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es how she will once again defy authorities and lay a memorial off Chang An Avenue.
piscopal consecration, the Methodist Church can lay a claim on apostolic succession, as understood
The Lost Cause enabled women noncombatants to lay a claim to the central event in their redefinit
up a deadly battle in which fear and seduction lay a trail of blood.
Fulmar Prions are annual breeders; they lay a single egg in their nest on islands with colo
The ship and her sister HMS Hero pretended to lay a minefield off Bud, Norway on 8 April and repo
2 in) deep cylindrical holes, places where they lay a very large quantity of eggs (about 2,000-10,0
Other innovations were the ability to lay a smoke screen and the use of sloped armour in
At the south end of the platforms lay a minor road which the line crossed on the leve
At the western end lay a tunnel which required widening and deepening
A proposal to lay a cable between Vancouver and Australia was app
The Police lay a trap for this extortionist and capture him re
Opposite, at the end of the lay a signal box of typical East Lincolnshire Railw
Hens lay a fair number of off-white eggs, and will go br
ving at Hunt's Crossing, where it is planned to lay a passing loop.
Asa Keyes and Chief Deputy D.A. Buron Fitts to lay a trap for Downs.
Between the Berrylands and Malden works lay a tract of derelict land.
They have pea combs and lay a fair amount of eggs.
t) to the north east of the civilian settlement lay a large double-ditched enclosure identified as
On the east lay a section of the Monschau Forest.
n she sailed for Ponape, arriving 18 October to lay a mooring.
his society dress in funereal black with veils, lay a wreath at Cain's burial site at Church Street
e's last mission was to cross the Skagerrak and lay a minefield in the Kattegat - an almost impossi
Conference, held in Ottawa, Canada, resolves to lay a telegraph cable between Canada and Australia.
Since there lay a danger in discovering the author's identity,
peline is being utilised by Bharat Petroleum to lay a crude-oil pipeline from Vadinar on the West c
s for Hunt, partnering with other companies, to lay a pipeline and build a refinery for the oil.
Nobody can lay a claim on the land, because it is infested wit
Upper and Lower Hinksey, and between them there lay a great swamp, so that the villagers could not
To the north of the settlement lay a large single-ditched enclosure that may have
and was acquired on both sides of the rivers to lay a second set of chains and expand the landing b
l tree in the family Melastomataceae), and then lay a single egg within the tube.
daylight left for the minelayer Deutschland to lay a minefield of its own.
nary and ecological explanation as to why birds lay a series of eggs with an asynchronous delay lea
be established during the first four months to lay a foundation for healthy sleep thereafter.
He was so quick no one could ever lay a glove on him.
d downward steeply on three sides, to the south lay a secondary road that linked al-Qabu to the hig
ncluding the madrigals 'Great god of love' and ' Lay a garland'."
At its centre lay a post office, confusingly and wrongly named So
fter a decision by the Temple Mount Faithful to lay a cornerstone at the site.
ed to the west of the airfield and to the north lay a machine gun butt, used for testing, discharge
being covered in tarmac, the club was forced to lay a temporary dirt track before races on a Sunday
nest is abandoned or destroyed, the female may lay a replacement clutch.
Should the computer player lay a particularly nasty snooker, an evil laugh is
inefields to allow the minelayer Deutschland to lay a minefield of her own.
Previously it had taken around three hours to lay a foam carpet on the runway.
April to 6 May, Runner's primary mission was to lay a minefield off Pedro Blanco Rock.
ed to the knees as the song began 'Last night I lay a-sleeping, There came a dream so fair.', the l
favourite songs Meri zindagi hai naghma... and Lay aai phir kahan par... sung by Melody Queen Noor
Lay aai phir kahan par... by Noor Jehan
The line lay abandoned for several years, until it was acqui
d Sevastopol, where the Russian Black Sea Fleet lay abandoned and in a poor state of repair.
It lay abandoned for several years, until it line was
's quays "where muddy wellies and bits of tents lay abandoned on the paths".
The building lay abandoned for many years before being taken ove
thereafter, the plantation at Berkeley Hundred lay abandoned, until William Tucker and others got
During his life he functioned as lay abbot of the Gorze Abbey.
fluence her brother Rudolph acquired and became Lay Abbot of the Abbey's of Saint Riquier and Jumie
He was the lay abbot of Brioude between 857 and 868 and Count
Nicolas, the Lay Abbot of Rouen (died 27 Feb 1092).
He was also the lay abbot of Saint-Germaine in Auxerre.
He was also the lay abbot of the Abbey of Saint Bertinus (Saint-Ber
e O'Duigenans, hereditary erenachs of Kilronan ( lay abbots who held church land from generation to
The quarry lay about a mile (1.6 km) south-east of Nant Gwerno
However, Dhola post lay about one mile (1.6 km) north of the McMahon Li
Sacred Kingfishers lay about five eggs.
t the time that the cemetery was established it lay about a half mile away from most development, b
Hill 60, a low knoll, lay about half a mile (0.8 km) from the beach.
out three months, adult female gum tree weevils lay about two hundred eggs in batches of about ten
village had a khirbat named Tall al-Qadi which lay about 1 km to the northwest of the village.
