibition and Saskatchewan Research Council.
The painting was well-received at its exhibition, and was purchased for £650 the same year by
1909 and RA in 1919, won medals at the Paris Exhibition and Chicago World Fair (1889), became first
9 Sep - Aberdeen Exhibition And Conference Centre, Scotland
ore activities will be collecting, curating, exhibition and education.
ibited an early tank locomotive at The Great Exhibition, and were awarded a gold medal.
he New South Wales court of the London Great Exhibition, and her two pictures received good reviews
he Grand Prize at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition and in 1996 he was awarded the RIBA Stirling
9 she was on the board of the Charlottenborg Exhibition, and in 1955 she was elected to the board of
ing the annual Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition and Sale each June.
The Museum has a permanent exhibition and a center for historical research.
ectural drawings at the Royal Academy Summer exhibition and prizes for art at the four City of Londo
Health Education Exhibition and Resources Centre was opened on 17 May 19
There are practice, exhibition, and career mode where the player is given a
the Turkish enameled mocha coffee set (1878 Exhibition), and the Elephant vase (1880).
s selling his work at the Hampstead open-air exhibition and in 1964 he gave up the commercial work t
accommodation and The Barn, which became an exhibition and performance space.
U.S. Special Commissioner to the 1900 Paris Exhibition and wrote a special report to the United Sta
e-built temporary venue within the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.
dation for those attending the city's Empire Exhibition and was often described as Glasgow's first s
Stoneleigh Park is an exhibition and conference centre which hosts, amongst m
There were only 15 years between his first exhibition and death.
gold medal at the 31st international Geneva Exhibition and a finalist in IDM, is a manual arm desig
anniversary of Kalmykov's birth with a small exhibition, and published the first album of his works.
Following this, Hanna returned to Exhibition and resumed her former partnership with Vict
e Floralies Internationales, a horticultural exhibition and competition gathering plant masterpieces
te Renoir threw their support behind the new exhibition and even Auguste Rodin displayed several dra
In 1867 Liversidge won a Royal exhibition and medals in chemistry, mineralogy and meta
and Franz Ferdinand at the SECC and Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, as well as releasing
Baseball has two modes: a single-match mode ( exhibition) and a pennant race in which the player take
tructed in the Royal Docks, consisting of an exhibition and conference centre.
blic on 13 March 2008 as part of the AADRL10 Exhibition and Publication celebrating the 10 year anni
It is located at the Kings Hall, an exhibition and concert venue and home of the Royal Ulst
became a Director of the Portage Industrial Exhibition and an Associate Member of the Portage la Pr
1991 in conjunction with a major mid-career exhibition, Anne Wilkes Tucker, the curator of photogra
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