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ts found that vimentin provided cells with a resilience absent from the microtubule or actin filamen
lication of ecology and evolution, including resilience, adaptive management, the adaptive cycle, an
ent aspects of multilevel governance provide resilience against global challenges.
into an overnight symbol for resistance and resilience against corruption and injustice.
he title belt to do so after Generico showed resilience against Strong.
He was also the founder of the Resilience Alliance, an international science network.
Generally the hujum met with impressive resilience and resistance from the Uzbek population.
Emperor and Aristocracy in Japan, 1467-1680: Resilience and Renewal."
They do however, have a level of resilience and are able to survive for some time in gra
ssing as it focuses on the characters' stoic resilience and good humor."
the right hand, which made him an example of resilience and courage.
Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption (2010), a biography of World
oof" suit of armour, his efforts to test its resilience, and his forays into the Rockies to track do
to dire extremity so as to gain their supple resilience and serviceable strength.
thuanian and English, the opera's themes are resilience and renewal - qualities that enabled Olegas
f beauty with meditative quietness belying a resilience and strength that stone and metal encompass.
rs, Arts, Tourism, Community development and resilience and Population movements.
law and order / crime and disorder / London resilience and safety are Richard's foremost interests
(…) Gwo-ka, dance of resistance, of resilience and adaptation: Dance of Life”
believed to be an expression of solidarity, resilience and patriotism.
Some have identified the four facets of resilience as preparedness, protection, response and re
7 - 10 in which topics are addressed such as resilience, bullying and harassment, how to cope with s
The resilience can be seen in a painting propped up in the
Loss of ecosystem resilience can lead to the consequent loss of valuable
d the world through the Cranfield University Resilience Centre.
ited Kingdom and Australia, are adopting the resilience concept.
rn, however, that the Erythroxylum's natural resilience does not make the plant less vulnerable to m
e Years after Katrina: Lessons for Community Resilience, Environment: Science and Policy for Sustain
olstein cattle for the purpose of increasing resilience, fertility, and fat production.
, and social development will build people's resilience in times of extreme vulnerability."
Lord's, West Indies displayed second innings resilience in the face of a deficit, and this time took
Eventually becoming annoyed with the Hulk's resilience in battle, the Galaxy Master transforms into
vernment department responsible for fire and resilience in England and Wales announced that he had b
have lit the Hanukkah candles as symbols of resilience in times of peace, and in times of persecuti
rse trains, but the Affetsiders showed great resilience in continuing to build up their village, and
rks of charity, and her personal stamina and resilience, in the face of family tragedy and ill healt
s enormous strength in the country, enormous resilience in the country, but people are struggling, a
Social-ecological resilience is defined as the capacity of a system to co
Resilience is defined as “the positive ability of a sys
Due to its outstanding resilience, it can be used for the manufacturing of gol
pair mechanism is one of the reasons for the resilience of certain bacterial spores.
s have developed a tool for benchmarking the Resilience of Organisations.
elimination of the fish also eliminates the resilience of the coral reefs to climate change, furthe
Ecological complexity relates to the dynamic resilience of ecosystems that transition to multiple sh
ords to better understand the complexity and resilience of ecosystems over longer temporal and broad
the integrity of ecosystems and ensures the resilience of life supporting systems.
ws Mizuno to examine the resourcefulness and resilience of women, even kind of awful women.
work of man in reestablishing trees and the resilience of nature.
The purpose was to demonstrate the resilience of the extraordinary range of organisms in n
Recent studies have established the economic resilience of Hereford and within the High Town area th
Understanding the resilience of these systems, i.e., the extent to which
The resilience of these creatures make them ideal test samp
e loss of locally adapted breeds reduces the resilience of the agricultural system.
development, and underlies concepts such as resilience or developmental stability-the ability to ma
n England, the project is part of CLG's fire resilience programme, which also includes the New Dimen
Soil resilience refers to the ability of a soil to resist or
ic and private sector leaders who argue that resilience should be given equal weight to preventing t
A bow-wielding character of high resilience specializing in ranged attacks, utility, and
Compensating speed and size with tremendous resilience, surviving multiple nuclear weapons strikes,
He co-authored the paper Identity and Resilience that was one of the 100 papers cited as info
The hardships and resilience that is typical of Korean life from WW2 to t
He called on his countrymen to show the same resilience the CLC had shown.
e of systemic planning and activity in civil resilience, though defence lies beyond its scope.
movies: great strength, speed, charisma, and resilience to damage are commonplace.
He also possessed a certain degree of resilience to injury (he was shot by a gun and showed n
Klein was notable for his fitness and resilience to injury, setting an MLS record in 2008 whe
ponent have maintained relative richness and resilience to natural perturbations such as drought or
ce experienced rapid growth, showing greater resilience to economic downturn than other events organ
nals to other gates since big fanouts reduce resilience to a degraded power supply or other environm
he entry at the age of adult), showing their resilience to continue their training in combative arts
programme would help improve prevention and resilience to all types of natural disasters, including
Resilience to change (databases and web sites change of
Rijkaard's resilience won through and from 2004 onwards, he achiev

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