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the capital begins, Hikaru starts to play her flute, a sound that Mansairaku always loved.
he operas The Marriage of Figaro and The Magic Flute, a series of string quartets and string quinte
lish vocalist Hanna Tuulikki (vocals, kantele, flute), Aby Vulliamy (viola) and Chris Hladowski (bo
ith Suzanne Wolff, established the Netherlands Flute Academy.
The track also features flute accompaniment by Bowie's producer, Tony Viscon
e sound of Jackson's Rhodes electric piano and flute accompaniments featured prominently in many of
raditional music, featuring percussion, bamboo flute, accordion, and wax-paper/comb-type kazoo.
In the late 1960s, his work on flute acoustics, in collaboration with other British
Widely travelled with his bamboo flute across the globe, he has also made a number of
Ono Ryoko - alto sax, flute, aesthetic perverted karman
s a group of nose whistles that sounded like a flute along with a long held out trill.
owever, it does have some colors of its own: A flute alternates with the muted trumpet in the poor
George Marge - flute, alto flute, clarinet, oboe, english horn
Chris Potter - Bass clarinet, Alto flute, Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Tenor saxo
Leo Wright - flute, alto saxophone, vocals
Bill Green - flute, alto saxophone
st tenor sax, alto sax, bass sax, soprano sax, flute, alto flute, piccolo
Lou Marini - flute, alto flute
Roland Kirk - Flute, Alto Flute
Pete Cornell - flute, alto flute
Joe Farrell, Paul Winter - flute, alto flute
Jerome Richardson - Flute, Alto Flute, Woodwinds
Hubert Laws: flute, alto flute (tracks 5-7)
Madeleine Staunton - flute, alto flute, piccolo
Roland Kirk: flute, alto flute, amplified flute, African wood flu
Frank Foster - tenor saxophone, alto flute, alto clarinet
Steve Wilson - clarinet, flute, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Jazz musicians, Prince Lasha (alto saxophone, flute, alto clarinet) and Sonny Simmons (Alto saxoph
Eric Dolphy - bass clarinet, flute, alto saxophone
Clarence "Satch" Satchell - flute, alto saxophones, tenor saxophones, percussion
ith western instruments including the piccolo, flute, alto flute, B flat clarinet, bass clarinet, c
Jack Stuckey - clarinet, flute, alto saxophone
The scoring is flute, alto- tenor- and baritone saxophone, horn, tw
Jim Walker: flute, alto-flute, piccolo
shani (Composition, Tar, Voice), Thea Nielsen ( Flute), Amir Abbas Zare (Daf) and Oliver on guitar.
"Les trois Gunas" (2001) for amplified flute, amplified clarinet, amplified clavinova, ampl
Woodwinds: a flute, an oboe, a clarinet in A, and a bassoon
He authored Guardians of the Flute, an examination of sexual rituals in New Guine
eep, my brother Abel?, song cycle for soprano, flute and cello (Texts by Peretz Hirschbein, Itzik M
rican jazz musician who played alto saxophone, flute and clarinet.
n 2008 Ron was asked to put together a book of flute and piano pieces for classical flute exams for
Thereafter, he worked for a short time as a flute and lute teacher at the University of Leipzig.
aying guitar at age 16 and picked up the bass, flute and harmonica, but the guitar was his forte.
he Wind Quintet, Op. 26, Schulhoff: Sonata for Flute and Piano, Concertino for flute, viola & doubl
figure in the local musical scene, playing the flute and the cello, and leading the choir at the Co
so ashamed that he decided to stick to the pan flute and practice the instrument very hard everyday
ef played meaty tenor sax solos and entrancing flute and bamboo flute offerings, and also had impre
Deux SI, Deux La ( flute and piano)
omposer under the age of 25”, for “Mythos” for flute and string quartet.
r, vocals), David "Fathead" Newman (saxophone, flute), and Art Blakey (drums).
ayers in England and also played the oboe, the flute and the organ.
Puddy (clarinet), expanded by Colin Chambers ( flute and piccolo), Alan Hacker (bass clarinet), Eri
Le Carnaval Russe pour flute and orchestra
shing point is the reduced amount of Latimer's flute and Bardens' organ tunes, which were the trade
Concerto for flute and orchestra (1999)
ocals, acoustic guitar and bass, Lisa Feuer on flute and vocals and Michael Laird (of Unto Ashes) o
"Coda" is especially minimalist, using only a flute and a harpsichord.
c works, Kuhlau wrote several compositions for flute and a large number of works for piano.
