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「lift off」の共起表現一覧(1語右で並び替え)

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Liftoff!: An Astronaut's Dream Publisher: Silver Burd
n official, "The vehicle failed shortly after liftoff and in no way reached its intended position."
The MET-clock is set to zero at the moment of liftoff and counts forward in normal days, hours, min
ed the cause of the disaster 73 seconds after liftoff, and urged NASA to improve and install new sa
t crashed after only forty-nine seconds after liftoff because it was not able to achieve enough alt
nch attempt was scrubbed a few minutes before liftoff due to bad weather.
Liftoff from the Ocean Odyssey launch platform took p
Liftoff mass: 213 tons
Liftoff occurred at 02:45 GMT on 12 November 2009.
Liftoff occurred on January 20, 2011 at 21:10:30 UTC.
Liftoff of Atlantis.
He co-piloted the liftoff of the In the Shadow of the Blade mission in
and burned for 2.5 seconds in the first Lunar liftoff on November 17 at 10:32 UTC.
do's connection to nearby Cape Canaveral, the liftoff point for America's manned space program, as
Pictures taken during liftoff prompts NASA to ground all future Space shutt
Following liftoff the rocket flew East towards a geosynchronous
At liftoff, these engines will generate a total of 130,0
te has a maximum flight altitude of 165 km, a liftoff thrust of 57.00 kN, a total mass of 100 kg, a
unds (57 kg), an apogee of 1100 kilometers, a liftoff thrust of 365 kilonewtons (82,100 lbf), a tot
Liftoff Thrust: 440 kN
Liftoff Thrust: 935,000 kN (210,196 lbf)
Liftoff took place at 01:14 UTC on 15 October 2009.
the operations of the rocket from just before liftoff until the S-IVB was discarded.
The booster would achieve liftoff via five regular F-1 engines; four of the fiv
Shuttle liftoff weight: 4,519,769 pounds (2,050,133 kg)
th a microburst-induced wind shear during the liftoff, which imposed a downdraft and a decreasing h
An April 25 attempt exploded seconds after liftoff, while a 26 June flight lasted only 4 minutes
a 4,600,000 pounds (2,090,000 kg) vehicle at liftoff with two 4-segment Space Shuttle Solid Rocket

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