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Color vision, a proximate adaptation of the vision sensory
2020 Vision: A Novel (2008) - ISBN 1-5982-6213-0
dicating his efforts to making the rest of his vision a reality.
magical and psionic intrusion and enhances his vision; a hat with a large feather that can be used t
In 1988 he founded Christian Vision, a large international evangelical charity, ba
3-D system in 1923, and Spoor-Berggren Natural Vision, a 65 mm widescreen format, in 1930.
In this vision, a hip, energized urban population enjoys exce
was released on October 1, 2007 through Eagle Vision, a distributor also related to other DVD relea
includes the DK4 television station and Prime Vision, a production company.
The Fourfold Vision: a study of the relations of science and relig
YG hypermedia authoring tool created by Visual Vision, a Italy based software company.
The Integral Vision: A Very Short Introduction to the Revolutionar
ese art is in this stage- he is a rebel with a vision, a pioneer and a proud Nepali artist and a ble
turret, with commander's cupola for all-round vision, a major improvement on the T-34's two-man tur
Enough humans listened to make the vision a reality.
highly variable and unpredictable) can produce vision abnormalities and difficulty swallowing and sp
the garden of their new home, Drusilla gets a vision about Buffy meeting with death.
When she gets a vision about the new Protector of Britannia, a Roman
5, while still in Vilnius, Faustina wrote of a vision about the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in her diary
Cordelia gets another vision about the Beast, in which it stands over a gro
Fagan has said that Augusto "has a clear vision about dance relative to his views about the hu
Grand Vision acquired Vision Express in 1997.
ed questions about whether Saint Simon Stock's vision actually happened, or if this tradition about
rkham and Violet Cecil to promote the imperial vision advocated by Milner.
Voices of Vision: African American Women on the Issues (1996)
owned Paul Gauguin's celebrated painting "The Vision After the Sermon", and according to Patrick He
The Vision After the Sermon, 1888
e surgery on his right eye, his newly regained vision, after blindness of forty years, is not fully
, Namperumalsamy started the India's first Low Vision Aid Centre at the Government Rajaji Hospital i
rs of Whiteley's spectacles to optical charity Vision Aid Overseas (VAO), who sent them with a team
This article is about the vision aid device.
Now, the Company supports charities, including Vision Aid Overseas, and research in the field of opt
n the market, used for circulatory problems, a vision aid, diarrhea, and other conditions.
Vision Airlines launched service to Destin/Fort Walto
Vision Airlines had begun service utilizing B737-400'
Equal Vision Album Page
oals in that championship year was 'the golden vision' Alex Young.
Conditional Density Propagation) is a computer vision algorithm.
Their product applies practical Computer Vision algorithms to the problem of gesture recogniti
Firstly, it was written with the same overall vision all along the document and reflected their vie
Part of Mr. Oglebay's vision allowed for an organization that would offer c
In humans and many other animals, photopic vision allows color perception, mediated by cone cell
Just Vision also produced the film, Budrus.
CIBA VISION also manufacturers the AoSept and Clear Care b
to increased investment in students Lamrock's vision also called for an investment in teachers.
This excellent vision also allows the fish to populate the deeper re
Laser blended vision, also known as monovision (sometimes also call
n that of strabismus, which prevents binocular vision, although it may reduce a patient's level of s
North American distributors, for Warner Music Vision, although all content is copyrighted to London
Vision America logo
This article is about Vision America.
a growing spirit of militancy of revolutionary vision among these workers, the conditions were ripe
A Vision: An Explanation of Life Founded upon the Writi
ienced an Utzum, later explained by Ax to be a vision ancient Andalites believed happened at the mom
e more basic and difficult aspects of computer vision and is generally a prerequisite to object reco
The video starts with a black and white vision, and then goes to him performing with the band
shooting combinations, with Southby-Halbish's vision and timing complementing McMahon's speed and a
eeming neglect, unselfish, and of such a broad vision and sound judgment as would have made him an i
"America's Army PC Game - Vision and Realization," published by the MOVES Insti
s from about 30 countries keen to enrich their vision and enhance their quality as leaders.
n as a leader in multiple myeloma, geriatrics, vision, and spine treatment research and is home to t
Albert Parker's wealth, along with his vision and leadership, influenced a number of communi
front of the wearer's eyes, restricting their vision, and further increasing the sense of objectifi
Montiel's excellent vision and skills secured him a place in the first te
r lack of honest leadership around, absence of vision and honest political will everywhere prompted
He built up the diocese with a vision and taught by his example to be holy and happy
le with this disorder often lose their central vision and may experience blurry or distorted vision.
acewell combined combative qualities with good vision and outstanding passing abilities.
Strauss, and Shell Oil all benefited from his vision and commitment.
