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a cock-up - 斎藤和英大辞典


A subject mounts the sphygmometer 1 on the wrist 9, so as to allow the mark 10 to indicate the width direction center of the wrist 9. - 特許庁


There is a tombstone called the Hokyo-Into that is said to be Yoshinori ASHIKAGA's kubizuka. - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス

具体的に我が国が関与しているものとしては、日 ASEAN 脳会議・ASEAN + 3(日中韓)脳会議・東アジア脳会議(ASEAN+日中韓豪NZ 米露)があり、それぞれ経済大臣会議も開催されている。例文帳に追加

The initiatives with which Japan involves include the ASEAN-Japan top-level meeting, ASEAN+3 (China, Japan and South Korea) top-level meeting, and East Asia (ASEAN + Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea and the U.S.) top-level meeting, and under each of these meetings, economy ministersmeetings are also held. - 経済産業省


an expandable part or marking that resembles a hood on the head or neck of an animal - 日本語WordNet


Shokokuin Seal was used in provinces when sending official documents to the capital of Japan. - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


The pillow of a person who is laying while putting his or her head (neck) on the pillow 5 is moved in an arrow direction. - 特許庁


Yuin' is the name of the seals indicating okyakuin or akkakuin (seal on the lower side of documents) as opposed to the inshuin (kanbo) among the seals affixed over two edges on the right shoulders of documents in order to prevent forgery of the emperor's written appointments. - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


To apply high-frequency signals on the peripheral side rather than a wrist joint simply and reliably and to detect body voltages on the trunk side rather than the wrist joint. - 特許庁


The Lewis base molecule 14 starts wobbling or acts like a seesaw when the electric field is applied, thereby switching the conductivity of the standard molecule 2. - 特許庁


To provide an ink jet recorder in which print quality can be sustained well by preventing swinging of a pressure damper. - 特許庁


To adjust a stopping position of an oscillating type cargo extracting conveyor to an optimal position in response to a carrying speed of a printed product carried by a carrier. - 特許庁


The mark 10, having a reverse triangular shape, is arranged in the substantially center part of the end surface at the wrist side in the sphygmometer body 3. - 特許庁


At the Japan-India Summit Meeting held in December 2006, it was agreed to commence the negotiations from January 2007, and the first negotiation was held in January 2007. - 経済産業省


and round the neckof the bottle was a paper label, with the words `DRINK ME' beautifully printed on it in large letters. - Lewis Carroll『不思議の国のアリス』


The pulse wave measuring apparatus 100 is provided with the pulse wave detection part 120 which detects pulse waves by being pressed onto the site 60 to be measured of a wrist 52 and a laser irradiation part 118 which irradiates the wrist 52 with laser light to generate a laser pointer LP on the surface of the wrist 52 as a mark for positioning and pressing the pulse wave detection part 120 on the site 60 to be measured. - 特許庁


Furthermore, it is very close to Dazai-fu which was the capital of Wa (it is also close to Shikano-shima Island where the golden seal of Kanno Wano Nano Kokuo (the King of Japan, Chinese Colony), the seal of the king of Wa in the first century was found). - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス

韓国は、2004 年10月5日の脳会談により30 項目に及ぶ韓共同声明を採択し、包括的経済パートナーシップ協定締結作業の着手にインドと合意するなど、対関係の強化に努めている。例文帳に追加

South Korea has been working to strengthen its relationship with India. As a result of a summit conference held on October 5, 2004, it adopted a joint South Korea-India declaration covering 30 items and agreed with India to begin work on concluding a comprehensive economic partnership agreement. - 経済産業省


The Chrysanthemum was impressed at the bow of the military ship of the navy of Empire of Japan and on all the gunyo-shoju (army rifles) produced after Murataju (rifle developed by Tsuneyoshi MURATA) of the Imperial Japanese Army. - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


