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ng the fire revealed that Boland Hall lacked sprinklers, although the university claimed that at the
red a big cubical weight, chunks of pottery, sprinklers and spouts of red polished ware from the sit
ssurized pipes including potable water, fire sprinklers and natural gas lines ranging in diameter fr
fects including cascading walls of water and sprinklers, and a photo point and shop in which riders
rical lighting system, fire protections with sprinklers and smoke detectors, modern audio and video
o the Flake bar in her ice-cream, the garden sprinklers are set off and she is drenched in refreshin
"Deluge" systems are systems in which all sprinklers connected to the water piping system are ope
hem, they lie in wait at night, and the fire sprinklers go off, flooding their apartment, causing da
The use of fire sprinklers has been shown to mitigate the spread of fir
The sprinklers helped contain the flames, but eight stores
farther back in the plant, and there were no sprinklers in the building.
When we turn on our sprinklers in the garden, we should remember Segner, wh
Department of Consumer Affairs ordered that sprinklers in the historic section be shut off because
Lujan v. G & G Fire Sprinklers, Inc., 532 U.S. 189 (2001), was a United Sta
ampo and Ng failed to provide fire exits and sprinklers inside the establishment, that the fire exti
ause of serious code violations including no sprinklers or alarm system.
Nozzles can be fire sprinklers or water mist nozzles, hose reel nozzles, wa
The building was not equipped with fire sprinklers or smoke detectors at the time of constructi
ies, and problems with heating and air, fire sprinklers, plumbing, electrical systems and waterproof
Sprinklers shower cool water on bathers to prevent over
Because of this, the number of sprinklers that operate is limited to only those near t
It is used in conjunction with irrigation sprinklers to form a automated or non-automated sprinkl
rong smell of new carpeting, the addition of sprinklers to all balconies and the replacement of plas
black liquid started to pour out of the fire sprinklers, turning the vast majority of the people int
improvements included installing underground sprinklers, upgrading the floodlights to European Stand
The fire alarm went off and sprinklers were in operation.

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