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Premium: A 7" record featuring exclusive tracks by Do
a pecan grove, the park offers 122 campsites ( Premium A with sewer, Premium B with sewer, Standard
ted papers in financial economics "The Equity Premium: A puzzle".
to proportionality (although with a majority premium able to transform, in the lower chamber, the
Premium account holders can invite other users and sh
This means that premium account holders can choose to omit tags that
Some free to play servers also provide premium account plans with various ingame benefits.
Premium account holders can perform full-text searche
Premium accounts have no expiration period as long as
other chemicals used for flavouring, although premium additive free products are available.
It is a premium adult entertainment television channel consis
Blue Hustler is a subscription based premium adult entertainment television channel distri
The Erotic Network or TEN is a premium adult pay-per-view service in the United Stat
Bach currently works for the German premium adult channel Beate-Uhse.TV.
Red Hot TV is a premium adult entertainment television channel consis
election revolved around a special sales tax premium afforded to the City of White Plains.
room for women only with lush VIP seating and premium alcohol.
sions is 5.2%, making it a relatively strong, premium ale, however, the keg version was reduced to
tes and instead repositioned the airline as a premium all-business-class service.
San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer
pira family to produce and market Bourbon and premium American whiskeys.
s publisher, money and talent were often at a premium, and Shooter was forced to pencil a story spo
In Rajasthan water is at a premium, and hence the food is generally cooked in mi
Arai continued working for Premium and has become one of their major directors.
ic code analysis features are included in the Premium and Ultimate editions.
roduces the company's main products (classic, premium and flavored vodkas) as well as custom produc
versions of 350pages - Free, Lite, Standard, Premium and Platinum.
ls, Pay-Per-View movies and television shows, premium and High-Definition (HD) channels.
"It gives a fresh perspective to the super premium and premium vodka segments and actually comes
me in three primary software editions: Basic, Premium, and Reference Library (price and features in
total of £2,330,468.75 including the buyer's premium and VAT.
ic, Kozel is available as a Pale, a Medium, a Premium, and a Dark beer.
ompany in the world with a broad portfolio of premium and mass-market wine brands, imported beer, s
to get a top defensive lineman, they're at a premium, and it's less true of other positions."
Currently, it is also included in the Home Premium and higher editions of Windows Vista and Wind
members, charged all members the same monthly premium, and were structured as a nonprofit organizat
her produces German Warsteiner, Dutch Bavaria Premium and Amsterdam Navigator, Czech Zlatopramen an
After World War Two, school places were at a premium and extra places were created by turning the
The Waipara region also has a reputation as premium area for the production of Pinot noir, Reisli
y retains the majority of the title insurance premium as a commission and Westcor as the insurance
ck Office, Adobe reader, Boingo and JoikuSpot Premium as well as Nokia's own Ovi Maps and Ovi store
ns -- 50 pence and 1 pound-and were sold at a premium as a matching pair as a fund raising exercise
a mandate on States requiring them to provide premium assistance for Medicaid and CHIP enrollees wi
As of June 2010, an extension of COBRA's premium assistance has not materialized, and attempts
oth high-definition video channels as well as premium audio channels.
rnage, and can be specified to feature a Naim premium audio system complete with MP3 compatibility,
FiledBy offers both free and premium author websites with many tools and features
It was created by German premium automobile manufacturer, Audi.
This won him the IEE's Premium award for innovation.
Louie's Lounge, the full service premium bar dedicated to the Big Easy Poker Room that
Bayou Bar, a full service premium bar
harvested majority of the grapes are sold to premium Barossa wine producers for the production of
ure Group plc since 1997, which later became ' Premium Bars and Restaurants plc', which has a substa
Stoy Hayward were appointed administrators of Premium Bars and Restaurants.
, Germany, is a international manufacturer of premium bathroom and kitchen fixtures as well as acce
Testing at Rockingham has become a premium because of NASCAR's rules limiting testing im
year, the bank made a loan of $250,000 to the Premium Beef of Nebraska company, a kosher beef packi
ass lined tanks of Old Latrobe we tender this premium beer for your enjoyment, as a tribute to your
It is an entry in the premium beer segment in the country to compete with i
Lakeport was founded in 1992 as a premium beer brewery.
1990s to sell Icehouse and Red Dog as a more premium beer under a different name, so as not to dir
tarke founded a beer company called "Head Hog Premium Beer" that sold beer within the historic Reds
A premium beer, Phuket Lager is available at select ups
n Malaysia the beer will be known as Guinness Premium Beer.
Export - Spicy, premium beer.
