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of Globalization, and editor of the YaleGlobal Online, a webzine devoted to exploring globalization.
It also published online a detailed job description for the role.
t year in August, Chilltime launched World War Online, a massively multiplayer strategy war game.
The Carlos Museum also runs Odyssey Online, a Web site for school-age children that explo
British History Online: A History of the County of Worcester: volume
Darkfall Online: A groundbreaking subscription based Massively
He meets a gorgeous young man online, a devotee (devoteeism (or acrotomophilia) is
Midkemia Online, a text-based MUD game based on author Raymond
It was posted online a few days prior to the EP's release.
2010 he put the first samples of his new music online, a track called Supa Swag and Make Ya Famous.
Online, a Yahoo Group has been founded, enabling fans
Women on Web is an online abortion help service for countries where ther
of the AdTaily self-service ad system appeared online about half a year later.
2006, Sajid Iqbal was interviewed by BBC News Online about British foreign policy.
Stenson talking to LINC Online about her initial fears of portraying epilepsy
e offers numerous publications, both print and online, about the Bible and daily Christian living.
In: Hermes 24 (1889), S. 337ff., online about Gallica.
n O'Brien has announced the launch of the Ajax Online Academy into the US and Canadian market.
The journal offers free online access to the full-text content of all Review-
the developing world through the OARE scheme ( Online Access to Research in the Environment).
Northcliffe Media owns both papers and offers online access via its network of "ThisIs" Web sites.
Online access to the complete encyclopedia requires a
am that will allow the "amateur astrometrist" on-line access to observatory images and there they w
Electronic databases provide online access to a collection of helpful resources.
The library system offers online access to many databases for patron usage at o
ring mainly Chemical-based subjects, including online access for members, housed at the Chemistry Ce
Institutional repositories provide online access to full text information and multimedia
selling their MovieBuff product and providing online access to their searchable database from their
Free online access is available to all Catalysis Science &
ully digitized collection, "Harvard users gain online access to the full text of out-of-copyright bo
Grove Music Online accessed 17 April 2010
The station is streaming online accessed by clicking up www.thepromise1073.com
Church Plans Online, Accessed June 2008.
eed a multi-season shirt sponsorship deal with online accommodation specialists Wotif.com.
has one of the highest concentration of males online, according to Media Metrix's @Plan.
Save PDF files to local computer and online account
provides account aggregation, funds transfer, online account opening and other online financial ser
Online account management.
Darr campaigned on financial transparency and online accountability of state government.
Some online accounts of the Six report that Josiah Hummel
il 2010 Ibrahim Sheikh-Nor, writing in Hiiraan Online, accused Omar of having excessive control over
Through a series of online acquaintances, Lemmen made contact with a comp
censing agreement with Bandai Korea to operate online action casual game SD Gundam Capsule Fighter O
Even the online action ofter suffered from lag and jitteriness
access (Optional, but required for updates and online activation)
ional said Cheng had participated in low-level online activism, including sending online messages in
This online activist organization functions mainly as a so
using virtualization to create safe zones for online activities for Internet users.
The school also increased its online activity with a new online interactive magazin
Online activity continues to dwindle on Empire Earth
ampaign that included a new logo and increased online activity
Blogads is an online ad network based in Carrboro, North Carolina t
For the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis online adapter, see XBAND.
unzip it can be seen by any text viewers or by online ADC viewer.
unzip it can be seen by any text viewers or by online ADC viewer.
p it can be seen by any text viewers or by the online ADC viewer.
Online add node, table reorganisation
In 2004 The Library Quarterly went online, adding additional articles, content, and uniq
u contribute a less biased source, printed or on-line, adding it to the references?--Wetman 13:35,
Plaxo is an online address book and social networking service fou
“A lot of people who have criticized the book online admit they haven't actually read it,” he said.
us is open and running, the interface contains online ads that support the application.
was promoted by leaflets, street marketing and online ads, which directed users to the website where
fe team, the Adult Film Database was the first online adult database to include both straight and ga
business-to-business networking event for the online adult entertainment industry.
t analysis, trend reports, and interviews with online adult industry trendsetters.