Sonata for Flute and Piano
His Sonata for female voice, flute and percussion, published by Schott was writte
Sonata Undine is a flute and piano sonata written by Carl Reinecke that
omposer and arranger of virtuoso works for the flute, and for his contributions to the teaching and
3 Songs, text e. e. cummings, soprano, flute, and piano (1962)
ranscriptions of Salomon) with Lisa Beznosiuk, flute, and Christopher Hogwood, fortepiano
Spann studied flute and music education at Tennessee State Univers
Capriccio for flute and guitar
rber himself, as Canzone (Elegy), Op. 38a, for flute and piano.
t Covent Garden in 1938 as Tamino in The Magic Flute, and again several times after the war, notabl
Flute and Fiddle, 4 Duos for 5 flutes (bass, alto, s
ent's themes native to the Far East, played by flute and oboe in unison, where the orchestra passes
"Buddy Baker Experiments (Backwards Flute and Bones)" track was only found on the limite
Sonata for flute and harp (6 November 1918, The Hague, Rosa Spi
nish and East Asian instruments along with the flute, and Simon Posford plays classical guitar as w
Sonatas for flute and harpsichord, op.
so a parampara exponent of Alaap on the Grande Flute and one daughter, Tani Deepavali, 15, a concer
Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano is a "crossover" composition by
egins: "A big drum, a kettle drum, the fiddle, flute, and piccolo, piano, harp, harmonium and many
becomes mesmerised by the way Ranjha plays his flute and eventually falls in love with him.
sing on jazz and jazz fusion for saxophone and flute, and playing live with Natalie Cole, Harry Con
The Sun By Day for quarter-tone flute and piano - premiered in London in September 2
In the 1970s, Keenlyside played flute and trombone with the band Sunshyne during whi
sax, David Rokeach on drums, Viviana Guzman on flute, and James Robinson on guitar.
tance, Tyner plays koto, in addition to piano, flute, and percussion.
ents such as the khene mouth organ, the suling flute, and the sitar-like esraj.
n Templin and Frankfurt, where he studied both flute and piano.
woodwinds family like the saxophone, clarinet, flute and oboe, apart from being a very demanded arr
vadya - Sitar, Sarod, Violin, Guitar, Sarangi, Flute and Harmonium or Keyboard .
hoir, Robert Levin reconstructed a version for flute and oboe d'amore.
ol at the same time, where she learned to play flute and piano.
1981) Sonata for flute and piano
ris in 1949, at a time when whole concerts for flute and piano were unfashionable-they went on to p
on Red House Records and featured Dave Karr on flute and tenor sax and Jimmy Hamilton on piano.
addition to the saxophone, he plays clarinet, flute and oboe.
, producing such works as Fioriture (1965) for flute and piano and Punctuations (1968) for orchestr
c for less common combinations such as guitar, flute and clarinet.
ments, subtly mixing sounds from the mandolin, flute and violin with various folk percussion instru
l, where she played at that time the piano and flute) and followed that path.
a: soprano, alto, and baritone saxes; piccolo, flute, and alto flute
This begins with a flute and sitar duet, played by Ray Thomas and Justi
Ray Warleigh - alto flute and bass flute on "The Floating World"
This is followed by a flute and mellotron duet, played by Thomas and Mike
Elgar doubles the vocal lines with flute and clarinet (verse one), solo cello (verse tw
commenced composition on an octet for strings, flute and clarinet.
ic Island has less to do with Andean Music and flute and more with a mixture of global melodies.
, and joined Lasisi "Loughty" Amao ex-Osibisa ( flute and tenor sax), Gus Yeadon (aka August Eadon)
Jim Horn - flute and saxophone
He joined the family band performing on the flute; and then the Glen Rock Band performing first
ies - French Impressionism (Eleonore Pameijer, flute and Frans van Ruth, piano)
re many of these techniques, including Duo for Flute and Clarinet (1961) and Variants for Solo Clar
All that was left was the flute and the bassoon.
involved female vocalists, harpsichord, piano, flute and cello.
erdam University; after when he began studying flute and composition at the Amsterdam Conservatoriu
bel-air, a bass version of the tanbour, bamboo flute and wax-paper/comb-type kazoo.
includes the kubyz (jaw harp), surnay, quray ( flute) and accordion-talianka.
ss, clarinet, horn, and bassoon) a quartet for flute and string trio Op.84, a quintet for piano and
He began his flute and piano studies in Freiburg, and switched to
sh Opera Group and together with John Francis ( flute) and Millicent Silver (piano) became part of T
Dick Morrissey on tenor and soprano saxes and flute, and Jim Mullen on guitar, who joined forces i
Regine Kuhn ( flute) and Heidi Voss (clarinet); Edition Voss (Wies
Three Figures and a Ground (1989) for flute and piano
Yo amaba a Lucy (I Loved Lucy) for Flute and Classical Guitar (1996)
ov, Scarpia in Tosca, the Speaker in The Magic Flute, and the title role in Wozzeck.
Instant Music for flute and wind orchestra, op.40 (1981)
d an alternate version of Kathinkas Gesang for flute and six-channel electronic music.
6 Sonatas for Flute and Continuo Op. 2
Carnatic musician specializing in the Carnatic flute and voice.
