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me year, with a teaching staff of a reader, a lecturer, a senior demonstrator and 10 students.
One 1894 lecturer, a history professor, spent his free time exc
the University of Birmingham (1994-2004), as lecturer; a fixed-term fellowship at New College, Oxfo
O. Ismagulov is a frequent lecturer about anthropology in Delhi, California and B
onductor, performer, composer, administrator, lecturer, adjudicator, writer, humourist, and statesma
irst composer-in-schools and has been a guest lecturer, adjudicator, musical director, advisor to te
e nationally as a clinician, guest conductor, lecturer, adjudicator, percussion arranger, drill desi
- d. January 2, 1991) was an American author, lecturer, adventurer, and sail training pioneer.
rvice in the Kurtina Church, where university lecturer Afanasy Shchapov delivered a revolutionary sp
l engineering company and became a university lecturer again.
r whilst in his dual role as a councillor and lecturer, allowing him adequate time for Council dutie
culturally open attitudes made him a popular lecturer also outside Jewish circles.
2005 Distinguished Lecturer, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astron
ized authority on Joseph Smith, and a popular lecturer among Latter-day Saints.
He became a leader and lecturer among the Chartists, and in 1842 was imprison
uous affair between a student and his college lecturer, an uncommon type of love story in Indian Cin
During this time he also worked as a lecturer and has been credited by numerous new comics
ay 31, 1938) is a retired Romanian university lecturer and author of children's novels.
Professor Abhaya Induruwa is the Principal Lecturer and Program Director in the Department of Com
ege, Oxford and subsequently became a fellow, lecturer and tutor in philosophy at University College
ducted laboratory research and later became a lecturer and a trustee.
s of higher semesters during his whole job as lecturer and professor.
the US, Pate became an acting instructor and lecturer, and wrote many screenplays and teleplays for
rin resigned to become a full time university lecturer and research scholar and involved himself in
Dr Petra Boynton - lecturer and researcher at a London university, specia
He served as a lecturer, and then professor, at the Mysore University
She later worked as an entertainer, lecturer, and comedian.
He moved to Manchester University as a senior lecturer and was very soon appointed to a chair at the
culty at Stanford in 1985 first as a visiting lecturer and in 1986 as a lecturer.
He was a lecturer and author on surgical topics and during the
He is an author, lecturer, and scholar of Jewish philosophy and mystici
He later became a Senior Lecturer and teacher of organ at Birmingham Conservato
He went on to be a lecturer and senior lecturer in the School of English
Bradford and the murder of Queen's university lecturer and Assembly member Edgar Graham in 1983.
Singurel worked as a lecturer and musicologist of the Moldavan State Philha
born 1979) is a French-Greek author, politics lecturer and Christian pacifist.
He was for eight years Lecturer and Tutor in Renaissance theology and Literat
ty in Grahamstown to take up a post as Senior Lecturer, and a year later was made Professor and Head
re he remained the rest of his life, first as Lecturer and then, from 1762, as Pastor.
ty at the University of Manitoba in 1971 as a lecturer and became a professor in 1985.
as a dance teacher, freelance choreographer, lecturer and examiner.
In his later years, Underhill served as a lecturer and Chair of the Department of History at Car
From 1930 to 1932 he worked as a lecturer, and in 1933 he became an associate professor
has worked as a freelance designer, teacher, lecturer and consultant through her company Littlechai
Guard now works as a lecturer and drama programme leader at the University
1890 by Lucy Page Gaston, a teacher, writer, lecturer and member of the Woman's Christian Temperanc
ish surrealist painter, collagist, writer and lecturer; and a key figure in the Birmingham Surrealis
ple to her weekly services and traveling as a lecturer and workshop leader.
ersity of Melbourne taking up the position of lecturer and then senior lecturer in the Department of
a freelance choreographer, filmmaker, writer, lecturer, and teacher.
He was a University Lecturer and Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.
He started his career as a college lecturer and retired as a professor of economics at th
She is an active lecturer and speaker on a variety of legal topics.
at St Hugh's College 1954-87 (Emeritus), and Lecturer and Reader at Oxford University 1954-87.
4) is a retired American diplomat, writer and lecturer and the former editor of Central Asia Monitor
y Poupko Kletenik is a Jewish American female lecturer and educator.
minations board having previously worked as a lecturer, and later managing schools inspections for a
Lance Workman is a senior lecturer and subject leader for psychology at Bath Spa
become a member of the university staff as a lecturer and in the same year he defended his doctoral
He trained as a Podiatrist before becoming a lecturer and senior lecturer at The London Foot Hospit
During this period he was also a senior lecturer and examiner on the Open University degree co
n an American environmental activist, writer, lecturer and organizer since the mid-1960s and was a c
ppears that he met only middling success as a lecturer and that for several years before his death,
Dickens was Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Eart
A speaker, lecturer, and teacher, Paula was also the Founder and
In 1896 he was named Lecturer and in 1902 Professor extraordinarius (profes
st Jilek or Jileck, was a Czech naval doctor, lecturer and administrator.
and literature and served for forty years as Lecturer and Professor in various colleges.
r returning to South Africa, he became Senior Lecturer and later on an Associate Professor of Organi
Today, Bradetich is an active lecturer and clinician, holding annual workshops and m
ersity College, London, and later worked as a lecturer and tutor in English and Creative Writing at
orn 1960) is an American sociologist, author, lecturer, and educator.
