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Fitch used differential throttle adjustment to steer the airliner to an obliqu
Having all switches on the stick and throttle allows the pilot to keep his "hands on thrott
It is included on the 2001 album NASCAR: Full Throttle and the 2005 album Harley Davidson: Ride.
d with a new head-up display (HUD), "hands on throttle and stick" (HOTAS) controls and new multi-fun
nd attacked Wagner's plane but he chopped his throttle and caused the Zero to overshoot his plane.
g the rudder's foot pedals and Jack using the throttle and control stick, they were able to take off
ordered the Alchiba's engines turned to full throttle and ran the ship ashore, saving the lives of
re altered depending upon the position of the throttle, and also depending on the rate of change of
rly converted to be steered with the original throttle as a tiller, braked by the original brake han
began to run rough, and Wittman was forced to throttle back to remain in the race, finishing in 5th
Users can also throttle bandwidth and schedule transfers off working
spite a small fire on the grid and a sticking throttle, Berger claimed the final podium place from P
black wheels, shorter airbox trumpet, larger throttle bodies, and a higher compression ratio.
Throttle body showing "wide open throttle" sensor on t
carburetor based engines had been replaced by throttle body injection (TBI) or intake manifold injec
ed to as an EFE heater is located between the throttle body of the carburetor and the intake manifol
speed, Vehicle speed, Engine temperature and Throttle body opening percentage.
grass, where Schumacher kept his foot on the throttle, but was forced to yield the position, and lo
The pilot pulled back the number one engine throttle but the plane began to roll steeply to the ri
the pedal, without lifting from it, since the throttle cable was replaced with an electronic sensor.
Thrust control was through throttle changes, which were too slow for acceptable h
rvation if forced to rotate at speed with the throttle closed, e.g.
and prevents them from melting, but when the throttle closes this cooling effect is absent, and thu
a mounting place for controls such as brake, throttle, clutch, horn, light switch, and rear view mi
ept demonstration of “fly-by-wire” electronic throttle control for motorcycle applications.
he radio and navigation console, blocking the throttle control which caused the plane to continue ga
stable vehicle control pedal to an electronic throttle control.
either the driver's seat nor the steering and throttle controls must be fixed in place.
rockets, but also dangerous because they lack throttle controls and emergency shut-offs.
ey's squadron comrades believed that his full throttle diving pursuit of an RAF SE5a caused the fabr
urrently the lead announcer for the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series (formerly known as NHRA Po
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle earned a 43% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
Also, in a stuck throttle emergency, the safe procedure is to put the t
rcuit in the servo controlling the core stage throttle failed 104 seconds into the flight, resulting
s 8,9 and 12 with engine, loose wheel nut and throttle failures respectively.
William Orbit) to the Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle film soundtrack, and it was featured on Try T
ng front straight, where drivers were on full throttle for an unprecedented 24 seconds.
AT magazine has referred to Catalano as "full throttle front and center, a modal rocker that suggest
isco Biscuits, DJ Smoove, Drakkar Sauna, Full Throttle, Future Rock, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
and straight into the tyre barriers after the throttle had stuck open, and Zanardi had to switch to
The aircraft's throttle handle was reportedly found in the forward po
autobiography, Janet Guthrie: A Life at Full Throttle, has received critical praise in such publica
n work on the game soon after completing Full Throttle in mid-1995.
iver Henry Birkin in the television play Full Throttle in 1995.
If the throttle is opened all the way in condition 2, the man
es in front of you and if they get too close, throttle is released and brakes are applied).
d stalling, extra fuel may be injected if the throttle is opened rapidly (mimicking the accelerator
For Throttle Junkies television, see Throttle Junkies TV.
This article is about Throttle Junkies the album.
n finally appear on Soil's full-length debut, Throttle Junkies, the following year.
e race for 28 of the opening 94 laps before a throttle linkage failure put him out of contention onc
ve bombers during the Battle of Midway, but a throttle malfunction caused his plane to run out of fu
where up to 85% of the time is spent on full throttle, meaning immense stress on engine and drivetr
game, the player takes on the role of either Throttle, Modo, or Vinnie, and maneuvers in and out of
ng the button pushes into control surface and throttle movements.
He tells the trainee to use the clutch and throttle, only for the penny to drop when he tells him
Twist the handle throttle open, and it would accelerate.
opening is placed so it is normally above the throttle plate at idle, but as the butterfly valve ope
two-stroke cycle; diesel engines do not have throttle plates).
or are also used, for example an extra closed throttle position sensor (CTPS) may be employed to ind
sensors, crankshaft sensors, air flow meter, throttle position as well as oxygen sensors and/or Air
ent upon the position of the valve (and hence throttle position).
of the engine's operating range, depending on throttle position.
cing the previous 12 volt system, a new style throttle quadrant and improvements to the heat and ven
f internationally syndicated radio show "Full Throttle Radio World Wide" Hosted By Fatman Scoop & Mi
ams such as The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40, Full Throttle Radio, The Dave Koz Radio Show, Bob Kingsley'
RS4 is the 'Sport' button, which sharpens the throttle response and deepens the exhaust note, and a
eed gearbox was added, together with improved throttle response, and was suggested as a competitor t
electronic suspension, transmission behavior, throttle response, and E-Diff.
esigned to reduce turbo lag and create better throttle response.
he cylinder can be reduced, thereby improving throttle response.
stems, and the most common use of a wide open throttle sensor is for the kick-down function on autom
s brother Cruz Pedregon is the 1992 NHRA Full Throttle Series Funny Car Champion.
It is current home to the NHRA Full Throttle Series, Summit Racing Equipment Southern Nati
he CO emission rate that occurs at the higher throttle settings that are typical of the conventional
The operator must know when to let off the throttle, since the ferry has no brakes or on board st
oncept of placing buttons and switches on the throttle stick and flight control stick in an aircraft
that you can use the airbrake feature and the throttle sticks in place after you let go of the incre
accident could not be determined - either the throttle stuck or it was a case of driver error.
s are controlled by limiting that flow with a throttle that restricts intake airflow, while a Diesel
d and a new concrete box section installed to throttle the flow, which was directed into the Etherow
said it may become a potential instrument to throttle the right to free speech, legitimate dissent,
Unlike After Burner II, however, there is no throttle to control speed, nor an ability to barrel ro
Oddly, the throttle twisted forward to accelerate, opposite the u
c roads so when he suffered a suspected stuck throttle, unable to stop, his Cooper went off track an
here it is pumped to, and in systems that use throttle valves, can control the relative flow rates o
ropped out in favor of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Warner Bros. approached Wolfgang Petersen to
be starved of lubricant and seize unless the throttle was opened briefly from time to time.
ertrain, allowing the engine to idle when the throttle was closed, requiring the use of the brakes i
efish biker gang from the Lucasarts game Full Throttle were designed to resemble Tusken Raiders in a
Throttle Wide Open Tour (2008)

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