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Irritability or a low feeling
Il Principio, or A regular Introduction to playing on the Harpsic
He would demonstrate various facets of a raag or a raagaang in seminars or lecture demonstrations
e surface may be either a horizontal metal plate or a leaf hanging naturally, or a bit of wool or co
1792, Oct. - "Venice Preserved; or, a Plot Discovered;" and "The Duenno; or, the Je
"Jesus or a Gun" (Sunburn) - 3:58
A solid sample can come in one or a few discrete pieces, or can be fragmented, gra
Outstanding Costumes - Miniseries, Film or a Special
Outstanding Hairstyling - Miniseries, Film or a Special
"Jesus or a Gun" - 3:58
Murder ( Or a Heart Attack)
This may be a simple quadratic, or a polynomial or rational function over a Galois
It no longer has either a post office, or a store or any other established commerce.
Another variation comprises benzene or a benzoquinone ring system as in geldanamycin or
Assistance can be offered, or a hint, prompt or further action triggered.
An entity can be a corporation or a trust, and a corporation is loosely defined to
"Jesus or a Gun"
or a similar form where .
Second, Wikipedia is not a mirror or a repository of links, images, or media files.
In geometry, a polytope (a polyhedron or a polychoron for example) or tiling is isohedral
plug or a prominent, discrete conical projection.
222 or a modified Russian BA-64.
Outstanding Supporting Actor - Miniseries or a Movie
cannot tolerate even moderate cold, strong wind, or a very dry or ill-drained soil.
Gerontophobia is the fear of growing old, or a hatred or fear of the elderly.
Jezails were often fired from a forked rest, or a horn or metal bi-pod.
A Standing or a Popular Army, 1869.
1636, built by Thorougood or a descendant
Standing or a running swinging neckbreaker
The inflorescence is a solitary flower or a raceme of 2 or 3 flowers.
Being a lawyer or a teacher is an occupation, being unemployed or
albiflora or a closely allied species."
Is That a Threat or a Promise?
n triple helix base pairs are indicated by a "*" or a ":" (example: C•G*G+, or T•A*T, or C•G*G, or T
Let's say a Korean meeting a Brazilian or a Russian, in France or Germany or anywhere.
er to pulling the head backwards by hair bondage or a rope attached to the back or top of a hood or
He played club rugby for Newport RFC as either or a wing or a centre.
leucocephalus), or a subspecies, T. poliocephalus leucocephalus.
a "dell", or a "depression" in Chaldean
tson and Crick base pairs are indicated by a "•" or a "-" or a "." (example: A•T, or poly(rC)•2poly(
or a delicate instep.
As a weight or a coin, 1/24th of an uncia, or 1/288th of an as
Program lengths vary from a summer or a quarter to semesters or a full academic year.
- or a true or false question.
Or a business may sell or rent chairs, podiums, tab
It Or A Thing
Standing or a running arched big boot
He may be a member of the clergy, or a counselor, professor or psychologist, doctor.
a vote of confidence or a vote of no-confidence; or
As such, the FE required batteries (two S76 or A76, or LR44 or SR44, or one 1/3N) to power its
Faqar or Abandoning of materialism
He was of Abkhaz ( or Abazin) origin.
Odo of Arezzo or Abbot Oddo (fl.
to extend the length of the ibox to fit them in, or abbreviate, so perhaps G grandchildren, or GG gr
Ibrahim's name is sometimes written Abdel Rehim or Abd EL Rahim, or Abd EL Rehim.
stomach or abdominal pain
The Blessed Thomas Abel ( or Abell) (ca.
Rapid heartbeat or abnormal heartbeat
(£7.65p or about £159 as of 2011).
Or about two hundred in all.
63% achieve grade 2 or above
WinXP sp2 IE6 ADSL @ 2mbps or above.
acaulis) or absence (G.
The arolium is extremely small or absent.
Skene holds that the correct meaning of abthain ( or abthane) is not "abbot" or "over-thane", but "ab
Created a hostile or abusive working environment,
Threatening or abusive behaviour or words.
Ratified or acceded
Greenpeace does not seek or accept donations that could compromise its indep
nce - holding a mental block against remembering or accepting some events or ideas.
fe Center no longer does wildlife rehabilitation or accepts any injured or orphaned animals.
Murder or Accident?
May not be complete or accurate
2,2-Dimethoxypropane or acetone dimethyl acetal or DMP is an organic com
Intake of acids or acid precursors
pitate out of the urine, if the urine is neutral or acidic, and form crystals or stones in the kidne
This may be hereditary or acquired.
They can be inherited, congenital or acquired.
Palmoplantar ectodermal dysplasia type 3 or Acrokeratoelastoidosis
No style consultants or acting coaches.
rporates different movement components, speaking or acting components, and props or sometimes animal
Conveys immediate information or action.
Favourite International Personality or Actor (public vote)
Testing on host or actual hardware
Adalard ( or Adalhard) of Paris (c.
Remove or add Restriction sites or other Sequence motifs
Altan except as indicated or added
Is this love or addiction?
Adele or Adelaide of Aquitaine (or Adelaide of Poitiers)
Saint Aldegonde ( or Adelgonde) (Latin: Aldegundis or Adelgundis) was
Adelaide of Normandy ( or Adeliza) (c.
These chokes can be fixed or adjustable or a mix of both.
e disqualified from being a director, liquidator or administrator, receiver or manager, or involved
Adur OR Adoor Anandapally
HD 118889 or ADS 8987 B is a double or multiple star.
