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He composed works a cappella in late romantic style for the choi
Jonathan Swift's works A Tale of a Tub and The Battle of the Books.
Bill works a normal job and Sandy stays home and takes ca
After improvement works, a covered drainage system fill in its river s
Today, the service works a little differently.
Davenport Locomotive Works, a former builder of railroad locomotives loca
Kato Works, a manufacturer of mobile cranes
As a conceptual artist, Devine works a variety of media.
In 1972 he prepared one of his last major works, a large monographic exhibition of his works.
His use of subdued, earthy colors gives his works a meditative mood.
Works abound on the history of plant exploration, an
Among other topics, Bashi has published works about the situation of women in Iran.
the German Business Administration a lot with works about cost accounting.
inod is an British author, most famous for his works about unusual words.
His grandfather published beside of many works about music theory and also the poetry of Mich
Syrokomla also produced a number of works about Lithuania's rustic nature, people and cu
There are several literary works about this shrine.
In Brno Monse started to publish works about history of Moravia, this time in German.
Caro is the author of many works about various elements, synthesis a chemical c
He wrote influential works about, among other things, the Swedish constit
•Powerful recorder which works across browsers
He works across a range of media, including painting, s
Public Works Act 1981 - Objections to the compulsory taking
This program was created by the Ontario Works Act, 1997.
He works actually for the European Court of Auditors as
Minister of Public Works ad interim: Djuanda
Laurel Homes was the second largest Public Works Administration public housing project in the c
el" itself was constructed in 1939 as a Public Works Administration project.
Much of the work was carried out by Public Works Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps
was subsequently used by the New Deal's Public Works Administration in Maryland.
This money came from the Public Works Administration (PWA).
k Parzaile, it was built in 1936 by the Public Works Administration.
1939, Gilchrist School was built by the Public Works Administration.
It was constructed as a Civil Works Administration/Works Project Administration re
He published half of his works after he was 80.
put together the first folio of Shakespeare's works after his death.
Langevin became Minister of Public Works again in 1879.
He's famous for several works against Monophysite heresy: his major one's a
he congregationalist Stephen Lobb he wrote two works against Edward Stillingfleet's Mischief of Sep
He wrote theological works against Matthew Tindal.
Illinois Tool Works agreed to pay the penalty.
For his works, Agricola is posthumously known as the "Father
udge, by contrast, is typically something that works, albeit clumsily.
Later works all detail the anomic lives of narrators who a
Colombe's surviving works all date from his old age.
These works allowed him to create a number of alloys with
Wootton had its own brick works along Berry Lane.
He often works along with Fran, supporting her or making fun
His significant works along with RNDr.
It works alongside the International Atomic Energy Agen
Ikuta now works alongside her former boss, Judge Alex Kozinski
The-Hub also works alongside The Weekday Show
He works alongside Todd Newton and they have both worke
Pan Lei's collected works also included the opinions of women who believ
His daughter Susanne Kronzucker works also as journalist.
The Water Works, also known as the Erie City Water Authority,
packages for Ubuntu works also on Debian.
Many Horn works also explore ambiguities in the idea of lenses
O'Neill's works also include a number of symphonic suites and
The reconstruction works also included strengthening the piers supporti
His other best known works also involved orbital mechanics.
Pushkin's works also provided fertile ground for Russian compo
The works also built landing craft and parts for midget
hies, which became increasingly visible in his works, also brought him trouble in Czechoslovakia.
Philon's works also contain the oldest known application of a
llah Kakar Pakistan's Minister for Housing and Works also condemned the attack
His works also claim an important historical place in th
It includes Columbus Iron Works, also listed on the National Register.
The works also ensured that the bridge will now be able
His works also show harmonic influences by Maurice Ravel
6% works also, just slower.
Perhaps "Matthew C. Perry" works also.
During the execution of the works alterations were made due to public pressure.
Among the first to enter the enemy's works; although wounded.
He wrote several historical works, although much was not published in his lifeti
Luther's Works: American Edition, vol.
Evidence exists of numerous lost works, among them an opera in Italian style, miscell
It works amongst the Naga minority in the state.
The site was previously occupied by Alaska Works and a small school.
le, laid in 1851, was manufactured in Newall's works, and approximately half of the Atlantic cable
He also composed several works and made transcriptions for viola and viola d'
Commerce and Trade; Disability Services; Works and Services (2005-2006);
The explosion burned the surface works, and the mine slope was set on fire .
His works and personality has inspired many prominent Ca
In 1997 he became Minister for Public Works and Services.
bottleworks, the second was next to a chemical works, and the third was at Swinebank - housing Lond
He lives, works, and preaches in Kinshasa.
located next to the Crossness Sewage Treatment Works and is owned by Thames Water.
Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamshala
781 he met with one of Anthoinette Bourignon's works, and afterwards with those of Engelbrecht; a M
See also: History of Swindon, Swindon Works, and Great Western Railway
He also played for Glico Works and Ilford.
symphonies, four concertos, additional choral works and chamber music.
He works and lives in Mumbai.
His bibliography include 310 works and 20 of them are about birds.
The Department of Public Works and Highways was a part of the Government of N
It designs and builds Water Treatment Works and Waste Water Treatment Works, mainly in the
imately 40 concertos, a vast number of chamber works, and countless solo piano works.
building facades was provided by Cornell Iron Works and by Daniel D. Badger's Architectural Iron W
In 1884, he founded Bath Iron Works and became general manager of it in 1888.
expression of worship of God or praise for His works; and /or
He has also edited various theological works and contributed to others.