Legends of Zork was a popular browser-based online adventure game, based on the legendary Zork un
Lina Leandersson responded to an online advertisement seeking a 12-year old boy or gir
side the Doe Library was also featured in 2007 online advertisements for Apple Inc.
arketing holds more than 20% of South Africa's online advertising sector.
y owned subsidiary of NWT, with a focus on the online advertising business.
earch engines, its revenue model centers on an online advertising platform and B2B transactions.
rk which was recognized as an innovator in the online advertising space in a Business 2.0 article.
trators will go to great lengths to infiltrate online advertising networks, including the creation o
uction and distribution platform that produces online advertising for corporate clients.
BlueLithium is an online advertising network, founded by Gurbaksh Chaha
adquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Centro is an online advertising media purchasing service.
specializing in experience design, digital and online advertising and website creation, application
Collective creates campaign microsites, online advertising, websites and widgets.
its brand imagery to both its website and its online advertising.
judge for the Lulu Blooker Prize and is on the online advisory board of the Online Journalism Review
The online affiliate program allows affiliates to earn co
bet365 offers an online Affiliate Program where webmasters and marketi
Although AT&T withdrew from funding Dark Sun Online after Interchange was scrapped, SSI continued
Once the site was back online again, its popularity grew to nearly 20,000 vi
As of April 06, 2011, the site is online again.
After a period of coding, Burning was online again.
European Campaign: Represent your country online against your rivals around the world to win gl
in China introduced, leading to mass protests online against internet censorship by Chinese netizen
Each individual ambassador is a licensed on-line agent (co-operator), is responsible for their
Jillian of Square Enix Music Online agreed, finding it to be the best Final Fantas
Shochiku promoted the film online, aiming at international as well as domestic f
Established in 1996 as the first online airchecks archive, it was transferred to a ded
Grove Music Online, Alan Blyth, May 2008.
key English-languages source is not available online: Alfred Perry's account.
design and analysis of algorithms, especially online algorithms, approximation algorithms, algorith
is known for his work competitive analysis of online algorithms, particularly for the k-server prob
Kiplinger's Personal Finance - Online Allies: Our favorite sites
Additionally, a feature was added online allowing viewers to personalize the video by i
Mail Online allows users to comment on articles and have i
Dynasty Warriors Online allows players to create their own character a
August 30, 2009, the teaser video was released online, along with their official website.
A 1993 draft of this script, available online, also credits James Cameron, although the text
Chris of Square Enix Music Online also praised the album, finding similar featur
The Asia Times Online also reported that it had received a claim of
In August 2010, the online alternative cricket commentary service Test Ma
Those pictures resulted in appearances at online amateur websites operated by producers Corbin
Contempo Magazine is a monthly print and daily online American magazine published in McAllen, Texas.
She has also contributed to Spiked Online, an online magazine, that identifies itself as
Audition Online, an online dance battle game developed by T3 E
pe as well as genotype, and provides tools for online analysis.
According to the Newspaper Marketing Agency online analytics data for April 2010, the Drudge Repo
tentionally not restrictively-copyrighted, and online and published editions have gradually become w
It was established in 2005 and is published online and in hard copy by the MIT Press and the Konr
The companies' business model is half online and half personal.
The journal is online, and complete backfiles are available in fullt
and for his studies of popularity and fads in on-line and other communities.
service enables users to store and sync files online and between computers.
The journal is online, and the full text is freely available.
She has published articles online and in magazines including Sierra, New York Ti
o set for this site seems not to be available on-line, and must be obtained by request to the Natio
The Take 40 Australia brand encompasses radio, online, and television.
as presented on BBC programmes including Click Online and Fast Track.
ng his house and spends the day ordering goods online and returning them before the grace period end
rammes include Hello Ungalludan and DD weekend online and daily news bulletins.
from both the National Disk and Community Disk online and are currently investigating copyright issu
His work can also be seen at Saatchi On-Line and several other on-line galleries.
bum was made available in Dec 2005 and remains online and free to download.
As such, "check the CRC" has become shorthand, online and in personal communication, for "look up th
It is accessible online and as a bespoke IPTV channel on Microsoft's W
Both on-line and real world packs of the trading card game
It is available online, and aims to be comprehensive to the end of 20
rmarthenshire County Council produces its own on-line and hard-copy recipe book called ‘Taste from
ks in the process of being catalogued and put on-line and is the base for the publishing activities
dential is a program used to encrypt passwords online, and detect phishing sites.
esources to individuals and groups involved in online and citizen media.
