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In On Early English Pronunciation, A.J. Ellis distinguished forty-two differ
a clear, distinctive, slow-paced Received Pronunciation accent which is increasingly rare in moder
me 2 discusses syntax, rhetoric, dialects, pronunciation, accent, and poetry.
All the other letters have their normal pronunciation according to the International Phonetic Al
rrency should have a standard spelling and pronunciation across the EU.
or phrase to be specified using a standard pronunciation alphabet or if necessary using vendor spec
Angey ( pronunciation: AN-zhee) is a commune in the Manche depar
th older texts where little is known about pronunciation, and transmitting the fullest possible det
The insistence on preserving pronunciation and accent as accurately as possible is re
ictionary is to give the correct spelling, pronunciation, and precise translation into Azerbaijani
There are differences in pronunciation and vocabulary from Standard Mandarin.
t includes about 800 examples of irregular pronunciation, and first appeared in an appendix to the
The dialects differ in pronunciation and in vocabulary.
Phonetic transcriptions that better depict pronunciation and which note changes due to grammar and
ers slightly from Cantonese, mainly in its pronunciation and lexicon.
Unusually for a Latin course, pronunciation and understanding, rather than translation
also noted that the name Osiris is a Greek pronunciation, and that the god would have been called A
PAU-hite (in the same pronunciation and emphasis as the word "powder")
PO-white (in the same pronunciation and emphasis as the word "potion")
omanization of Chinese renders the sounds ( pronunciation) and not the characters (written form).
prehensive description of British Received Pronunciation, and indeed the first such description of
cause of the great discrepancy between the pronunciation and spelling and the widespread adoption o
romani, so variations exist in vocabulary, pronunciation, and usage, depending on the speaker.
work, but also occasionally uses received pronunciation and other accents.
ars; he adopted for himself a modern Greek pronunciation, and before his death he endowed a travell
On the basis of cognate pronunciation and Septuagint readings, some identify Ken
aldee" letters is a tabular display of the pronunciation, appearance, numerical values, translitera
This Karate fighter's name has same pronunciation as the main character's name.
The words "put in" are sung with accented pronunciation as "poot een", which is how the Russian pr
l W. Cullen Building, usually shortened in pronunciation as the E. Cullen Building, is a building t
nal link contradicts the current article's pronunciation as "man-chack", I'm editing the article to
hich may give a hint as to the traditional pronunciation as this place name seems to be unique.
Stockholm the sj sound also have a special pronunciation at the front of the mouth, similar to the
in the language, speakers may select their pronunciation based on personal preferences.
I had gone ahead and changed the given pronunciation, because it seemed so unlikely.
primers ever, the Varna Parichaya (Bengali pronunciation Borno Porichoy).
The guest attempts to correct Kiko's pronunciation, but Kiko continues mispronouncing the gue
ts over meaningless details of grammar and pronunciation but are finally able to push past the pett
f Slavic and Yiddish surnames with similar pronunciation but differences in spelling.
However, pronunciation by voice actors in the original Japanese v
its sequence of "Bad Wolf", Pegg's "wrong" pronunciation can be clearly heard.
This pronunciation can be the subject of some snobbery (and r
e 20th century, and the point at which the pronunciation changes has been moving further inland for
(New Chaozhou pronunciation dictionary) Shantou, China : Shantou da xu
ted today and dictionaries such as Longman Pronunciation Dictionary, ed.
There is a pronunciation difference between the Taiwanese Hakka dia
encompassing overview of all varieties, as pronunciation differs per village and town, and may diff
Although pronunciation errors are common during parliamentary spe
Issues of pronunciation even carry over to church Latin, the langu
As a common character, whose pronunciation every literate person is supposed to know,
Scots pronunciation: Faanash, archaically Faanesh.
A hypothesized pronunciation for each character may explain the resembl
rth Dakota, invariably have palatoalveolar pronunciation for both of these sounds.
er [Native American languages] in terms of pronunciation for a European.
These two usually provide the pronunciation for an entire word, but the morphophonemic
use [FAB-ee] or [FAB-ee-us] as a preferred pronunciation for these rivers.
n alternative vowel spellings with one-way pronunciation for reading: ai, ea, ee, igh, oa, ew, ir;
The term, resembling the pronunciation for "mother", is considered as polite and
ts from this region, such as strong rhotic pronunciation, forward-shifted diphthongs, lengthened vo
lchrist system the reader must infer vowel pronunciation from context.
Pronunciation Game - A game in which the members have to
fanqie spelling from the Jiyun, the modern pronunciation given with a common homophone, different m
The Ottoman pronunciation gives the usual English forms, kaza or caz
Each character entry gives a fanqie pronunciation gloss and a definition, with occasional an
supplemental characters, and adding fanqie pronunciation glosses for each entry.