He published various religious works and died in 1691.
parts of this site - Lower Bostraze China Clay Works and Leswidden Block Works; together they are 2
Museum's collections comprise more than 16,000 works, and the facility attracts 120,000 visitors an
e was formerly an industrial area with the gas works and water works, but this is being redeveloped
They owned the Rensselaer Iron Works and the Albany Iron Works, which were the larg
It serviced a number of small Mica works and other industries along the line, including
of marketers, both in the way consumer loyalty works and how advertising works.
Constructed from the best systematic works, and the most authentic voyages and travels.
He works and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
It had a mine, clay works and brick works.
She later managed a Tampa, FL Comedy Works and turned around that club in the process.
public works and utilities cleansing and public health, edu
He also published devotional works and sermons.
At his death, his collection of works and objets d'art (including works by Corot) we
two other railway stations - Perambur Carriage Works and Perambur Loco Works.
They began constructing formal siege works and entrenchments.
also spends prolonged stays in Italy where he works and exhibits.
He published many other works and tracts, most of them anonymously.
ction of 218 paintings, which included his own works, and works of old masters and paintings of his
of Chaina-san), animated by Ajia-do Animation Works and released by Toshiba-EMI.
He served as commissioner of public works and vice-president of the Board of Land and Wo
has received 19 state awards for his literary works and activities.
She took part in the works and the concerts of Esemble Alternance in 2007
y discovered leading to the suppression of his works and house arrest.
Regions Less Parallel: Early Works And Rarities 1996-2004 (2005, Darla)
f a large number of theological and historical works and commentaries on the classics, more especia
Works and Worlds of Art.
Dharamsala: Library of Tibetan Works and Archives ISBN 8185102945
for Malayalam translations of foreign language works and children's literature.
In 1928, he was appointed Minister for Works and Railways, as well.
The incantation works, and he is transformed into a young man (Farle
He has had several published works and books on syndicalism and economy.
Main articles: Main Line of Public Works and Pennsylvania Canal
Bedlington was an industrial town with an iron works and several coal mines.
sued, claiming that the levels were derivative works, and as the copyright holder, only they had th
These works and many others remain in print (2007).
They were built at Wolverhampton Works and were outshopped between 1868 and 1885.
Of particular interest were the works and influence of William Sterndale Bennett
They were forced for road works and functioning in the range of agriculture.
Public Works and Labor: Antonin Galipeault
The Royal works and paintings of original 1936 Durbar, still a
een an active member of committees of artistic works and artistic associations.
The plan works, and Stane is defeated.
It served the local steel works and other local industries.
Although retired now, he still works and occasionally teaches there and has an offi
- Macarthur resigns as Inspector of the Public Works and is replaced by Richard Atkins.
ld several posts including Secretary of Public Works and Provincial Treasurer.
She currently works and lives in Minneapolis and is a foster paren
The ground clearance works and relocation of people was completed by Sept
They were pleased with his works, and endeavoured to obtain his release.
Public Works and Labor: Louis-Alexandre Taschereau
Jules Moch - Minister of Public Works and Transport
ince's Executive Council as Minister of Public Works and Highways.
Committee on Public Works and Transportation
Bright wrote a number of works and hymns.
ey are "difficult" yet fascinating and complex works, and are marked by genuine originality of styl
Coinage, public works, and enfiefment.
two workshops are served by Perambur Carriage Works and Perambur Loco Works stations respectively.
The unit was towed to Crewe Works and repaired.
2011 it was operating 7 routes in addition to works and school services.
This serves Drogheda Cement Works and Tara Mines near Navan.
Bagley works and lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah.
He has also edited literary works, and is Patron of the UK National Literacy Ass
Brown works and lives in Toronto, Ontario and holds a Ph.D
The suite is one of Sibelius's earlier works and remains one of his most popular.
His compositions largely consist of sacred works and works for keyboard.
Juan's works and style are similar to that of his father.
Jobson praised his works and writings as contributing to the Gothic Rev
I know how the system works and I know the day-to-day business.
s own police and fire departments, EMS, public works, and a senior center.
But the studio chief's blackmail works and Charlie signs the new contract.
The rest of his career was devoted to gallery works and portraits.
She works and lives in New York City.
sites including mills, an ironworks, tinplate works and copper works.
You may touch the works and take pictures or play your music or medita
She works and lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
(Further bibliography of film works and full citations)
utput is small, consisting of just three organ works and two choral works.
ded foundries, potteries and brickworks, glass works and textile mills.
He works and lives near Bratislava, Slovakia.
This works, and the eventually go on a date.
Mackenzie also served as Minister of Public Works and oversaw the completion of the Parliament B
Ministry of Public Works and Transport FC
Works and Days and Theogony, (1993) Hackett Publishi
The catalogue includes numerous unpublished works and is expected, when completed in 2013, to in
Aside from these works and organ concertos, he also composed sonatas,
He also played for Wellington Works and Blyth Spartans.
Christian Pineau - Minister of Public Works and Transport
Miscellaneous earthworks, road works and landscaping
He published eight works, and left a vast deal of manuscript.
wn with paid employees: Administration, Public Works, and Police.
City of Toronto Department of Public Works and the Environment
th a continually changing selection of its own works, and frequent special exhibitions of works on
He composed church music as well as orchestral works and chamber music.
Further information on the artist's works and career
Dell Weller is an artist who lives, works and teaches in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Jaunet was also involved in performing modern works and analyzing Schoenberg's “Woodwind Quintet.”
ESO is also responsible for the civil works and the dome on site.
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