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erformance, "Frautschi possesses a lush, florid tone, a sure musical sense and a forthright knowledg
nd orange blossom flavors with a subtle vanilla tone, a sip of Licor 43 conjures a feeling of a summ
In humans with weakness and low muscle tone, a muscle biopsy can help distinguish between m
ed by a spotter plane from the Japanese cruiser Tone about 200 miles (370 km) southwest of Ceylon.
ery and color scheme branding, with a dark blue tone, accentuated by concentric multi-hued pinstripe
increased sympathetic tone accompanied by reduced parasympathetic tone) ha
2:52 pm Weatheradio Canada emergency tone activated for Edmonton transmitter
xtaposed large off-white panels with patches of tone, adding textured materials such as wooden beams
r had solicited Gibbons on how to replicate the tone, adding, "He didn't do a half-bad job, consider
n with either the EBU stereo ident or BBC GLITS tone after stereo mix down.
ol was compromised by her increasingly critical tone against the Japanese military's exploitative po
te Cowichan Bays alert pagers through a special tone alert paging system, calls for service range fr
!" or "I Walk the Line" [but with] an eccentric tone all its own - largely because the vocal chorus
Her dark, sharp eyes and skin tone allowed technicians to experiment with the impo
eyes, sharp features, ebony hair and light skin tone, allowed technicians to experiment with the imp
, "Chris Eyre's direction establishes an uneven tone, allowing some actors to deliver performances b
His voice has an earthy tone, almost cracking at the edges, but capable of a
ences in their vocals which have a high-pitched tone, along with synthesizers and occasional keyboar
A status of Theobald Wolfe Tone also stands in the town
but is basically a completely separate work, in tone, ambition and purpose.
Given the humorous tone and situations which often involve one woman an
onetheless, the article is less than neutral in tone and at present does not include a single citati
vasculature, producing an increase in vascular tone and elevation of blood pressure.
e binary Sarabande La Prude which is serious in tone and complex harmonically.
tional news media as a result of its hyperbolic tone, and was condemned by leaders of both major pol
et from Deccan to have left deep imprint on the tone and diction of Urdu.
in how they were made but they are different in tone and narrative style.
Collated by tone and rime, the dictionary serves the composition
Despite Yakuman's antagonistic tone and underestimation of its artistic value, I do
es are simply told, though never patronising in tone, and are short enough to be read at one go by t
Her clear tone and lack of continuous vibrato were echoed by o
ew York described it as "Sober, even elegiac in tone, and elegantly shot" and added, " At the film's
ally) measuring uterine pressure above baseline tone and multiplying by the number of contractions i
her guest appearances this year, changes tempo, tone and persona in thrilling flashes".
The general tone and the basic premise of the film owes a great
The series follows the general tone and style of the Imagawa's The Day the Earth St
the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal, and the River Tone and has a population of 1,307.
However, its plot, tone and the majority of the characters are sufficie
rical roles of Mimi and Violetta; her purity of tone and ability to convey vulnerability were very a
erless humbucker pickups, two controls (volume, tone) and a three-way selector , all on body, and a
r feature film starring Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone, and Clark Gable in a story about rival newspap
“pearly tone and breathtaking virtuosity” The Times of Londo
His Worshipful Majesty (1973), are satirical in tone, and deal with the clash of new and old values
The sentimental tone and decency of ordinary men as heroes was influ
caster; due to an extra mini switch between the tone and volume knobs.
His editorial cartoons are conservative in tone and focus on social issues as well as politics.
"The beauty, purity and equality of his tone, and the tastefulness of his cantabile playing,
s equally tragic tales that diverge in content, tone, and form massively.
its material in an ironic, humorous-but-factual tone, and is one of the most popular humor websites
Its atmosphere, tone and lyrical content (reminiscences of an idylli
His introduction was academic in tone, and gave no hint that he'd had a hand in draft
The tone and style of the news presentation is in keepin
e efforts of everyone involved to translate the tone and spirit of the Maels' original text into Swe
She had two sons with Tone and one with Wilde.
ical of the PRC government, particularly in its tone and commentaries towards the Communist Party.
ng mixed criticism both for its overly-humorous tone and departure from the original Japanese dialog
ed for his condition further lightened his skin tone, and with the application of pancake makeup to
o, and enhanced with playing techniques between tone and noise.
owned printing press, had a mild and unassuming tone, and was tolerated by the colonial government.
The tone and maturity of the comic was slightly differen
y is full of original research, unencyclopediac tone, and information not in the source.
ral, congenital myopathies cause loss of muscle tone and muscle weakness in infancy and delayed moto
ection" (Swedish: Kosackvalet) due to the harsh tone and aggressive criticism on both sides.
long enough strings to give true bass pitch and tone and long enough keys to allow for a delicacy of
ced gastric ulcers because it increases uterine tone and contractions in pregnancy which may cause p
The story is comparable in style, tone, and subject matter to prophetic texts of the M
a new side and entrance was added graciously in tone and respect with the initial building, with gra
movement often differs substantially in style, tone and texture.
nd hardly scary, but at least it's got mood and tone and atmosphere to spare, something the first tw
dothelium, are the major regulators of vascular tone and blood pressure.
