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fall of man and his lost estate, which make necessary a rebirth through confession and belief in t
ave one flotation device for each victim, if necessary, a rescue can is able to support up to three
converter between PC and microcontroller is necessary, a so-called hardware debugger.
itions to the state, far short of the 15,000 necessary, a charge Credico denies.
on Rounds were decided by extra time and, if necessary, a penalty shootout.
the character of the beaches but were deemed necessary; a large yachting harbour exists, where the
If necessary, a second vote took place.
-chosen expletive, a slap in the face or, if necessary, a well-directed knee."
If necessary, a fifth round of eating and a sixth round o
th matches, extra time will be added and, if necessary, a penalty shootout will be conducted.
If necessary, a separated entry could be made about the r
stone springhouse; a log pig house; a brick necessary; a stone smokehouse; "the old house," a form
ction notes of occasional drug users: "it is necessary above all to avoid them being labelled, marg
"[t]he existence of an absolute liability is necessary; absolute certainty that it will be discharg
l with only a welding certificate in lieu of necessary academic credentials.
ate] government lacked the resources and the necessary acceptance to supply effective government".
sie upon the proletariat, that violence is a necessary accompaniment to revolutionary change, or th
e a station on the same frequency works, was necessary according to the waveplan of Geneva.
"Nomenclatural type of orders: corrections necessary according to Rules 15 and 21a of the Bacteri
Bomb Sight, achieved an incredible and very necessary accuracy of only 94 yards (86 m) at the V We
Being found guilty, he made the necessary acknowledgments.
l principles, arguing that they are true and necessary across cultures.
but Taiwan has defended its collection as a necessary act to protect the pieces from destruction,
the 1770s but it was not until 1825 that the necessary Act of Parliament was obtained.
forward a scheme for this line, securing the necessary Act of Parliament in 1883.
However, PoDP officers will take immediate necessary action prior to the arrival of Kent Police o
e resolution should express support "for all necessary action to protect our Armed Forces", but rep
ss to Practise of registrants and taking any necessary action to protect the public; and
1289 (2000), UNAMSIL was authorised to take necessary action to during the course of its mandate.
that the local authorities should 'take the necessary action'".
MONUC's mandate to take all necessary actions was reaffirmed with regard to protec
Much of the plot and necessary actions revolve around manipulating the biom
because of the Civil War and not all of the necessary adaptations were completed.
unadorned walls, sometimes much taller than necessary, adding touches of dreamlike surrealism.
(a) necessary additional agreements;
Hypoxanthine is a necessary additive in certain cell, bacteria, and para
c chromate primers and chromating to add the necessary adhesion properties.
way the surgeon can himself/herself make the necessary adjustments of rotation point, anteversion,
the future mandate of the operation and any necessary adjustments.
The move to Lancaster was necessary after Philadelphia, the former capital, was
om having his foot amputated, which was made necessary after he shot himself in the foot during a h
It was necessary after both teams finished the season with re
s among non-Divinity students, Ware found it necessary, after a lengthy exchange of letters with Em
It was necessary after both teams finished the season with re
such 'special measures' had not been deemed necessary after his transferral to Wakefield
The series became necessary after both teams finished the season 96-58.
hool, so that “an interchange of letters was necessary after each of the postman's rounds,” accordi
ion device from sparking, which is no longer necessary after the flame is lit.
ad that in 1968 restoration of the tower was necessary again.
nian Revolution of 1989, the exchange became necessary again.
d a good slider, but he uses a changeup when necessary against right-handed batters.
eight front-line battleships was the minimum necessary against potential threats from China, Russia
t a fleet of six battleships was the minimum necessary against potential threats from China, Russia
t a fleet of six battleships was the minimum necessary against potential threats from China, Russia
itten on the pathology request form, and the necessary age, sex, and weight are included in the pat
Necessary agenda concessions were made to include the
must be not a necessary agent, but a being endued with liberty and c
Williams was unable to secure the necessary agreement from the naval commander, Vice Adm
By 1890, the necessary agreements and consents for the sale were in
nges in total pressure while maintaining the necessary air volume
iven by the engine was purely to provide the necessary airflow to cool the engine during low speed
sition" only ran under that slate and had no necessary allegiances or party loyalties to follow.
solute and has occasionally been waived when necessary, allowing students from the other Harvard sc
ts the trains to make tight corners that are necessary along portions of the basement route, and is
Road improvements were necessary along Route 607/772 to connect Brambleton to
it was not necessary also to examine the case under Article 14 (n
it was not necessary also to examine the case under Article 13 (e
Necessary alterations and repairs and lack of sufficie
The necessary alterations included shortening of the platf
On further inspection, necessary alterations were deemed too expensive to war
ange of text, he did not scruple to make the necessary alterations, whether the new reading were su
so feel free to look over them and make any necessary alterations.