HD 215114 or ADS+16208 AB is a double or multiple star.
-Creating simple or advanced games, such as pac man, or a shooting g
e successively held the positions of secretaries or advisors to many Local Government or Legations.
To refuse sex or affection at anytime.
Black or African American, 0.13% Asian, and 0.26% from tw
12.45% Black or African American,
Black or African American, 48.56% White, and 1.31% from t
White, 1.06% Black or African American, and 3.87% from two or more rac
Black or African American.
Black or African American, and 0.69% from two or more rac
Agda Persdotter or Agda i Porten, (fl.
Neither the State nor any subdivision or agency thereof shall deny, limit or abridge, dir
Residential or aggravated residential burglary
Robbery or aggravated robbery
Does smoke calm bees or agitate them?
Aignan, or Agnan (Latin: Anianus) (b.
Sanctus or Agnus Dei in German (or the Hymn "Gott sei Gelob
Offer or agree to supply a product or expose or possess a
Jacob or Aha b.
Or ahead of him."
Aycart or Aicart del Fossat or Aicardo de Fossato (fl.
This section relates to attempting, inciting, or aiding or abetting an offence under the Official
We didn't have to look or aim.
aka Gas ( or Air) Comparison Pycnometer.
The name refers to aircraft or airforces.
There is no road or airplane access.
NEVER as the Chomedy or Airports.
American Indian or Alaska Native: 1.7
Nookata or Alaskan Cypress Cupressus nootkatensis (syn.
9.3% Native American or Alaskan
Enrico Albericci or Alberici or Albrizzi (1714-1775) was an Italian
Ealdbeorht ( or Alberthus or Ealdberht) was a medieval Bishop of
Alxon ( or Alchon) Huns.
Helping those with drug or alcohol problems
On producing wells, injection of chemicals or alcohols or oil distillates to prevent and or so
John Dalderby ( or Aldberry or d'Aldreby; died 1320) was a medieval
(IE: Stonefly or Alderfly Larva)
Ealdwulf ( or Aldwulf or Eadulphus) was a medieval Bishop of L
Powered by VW Beetle or Alfa engine.
Aluminium clofibrate ( or alfibrate) is a fibrate.
Harlardus ( or Alhheard or Eahlheard) was a medieval Bishop of
Aldherus ( or Alhheard or Ealheard or Ealhheard) was a medieva
Wanted: Dead or Alive (1951)
Wanted Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi Cover)
Wanted Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive Paradise - Zack
Dead or Alive ONLINE (DOA OL or DOA O) was a Windows-bas
DOAU was called Dead or Alive Online while in development; see Dead or A
Dead or Alive 4
A2 - Dead Or Alive (5:08)
Dead or Alive (2010)
All songs written by Dead or Alive
"Dead or Alive"
"Dead or Alive" (Ivens)
"Wanted Dead or Alive"
"Wanted Dead Or Alive" by Bon Jovi
"Wanted Dead or Alive" - 2Pac/Snoop Doggy Dogg
"Dead or Alive" - 3:25
"Dead or Alive" - 4:43
"Dead or Alive" (Dirk Ivens) [1]
"Dead or alive"-2:42
Pete Burns (Dead or Alive)
Dead or Alive: Dimensions (2011) .... Helena Douglas
ACVR1B or ALK-4 acts as a transducer of activin or activin
sing consists of inserting new procedures at any or all of the entry or exit points to a particular
"One or All Problem", 1998
Make some or all transmissions reliable
ther variation is to use either all white sugar, or all raw or turbinado sugar.
Caiman or Alligator
"Together or Alone" - 4:03
A- or Alpha-test
They can use either direct (DC) or alternating (AC) current, and consumable or non-
Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album: Won
Ottawa, or alternatively "Odawa" or "Odawu," derives either
Ottawa, or alternatively "Odawa" or "Odawu" derives either
OCL, Prolog) or, alternatively, in Java.
Wings (1981), for clarinet or alto saxophone
Diamond plate is usually steel or aluminum.
"Sunday, Monday or Always"
Or am I half-remembering something else?
Or am I just dreaming?
The Hamaxobians, also or Amaxobii or Amaxobians, in ancient geography, we
The males have orange or amber wings.
Dracocephalum parviflorum, Dragonhead mint or American dragonhead
Imperial) ounces or American ones?
e it is often called Amersfoort General Cemetery or Amersfoort (Old Leusden) Cemetery or other varia
Please delete or ammend this section ASAP.
by neutralizing chloric acid with either ammonia or ammonium carbonate, or by precipitating barium,
C1 - locomotor disability: Neurological, or amputation
C5 - locomotor disability: Neurological, or amputation
C3 - locomotor disability: Neurological, or amputation
C4 - locomotor disability: Neurological, or amputation
The operator of an electric locomotive or an electric multiple unit train on a commuter or
The fare is $8 cash (coins only) or an STM transit pass, or a TRAM pass.
Bridge: Unbranched chain of atoms or an atom or a valence bond connecting two bridgeh
"Sometimes they are more for scenery or an effect, a texture or an image," continues Sir
or an H&K MP-5 in 9mm.
"Gerald Fitzgerald, or An Irish Tale" (1831).
This may involve the kernel itself or an account such as Administrator, SYSTEM, or roo
Is this creature real or an illusion?
Perhaps we should have a picture of that, or an album cover or something.
s description can apply to an individual crystal or an assembly of crystals or aggregates.
Peace or Anarchy, Little, Brown (1948).
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