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ucture of proteins, specifically to use his mathematical abilities to determine possible helical str
e that sex-based differences in spatial and mathematical abilities may be biological in origin.
s apparent that Alpher provided much needed mathematical ability to support Gamow's theorizing.
merican mathematicians known for their wide mathematical ability, their home-built supercomputers, a
left hemisphere would have an advantage in mathematical ability.
Any grouping together of mathematical, abstract, or concrete objects, however for
Random oracles are a mathematical abstraction used in cryptographic proofs; t
It is mathematical abstraction sometimes used to design digita
where gyr is the mathematical abstraction of Thomas precession into an op
and Alan Turing's Turing machines provided mathematical abstractions for expressing algorithms; the
Among his mathematical accomplishments was the discovery and proof
He also had a number of significant mathematical accomplishments, including foundation work
His great mathematical achievements were recognized by his early e
Mathematical adaptation of utility formulas once best ap
SR1 formula, a mathematical algorithm
Supreme Court case (1978) that ruled that a mathematical algorithm is not patentable if its applicat
are based on the Fast Fourier transform, a mathematical algorithm that quickly extracts the frequen
likelihood sequence estimation (MLSE) is a mathematical algorithm to extract useful data out of a n
lly arranged using different layout styles, mathematical algorithms used in graph drawing.
The permanent archive of work is primarily mathematical, although numerical calculations are often
Wheels, Life, and Other Mathematical Amusements 1983; W. H. Freeman & Co. ISBN 0
fessor Warren K. Lewis, Gilliland developed mathematical analyses of fractional distillation columns
a laboratory where computational or applied mathematical analyses are done on a computer-generated m
binatorics, Inf - Information theory, Ana - Mathematical analysis
hich brought together Nicholson's brilliant mathematical analysis and Merton's experimental skill.
ral important contributions to geometry and mathematical analysis (see linear PDEs for example).
His work is in various areas of mathematical analysis such as the geometry of Banach spa
Although the detailed mathematical analysis of motions is quite complex, most
lation and sampling theory, "the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Vol.
t he put his ideas into the pamphlet called Mathematical Analysis of Logic.
A Course In Mathematical Analysis Vol II, part I Translated by O. Du
"Intermediate value theorem", a theorem in mathematical analysis
Peacock's main contribution to mathematical analysis is his attempt to place algebra on
June 16, 1905 he became professor of higher mathematical analysis at Stockholm University College an
tional learning theory, learnability is the mathematical analysis of machine learning.
named after Luigi Chierchia, a professor of mathematical analysis at Roma Tre University.
emical sensors in FES mode, and the related mathematical analysis with experimental demonstration, w
In 1884 he recast Maxwell's mathematical analysis from its original cumbersome form
atics and a Doctor of Philosophy in 1955 in mathematical analysis from Cornell University.
A Course In Mathematical Analysis Vol I Translated by O. Dunkel and
h in number theory, algebraic geometry, and mathematical analysis have earned him many international
is attempt to physically validate Maxwell's mathematical analysis of electromagnetic waves.
ration, where he organized and directed the Mathematical Analysis Group.
until the present day he is the head of the Mathematical Analysis chair of the department.
and Related Fields, “NoDea” and “Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications”
atician, known particularly for his work on mathematical analysis of the finite element method espec
s as we know it did not yet exist then, and mathematical analysis sufficient to discuss the converge
Introductory Mathematical Analysis (for Business, Economics, and the
In mathematics, the Chicago school of mathematical analysis is a school of thought which empha
combinatorics, probability, set theory and mathematical analysis, and for personally stimulating ma
In mathematical analysis, Bernstein's inequality is named a
In mathematical analysis, Trudinger's theorem or the Trudin
In mathematical analysis, Janson has publications in functi
Bohr worked in mathematical analysis, founding the field of almost peri
esearch continued the work of his father in mathematical analysis, especially in the fields of the d
His main research is in the fields of mathematical analysis, mathematical and computational li
PSRC-funded Centre for Doctoral Training in mathematical analysis.
d the first holder was expected to focus on mathematical analysis.
ilosophical discussions, and new methods of mathematical analysis."
main area of work was in number theory and mathematical analysis; he proved a number of results on
Rather than deriving a mathematical analytical solution to the problem, experim
which pits the player against a variety of mathematical and logical puzzles.