"Science fairs help students to explore their vision and curiosity through science.
ham Elvins (Mark of Whitstable), A Eucharistic vision and the spirituality of St Francis of Assisi (
rass roots organization that would reflect the vision and community spirit of the Black Panther Part
me a Fellow of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, the world's leading eye and
winning Lindy's heart, she will restore Will's vision, and grant legal citizenship to Zola's three c
arheaded the development of a new RRC mission, vision, and values statement which was adopted in 200
ievement could be possible only due to Sunil's vision and relentless efforts that within two decade
992), (ed with John R Cronly-Dillon), Vol 2 of Vision and Visual Dysfunction.
timated centre of learning is the fruit of the vision and far sightedness of late Archbishop Benedic
al are wonderful examples of the rich Oriental vision and tradition.
Vision and Design (1920), see: formal analysis
ut the school still works to achieve Nordyke's vision and mission.
he modern understanding of the biochemistry of vision and claims that many other evolutionary explan
s of wings, to provide the pilot with improved vision, and to allow the observer a wider field of fi
Schools and area businesses committed to this vision and the first steps were underway to create a
deficits such as scotomas, loss of peripheral vision and more subtle vision loss.
aper stimulated the investigation of binocular vision and many variations of pseudoscopes were creat
to become a prime mover in advancing this new vision and practice of politics.
powers are used in this game: strength, X-ray vision, and flight.
st Unite which aims to promote Kwame Nkrumah's vision and political culture.
their debut record, “a stellar debut, full of vision and hope that announces the arrival of an impo
ote that hawks ate this plant to improve their vision, and it has been used as an herbal remedy for
Mulholland's role in the vision and completion of the aqueduct and the growth
edicated on February 22, 2000 says: "Shirley's vision and leadership brought MAX to Hillsboro, linki
orgia Gwizzlies as well as the defunct Atlanta Vision and Reigning Knights of Georgia.
from the relationships between the cultures of vision and those of sound.
efly of addresses, and two volumes of sermons, Vision and Duty, and Mischievous Goodness.
With his drive, vision, and organizational skills, he was elected the
Ms. Nonaka's vision and intention were never understood by many cr
oms such as dry mouth, dilated pupils, blurred vision and hot flushed skin, all of which together co
mptoms include discharge from the eye, blurred vision and swollen eyelids.  
ls are autonomous, and yet they share the same vision and educational ethos, supported by a united b
Through the Speculum That Shines: Vision and Imagination in Medieval Jewish Mysticism (
publication of Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image Analysis.
corded the Kingdom EP and a VHS video entitled Vision and Voice.
Four young teenage boys share a common vision and passion for music.
1799, in furtherance of both his own political vision and Pitt's policies, Castlereagh began lobbyin
he Miami-Dade County Teachers Awards, Hope for Vision, and the South Florida Children's Home Society
establish a ‘spatial' vision and strategy specific to the region - for exam
fforts of Dr. George F. Koepf who provided the vision and Helen Woodward Rivas who provided generous
To this end, with his vision and much work from thousands of disciples and
ommunity, part of their role is seeking future vision and care of the full time leaders.
"Aleksandr Rodchenko's Camera-Eye: Lef Vision and the Production of Revolutionary Consciousn
l protein family, which is required for normal vision and olfactory signal transduction.
udents and graduates, the school brings a rich vision and a multiplicity of voices to American cultu
gin in the first month of use, include blurred vision and eye pain.
Zubek's impressive vision and original compositions succeeds in blurring
It can be said that Dr. Schure's vision and support from 1975-1980, and the low-pressu
Both 20/10 PERFECT VISION and IntraLase are known to be sponsoring FLIVC
cal gifts (including an extraordinary range of vision), and intense discipline and commitment.
He is classified B3 (under 10% functional vision), and compete in classification category visua
tute, working on machine learning and computer vision, and was a co-inventor of U.S. Patent 5,696,96
ral muscle weakness, narrowing of the field of vision and damage to hearing and speech.
wer of the PlayStation 2 to implement computer vision and gesture recognition technologies.
monitoring, forming an integral part of NERC's vision and strategy.
e creation of John Paul II High School was the vision and inspiration of Bishop Edmond Carmody.
the men of the petroleum industry who by their vision and daring have created from God's abundance a
pseudonyms, including Kings of Tomorrow, Soul Vision and Mysterious People, either alone or with pa
Late Shri Raman Chakyar was a leader with a vision and a mission to the world of art form, Koodiy
ah's early work focused on the neural bases of vision and memory.
ion that is not possible, Antoninus received a vision and converted to Christianity.
Torrance followed through on Jared Torrance's vision, and in 1925 the Jared Sidney Torrance Memoria
He is best remembered for his vision and contribution to the construction of Vidhan
the Centre is a lasting testament to Lambert's vision and imagination.
th stated that he saw his brother Alvin in the vision, and was surprised at his presence there since
technical skill and fast pace on the ball, his vision and his shooting capabilities.
home to other artists like the Perrys, Greater Vision, and Brian Free & Assurance.