The kannon is seated on a white lotus throne on a hodan (treasure platform), with his right arm expressing Yogan-in (wish-granting mudra) and a juzu (beadroll) in the wrist and with his left hand holding a water jar, in which gu renge (red lotus) is inserted, in front of his chest. - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


At first, Daijokanin was stamped on the whole part of documents but in the later Nara period, only the 3 areas in the header, footer, and center, plus 1 area near the date were allowed to be stamped. - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


After the speech, President Putin, Crimean Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov and other representatives of the region signed a treaty making Crimea an official part of Russia. - 浜島書店 Catch a Wave


We met and discussed today a number of global economic issues in preparation for the annual Summit of G8 Heads of State and Government in St. Petersburg. We also had productive discussions with colleagues from Australia, Brazil, the People's Republic of China, India, the Republic of Korea and Nigeria. - 財務省


When a user walks in a state with electronic equipment 10 hung on a neck, the electronic equipment 10 undergoes pendulum motion in the direction of arrow A1, along the body of the user. - 特許庁


To retain an animal molding of non-free-standing structure having a neck, a trunk and both legs and modeled on an animal without giving a cruel impression even if having a weight. - 特許庁


When the portable terminal 100 is slung over the neck with the neck strap 200, a user intentionally wears the portable terminal so that the printed surface of the employee ID card, etc. may turn outside. - 特許庁


The voltage applied to the bell coating machine 102B is appropriately changed in response to a form of a coating object W, and an electrolytic barrier suitable for the charge conditions of coating mists Pd, Pi is formed in a peripheral region of the robot wrist 103a. - 特許庁


To provide a paper piece attaching apparatus which can automatically attach a paper piece with contents of various kinds of campaigns or the like printed thereon to a neck of a container in an easy-to-see posture. - 特許庁


The oscillating driving device rotates and moves the printer head 85 in a right-and-left direction centering an axis of rotation Z2 extending up and down, so as to perform the desired printing while ejecting the ink from the printer head. - 特許庁


This apron is made by the following practice: a body part is formed from a cloth 110 cm in width, cuffs are made circular, sleeve length and sleeve width are defined by marking respectively, and the cuff parts to be sewn are set with rubber bands respectively so as to fit to the corresponding wrists. - 特許庁


The body position of the user 30 is estimated based on a first accessory 31a put on the user's neck, and information on the moving direction and distance of the body is generated by a voice generation part 25 of the printing device 20 and reported vocally by a speaker 26. - 特許庁


To provide a label worn around a neck on which larger quantity of information can be provided and whose four faces can all be erected so as to make the information printed thereon easy to view. - 特許庁


To provide a collar for exterminating insects, in which image is printed on the surface of a resin containing an agent, having a decorative property and to provide a method capable of readily producing the collar. - 特許庁


A tag label 10 includes a trunk portion 11 printed with the information (a name of a wire, and the like) on the wire where the tag label is wound around, a ring portion 12, and a neck portion 13 connecting the trunk portion 11 to the ring portion 12. - 特許庁


To have a strap more closely contact with the body, not to have the strap twist easily, and to solve the problem that the stamped or printed side is outwardly exposed to view when the strap is attached around the neck. - 特許庁


In November 2004, Japanese and Indian heads of state agreed to launch a joint study group to discuss strengthening economic relations between the two countries from a broad perspective which includes the possibility of an EPA. - 経済産業省


As part of a steadily expanding EU, the Treaty Establishing the Constitution for Europe was adopted in 2004 with the purpose of maintaining forward momentum and deepening integration. In October of the same year, said Treaty was signed by all EU member states. - 経済産業省


Based on the report by the Joint Study Group, at the Japan-India Summit Meeting held in July 2006, direction was given to the administrators to start preparation for negotiations. - 経済産業省

更に日関係を緊密なものとし、両国が互恵的な形で成長を遂げるため、2006 年12月、日脳間でその推進に合意した特別経済パートナーシップ・イニシアチィブ(SEPI)の一環として、インドの事業環境整備に向けた取組などが行われている。例文帳に追加

