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Ewshot consists of Ewshot Village proper, a later development known as Ewshot Heights p
drawn with Carlisle United in the First Round Proper, a side competing six divisions higher than th
e anchor stores directly connected to the mall proper, a stand alone Sanger-Harris store was built a
In 2002, there followed the first album proper, A Word in Your Ear, and their first US tour.
Allegro in duple meter followed by the finale proper, a Vivo in changing meters (7/8, 5/8, 3/4, etc
The proper abbreviation for a rule is Fla.R.Civ.P.
azon River outlet, and a strip along the river proper, about 1500km upstream.
is no gravitational acceleration, in that the proper acceleration and hence four-acceleration of ob
This is because accelerometers measure the proper acceleration produced by the g-force exerted b
Accelerometers measure specific force ( proper acceleration), which is the acceleration relat
n odd timbre; plus, he never seems sure of the proper accent to adopt.
entire amount to Ragama Hospital for building proper access for wheelchairs.
scriminates them in making sure that they have proper access to health and hospitals or access to so
the effort or syntactic overhead of providing proper accessors for them.
ndent communication system to the surface, and proper accommodations for the persons while awaiting
To encourage the club to take proper account of the views and interests of its supp
to encourage the Club to take proper account of the interests of its supporters and
eal with all the traitors, hold all of them to proper account, and drive [out] all the evil enemies
ing that he failed to take steps to ensure the proper accounting for options granted to him and seve
figures were rejected because he had not kept proper accounts.
etent telecentre workers of Sri Lanka, through proper accreditation, and quality training.
ofessionalism among telecenter workers through proper accreditation.
hand, by the air signal line, and received the proper acknowledgement.
A single substitution gives silabenzene proper; additional substitutions give a disilabenzene
For example, great is not a proper adjective in Great Britain, and lost is not a
Sometimes, a word is written as a proper adjective to designate an ethnic group with a
An adjective is not a proper adjective just because it is capitalized as pa
In English usage, a proper adjective is an adjective that takes an initia
common adjective is an adjective that is not a proper adjective.
condition of radio, audio characteristics, and proper adjustments the bulk of emissions on lower sid
ved from the lighthouse to a tramway to permit proper adjustments to be made to the alignment.
I would love an explanation so I can make the proper adjustments.
ability to their clients was necessary for the proper administration of justice, as lawyers owe thei
interchange, the road enters the city of Miami proper after crossing the Tamiami Canal one block wes
44, the Wehrmacht had been pushed into Germany proper, after being defeated in France by the Western
er Albanian populated territories with Albania proper after the conquest of Yugoslavia and Greece by
Alan McManus got through to the second round proper after winning 5 qualifying rounds.
goals in the UEFA Champions League competition proper against Galatasaray (he had previously scored
When he reached the proper age, his father enthroned him king, retired fr
ken, Morgaine changed the heroes back to their proper ages and then proceeded to take care of her so
Barangays: Barangays 1-40 (City Proper), Agusan, Balubal, Bugo, Bulua, Camaman-an, Co
liquids to ignite easily, and when mixed in a proper air-fuel ratio, readily explode.
issue programme, since it was not considered a proper album by the band.
Their first proper album Ancient Artifacts was a more straight ah
Dreams Less Sweet is the second proper album by Psychic TV.
Although presented as a proper album, it contains tracks from throughout the
ually an EP and consider Force Fed their first proper album.
l as several demo versions of songs from their proper albums (mostly 1998's End Hits).
e use of CBRs often results in faster healing, proper alignment of the piercings is difficult when t
of a high-frequency generator and the need for proper alignment.
e images necesarry for image stabilization and proper alignment.
"The town proper almost exclusively occupied by Chinese, is abo
Parahunt, weroance of the Powhatan ( proper), also called Tanx ("little") Powhatan, said b
A third appearance in the FA Cup First Round Proper also ended in defeat for Leigh with a 2-1 defe
The championship proper also provided plenty of surprises.
The Common-Riding proper, also called the Moor, takes place on the firs
rway E313 and the Albertkanaal (canal) is Olen proper, also called Olen-St-Martinus (Saint-Martins p
in To Kwa Wan does not pass through Ma Tau Wai proper, although it was originally intended to.
m Governor of the island, until the arrival of proper American authority.
There was no proper American distribution.
What Makes Bob Holler (2010) Proper American
ill be releasing their third record (and first proper American release), "Different Times", on Febru
ays on a flat surface, they will hold just the proper amount before spilling.
so be welded by the process, provided that the proper amount of heat is applied.
d curriculum in order to help students get the proper amount of credits needed to graduate.
put in distress because it cannot receive the proper amount of nutrients or oxygen, and the placent
moved an hour later, to allow them to get the proper amount of rest, and the rest of the docked tim
To this day, the only proper amulets have their origin in his teachings, in
cred precinct with monks' quarters, the temple proper, an edifice housing a large image of Buddha, a
On a wreath Argent and Azure on a grassy mount Proper an anchor Or between two cogwheels Sable.