963 upon completing the degree of Doctor of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of
These machines examined mathematical and physical analogies that underlay analog
He has developed mathematical and computer techniques for quantum chemica
ic novels employ a vast vocabulary, contain mathematical and philosophical puzzles, and avoid pop cu
The first one is based on the use of mathematical and physical procedures in the process of m
Born in Istanbul, he received his BA in Mathematical and Astronomical Science in 1945.
inted in the second volume of his Tracts on Mathematical and Philosophical Subjects, and procured fo
It is therefore proper to speak of moral, mathematical and other non-sensuous forms of beauty, con
alinas Braille code is a method of encoding mathematical and scientific notation linearly using eigh
He was educated in mathematical and other military sciences in Schemnitz an
iston continued to write and preach both on mathematical and theological subjects with considerable
ian; he is a professor in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at the University
physics, hyperbolic conservation laws, and mathematical and scientific computing, among other field
ic WorkPlace allows one to edit and typeset mathematical and scientific text using the WYSIWYM parad
His knowledge of languages, his mathematical and classical attainments, his excellent qu
are divided into two scientific groups: the Mathematical and Physical sciences and their application
Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Volume 407, Issue 18
in the humanities, social sciences, and the mathematical and natural sciences.
scopole and later pursued higher studies in mathematical and philosophical sciences at the Maroutsei
eved first class degree results in both the mathematical and mechanical science tripos.
t Egyptian texts discussing administrative, mathematical and medical topics.
and other sources and a host of analytical, mathematical and statistical software.
UAM School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences
uzhin was first a student at the School for Mathematical and Navigational Sciences in Moscow and the
esist, also well known for contributions in mathematical and astronomical geodesy.
e, and is especially strong in the areas of mathematical and philosophical logic, metaphysics, histo
rector of the Heidelberg Graduate School of mathematical and computational methods for the sciences
nications, word frequency lists, often-used mathematical and logical symbols, punctuation symbols, a
He developed new methods for mathematical and computational modeling and expanded the
iddle Ages that could be used to solve many mathematical and geometrical problems.
tal research in frontier disciplines of the mathematical and physical sciences: theoretical computer
language that allows the use of Fortran-77 mathematical and character expressions, macros, control
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: Mathematical and Physical Sciences, vol.
He is the author of numerous articles on mathematical and philosophical logic and philosophy of m
He was employed in engraving mathematical and similar instruments in brass, of which
ng in the field are MATCH Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry, first published
4 he was a Research Fellow in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of
d the project is to incorporate open-source mathematical and numerical software packages with GUI-ty
The observatory is used by the Mathematical and Astronomical Society.
plex, computationally intensive scientific, mathematical and engineering solutions.
inquiry, from instruments of observation to mathematical and statistical techniques, as well as soci
of Materials, first Head of the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, founder of the Oxfor
ty of Warsaw's Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling.
ported by the Heidelberg Graduate School of Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Sciences
In 1784 he was transferred to the mathematical and retained his position as professor up t
In Cambridge Hopf worked on many mathematical and astronomical subjects.
His collected mathematical and physical works were published in French
and was formerly the Assistant Director for Mathematical and Physical Sciences for the US National S
the Royal Society "for his applications of mathematical and statistical techniques to industrial pr
ductive endocrinology, Dr. Guzick developed mathematical and statistical models, focusing on life-ta
Many mathematical and astronomical writings are ascribed to h
Thirty-three miniatures - Mathematical and algorithmic applications of linear alge
s well as Humanities, Medical, Theological, Mathematical and Biology faculties were kept alive at St
Most of the abstract mathematical and theoretical work is sterile because it
A New Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary (1814); and
oriented matrix programming language with a mathematical and statistical function library, developed
in his classes that he disdained the use of mathematical and statistical models as crutches to suppo
out the Earth's structure were correct, his mathematical and physical reasoning was unsound.
Mathematics is a Braille code for encoding mathematical and scientific notation linearly using stan
Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Vol. 273 p. 99-118
Earnshaw published several mathematical and physical articles and books.
owley covers, in detail, the philosophical, mathematical, and scientific aspects of Yoga.
of the primary sources of ancient Egyptian mathematical and medical knowledge, including the first
itive exclusion is predicted by a number of mathematical and theoretical models, such as the Lotka-V
Jesuits] made efforts to translate western mathematical and astronomical works into Chinese and aro
"get book", and includes several mathematical and logical puzzles.
His lasting mathematical and astronomical works were written in Lati
ral role in social science, and many of the mathematical and statistical tools used for studying net
The corresponding mathematical apparatus in the form of logical relationsh
tely teaching mathematics and was acquiring mathematical apparatus for the Department of Mathematics
Mathematical apparatus of asynchronous logic is served b
oratory, Levy published papers and books on mathematical applications pertaining to aeronautics.