The females lay about six eggs in a communal clutch, which may
When it lay about 300 yards from Stock Force, the guns open
Prior to its demise, the rival town of Bullfrog lay about 0.75 miles (1.21 km) southwest of Rhyolit
o and Clodius, in which the latter, whose villa lay above the town on the left of the Via Appia, wa
His interests lay above all in Pompeii, with inscriptions and Rom
nterested in America and the opportunities that lay across the Pacific Ocean.
enth century) crossed the bridge, a big serpent lay across it.
asement of a house in Lynden, Washington, which lay across the ditch marking the United States-Cana
icomedia and then to Chrysopolis, the town that lay across the Bosporus from the imperial capital,
It also helped to power an old mill that once lay across the road but this no longer exists.
Reasons for Refusing to Sign the Lay Address to the Archbishop of Canterbury, 2nd ed
erson family was evicted from their home, which lay adjacent to Col. Mulligan's fortifications, and
school year, Peninsula Catholic has been under lay administration.
lic Diocese of Tacna y Moquegua, comprising the lay administrative regions Tacna Region and Moquegu
He was succeeded by Tarasios, who was a lay administrator at the time.
lls and former Church School Superintendent and Lay Administrator of St. Bartholomew's Anglican Chu
junction at the top of the drive - to its east lay admission, research, treatment convalescence an
Amiroutzes was first attested as a lay advisor to the imperial delegation to the Counc
The hospital's medical staff and lay advisory board voted overwhelmingly to continue
d limbs, known as the dermal flap, which it can lay against the tree during the day, scattering sha
Lay agency, under the direction of Rev. David Hill,
pe ran a deep wadi and between Biryya and Safad lay agricultural land that was crossed by a highway
Custer's men were not sure what lay ahead and were ordered by him to charge, but th
of whose violent career as a soldier of fortune lay ahead of him - to the cardinalate, an act of ne
rectly at the tram, inhibiting the view of what lay ahead.
ny continued to succeed, rough financial waters lay ahead.
repidation in regards to the daunting task that lay ahead.
It is also known as Point Lay Airport.
Not to be confused with Lay All Your Love on Me
And The Dew Lay All Night Upon My Branch, (Lexington, Mass.: Al
was just an experiment because Kevin wanted to lay all sorts of different drum beats down that he
he two roosters, "How did you ever m-m-make 'em lay all those eggs."
letic Association's Dodge Sunshine Cup/Floyd E. Lay All-Sports Award (given to the best overall ath
n the junction was first established in 1777 it lay almost a mile nearer Coventry, the two canals p
It lay almost in the centre of the kingdom, bordering
ank of a pond or river, and over this post they lay, almost in equilibrio, the two pieces of wood,
ar the east bank of the Angelina river", Zavala lay along the Beef Trail, which ran from Texas into
The Eastern border lay along the River Frome, from Nightingales Bridge
In 1837 it lay along the road from Castlecomer on the road to
entimeters long to nearly half a meter, and may lay along the ground or grow erect.
Knoxville lay along the Dixie Highway roughly halfway between
It embraced the part of Blockley Township which lay along the Schuylkill River from the northern bo
The Norman settlement lay along what is now High Street between the churc
gh, making it the highest bridge in Lebanon and lay along a mountainous route on the Beirut-Damascu
The area lay along the predominant route for migratory peopl
e the dangers and the challenges that sometimes lay along the delivery route.
The Boreal Sea was a Mesozoic-era seaway that lay along the northern border of Laurasia.
The two ships lay alongside each other for over two weeks while M
Tanager lay alongside Machina Wharf when the high-level bom
23 (Samoan time) on 7 October 1949, as Chehalis lay alongside the navy dock at Tutuila, American Sa
tely rammed her bow into Strong's port side and lay alongside for several minutes while Strong's su
Lay also competed at the 2002 and 2006 Commonwealth
ve example, concluding that Tyrannosaurus could lay amniotic eggs is known as a type I inference.
it accepts the scale as a host, the female will lay an egg in the host.
Tyler and David lay an ambush, and manage to subdue them.
Over the clouded surface there now lay an intricate tracery of whorls and lines where
ated in 1903 as Layopolis, named for William R. Lay, an employee of the Eureka Pipe Line Company, w
for his own good, and instructs two sailors to lay an ambush by a stream.
n commissioned a US$20 million joint venture to lay an undersea fibre-optic cable connecting Male t
It lay an elevation of 932 feet (284 m).
It is proposed to lay an additional line between Nemom and Kochuveli
You cannot lay an egg but you must be cackling over it.'