(born c. 1918), is an American music teacher, lecturer and founder of the Taubman Institute of New Y
He was a lecturer and professor of physics at Fudan, serving as
ry 1916-1918 and returned to become a history lecturer and broadcaster.
e in 1958 and was awarded LLB in 1959 while a lecturer and assistant clinical pathologist at Charing
Publishing Company; Grenville Kent, a pastor, lecturer, and filmmaker; and Brad Watson, a lecturer a
While a Lecturer and Fellow at St John's from 1923 until 1934,
e present-day story of Ruth, an English maths lecturer, and her husband, a globe-trotting Indian-Ame
man (1904-1996) was an American black author, lecturer, and historian.
He has been a Visiting Lecturer and Examiner of the Sri Lanka Law College and
tigation at Columbia Law School, and he was a lecturer and the J. Skelly Wright Fellow at Yale Law S
In 1953, he joined Madras University as Lecturer and simultaneously worked for his Ph.D. in th
His first post was as Chaplain, Lecturer and Tutor at Tyndale Hall, Bristol after whic
ood, where he continued his work as a writer, lecturer and journalist.
ersity, then from 1955 to 1958 he worked as a lecturer and research associate in the Institute of Wa
In 1876 he became a lecturer, and several years later a professor, of Gree
Her other roles include senior Lecturer and Admissions Officer in Carysfort College (
During the 1980s, he was a lecturer and adjunct professor at the Yale School of M
In addition to his work as a teacher, lecturer and composer of pedagogical pieces, Riemann h
In the 1980s, Chabotar became a lecturer and faculty member at Harvard University's th
He has held positions of lecturer and senior lecturer in voice at universities
He was subsequently a Principal Lecturer and the head of Research in Contemporary Art
urned to her alma mater at Newnham College as lecturer and director of the African Studies Centre at
Highly regarded as a clinician, adjudicator, lecturer, and guest conductor, Dr. Nelson has conducte
strong link with Chelsea remaining there as a lecturer, and after 25 years, took up the position of
In 1881 he was chosen as Baird lecturer, and took for his subject Natural Elements of
mail, who previously worked as a teacher and lecturer, and has written over 80 books on education.
He has worked both as a lecturer and moderator on a course at Reading Universi
ologne University, from 1969 to 1972 he was a lecturer and from 1975 to 1978 visiting professor at t
ersity of New South Wales (1966-1990), Senior Lecturer and Reader in Political Science, Australian N
ork and he partners with Bethel Seminary as a lecturer and futurist.
vement; author of book on antebellum Chicago; lecturer and writer on antitrust legal issues and deve
His father is a history lecturer and Head of Learner Involvement at Harlow Col
He was made lecturer and then professor in the Faculty of Arts at
Six years later he became a university lecturer and in 1978 was appointed a Reader.
Reflection” at Harvard, and he is a frequent lecturer and teacher at universities and on panels wor
stadt University of Technology: Privatdozent ( lecturer) and senior assistant in Physics
until 1961, following which he was a frequent lecturer, and completed his three volume autobiography
rnationally at seminars as a keynote speaker, lecturer and adviser.
for Yorkshire and the Humber, former politics lecturer and student
Parker asked lecturer and poet Wallace Rice to develop the rules fo
He has been in demand both as a teacher and lecturer and is head of composition at the Royal Scott
Dar es Salaam he was Resident Artist, Senior Lecturer and at his retirement Associate Professor.
al Sciences, University of Warwick, as Senior Lecturer and founding Head of the Chloroplast Research
ronautical Society, Orlebar is in demand as a lecturer and as a contributor to radio and TV programm
fter James E. McGaha, an American astronomer, lecturer and former U.S. Air Force pilot.
died music on his own; from 1958 on, he was a lecturer and after 1965, a professor at the Vienna Aca
Funderburk became a professional lecturer and writer in 1988 and was elected as a Repub
a prominent music educator, clinician, guest lecturer and speaker for a variety of professional org
In 1994 he joined Brunel University as a lecturer, and became full Professor in 1999, Head of D
also a former university instructor and is a lecturer and writer, having had pieces published in as
John Cowper Powys, writer, lecturer and philosopher
He has also been a lecturer and writer on international relations.
te of Archaeology at Oxford before becoming a lecturer and later Head of Department of Archaeologica
his career at the Colombo Medical College as lecturer and senior professor before moving to Peraden
He was a lecturer and writer.
university services there during his time as lecturer and chaplain at the TU Berlin from 1932 to 19
A University of Hong Kong actuary lecturer and his team estimated 60,000 to 80,000.
tin Forward is a British, Methodist Christian lecturer and author on religion and Professor of Relig
, Randolph embarked upon a public career as a lecturer and writer.
ctor of the Centre for Systems Studies, and a lecturer and researcher in management systems and scie
He is also a Visiting Lecturer and Module Director for the Special Studies P
Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks, and was then Senior Lecturer and Reader in Byzantine History, Edinburgh Un
He was also a Lecturer and Assistant during his stay at MIT.