It was originally a brewer of premium beers, including Hahn Premium and Hahn Premiu
In April 2010, Navicat Premium began including Navicat for SQLite starting f
The course is relatively short, with a premium being placed on accuracy off the tee.
DeuS (Brut Des Flandres) is a premium Belgian beer manufactured in Buggenhout, Belg
Premium Best Vol.
Premium Best (5) Katou Yuria
Soviet-free identity, turned (unusually for a premium beverage) an advantage in the rapidly develop
med on NBC's Late Friday and Comedy Central's Premium Blend along with her puppet Jolly after showc
He has also performed on Comedy Central's Premium Blend and on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.
John Player Premium Blend
tory including the sale of "Boston Tea Party" premium blend tea and antique reproduction teapots.
Aniversario (golden high-end premium blend)
Caster Super Mild Box ( Premium Blend)
ted, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Comedy Central's Premium Blend, VH1, Third Watch, Cartoon Network's Ho
oom Only, Madrigals, Varsity, Men's, Women's, Premium Blend, Treble Concert
hour-long versions), Comics Come Home 5, and Premium Blend.
Premium Blends (featuring Shorty K)
The range also includes other blends, and premium blends, currently identified by the age of th
WBC Premium Blonde (Belgian style "Blonde")
St Arnou Premium Blonde, blend of premium barley and pale whea
He may be best known for his work in PREMIUM BOB; the comedy duo which had downtown/cult s
e 1957, he started the first draw for the new Premium Bonds scheme.
Premium Bonds
), the label on Lahey's bottle reads "Jeddore Premium," a fictitious brand in an Alberta Premium bo
Thirty premium boutique wine labels are produced in Lompoc a
erly worked together for a track on the Ray'z Premium Box called "Ray'z - Beyond -".
a Series 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack -Premium Box- is a soundtrack album collection of musi
a Series 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack -Premium Box- is a box set of every soundtrack album p
Diamond Crown is a super premium brand of hand-made cigar handmade by Tabacale
ncept combines large format anchor stores and premium brand outlets alongside major entertainment c
λ /lambda/ olive oil is an ultra premium brand from Greece.
drinks, but Double Cola is now marketed as a premium brand in that area, with the same or higher p
Carrera bicycles is the premium brand of bicycles produced by Merida for the
omical optics company known primarily for its premium brand of speciality eyepieces and apochromati
opping centre follows the Mills Corporation's premium brand outlet retail format that was populariz
contains a variety of anchors, including many premium brand outlets.
DieHard is a premium brand of automotive battery marketed by Sears
, however, many at CrossIron Mills are larger premium brand outlet stores.
operates with the brand name Fun Cinemas (the premium brand) and Talkie Town(the value brand) for a
cost product (usually store brand and not the premium brand) and must get a gallon container, not t
lty drinks, such as Phillips Union Whiskey (a premium brand), the 100 proof series of Schnapps (Hot
h importer, Babco, describes Savanna Dry as a premium brand, aimed at reaching 'image conscious ind
e company's regular Jack Daniel's, which is a premium brand.
n tandem with the advent of fashion brands or premium brands of cigarettes specifically marketed to
Some premium brands, such as Jelly Belly and The Jelly Bea
mostly in North America, and are marketed as premium brands.
It consisted of premium buds of seedless marijuana which were skewere
restaurant fare, while the Batter's Eye has a premium buffet.
do-based fast-food restaurant specializing in premium burgers and fresh frozen custard.
d available for building in Cambridge is at a premium, but the city is surrounded by large areas of
The Knightbridge premium Butcher shop is run by co owner Darragh O'She
2008 Magellanic Premium by the American Philosophical Society for her
he Stones replanted the vineyard in 2000 with premium cabernet sauvignon vines producing wine under
eviously planted and replanted his acres with premium Cabernet Sauvignon.
nery in Snohomish, Washington specializing in premium Cabernet Sauvignon wine.
ializing in limited production of handcrafted premium Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Mourvedre
However, in premium cabin and business cabins, passengers may hav
oductions and MGM Television for the Showtime premium cable network.
one of many programs aired on BabyFirstTV, a premium cable and satellite television channel.
e biographical drama was produced for the HBO premium cable network and first aired on October 18,
rious late night slots during the week on the premium cable network's schedule.
As premium cable found its way with successful original
Premium cap for maximum "out-of-pocket" pay will be e
which make X2 unable to pair with any modern premium car kits which are built into Mercedes, BMW,
m & Company is a family-owned manufacturer of premium Caribbean rum.
hed and is once again positioned as a line of premium Caribbean rums.
the brewer of London Pride, the UK's leading premium cask ale, as well as many other award-winning
In 2009, Drambuie launched its single premium cask expression, The Royal Legacy of 1745, a
Most brands bottled by KBD are in the premium category and range from 8 to 17 years of agin
nternational prizes, including the Gold Award Premium Category for several years, and most recently
International Rum Festival Gold Award- Super Premium Category
Premium CD Single
ensing; synchronisations for TV and film, and premium CD's.