27 February to 25 March, Uranami escorted Aoba, Tone and Chikuma in another commerce raiding operati
ent albums took on a more ethereal, psychedelic tone, and this has led to their immediate associatio
Episodes generally have a comedic tone and follow Danny's mission to shoot sexually-re
he album has a very dark, abrasive, and cynical tone and incorporated a grunge and heavy metal influ
themselves were controversial due to their dark tone and their deviation from the Avengers status qu
He is renowned for his broad, thick tone and quick vibrato that remained for the duratio
In 1790, along with Wolfe Tone and others, he founded a society in Dublin for
s "an absence of his subtle gradations of flesh tone and colour" and "no sign of the extremely thin
rs view this trait as an apparent "darkness" in tone, and perceive this lack of the typical Fender "
cates that the following syllable has a neutral tone and therefore that the preceding syllable does
is expressive performances: his wide palette of tone, and his distinctive (often instantly recogniza
Both entries start off with a calm tone and pick up with several key changes for a clim
its are round, dark brown with hints of reddish tone, and taste bitter.
ual behaviour when occasionally it loses muscle tone and hangs limply from its pedal disc attachment
We believe that the general tone and content of EastEnders is now widely recogni
he show's run the series became more serious in tone and more of a traditional crime drama.
were, according to Rushton, "quite objective in tone and backed by standard social science evidence.
Breath opens with a fairly quiet and unassuming tone, and gradually reveals a highly sophisticated s
Hakka music is literary and laid-back in tone, and consists entirely of five notes; many folk
ustom P90 (bridge), 3-way switching with master tone and volume controls.
I also tried to create a more neutral tone, and added criticism of them.
e places, the national myth may be spiritual in tone and refer to stories of the nation's founding a
like, garnering her a reputation for a delicate tone and lyrical sense of virtuosity.
d in sequences to bring out contrasts of color, tone and grain.
Based on the tone and coloring it sold as Light Creole, Medium Cr
ple's discontent with life and one another, the tone and pattern of dialogue indicate that there may
, if at all possible, to hear somebody in their tone and their manner because I don't think the chur
raft the text of the Charter Oath which set the tone and direction for the new Meiji government.
claims that the new band will bring a brand new tone and energy to the show.
As a result, editions change tone and style over the years, based on who the edit
e white record-buying market, featuring a light tone and a frisky rhythm beat.
in 1979, Shostakovich's overall anti-Stalinist tone and specific comments about the anti-totalitari
Their tone and the worsening of Texas politics notwithstan
rs Atago, Takao, Maya, Chokai, Kumano, Chikuma, Tone, and Noshiro.
n characterized by his high, enthusiastic voice tone and somewhat gawky, wide-eyed facial expression
t was wise to present it to the King due to its tone and its claims.
The collection has a relativating tone, and not seldom the poems have an ironic undert
a, Satanikus ENMA Kerberos takes a less serious tone and becomes slightly more lighthearted, althoug
He was born in Bradford on Tone and died in Weston-Super-Mare.
functions including regulation of smooth muscle tone and blood pressure, platelet activation, and va
ebsite is generally regarded as conservative in tone, and has been referred to in the media as "a co
and appreciated for "(establishing) the band's tone and moral stance from the outset".
He paid particular attention to the tone and attitude of his operation, staffing the Cap
ems to have greatly influenced much of Rivera's tone and narrative structure.
This all out acoustic release has a lighter tone, and is a larger stylistic shift for the band.
er, the newspaper "is generally conservative in tone and heavily oriented toward business; it has a
ell known for his style of bowing, his splendid tone, and the clearness of his execution.
s and speeches took on a violent, revolutionary tone, and his active attempts to organize a united f
scribes the book as patriotic and optimistic in tone and as bringing life to words from historical f
The album featured a darker tone and was more lyrically advanced than No Doubt's
ish in Somerset, England, situated on the River Tone and A358 road 2 miles (3.2 km) east of Taunton
oit Hip Hop crew, The Breakfast Club(Lacks, Big Tone and Dwele).
INXS found that her tone and pitch were really good and moved her on to
He designed a signature mouthpiece for Jet Tone and collaborated with Martin Brass on practical
This article needs to be copy-edited for tone, and it also needs additional references.
sometimes compared to Benny Goodman in terms of tone and virtuosity.
In 1796 Theobald Wolfe Tone and his confederates sailed into Bantry Bay in
After the war, popular music changed tone and he became less successful.
cle to be written too much in a "press release" tone, and it is in need of an overhaul and some prun
geous", and "this is the most insolent thing in tone and bearing that I have had to read since the J
revised the papers, thus securing uniformity of tone and tendency.
t Bengal Lancers, Lieutenant Forsythe (Franchot Tone) and Lieutenant Donald Stone (Richard Cromwell)
ould remain but there is work to be done on the tone, and also in reducing the article to only those
The artistic tone and cinematography of the film were heavily pra
The characters are collated by tone and rime (approximately those used in Qieyun).