Heat is not necessary although warming will reduce the curing time
and the user is responsible for retrying if necessary, although this is not usually considered to
Other live plants, however, are not necessary although they may assist in maintaining wate
an, Special Committee to examine and suggest necessary amendment to the existing Rules of Procedure
ere incorrectly configured throughout; after necessary amendments, a simulation deemed all of the f
the new congress could be trusted to add the necessary amendments.
mpus hostels for boys and girls with all the necessary amenities.
evolutionary time, a level of recognition is necessary among individuals.
Pay cards reduce the necessary amount of exchange money in the discotheque,
ied to play for Germany because he spent the necessary amount of years playing in the country, for
ints, we drive each other nuts to obtain the necessary amount of money.
These can be accessed by clearing the necessary amount of stages and/or having the necessary
regular orbital stationkeeping maneuvers are necessary, amounting to a delta-v of approximately 50
for which, considering their effects, it is necessary an evaluation made according to the articles
nt these limitations new infrastructures are necessary: an underground site for the detector, to li
s, the Directive establishes that it will be necessary an environmental report at the end of the ev
If quick removal from the body is necessary, an eleven-day scheme with cholestyramine or
s often very difficult to work with, and the necessary analytical features can be extrapolated to t
his is probably accurate, some isn't perhaps necessary, and none should go into the article unless
evere frosts in 1945 made partial replanting necessary, and normal production was not resumed until
ff Advice's quarter, relieving each other as necessary, and caused a great deal of damage to the sa
e noted the difference of law (knowledge was necessary) and equity, where the approach was ‘A man i
the bridge locus neurons is postulated to be necessary and sufficient for sensory perception: if th
experience showed him when swift action was necessary, and he could be very determined in pursuing
d at home for games 2 and 4 (plus 5 and 7 if necessary), and the lower-seeded team was at home for
y at home for games 1 and 3 (plus 5 and 7 if necessary), and the lower-seeded team will be at home
ved the Strominger's equations which are the necessary and sufficient conditions for spacetime supe
on might have listed either enumerated those necessary and proper powers or attempted to list those
Home Rule by 'all means which shall be found necessary' and after the formation of the Ulster Volun
Without pointing out who were the necessary and proper parties to such a suit, the plain
airing, as it permitted more detentions than necessary, and it was not proportional, as the deleter
That the President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations,
votes, to reproduce any damaged ballots, if necessary, and to conduct a hand count of the ballots
Experimental evidence shows that LIN-12 is necessary and sufficient for the formation of the 2° f
to be awarded, one act of specific Valor is necessary, and that phrase, "vi faccio vedere come muo
for receiving licensed data registration is necessary and a hardware key (€ 40) has to be bought i
ental justice as it is more restrictive than necessary and applies too broadly.
deployment of reinforcements for UNAMSIL was necessary, and the operation was therefore expanded to
tions to use whatever portions of it he felt necessary, and to discard the rest.
ortant pieces of information, making mapping necessary, and frequently the player had to search man
y and public-minded reforms, appeared as the necessary and welcome step forward toward resolution o
After the war, much reconstruction was necessary and the entire airport was rebuilt.
eirce's claim that three categories are both necessary and sufficient appears to arise from mathema
e the United States Armed Forces as he deems necessary and appropriate, against Iraq.
t mind during this time; he speaks only when necessary, and has become so used to being a prisoner
ve been conducted to determine if cleanup is necessary and feasible.
ed that changes in the feudal structure were necessary and defended the shogun's claim of power.
said that the Stadium Authority is no longer necessary and recommended that its duties be consolida
arge quantities of wood and water which were necessary and in great quantities available in Europe.
e justices, lawyers and courtroom facilities necessary, and Antlers became home to a small governme
Lahorie and Guidal that immediate action was necessary and showed the forged documents leading them
sist the archive staff by performing various necessary and ongoing tasks.
nabling port forwarding on your firewall (if necessary), and connecting to each other can be a diff
or hunting, typically lacking both the power necessary and proper sights.
ars Associates, bring to life the important, necessary and timely story of understanding and protec
Colonel Watson saw that immediate action was necessary and he led his remaining small reserve to th
, however, insisted that chains would not be necessary, and his opinion prevailed.
power of Congress to make all laws which are necessary and proper to regulate commerce among the se
uade the recalcitrant by 'physical force' if necessary and to coerce the non-unionists; but a meeti
k salt water for extended periods of time if necessary, and sometimes even prefers it to fresh.
urch elders; mediating church conflicts when necessary; and helping to coordinate regional church p
rch had grown enough that a new building was necessary, and Withers was commissioned.
of Alberobello (for the that demolition was necessary and he € 10,000, triggering the bomb and mak
Their co-operation was also very necessary and would have been very helpful.
l are true we say that its hypothesis is the necessary and sufficient condition of the thesis; that
erall intends to pursue independence by "any necessary and inevitable means", according to their ma
orant receptor subunit Or67d was shown to be necessary and sufficient for detection of cVA.
n minimum toward the southeast was no longer necessary and running the transmitter with omnidirecti
a, unlike Asteya, means taking what is truly necessary and no more.
ist at all times, but that assumption is not necessary, and a more formal argument avoiding its use
polish, and the touch screens were not very necessary, and thus gave it a 6.1.