1869, On early English pronunciation, Greenwood Press: New York (1968).
hod that incorporates reading, writing and pronunciation guidance in a series of interconnected bub
Dinosauria Translation and Pronunciation Guide
Jyutping is used as the pronunciation guide in this article
1958, although then (as now) it was only a pronunciation guide, not a substitute writing system.
Adding pronunciation guides to -anything- is a good idea in my
What's Wikipedia policy though when a pronunciation has regional variation?
eye-dialect because traditional Andalusian pronunciation has retained an aspirated h lost in other
Its pronunciation has been Anglicized to aisle-a-more-AH-dah
pronounced "Sapserth", and since then the pronunciation has varied to include "Sapsa", "Sapster" a
In the cases where pronunciation has changed in the course of time, one sho
1970s onwards, attitudes towards Received Pronunciation have been changing slowly.
Henry Oscar Houghton ( pronunciation help, audio file) (April 30, 1823 - August
me she changed her last name to the Slavic pronunciation Hitschmanova which sounded less like Germa
Tantamani (Assyrian pronunciation, identical to Tandaname) or Tanwetamani (E
but it has been re-edited to the incorrect pronunciation in each case.
There is no standard pronunciation in Yiddish.
Both mountains have the same pronunciation in Chinese, and the Southern Heng Shan is
so a municipality called IJsselstein (same pronunciation), in the province of Utrecht, the Netherla
The name comes from the pronunciation in the Min Nan dialect.
"fragrant harbour" in Chinese based on the pronunciation in Cantonese.
he 1950s) suggest that in addition to full pronunciation in syllable onset, uvular /r/ in these dia
Russian, which more closely represents its pronunciation in German, or Wrangell.
The generated pronunciation information is meant to be used by both sp
icial name for the restaurant, and Susie's pronunciation inspired them to call it z pizza.
phrase, "We always keep minority spirit" ( pronunciation is different, though).
The pronunciation is not changed.
The pronunciation is also changed, to .
The pronunciation is "snitz-en-nep".
The correct pronunciation is "sass-sure-ee's".
This pronunciation is recorded in the SOED with no alternativ
Pronunciation: Is there a difference between English and
The pronunciation is encoded using a modified form of the Ar
That pronunciation is now in the article but it is labelled U
Zetea (Hungarian: Zetelaka, Hungarian pronunciation:) is a commune in Harghita County, Romania
rning foreign vocabulary where the foreign pronunciation is not transparent from the foreign writin
hough for phonological reasons, the actual pronunciation is .
He added, "This pronunciation is generally used throughout the South, an
Some called him Need Food because the pronunciation is similar to his name in Mandarin.
Which pronunciation is more common in Britain?--Oz1cz (talk) 1
Local references state that the correct pronunciation is "Sis-shwa", assumed to be the common na
Its pronunciation is the same as the rz (digraph), the only
Pronunciation is glossed for Old Chinese (rime group), M
Pronunciation is similar to Hakata ben in the following:
The correct pronunciation is "Eye-ruh-ann"; it was named for Ira and
coins; Sabatra which is its equivalent in pronunciation is also found, also Soatra, in Strabo.
speaker just has to know what the correct pronunciation is.
His smooth style and Received Pronunciation James Mason-like voice (becoming more noti
y some speakers in Dyfed and Gwynedd, in a pronunciation known as tafod tew (Eng.: thick tongue)
Kaia Kanepi ( pronunciation: KY-ah KAH-nep-i; IPA: , born 10 June 1985
As with all names, pronunciation leads to different spelling and in time th
The Pronunciation Lexicon Specification (PLS) is used to def
The survey analysed pronunciation, lexis, morphology and syntax based on int
es in grammar as well as in vocabulary and pronunciation make it practically unintelligible for peo
Their identical pronunciation makes them function as the same surname in
ifficult type of a taan as in this correct pronunciation, meaning of the composition, everything ha
s information on rhyming words, individual pronunciation, meaning, usage, names of plants and anima
n ground on such issues as mouth forms and pronunciation methods, and the direction of body movemen
argued that standard French would make the pronunciation Mon-tra-shay.
