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  • どんな使い方があるのか? を調べたいとき
  • どういう言い回しで使われることが多いのか? を調べたいとき
  • どんな文脈で用いられることが多いのか? を調べたいとき
  • 自分の作った英文と同じ表現の実用例があるかどうかを調べたいとき


Jonathan wants to run, let him come out and announce that to Nigerians.
whether this commissioner is authorized to announce such remarks to the public or not.
The man is going to announce and his godfathers have announced that he is
Mr. Obama is also hoping to announce progress on the long-stalled U.S.-South Korea
Wednesday used his Face book site to publicly announce his candidacy in the upcoming presidential
Next week, donor nations will announce how much money they'll pledge to the Global
ke an announcement whether he will be able to announce a new date for the election or if it will be
which is hurriedly complete the process and announce the winner, so that, by law, the opposition

We wonder whether there is an explanation concerning this money
At this stage, it's unclear whether the finding will affect vaccine and microbici.
Kenyans are scheduled to decide Wednesday whether to accept or reject a newly proposed constitu
ident Mahmoud Abbas is delaying a decision on whether to pull out of peace negotiations.
Bertini says it is a business whether someone owns a single hectare of land or thou
The question is whether the government got the trade-off right,"
whether or not President Obama jumps in the Gulf of
“I don't know whether this commissioner is authorized to announce
It's whether or not we're increasing attendance of pregnan
und that women often have little control over whether they receive medical or hospital care during
The referendum will allow Kenyans to choose whether to accept or reject a newly proposed constitu
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