He talked only when necessary, and people would complain about having gone
against second highest voter getter was not necessary and he was declared the winner of the seat.
or metrization, this theorem provides both a necessary and sufficient condition for a topological s
le in the country, great social changes were necessary and a good government could be formed only a
h decided that the measures in question were necessary and appropriate for the purpose of protectin
865 and 1866 he purchased the river frontage necessary and in the three following years constructed
n of Henry Eckford as an oiler was no longer necessary, and considered converting her into an ammun
h decided that the measures in question were necessary and appropriate for the purpose of protectin
Francisco Chronicle that a boycott was "both necessary and justified" by Israel's continued occupat
al (potassium and sodium) supplementation is necessary and doctor's supervision is recommended.
s good to do all the investigations that are necessary, and everyone has to respond of his responsi
g our own: we will remain in Iraq as long as necessary, and not a day more."
of the Shia consider Hezbollah's weaponry a necessary and justified element of resistance, while l
tructed the Obama administration to take all necessary and appropriate steps to facilitate his rele
me of a Riemannian manifold and also gives a necessary and sufficient condition for the manifold to
anagement says the lay offs were financially necessary and done according to staff seniority.
istics and statistical mechanics, that gives necessary and sufficient conditions under which a posi
lights may be provided but are generally not necessary, and care must be taken to keep the temperat
Between 1833 and 1840 extensive repairs were necessary, and a good deal of patching-up was done, un
h African state saying "Turkey will make the necessary and appropriate national contribution on gro
s and when the Executive Committee considers necessary and is satisfied that demand exists; and to
nd escape from the 'way of the Cross' as the necessary and sufficient means of his personal redempt
First, the Necessary and Proper Clause grants Congress broad powe
As cities have grown, bypasses have become necessary, and the former downtown alignments of AR 1
The War in Iraq is a necessary and just effort to bring freedom to the Midd
He also argued that, whilst baptism was necessary and marriage was good, neither had to be don
d stood ready in case larger operations were necessary, and in early 1963 took part in patrols off
h training area can be attempted as often as necessary, and passwords allow the player to return to
is important to only leave it on as long as necessary and also to ensure that the colony's power-s
argument that the extensive cleaning was not necessary and found that the residue created "an offen
t authorizes the President to use “all means necessary and appropriate to bring about the release o
Some residents did not believe that was necessary, and helped defeat a $1.5 million expansion
Repeated application may be necessary and the eggs could be eaten before they hatc
ile extension to Slaggyford has all consents necessary and funding is being sought with hopes of op
reatise on Church Lands not to be sold, or a Necessary and Plain Answer to the question of a Consci
you lie to get us into a war, which was not necessary and has caused these kinds of casualties?"
if the statements could be found to be both necessary and reliable then the statements could be ad
why did the federal government did not take necessary and adequate steps to protect the controvers
dy responded that some flexibility is always necessary, and that any reasonable person would regard
ediate amputation of the limb above the knee necessary, and another causing compound fracture of th
altered, although it will be repaired where necessary and the existing slate roof will be stripped
Overtime was necessary and Michel Briere scored the series winning
n the grounds that a quorum of two-third was necessary and not reached due to a boycott by oppositi
anding army, courts of Arraye were no longer necessary, and about the year 1680 they were abolished
No rescues were necessary, and on the 18th she proceeded to Tsugara St
public in the management of state affairs as necessary and useful - especially participation in bur
and supporting kidney function (dialysis if necessary) and, in severe cases, kidney transplant.
Necessary Angels: Tradition and Modernity in Kafka, Be
rodeo when Ray Knight offered to provide the necessary animals.
nt website FiveThirtyEight suggested that if necessary, another Connecticut Democrat should primary
The ellipses indicate the necessary antenna diameter for receiving in cm.
"the Conference shall establish, if it deems necessary, any appropriate mechanism or body to assist
I don't think it's necessary anyway since that sentence is perfectly non-
esis of diamond, as well as to the design of necessary apparatus and the transition to production l
interests at the service of the nation when necessary, apparently at considerable cost to himself,
Or, A short treatise of restitution (As a necessary appendix to his Sermon of Repentance.)
rs to be called Units 3 and 4. TVA filed the necessary applications in November 2007 to begin the d
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