Most women do not have the proper anatomical features for this piercing.
the term is useless; nor am I unaware of it's proper and professional usage.
uous range extends north from the Amazon River proper and the confluences, into eastern Roraima stat
Marston Green, in the north of the parish proper and now the other side of the airport, suburba
municipality comprises the towns of Lovendegem proper and Vinderhoute.
The town consists of Vienenburg proper and the surrounding villages Immenrode, Lengde
nclear, but comprises three areas: Northfields proper, and the Tailby and Morton council estates.
The municipality comprises the towns of Meise proper and Wolvertem (a deelgemeente), and, several s
he south (which separates it from Aspley Guise proper) and Cranfield Road to the west.
The Mansooris have two divisions, the Mansoori proper and the Laliwale.
he municipality comprises the towns of Ardooie proper and Koolskamp.
their responsibilities in ensuring free, fair, proper, and fair conduct in any elections or referend
g of Soviet paratroopers brought from the USSR proper, and never even reaching the degree of anti-Ge
Proper and regular meetings should be held between te
llage is located on the territory of Poperinge proper and its "deelgemeente" Watou, but is also part
Venice proper, and the Domini di Terraferma in northern Ital
the products of nature, the period of industry proper and of art.
he municipality comprises the towns of Kontich proper and Waarloos.
shows that a moderate Degree of Voice, with a proper and distinct Articulation, is better understoo
wish population fled South Ossetia for Georgia proper and Israel during the first Ossetian War in 19
he municipality comprises the towns of Wingene proper and Zwevezele.
The Petition Proper and Motivation - a usually very specific state
o hold trade shows and meetings in the theatre proper and its lobbies.
comprises the towns of Berg, Buken, Kampenhout proper and Nederokkerzeel.
Gharavi emphasised on the need of developing a proper and indigenous system of education for the fut
The distinction between perception proper and sensation proper, which occurs by implicat
he Cumberland from Neely's Bend into Nashville proper and access to the southern end is only by a na
“Over issues like this there must be proper and thorough consultation before anything like
nicipality comprises the towns of Destelbergen proper and Heusden and was created on January 1, 1977
g; as she does, her music abruptly shifts from proper and respectable hymns to a melody weird and de
ity, close to the inhabitants, inside the city proper and also with a low land price.
of the system was sufficient enough to ensure proper and secure gas supply of Georgian and Armenian
ve Catholics, who saw Catholicism as being the proper and rightful "church of Ireland".
e Crown of St. Stephen (the Kingdom of Hungary proper and Croatia-Slavonia) around 1880
ard wall which marks the boundary of Sheerness proper and today is largely industrial in nature.
They are Old World babblers proper and belong to a clade also containing at least
Today, it belongs to the region of Tavastia Proper, and until 2010 it was the residence city for
The end of the game was anything but proper, and this fact will not be forgotten nor delet
ar doors, except for Wollaston on the Red Line proper and Valley Road on the Mattapan Line (see belo
are sub-divided into two communities, the Teli proper and the Teli Dhuniya.
Finland Proper and Turku sub-region
ter County meets up with the Susquehanna River proper and was known for its plentiful bounty of fish
rises the towns of Elversele, Steendorp, Temse proper and Tielrode.
s still too much ambiguity between the airport proper and the Fly-In as a whole.
The municipality comprises the city of Gistel proper and the towns of Moere, Snaaskerke and Zevekot
en recorded from Iheyajima, Izenajima, Okinawa proper and the nearby islet Yagachijima.
the interior hind paw on three ingots of steel Proper and on the sinister side a seahorse Argent sca
municipality comprises the city of Nieuwpoort proper and the towns of Ramskapelle and Sint-Joris.
noted that the pits are lower than the circuit proper, and believes that drivers will have to treat
uietly intense, notoriously elegant, eloquent, proper, and continually self-deprecating."
nize a Palestinian state, it is, in his words, proper and natural that the other side recognize Isra
e that the populations listed are for the city proper and not for the urban area nor the metropolita
Dialects include Altai Proper and Talangit.
e municipality comprises the city of Harelbeke proper and the towns of Bavikhove and Hulste.
ia, even though South India skips a Bronze Age proper and enters the Iron Age from the Chalcolithic
ties that are part of Leuven (including Leuven proper and Kessel-Lo).
"It is not proper and insults the memory of a woman who actually
ty comprises the towns of Denderbelle, Lebbeke proper and Wieze.
To ensure proper and intensive training, most of the athletes w
st Campus occupies about one-third of the town proper, and the West Campus occupies a large area jus
municipality comprises the town of Wachtebeke proper, and a smaller town: Overslag.
, fix, at the time of laying down such pipe, a proper and sufficient fire-plug in each such street,
The municipality comprises the city of Tielt proper and the towns of Aarsele, Kanegem, and Schuife
.2.2 was in charge of the city of Buenos Aires proper and the northern part of the metropolitan area
out of the downtown area of Big Bear Lake city proper, and this is now a business route of SR 18.
he attacker and receiver, posture must be kept proper and footwork and movement should be smooth for
The municipality comprises the city of Menen proper and the towns of Lauwe and Rekkem.
nd Chempukotti Nair (Intermediate between Nair proper and Nair Inferior).
cases connect the various levels of the mosque proper and an octagonal tower is capped by an onion d
of planning, co-ordinating and supervising the proper and orderly development of the areas within th
ity comprises the towns of Houtvenne, Hulshout proper and Westmeerbeek.