The reconstruction of Tangut pronunciation must resort to other sources.
ictionary of Bulgarian Names: Spelling and Pronunciation, Nauka i Izkustvo Publishers, 1989, 288 pp
The name contains the German pronunciation of the initials "A" and "N" followed by th
The Pronunciation of Cornish.
ddition, the Tetragrammaton, a four letter pronunciation of the name of God from the original Hebre
Pronunciation of Towaliga varies.
y be used to show the meaning, rather than pronunciation, of a possibly-unfamiliar (usually foreign
(The pronunciation of a final "a" like "y" is an old feature
The word 'Sarmoung' uses the Armenian pronunciation of the Persian term 'Sarman', which may me
The pronunciation of Slaithwaite varies.
the language of the Parsees, on the proper pronunciation of Latin, etc.
He has consistently mangled the pronunciation of Xzibit's name (calling him "Inhibit," "
(The German pronunciation, of course, is , "Coonts".)
Wandiwash is the Anglicised pronunciation of Vandavasi.
433): "...the pronunciation of Middle Egyptian...
hmond, promotes "POW-hite" as the official pronunciation of the parkway.
rian Burr refers to the distinctive uvular pronunciation of R in the traditional dialects of Northu
Both the meaning and pronunciation of the characters have shifted over the mi
Pronunciation of the In nomine in Latin
Gimson's Pronunciation of English (6th ed.).
Pronunciation of the river's name varies with the locali
The common pronunciation of "Semoran" resembles that of Cimarron.
There was a confusion of pronunciation of the station.
The typical pronunciation of the name is "Roadings".
These forms are constructed in pronunciation of Japanese language so that Japanese read
The pronunciation of the final syllable is that of "sigh".
Karlugh is a Persian pronunciation of the Turkic word Qarluq.
me to the island, they used the colloquial pronunciation of Nam Ah, i.e. "Lam Ah (Lamma)" as the na
y are termed, "Pyungan", which is a Korean pronunciation of the term "pin-an".
Does anyone know the proper pronunciation of Pusey?
ecause he could not remember her preferred pronunciation of mo-nee-ka.
The connection between the writing and the pronunciation of the Tangut language is even more tenuou
The English pronunciation of "D-Men" is similar to the Dutch pronunc
This glossary in effect indicates the pronunciation of each Tangut character with one or sever
rce be found to specify whether the proper pronunciation of "Dunant" follows French pronunciation g
e of the journal is taken from the Turkish pronunciation of the word "praxis".
The de facto standard pronunciation of the Cantonese language is that of Canto
e the singer asked a fellow if the English pronunciation of the songs was right.
The traditional Sussex pronunciation of the name has a full vowel in each sylla
This can give a quite iconic local pronunciation of Cardiff Arms Park
w Vietnamese, they gradually memorized the pronunciation of the announcement.
The precise pronunciation of visarga in Vedic texts may vary between
The pronunciation of the geminates (doubled consonants) in P
In 1909, Jones wrote the short Pronunciation of English, a book which he later radicall
nts, unlike the most commonly used English pronunciation of the city in Greece.
s the spelling "Osiran", which matches the pronunciation of the word in the Pyramids of Mars, altho
name as "why-ding" as opposed to the real pronunciation of "vee-ding."
mson, A. C. (1962), An introduction to the pronunciation of English, London: Edward Arnold
of Revived Cornish as recommended for the pronunciation of Unified Cornish Revised (UCR) orthograp
The pronunciation of these words in the original Greek would
Hindi and Bengali, especially in terms of pronunciation of vowels and consonants.
es adopted Shan as their surname since the pronunciation of their ethnic names are close to Shan, f
d first tone (regardless of the dictionary pronunciation of each word); typically all but the fifth
Indeed, the correct English pronunciation of "aufwuchs" can be rendered approximatel
Alternatively, Raritan is a Dutch pronunciation of wawitan or rarachons meaning forked riv
Mogen David is the Yiddish pronunciation of the Hebrew Magen David which directly m
due to the similarity between this and the pronunciation of his Chinese name.
phrase suggested that "Alby Jay", a loose pronunciation of Johnson's nickname "LBJ", did not liste
bopomofo better suited for annotating the pronunciation of vertically oriented Chinese text.
, the systems reflect only the theoretical pronunciation of Middle Egyptian and not the older and l
developing a romanization to represent the pronunciation of Chinese characters.
"Grinfilt" is a dialect pronunciation of Greenfield, a village in the neighbouri
f another country are changed to match the pronunciation of the original language in question and a
Its name comes from the pronunciation of "script" in Pig Latin.
from a shortened phonetic rendition of the pronunciation of the word "Australian" in an exaggerated
The correct pronunciation of the name is a source of continuing and
pronounced as "a-push" without individual pronunciation of the letters)
ults from the transliteration of the local pronunciation of the proper noun mixed with a degree of
aid special attention to their diction and pronunciation of the song's lyrics but in spite of this
roximation, using French phonetics, of the pronunciation of the group name in Cajun French.

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