Finally, the service was sold as a premium channel, like HBO or Showtime, frustrating de
In the US, the miniseries was shown on the premium channel, HBO.
re available, such as E4 and ITV2, as well as premium channels such as G.O.L.D. and National Geogra
Producers of premium Chardonnay limit yields to less than half thi
later with his son, Gustav Anthon, created a premium chocolate line with a loyal customer base com
In 2009, KIOC adopted Clear Channel's Premium Choice active rock format, becoming musically
hannel Communications intranet service called Premium Choice.
nema and YouTube In May 2000, a Savanna Light Premium Cider was added to the range of Distell bever
Corojo Label is a brand of hand-made premium cigar owned by Cigar.com,
Padilla Hybrid is a brand of hand-made premium cigar owned by Padilla Cigar Company.
Rey Miguel is a brand of hand-made premium cigar owned by Black Cat Cigar Co. of Philade
Troya is a U. S. brand of hand-made premium cigar originally owned by Lignum-2, Inc.
Padilla Maduro is a brand of hand-made premium cigar owned by Padilla Cigar Company.
Sancti Spiritus is a brand of hand-made premium cigar owned by Cigar King, Inc.
imus (or Maximus by Diamond Crown) is a super premium cigar brand handmade by Tabacalera A. Fuente
El Rey del Mundo is the name of two premium cigar brands, one produced on the island of C
io Tabac Alpha Series is a brand of hand-made premium cigar owned by Rocky's Cigars, Inc.
Vegas Robaina is the name of a premium cigar brand, produced on the island of Cuba f
Cohiba is a brand for two kinds of premium cigar, one produced in Cuba for Habanos S.A.,
today the largest producer of mass market and premium cigars in the world, as well as the fourth la
It sells premium cigars and distributes cigar related media th
e to keep up with the new fad-like demand for premium cigars, resulting in widespread backorders an
ly business that manufactures and distributes premium cigars.
In the Premium Class cabin is for passengers holding Busines
Airmail as a distinct, important and premium class of postal service began to decline in m
Apartments ( premium class apartments and penthouses) - 45 000 sq.
Mendis is an aged premium clear spirit made from fruit- the first of it
to the existing home side) that includes new premium club seating, with 450 seats, and fifteen lux
Internavi Premium Club (Japanese)
Premium Club membership area, The Medallion Club
, one for general fans on the west side and a premium club to the east.
capabilities for subscribers to the Internavi Premium Club.
Super Premium Coconut Rum
Premium Cola started as a little collective a few yea
gan a beer-mix drink campaign that includes a Premium Cola, which contains caffeine, as well as Pre
btained by buying either The Twelve Kingdoms, Premium Collection Two or by purchasing disks 6, 7, 8
The army of premium collection agents was for many years identifi
Fullmetal Alchemist: Premium Collection
d in August 2009, the company released Hitomi Premium Collection 8 Hours which included material fr
o subscribers of the Oxford Reference On-line Premium collection.
brought about by conscription; in some areas, premium collections, at least on a weekly basis, had
Array Premium comes with a flame maple top and special "T"
some point before 1972, the mound remains in premium condition.
office tower but was recently redeveloped as premium condominium residences for lease or sale.
antage of the large lots and started building premium condominiums and residences, including expens
Houston Ultra (Houston, TX - Premium connections)
voluntarily installed by users who downloaded premium content in exchange for their consent to view
compare statistics, create videos and access premium content.
It was formally registered as The Premium Cook Book, the title used by the American Tec
is managed by Mitchells and Butlers under the Premium Country Dining Group brand.
A limited number of premium courtside seats will be available in the west
ine now focuses on becoming a value leader in premium cruising.
Premium Cuts (1994) - Contains songs "Buy My Record",
"Mystery of Love" from Premium Cuts
ICICI Pru ForeverLife is a regular premium deferred pension plan that provides the secur
Main ingredients are pure water and premium Deluxe ethyl alcohol (40% vol.).
dition of destination management, floral, and premium departments.
In 1995, the super premium Diamond Crown brand was re-launched by the Ne
Premium diesel fuel can have a cetane number as high
in India to have two hydrocrackers producing premium diesel (high cetane).
XMO is a Dutch language premium digital cable specialty channel from the Neth

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