Richard Forno is a consultant, lecturer, and writer in the area of Washington, DC.
He is an accomplished lecturer and public speaker (including as visiting pro
External examiner, lecturer and consultant for new appointments at the Ar
n Fischer's eye clinic in Prague, and later a lecturer and professor of ophthalmology.
young Remond had a reputation as an eloquent lecturer and is reported to have been the first black
brother, Professor Francis Nkrumah, a retired Lecturer and Consultant Paediatrician.
mber 1992) was a British toolmaker, part-time lecturer and politician.
Following posts as Lecturer and Reader, Atton was conferred with Fellowsh
He was lecturer and curate of St Margaret's, King's Lynn, fro
Dr Robert Beckford ( lecturer and broadcaster)
He also took part as a lecturer and co-editor of the proceedings.
She also works as a lecturer and scholar and is associated with the Univer
He then worked as a lecturer and educator in the Division of Alcoholism Co
Town Hall near Manchester, as well as being a lecturer and teacher.
is an American physician, ufologist, author, lecturer and founder of the Orion Project and The Disc
Ford has been a prominent lecturer and speaker within the church, and had taught
He was Fellow, Lecturer and Tutor at his old college until 1848.
Pilbeam (born 1941) is an English historian, lecturer and professor emeritus at the Royal Holloway,
uly 8, 1952) is a spiritual activist, author, lecturer and founder of The Peace Alliance, a grass ro
He worked as a researcher, lecturer, and professor at various German universities
He became an enthusiastic and effective lecturer and made a profound impression on William Tho
the next year was chosen Taylor mathematical lecturer and fellow-commoner (B.A.) of Sidney Sussex C
eaving jobs in television, he has worked as a lecturer and as a motivational coach, also publishing
He joined Sheffield as a lecturer and was promoted to senior lecturer in 1978.
Dr Francis John Lys (1863-1947) was a British lecturer and academic administrator.
Danckwerts became a lecturer and researcher here, but felt he had insuffic
In 1990 be became a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in 1996.
(born July 22, 1916) is a scientist, author, lecturer and Professor Emeritus of Physiological Scien
She has been a Fulbright senior lecturer and a visiting faculty member in Japan, Austr
ipated in liturgical seminars and appeared as lecturer and recitalist at the regional and national c
dition to performing, Sakher is a researcher, lecturer and instructor of oud.
New Zealand social anthropologist, educator, lecturer and writer.
rs had a busy life as preacher, manufacturer, lecturer, and author.
ees from Stanford University, and worked as a lecturer and professor at UCLA from 1923 to 1946.
Kidd was a popular and instructive lecturer, and through his efforts the geological chair
and was successively curate of North Shields, lecturer and curate at Leeds parish church, and a Vica
He was a solicitor, lecturer and tutor before entering politics.
He is a prolific Christian author, lecturer, and debater on a wide range of philosophical
He went on to become a lecturer and then (in 1773) full professor at the Facu
Rev Taitetsu Unno is a scholar, lecturer, and author on the subject of Pure Land Buddh
ch 2005) was an English freelance consultant, lecturer and journalist, who wrote about the Pioneer p
She is also a lecturer and educator and designs and leads tours to S
Drucker has worked as a lecturer, and as a judge pro tem for the Philadelphia
rael]) is an award-winning classical pianist, lecturer and professor of music at the Juilliard Schoo
He was a school teacher and lecturer and served as an alderman on Dartford Borough
urther supplemented his income as a socialist lecturer and teacher.
avy Lieutenant, antique dealer, schoolmaster, lecturer and author.
st 12, 1936) is a former Canadian politician, lecturer and university administrator.
the Royal Institute of Technology as a senior lecturer and associate professor.
She is currently a Senior Lecturer and Programme Director at Victoria University
Charles Kohlhase, an author, game developer, lecturer and accomplished photographer
An experienced teacher, lecturer and speaker, she has given talks at various i
rley O'Loughlin, photographer, is a principal lecturer and course leader of BA (Hons) Photography at
Donald B. Kraybill is a prolific author, lecturer, and educator on Anabaptist faiths and living
He worked as a lecturer and then a reader after completing his PhD.
ed to the University of Melbourne as a senior lecturer and later reader in political science.
He was then a Tutor, Lecturer and Chaplain at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford after w
taught at the Stern Conservatory, first as a lecturer and then as a full professor since 1898.
He also worked as a consultant, lecturer and industry journalist and served in the Rho
achar remained a working educator, historian, lecturer, and author until his death.
Ordained in 1841 he was successively Tutor, Lecturer and Fellow at his old college.
iversity Demonstrator, proceeding to become a lecturer and then reader.
Edward Rowan, lecturer and consultant for the colony
is a two-time Staley Foundation Distinguished lecturer and a three-time Amy Foundation national writ
15 May 1934) is a British military historian, lecturer and journalist.

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