Richard Rowley on guitar, Bernard Anderson on flute and saxophone, and Ron Guillory on rub board a
cludes a slow instrumental duet of Ray Thomas' flute and Mike Pinder's Chamberlin which was deleted
Fwv L:G 8 \\ Concerto for flute and oboe in G major
overed his native and untutored talent for the flute and decided to travel to the northeast in hope
Anna Holmgren - Flute and mellotron
hael and John Gibbons (guitars), Sollenberger ( flute), and includes Kevin Moist (saxophone) and Aar
Nesting Cranes (2006), for solo flute and strings, premiered by Jennifer Gunn and th
This is the third solo album from flute and saxophone player Dave Fitzgerald who was a
Peter Gabriel: flute and tambourine
1929, Hamburg, Germany) is a German saxophone, flute and accordion player who was active in the Ham
She plays the flute and can sing and dance, this often makes a goo
She originally studied flute and studied with Dieter Schnebel, touring with
Rone is one of the most respected Irish flute and pennywhistle (tin whistle) players in the
t age seven, Osorio played the cuatro, violin, flute and viola in school.
It also features an upright bass, flute and a string quartet.
10 preludes, a Toccata for piano, a Sonata for flute and bassoon, a Fantasy for piano and orchestra
xpertise in playing both the saxophone and the flute and call play in any number of genres when ask
eight members, including players of the fife, flute, and pennywhistle.
Rudolph Lucieer, narrators, Eleonore Pameijer, flute and Marcel Beekman, tenor)
He also wrote sonatas for violin, flute and cello, all unaccompanied.
It prominently features Ray Thomas on the flute and lead vocals.
3 Trios for flute and strings, Op. 71
saxophone, but also playing soprano saxophone, flute, and clarinet.
ell as the Queen of the Night in the The Magic Flute and the title role in Gluck's Eurydice among o
Bucolique for flute and piano
rned next to drums, before finally settling on flute and the instrument most closely associated wit
Trecento included the vielle, lute, psaltery, flute, and organetto (portative organ: Landini is ho
nts such as the viol, violin, cello, clarinet, flute and serpent.
Leeuwarden Variations (Ljouwert Variaties) for flute and brass band
pipes and fiddle, a pairing of low whistle and flute, and their guitar/piano rhythm combo.
plays the alto and tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute, and the bassoon.
REMEMBRANCE Flute and Piano
A Lament for flute and piano, Op. 31
This mix of his flute and her DJ skills will control Saul.
She was born in Bremen and studied flute and music composition at the Hochschule fur Mu
larger-scale works such as Mae Naak, The Magic Flute, and Turandot.
Uninvited, Donald takes out his flute and distracts the band into playing "Turkey in
Joseph Jongen - Sonata for Flute and Piano
c to the Charanga required an orchestra with a flute and violins, but Palmieri also added a mixture
a in Le nozze di Figaro, Papagena in The Magic Flute, and Doralice in Scarlatti's Il trionfo dell'o
specially the music of Japan (such as the wood flute and the Japanese mode) and Indonesia (such as
Ray Thomas: backing vocal, percussion, flute and other wind instruments
hip Dauphin, nominally of 64 guns but armed en flute and so sailing with only 26 guns mounted.
Amorgen - Irish flute and Bombard - (1994-2004), was involved in Bra
ught a revolution in popularising the Carnatic flute and whose legacy was carried on by Ramani and
Sonate Finnischer Sommer Op. 35 for flute and piano (for Brunhild Fischer)
Performance in arrangement for flute and orchestra by the Gardner Chamber Orchestra
t-in on one performance (switching off between flute and saxophone), Morrison did extend an invitat
patient's relatives, and dance to the music of flute and drum.
He began playing on the flute and violin at age 13, for his own amusement, a
Champagne stemware refers to the flute and coupe glasses used in the enjoyment of cha
urial Sparks, Volatile Shadows (2006) for alto flute and piano
At 16 he took up the flute, and tenor saxophone soon followed.
Looking for Funny Dog (1998) for flute and organ
Woodwind: 2 flutes, (also alto flute and piccolo), 2 oboes (also English horn, 2nd
the Elder was a French musician who played the flute and the cornett.
lays with local soloists such as Freya Gillan ( flute) and Niamh Crowley (violin).
Kathinka: Flute and Synthesizer.
Songs from "No Boundary" for voice, piano, flute and cello
Abraham and Isaac, opus 7, for baritone, flute and string orchestra.
d performances, including the Haydn Trios with Flute and Cello.
(fiddle), Greg Hernandez (fife), Joe Whitney ( flute) and Tom DiGiuseppe (banjo).
osed a quintet Souvenir de Naples for strings, flute, and clarinet; a piano quartet; and a lyric dr
Bow Valley Whistle for flute and samples
able nature; a specification of 8′ stopped, 4′ flute and 2′ principal (diapason) is common.
Johann Jacob played oboe, flute and possibly violin.
suite of seven songs, written for a classical flute, and a jazz piano trio (piano, string bass, an
EXALTATION II Op. 31 for flute and string orchestra
came out on compact disc in 1990 as Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio, and is being re-released
ms like Dha, Nayo Khin, Khin, Dhimey, cymbals, flute and other musical instruments.
The Concerto for Flute and Harp by Mozart which they performed togeth
A Dry Weather Legend [ flute and orchestra] (1946)
The cast performed The Magic Flute and an adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christ

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