In order to deepen the relationship between Japan and India and achieve growth in a mutually beneficial arrangement between the two countries, efforts have been launched to develop and improve India’s business environment as part of the Special Economic Partnership Initiative (SEPI) signed in Japan-India summit held in December 2006. - 経済産業省


The diary is praised as a work that surpasses simple war records for its impressive stories of individuals such as those of Sadato's followers who had surrendered used a comb to, while in tears, tidy the hair of his decapitated head after it arrived in the capital; the death of an old samurai named Tsunenori SAEKI who died after fighting bravely; ABE no Norito's wife who jumped to her death with her baby in her arms. - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


A head-swinging goshawk and its background are dividedly photographed to obtain a plurality of pictures, these pictures are separately printed as frames 3a to 3e, and these frames are cut to thin and long strips and alternately arranged in a manner corresponding to the pitch of small lenses 2a of a lenticular lens 2 to obtain a displaying part 3 of the lenticular lens 2. - 特許庁


Regarding the body side outer panel B in which vertical positioning is carried out making a side sill at a lower edge as reference, a neck-swinging turnable front clamp claw 20 of approximately C shape is pressed to a front end edge E1 of a front door opening 01 to impart pressing force in directions of arrows of C1, C2, C3. - 特許庁


For example, when hanging the portable terminal from the neck, projected light from the projector is projected onto the ground in front of a user, and by inserting an arrow image for showing the direction to be followed in the projected image, the user can know the direction to be followed without watching the portable terminal. - 特許庁


In 57, a chieftain of Wanonanokuni (small country in Hakata area of Fukuoka Prefecture), which is believed to have been located along the Hakata Bay, had suzerain-vassal relationship with the Emperor Kobu-tei (Emperor Guangwu) of the Latter Han Dynasty, who invested him with Wakoku by giving golden stamp (Wa no na no kokuo in [the oldest known seal in Japan]), ("History of the Latter Han Dynasty"), therefore, the center of Japanese political force is believed to have been located in the northern part of Kyushu at that time. - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス


Ionizing electrodes 21 are mounted into the eccentric positions of a front guard 20 covering rotary blades 17 of an oscillating fan 10 or to an arm for connecting a box-shaped frame of a box fan to a driving part at the center of the frame, and a voltage of minus several thousand volt is applied to the ionizing electrodes 21. - 特許庁


A photographic paper guide mechanism is provided with the first hole 39 allowing the passage of a head 36b of the bottle 36, the second hole 38 holding a neck 36a of the bottle 36 and a regulating hole 40 of a width smaller than the first hole 39 for regulating the movement of the head 36b past the first hole 39 in a transverse direction. - 特許庁

デリー・ムンバイ間産業大動脈構想(DMIC)においては、2011 年12 月、野田総理大臣がインドを訪問し、日脳会談における共同声明において、日本は今後5 年間で45 億ドル規模の官民資金を利用可能にする旨を表明するとともに、DMIC 構想の実現に向け、日本企業の参加を促進していくことで一致した。例文帳に追加

For the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project (DMIC), in December 2011 Prime Minister Noda visited India and declared, in a joint statement of the top-level meeting between Japan and India, that public and private funds worth of U.S. $4.5 billion would be available for the future five years. Also, the leaders of the two countries reached a consensus on the promotion of participation by Japanese enterprises to realize the DMIC plan. - 経済産業省



As Saitama is part of the Tokyo metropolitan area, my impression was that its business conditions are relatively good compared to Sendai City, Kitakyushu City and Fukuoka City. Nevertheless, in the exchange of opinions, I was told by top management executives about the situation surrounding SMEs that despite improvements in sales which had plummeted since the Lehman Brothers shockwave, they have concerns over the future outlook due in part to the impact of the strong yen. - 金融庁


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