In 1993, in recognition of their vision and contribution, the building that now houses
a Doubt; adaptations of the bestsellers Fatal Vision and Blind Faith by Joe McGinniss and The Burde
The courage to hope: the roots for a new vision and the calling of the church in Africa (2003)
ed more advanced features such as stereoscopic vision and ape-like teeth and jaws, clearly distingui
Crying for a Vision and Other Essays: The Collected Steve Scott Vo
The Dutton book, Total Recall, describes the vision and implications for a personal, lifetime e-me
The Vision and the Voice is the source of many of the cen
With his vision and blessings of his Dadi Ma, Deepak Raj (Fara
on Pollock; Diane Di Prima plans to lecture on Vision and the Visionary Poet; Bobby Coleman, co-foun
to avoid becoming a potato factory due to the vision and determination of its then-small congregati
His vision and mission have blessed hundreds of ministrie
everal major strokes that affected his speech, vision and mobility.
TESEE conceptions of vision and visual consciousness relies on the sensori
gant playmaker with range of passing and great vision, and played for Tunisia's national squad in th
y are interpreted as signals in such events as vision and smell.
major publications as Stereophile and Sound & Vision, and at times has been the #1 bestselling DVD-
ternational, the Council for Citizens with Low Vision, and the Association for Macular Diseases.
3), West Coast Avengers #2 (October 1985), The Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1-2 (October-November 1
Vision and the Voice - 3:26
In a similar analogy between vision and sightless (touch-only) experience, Bradfor
The Vision and the Way of Vashista.
of Aboriginal music, and recognise the unique vision and musical styles of Aboriginal Canadian musi
urne & Metropolitan Tramways Board, it was his vision and perseverance that caused Melbourne to reta
experience, Peries has completely mastered his vision and his material.'
Avengers assist characters are Thor, Iron Man, Vision, and Hank Pym.
egins from early childhood with disturbance to vision, and loss or reduction in body control and co-
ming vantage point from which to play with the vision and dream which you see."
handle the external push of Nigeria's domestic vision and ideals; it is headed by the Foreign Minist
eate authentic community and reach out through vision and service
orum, for not respecting the production team's vision and their creative spirit.
Nonetheless, many were inspired by his vision and established creamery cooperatives around t
unded at eminent educationist, a person with a vision and farsightedness .He followed the footsteps
New Yorkers Making a Difference "with energy, vision and independent thinking."
Ashram Trust in 1975, there was a shift in the vision and mission of the Trust.
Jews the world over; above all, of his gift of vision and action, faith and scholarship, toward buil
s peak, impressing many with his surging runs, vision and shot technique not often seen among footba
ere those at Wilderspool who did not share his vision, and after securing the Community Stadium (now
ncy with statutory authority over IT strategic vision and planning, enterprise architecture, policy,
that prayer, the couple claimed to have seen a vision and a voice stating, "Prepare to receive the w
Nayar co-directs the Columbia Vision and Graphics Center and is the head of the Com
he Barabajagal sessions that Donovan's musical vision and work ethic began to diverge from that of p
and it had to be an appropriate tribute to the vision and dreams of the post-war world, enough to br
is reasonably loose, denoting shared theology, vision and values, rather than an attempt to create a
person has this feeling due to impairments in vision and equilibrioception.
2007, she flew into Basra at night using night vision and under heavy fire to evacuate a serious cas
In 1994, Udell expanded his vision and was determined to provide the general publ
Nintendo revealed Sega's subsidiary Amusement Vision and Nintendo will collaborate to release F-Zer
thanol, including blurring or complete loss of vision and acidosis.
n statement (2009) reads: "Strengthened by our vision and national and international experience, Alt
In January 2010, most vision and some dental benefits were cut from OHP Plu
are unparalleled: "Homer had used his singular vision and manner of painting to create a body of wor
He felt crushed by the force of his vision and he was a breath away from quitting.
God then appeared to Ananias in a vision, and told him to go to the "street called Stra
aith: Twelve American Writers Talk about Their Vision and Work.
g and positive research while promoting future vision and horizons of the games industry.
All achievement begins in vision and continues through labor and through faith
work: he certainly had a clear imagination and vision, and drove that - while it was possible to dis
sarcophagus, they told one another about their vision and so realised that they all had shared the s
in JLA/Avengers as a villain who ambushes the Vision and Aquaman with a group of other villains.
idates of other parties which it feels offer a vision and goals compatible with its own.
physical strength, good hearing, normal color vision and a high degree of manual dexterity.
And also night vision and infra-red systems are added.
His vision and hearing were also severely hurt.
Our future vision and aim is globalising the spirit of the walk

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