Then the wool is separated in a proper and skilled way, leaving only the skin.
nicipality comprises the towns of Begijnendijk proper and Betekom.
cipality comprises the towns of Poppel, Ravels proper and Weelde.
comprises the towns of Oostnieuwkerke, Staden proper and Westrozebeke.
popular belief that the English are extremely proper and traditional the women soon discover this i
ive action of the problem presented, render it proper, and expedient, that the matter should be refe
McKenzie also played the kazoo proper, and occasionally sang.
ing for somebody who had already been in China proper, and who knew some Chinese to join the team an
e of its proximity to the Wagri, the Obotrites proper, and the Polabians.
an endangered species of caprid found in China Proper and Tibet.
anese Army to form a buffer zone between China proper and Japanese-controlled Manchukuo in Operation
nd his children obtained many lands in England proper, and he himself gained jurisdiction over some
rmore, his wardrobe should always be clean and proper and he must never allow his hair and nails to
including mathematics, physics, and philosophy proper), and entered upon a crusade against the preva
towns of De Klinge, Meerdonk, Sint-Gillis-Waas proper and Sint-Pauwels.
In early 1810 Hanover proper and Bremen-Verden, but not Saxe-Lauenburg, wer
he next season of Hazfi Cup in the Third Round Proper and were eliminated by Steel Azin on penalties
Between Dorthonion proper and the Echoriath lay the Pass of Anach.
The municipality comprises the towns of Hamme proper and Moerzeke, Zogge and St-Anna as parttowns.
entered the 1893-94 FA Cup in the first round proper, and lost in that round for the second consecu
or LGBT citizen population at 6.1% in the city proper and 5.9% in the metro area area as a whole.
municipality comprises the towns of Knesselare proper and Ursel.
There are two dialects, Sila proper and Mongo, the latter not to be confused with
he villages of Blanden, Haasrode, Oud-Heverlee proper and Sint-Joris-Weert.
ls established their authority over all Mongol proper and defeated the Jurchens, the Tuvans, and the
lity comprises the towns of Assent, Bekkevoort proper and Molenbeek-Wersbeek.
proclamations were necessary to "apply speedy, proper, and convenient remedies...in matters so varia
the crest: On a wreath of the colours, An owl proper; and for the supporters: On either side an owl
It is part of the region Finland Proper and Western Finland.
e municipality comprises the town of Poperinge proper and the villages of Krombeke, Proven, Reningel
established a body of trustees to construct 'a proper and substantial Bridge, for the Passage of Car
oek, Sint-Laureins-Berchem, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw proper and Vlezenbeek.
municipality comprises the towns of Bonheiden proper and Rijmenam.
gen municipality includes the town of Beringen proper and the old communes of Beverlo, Koersel, and
to explode the torpedo before it hit the hull proper and vent the underwater explosion to the surfa
In the first round proper, Anderlecht eliminated CSKA Red Star of Bulgar
right, and the waves approach the shore at the proper angle (south swells), an approaching wave will
a mixing glass or shaker when inserted at the proper angle.
The proper answer for this riddle is that the bird that d
The proper answer for this is that the bird that drinks w
formed my tutor, saying: "Whenever I give more proper answers than he the envious fellow becomes off
Without proper antivenom treatment the mortality rate in huma
ht be replaced with a permanent building and a proper apparatus.
The dances proper appear at the end of the Act as an uninterrupt
ce Hubbert's initial predictions in 1956, "the proper application of ever more powerful statistical
However, the Court was split 5 to 4 on the proper application of the test.
It is also odorless and proper application lasts for the lifetime of the wood
added in the 17th century in ignorance of the proper application of the name of Sodor to the bishop
rabbinic decisors (poskim) which outlined the proper approach to the new phenomenon.
Institute, discovered that Jerusalem lacked a proper archaeological museum to house important regio
All members of the Melianthaceae proper are trees or shrubs found in tropical and sout
legre, Alta Vista, Villa Flores, and Sabanetas proper are located in barrio Sabanetas.
y with 77 folios sized 191 x 130 mm, the songs proper are found between folios 58v and 74.
al Fulvetta (or Nepal Alcippe as the fulvettas proper are not closely related to this bird), Alcippe
Sol, Reparto El Valle, and (Parcelas) Magueyes proper are located in Magueyes.
gend that giraffes cannot be eaten because the proper area of the neck that must be cut is unknown,
d Sir Peter Abeles to Kirrbilli House, so that proper arrangement could be made.
in the Sierpinski triangle, while creating the proper arrangement with four points and a factor 1/2
Giuliani appointed Hecht to the Committee for Proper Art in New York City.
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