Soon the National Highways Dept is going to lay an outer-ring road for joining Palakkad-Ooty th
It lay an elevation of 3 feet (1 m).
eably longer than a worker, allowing a queen to lay an egg at the bottom of the cell.
th the Brown-hooded Gull in which a female will lay an egg in the nest of a Brown-hooded Gull with
ent in Tyrannosaurus, such as the capability to lay an amniotic egg, whereas a feature both birds a
e, in deeper than average nesting cavities, and lay an average of four 37.1 x 29.9 millimeter eggs,
In 333 BC Alexander the Great intended to lay an ambush at Myriandrus of Darius III of Persia
Females then lay an egg sack, they then pull this sack back into
hatches the female encouraged by the male will lay an infertile egg into the small pool, this prov
The female will lay an egg every 1 or 2 days until she has complete
Freud, The Question of Lay Analysis (1926)
est periods of the war, taking time out only to lay anchor buoys for ships along the coast of Pelel
supply ship for the Veracruz operation, Celtic lay anchored off the Mexican city from 16 June 1914
former Enron directors in the Trial of Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, is a partner in Irell's N
ch eventually made Carnatic music appeal to the lay and the learned alike.
were integrated into the dioceses in which they lay, and were removed from the Order's jurisdiction
The Shire Court referred to the magnates, both lay and spiritual, who were entitled to sit in coun
he home of the poet, artist and architect Cecil Lay, and most of his architectural work is found in
Frank Lay and Robert Freeman have both been found not gui
P. Lay and R. Spencer (Harrow, 1987)
It was recognized in lay and academic writings as a customary salute of
the sympathy of most of the leading Catholics, lay and clerical, in Ireland.
Initially Mr. Lay and his secretary, Nancy McNeil picked the name
It involves a large number of lay and monastic practitioners and is led by at lea
management during 1998 as to where his heritage lay and whether or not he would be able to represen
Christi Teachers College and was also the first lay and longest serving Director of Catholic Educat
s of the Order of Interbeing, both monastic and lay, and publishes announcements of retreats, activ
Take 5 of the song, featuring both Lay and Owens, was included on the 2005 album The B
remely eloquent sermons, there were people, the lay and monks alike who resented and envied his suc
Coxless Fours, alongside Brian Peaker, Jeffrey Lay, and Gavin Hassett.
when eight Mi'kmaq attacked the family homes of Lay and Brant.
He was a catalyzing influence on lay and clerical Catholic traditionalists who oppos
Currently, about 6,000 Brothers and 75,000 lay and religious colleagues worldwide serve as tea
d into two sections, one priestly and the other lay and even married.
, training and resources to churches to develop lay and ordained leaders and encourage church growt
specified precisely where its northern boundary lay, and over the course of the century different o
Amongst the lay and spiritual members of the Shire Court was th
rdinal Cullen was against the idea of educating Lay and clerical students on the same campus.
rina was actually a woman; he went to where she lay and also wept for the pain and suffering which
Where the huge carcass lay and decomposed, the depression it left behind f
Oblates are men ( lay and ordained, over 18 years of age), who join t
s in all states, single or married, clerical or lay, and has implications beyond sexual temperance.
hool District, Pace High School Principal Frank Lay and then-Santa Rosa Superintendent John Rogers.
y presided over the trial of Enron Chairman Ken Lay and former Chief Executive Officer Jeff Skillin
This is often done formally in lay and monastic ordination ceremonies.
questions are asked and answered by users, both lay and expert.
Keokuk arrived off Kerama Retto on 26 March to lay antisubmarine nets prior to the invasion.
a state, "without the Consent of Congress, [to] lay any Duty of Tonnage."
He did not lay any claim to the throne of England.
rosecutions found that there were no grounds to lay any charges under the Commonwealth Electoral Ac
Females lay anywhere from 40 to 100 eggs in a large cluster
ose concerning the alleged locutionist ‘Anne' a lay apostle.
f faithfully presenting papal teaching, calling lay apostles, and bringing laity through the Cathol
le group ANIME (Association for the training of lay apostolate in Brussels and Walloon Brabant).
The station is a lay apostolate owned and operated by Catholic Commu
ved on the staff of the Episcopal Vicar for the Lay Apostolate from 1974-83.
worked at the first First World Congress of the Lay Apostolate, and then studied Catholic Theology
a collaboration with actress Tilda Swinton, who lay, apparently asleep, inside a vitrine.
on of religious identities has to be based on a lay approach to the peace question in order to brin
She will then lay approximately three plain white eggs.
To the north lay Apse Bank with its three bridges, and on leavin
They lay around 14-16 eggs.
They lay around 20-40 eggs, each weighing 170-180 g.
Shetland geese lay around 30 eggs a year.
As the archipelago lay around 35°N latitude in a warmer, wetter climat
A gravid female will lay around 60 eggs; heavy oxygenation of the water
A single female will lay around 50 eggs at a time and can lay well over
The typical female is known to lay around 4500 eggs inside its cap.
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