Chikuma, with Tone, and destroyers Kasumi and Shiranuhi intercepte
was noted in particular for his "metal-melting tone and whistling, artillery-shell harmonics".
The opening bass riff is reminiscent in tone and rhythmic character of "Chameleon" by jazz a
he adopted a firm, but moderate and reasonable, tone, and his indulgence towards the monks in St Knu
says, "The CD actually has a rather uniform tone, and mercifully it's a lovely one.
67 but CBS management objected to its political tone, and censored the song prior to broadcast.
some of the tape will be saturated by the pilot tone, and recording and playback of lower frequencie
n provide certain subtle effects of swelling of tone and a type of vibrato unique to the clavichord.
ns in a graphic form that reflects the visceral tone and emotion that Cricket creates in its followe
power was increased, and time signals, an A440 tone, and ionosphere reports were all added to the b
movement, with much attention paid to phrasing, tone, and dynamic style.
other Day", which is more hopeful and upbeat in tone, and focuses on how every day events, such as b
e, clinodactyly (curavture of the digits), poor tone and heart/kidney defects.
ic tanpura has one or more dials to control the tone and volume, and may have other switches and but
"a lively, fluent writer with a sharp sense of tone and pace," but finding the novel "a little too
The hosts spoke in a melodramatic, woeful tone, and wore dark gothic clothes and black make-up
ano required saxophonists to play with a "pure" tone and to concentrate on melodic development and i
he choruses of Clifford Brown, impressed by his tone and his drive, his way of phrasing over the thu
He also has a darker skin tone and wears a Mong Kon on his head.
Bleak in its tone and in some of the themes explored, the serial
city state known as Skaev, the game is dark in tone and designed with a mature audience in mind.
Guerrero, who was "concerned about Benoit's tone and demeanor", called him back twelve minutes l
st of all, how dare you take that condescending tone and insult me?
shall's death, although a general change in the tone and atmosphere of broadcasting at the time may
at that time, presented Hinduism in empathetic tone and depicted Christianity and Hinduism as more
rom Harry Enfield's TV series, so the different tone and voice of Miriam Elia's A Series Of Psychoti
n 1795 various members including Theobald Wolfe Tone and Henry Joy McCracken met at Cavehill to the
His coloring is mellow, rich in tone, and vibrant in quality.
style: a large, well-rounded but still focused tone and improvising, ostensibly still based on the
ial,” adding, “The U.S. really needs to set the tone and lead the way with a bold contribution.”
The article strives for a consistent neutral tone, and the reception sections offer a balanced tr
he unit features three controls: Dwell, Mix and Tone and is run by two pre-amp tubes and a power tub
T Davies had been an important influence on the tone and style of Merlin.
The song's tone and lyrics are evocative of a nostalgia for the
sound effects of missiles and jets escalate in tone and volume, concluding with a shot of a sunset
Its main theme would be a light tone and focused on the surrounding nature.
on Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow, is similar in tone and also contains guest vocals, this time by My
at the station you should rewrite in a neutral tone and probably cite sources (example, local newsp
Hakka music is literary and laid-back in tone and is entirely pentatonic.
r his heldentenors could be sung with beauty of tone and, wherever practicable, a smooth legato line
re any other specific grammar, style, cohesion, tone and/or spelling mistakes, please let me know an
vid Gillingham's When Speaks the Signal Trumpet Tone, Anthony Plog's Double Concerto For Two Trumpet
ach hexachord, all adjacent pitches are a whole tone apart, except for the middle two, which are sep
He begins the song in a soft tone appropriate for a lullaby, with piano, bass gui
ation, but they need to be written in a neutral tone appropriate for an encyclopedic article.(Jorgen
Collections (formerly known as the Picture and Tone Archives) were established in 1960 to collect p
Stress, vowel length and tone are linked together in Mohawk.
This posture helps to tone arm and hand muscles.
highly customized turntables with an additional tone arm.
ghly opinionated, very witty and conversational tone, as well as its categorization of cocktails int
r ъ is sometimes used after a vowel to mark low tone, as in эът "meat".
a 2 agonist activity that decreases sympathetic tone, as can be seen by the medication clonidine).
s, that must remain distinctive and constant in tone as notes cross over and dynamics change.
In particular, Upper Tanana has low tone as a reflex of Proto-Athabaskan constriction, w
d straightforward and with a rhythmic beauty of tone as it should be in a national gala play" while
This video maintained a comedic tone as opposed to the somewhat serious war story in
Franchot Tone as Giulio
Yellowlees Douglas' work to be rather morbid in tone as some refer to the title as a "doomsday title
on 16 in September 1942, with the heavy cruiser Tone as his flagship.
Franchot Tone as The President
Franchot Tone as Johnny Gray
unes arranged by Crawford" and that "Crawford's tone as a soloist is sweet yet edgy and raw, full of
se called Washbottle, which stands on the River Tone as it flows through the village, represents the
Franchot Tone as Johann Radek

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