He is known for his groundbreaking work in mathematical applications to aerodynamics and transonic
In 1997, Ken Perlin of the Mathematical Applications Group, Inc. won an Academy Awa
-72 Fletcher pursued summer employment as a mathematical applications computer programmer in industr
niversally used to represent the azimuth in mathematical applications, whereas physical applications
n about Life Annuities is seen as the first mathematical approach of chance and probability.
sted that the task demanded a more rigorous mathematical approach best done by a machine.
(1977) A Mathematical Approach to Mathematics Appreciation
distinction between the two terms, only the mathematical approach in describing surface states is di
"A Mathematical Approach to Computational Network Design",
refers to a clever idea or to a convenient mathematical approach that simplifies cumbersome calcula
done much to support the particular kind of mathematical approach of the University's Faculty of Mat
earlier in the article compares Perelman's mathematical approach to that of Isaac Newton): “To do g
Using a mathematical approach, specifically geometric models, Go
rtment of Home Security, where he developed mathematical approaches to bombing strategy for RAF Bomb
elation data have been generated, different mathematical approaches can be employed to determine fro
t be calculated exactly (although there are mathematical approximations available, such as the Hartr
In the mathematical area of graph theory, a cage is a regular g
In the mathematical area of graph theory, a clique in an undire
In the mathematical area of graph theory, the Thue number of a
In the mathematical area of bifurcation theory a saddle-node bi
c and Bruno Marchal, and has come up with a mathematical argument for the multiverse.
ra's later work concerns ways to streamline mathematical argument.
vided elsewhere in The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art: Cut up a geometric shape into parts, r
Of the notable mathematical articles, there is an influential paper by
This axiom is primarily mathematical, as there is no need for the actual infinit
Wijngaarden would emphasize and promote the mathematical aspects of computing, first in numerical an
he prize recognizes outstanding work in the mathematical aspects of computer science.
But when planets hold mathematical aspects that are discordant across regions
The journal publishes papers on mathematical aspects of quantum mechanics, quantum field
Stockmayer became interested in the mathematical aspects of physical chemistry as an undergr
Historical, Philosophical, and Mathematical Aspects of Modern Logic and its Application
on of the rationales underlying the various mathematical assertions and the astronomical concepts an
He worked as Einstein's mathematical assistant during graduate school.
Eves was a strong spokesman for the Mathematical Association of America, which he joined in
Kerala Mathematical Association is an organization established
In 2006 the Mathematical Association of America awarded Ziegler and
Also in 1961, Begle was awarded with the Mathematical Association of America's highest honor: The
osenblatt, M. Studies in Probability Theory Mathematical Association of America, ISBN 0-88385-118-0.
er of the New York Academy of Sciences, the Mathematical Association of America, and the American Sc
920 she was appointed vice-president of the Mathematical Association of America.
an international journal Bulletin of Kerala Mathematical Association which contains original researc
authors won the Lester R. Ford award of the Mathematical Association of America in 1977 for their pa
ions for Journals and Communications at the Mathematical Association of America.
The Mathematical Association is a professional society conce
1994 Mathematical Association of America Distinguished Colleg
ehead's Presidential address in 1916 to the Mathematical Association of England The Aims of Educatio
n 2008, he won the Chauvenet Prize from the Mathematical Association of America for his paper "It is
1976 L. R. Ford award from Mathematical Association of America for excellence in ex
The Mathematical Association of America publishes a series o
In 2005, Stillwell was the recipient of the Mathematical Association of America's prestigious Chauve
received the Lester R. Ford Award from the Mathematical Association of America for expository excel
He creates puzzles for the Mathematical Association of America online at Ed Pegg, J
n 2002 DeTurck won the Haimo Award from the Mathematical Association of America for his teaching.
First-Vice-President of the Mathematical Association of America 1978 - 1980
University Teaching of Mathematics from the Mathematical Association of America, South Carolina Gove
s one of only 22 women to join the American Mathematical Association before 1900.
Alan Tammadge, President from 1978-9 of the Mathematical Association
Graham won the Lester R. Ford Award of the Mathematical Association of America for their expository
tronomical Society and was President of the Mathematical Association in 1946-1947.
Evans Award for expository writing from the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) in 1996.
Chauvenet Prize from the Mathematical Association of America (1978)
n May 1988, the Lester R. Ford Award by the Mathematical Association of America in 1993, and the Fac
In 2007, Lorch was awarded with the Mathematical Association of America's Yueh-Gin Gung and
non-fiction book, Prime Obsession, won the Mathematical Association of America's inaugural Euler Bo
The Kerala Mathematical Association started a regular Prof.T.A. Sar

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