, all with troubles in their daily lives, meet online and decide to commit suicide together.
ion on what can be reported to the CEOP centre online, and how to do this, and fills only one page.
Video is online and available for viewing.
It is available both online and in print.
tia with the data from the stations available on-line, and maintaining the meteorological webapge a
vatives (including Power Line, National Review Online and Little Green Footballs) referred to the co
In early 2009, he'd gotten some online and industry recognition for the songs feature
y developing Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online and have finished developing Darksiders for cu
It gave users access to both online and single-player play in two "scenes" in one
Its mandate is to expand and enhance the online and mobile value added services sectors.
There are quite a few comments on-line and in publications that the stag has five le
It debuted in 1995 as part of Playboy Online and continues as its premium service today.
The Scope (Newfoundland's only bi-weekly online and print alternative newspaper)
Her dress sold out within three hours online and within two days in stores.
iplayer mode, where up to 8 players can battle online, and leaderboards, where players can see their
The source code is available online and development discussed on IRC and dev maili
urvey the extent of open content licences used online, and
act in solidarity by staging virtual sit-ins on-line and allowing the emergence of a collective pr
"Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn?" appears online and as part of "Goodnight Evelyn" in an altern
The company relies on online and catalog resellers and thus offers no direc
Gameplay is entirely online and consists of various game types (such as de
nard is a journalist and reporter for BBC news online and the BBC Wales Today news programme.
the many questions that arise when documenting online and digital sources, from the use of DOIs to c
It was released August 20, 2010 online, and October 10 in store.
currently best known for the MMORPG Warhammer Online and Dark Age of Camelot.
The band released two new songs online and went on to do a small U.S. club tour that
Baron, Naomi S., Always on : language in an online and mobile world, Oxford ; New York : Oxford U
The scandal was widely reported online and in UK newspapers.
he full video was released on December 2, 2008 online and was positively received by the public.
Lynx) of H2O: The Hip Hop Observer, a monthly on-line and print journal of hip hop culture and acti
The instrument is available online and is accessed by close to a million users ev
rvices and follow-on customer care are offered online and via a call centre operation.
he audio of all of the interviews is available online, and many have been completely transcribed.
service enables users to store and sync files online and between computers using their HybridCloud
r, the station's programming will be available online and on WUSF's HD Radio signal.
reet View made a photo of their home available online, and they claimed that this diminished the val
DEX for Android has two operating modes, online and offline, which determine where the program
In 2004 CIX Conferencing was relaunched as CIX Online and given a Web interface as an alternative to
il 2003 he served as Vice Chairman for America Online and then Time-Warner after the two companies m
It is published online and in hard copy by the MIT Press.
From 2008, the journal is published on-line and printed by the Institute of Physics.
Interactive in 1994, to develop their America Online and websites.
rader, one of the world's leading providers of online and print automotive consumer information.
more popular with the advent and popularity of online and mobile donating.
ogle collates business listings from multiple on-line and off-line sources.
It is available on 1431AM, online and on the hospital's internal radio system.
e to poor reviews from Entertainment Weekly, E Online, and AllMusic.
e, it was only released as promotional content online, and has yet to gain a CD release.
The program is online, and poems are available there for no charge.
RSU is a pioneer in online and distance learning through eCollege, compre
rolina and South Carolina and Virginia through online and on-campus classes.
eaper, unlicensed copies were widely available online and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police worked t
1998 (Classics of Western Spirituality Series) online and review
scussion bulletin Alliance Voices is published online and as a downloadable file on an ad hoc basis.
or LeftTurn, Political Affairs, Monthly Review online, and other publications.
These CE-HTML pages are typically placed online and are based on a 10-foot user interface for
t as a potent videogame distributor with both on-line and in-store capabilities.
s technology combines wine reviews from print, online, and broadcast wine critics into 1 simple scor
On the 20th anniversary of Prajasakti, it went online and came much nearer to all those who are not
They decided to share their research online and created Solar4SF.org,
Decibel also create online and mobile music discovery engines for music m
Supported by online and telephone data collection from ICM Direct
the voter registration forms can be generated online and submitted to the nearest electoral office.
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