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He or she determines whether a certain initiative is admissible and thus c
whether a person feels too cold, hot, 'sticky' etc.)
ary to determine the motive for the murder or whether a sexual assault had taken place.
includes a vote at which the delegates decide whether a leadership convention should be held.
So rather than asking whether a software product “has” factor x, ask instea
Today, most antivirus programs can detect whether a file is a zip bomb and so avoid unpacking i
ee the ship destroyed, they were unsure as to whether a submarine or surface ship was responsible f
heory currently most commonly used to predict whether a mutation will result in a DMD or BMD phenot
ht from why their permission was not taken to whether a good assessment on the ensuing destruction
nt was that an auditor himself should look at whether a company's corporate governance structure pr
lle Ball) and Ethel (Vivian Vance) argue over whether a certain portrait on a nearby wall is Shelle
different kinds, and status reporting such as whether a certain event has occurred in the hardware
ity check is a basic test to quickly evaluate whether a claim or the result of a calculation can po
This distinction had implications whether a believer from other evangelical churches co
rements for an airborne reactor, to determine whether a nuclear aircraft was feasible.
oint probe is a method of determining quickly whether a semiconductor sample is n (negative) type o
"It is quite a difference, whether a tree withers at the roots and thus is the e
juries the right to decide what was libel and whether a defendant was guilty, rather than leaving i
ata is plotted on to give a visual indication whether a laboratory test is working well.
"For those who build, it is not a question of whether a legacy remains, but what its quality is.
When Bollier questioned whether a woman should be expected to plan ahead in l
this, self or Me) to the object ( whether a class or class instance) it belongs to, so
Notability does not depend on whether a person has an article in wikipedia yet.
Whether a player can equip an item depends on its wei
The aim is to determine whether a claim is well founded.
authority - Northumberland County Council or whether a brand new name should be given - Northumber
A brute force algorithm to test whether a graph G contains a k-vertex clique, and to
The question of whether a judge or an arbitrator should decide the "t
les should be consulted in order to determine whether a particular incident violated the rules and
It is NP-hard to test whether a given undirected planar graph is a matchsti
ronounces the names of the clubs, to indicate whether a match ended in a home win, away win or draw
(b) whether A is, or ought to be, aware that C has engage
This should be a practice regardless of whether a herd has foot rot or not.
zations and leave a lasting legacy in Dallas, whether a piece of artwork for the community or a new
implementation of a self-interpreter, namely whether a language feature in the interpreted languag
The feasibility studies will help determine whether a two or four-lane highway can be built atop
sed method, but a server has no way to detect whether a client will correctly handle RFC 1950 forma
that the test for receiving benefits would be whether a person was "genuinely seeking work".
neral election, and a controversy arose about whether a seat could become open to an election so cl
Whether a "The" is there or not is irrelevant.
This leads to the observation that whether a nonzero rational number q is a congruent nu
ch flag is set to 'yes' or 'no', depending on whether a match is made.
s for the prosecution as an expert witness on whether a defendant is legally sane to stand trial.
ed to give numerical estimates that determine whether a set contains a rectifiable subset, and the
Defense attorneys also looked into whether a possible brake defect may have contributed
erministic pushdown automata: it is decidable whether a given deterministic pushdown automaton acce
famous wager with John Pierpoint Morgan over whether a man could circumnavigate the globe and rema
whether a survivor of Union or Confederate Army or Na
eports, and other materials, NYPAS determines whether a charity meets the Standards.
Whether a bike way or walkway will be constructed on
Research is now being conducted to see whether a further attempt is worthwhile in more exten
There is no indication as to whether a more accessible single malt bottling will b
"economic ornithology" - that is, determining whether a given species of bird was beneficial or det
s disease control a smoke test is done to see whether a room is under negative pressure.
he calls "pre-voting," in order to determine whether a candidate makes a ranked choice ballot and
code, there is no general method to determine whether a given program will ever halt or will run fo
a strange instinct of this gnome to find out whether a person is a friend or an enemy.
oice of grade depends on, among other things, whether a keen cutting edge is necessary, as in stamp
ketone used in organic chemistry to determine whether a compound contains an aldehyde group.
me to FSC to debate Wishart on the subject of whether a "belief in a general purpose of the univers
The community is divided as to whether a contract signed on Sunday is, for that reas
It is unknown whether a copy survives, but a silent copy with no ta
In 2004, police investigated whether a feud involving The Inc. led to fatal shooti
The question of polynomiality of proofs is whether a method can always produce a proof of size p
the district court for a determination as to whether a hearing should be held and to resolve the m
Whether a hearing on damages is subsequently held dep
controversy, however, even within ETEE as to whether a state school would be appropriate, as state
Scalia argued that a better way to determine whether a prior conviction qualified as a "crime of v
raut contributes to the poetical debate as to whether a lady is dishonoured by taking a lover who i
is in terms of a split second decision as to whether a mark or kick occurred before or after the s
e Review Boards were not authorized to review whether a detainee qualified for POW status, and they
Additional issues involved in the case were whether a man should have responsibility placed on hi
lar manner like D1 and raises the question of whether a similar mechanism underlies the role of SQD
Whether a directional change constitutes an improveme
ve Review Boards weren't authorized to review whether a detainee qualified for POW status, and they
Protecting a wide range of activities, whether a union is involved or not, in order to promo
Some of the girls start to speculate whether a personal relationship is budding between Br
ex graphs as part of their proof that testing whether a graph is triangle-free or whether it is a m
She proposed a two-part test to determine whether a proceeding is in relation to a criminal mat
using conscious mental effort and can "sense" whether a number is prime or composite.
rston (1990) describes a test for determining whether a simply-connected region, formed as the unio
The most fundamental goal is to predict whether a given molecule will bind to a target and if
All twelve legs were played regardless of whether a result had already been achieved.
el sources is a primary factor in determining whether a fuel source will be utilized is whether or
formation is testable if it can be determined whether a given distribution is consistent with it.
inally, the only real test a woman can set is whether a man can negotiate and overcome her own defe
t scientific claims contribute something new, whether a new problem, a new approach, new data, a ne
definition of a trait is crucial in deciding whether a change is seen as divergent, or as parallel
The programmer cannot determine whether a base class change is safe simply by examini
The Board of Trade could decide whether a company's services were adequate and reason
hed the term "Gillick competence" to describe whether a minor (16 years or younger) is able to cons
Whether a lake becomes salty or not simply depends on
n, stated the Discover Bank test to determine whether a class-action waiver is unenforceable.
More specifically, it is an open question whether a nesting depth of more than 1 is required, a
e of petition discrepancies and disputes over whether a recall election was legal in New York State
We also question whether a force twice the size of EUFOR is needed."
One of the central issues was whether a licensee retained the right to challenge a
Mr. Mandela as saying, “I have often wondered whether a person is justified in neglecting his own f
Averil Cameron has been more sceptical about whether a cult even existed, noting that Epiphanius i
The question of determining whether a given rational number is a congruent number
Whether a term is syncategorematic or not is determin
This sometimes leads to discussions about whether a particular topic of conversation is 'shop t
k-choosability: decide whether a given graph is k-choosable for a given k, a
(j,k)-choosability: decide whether a given graph is f-choosable for a given func
ess of verification is necessary to determine whether a generalization holds true for any given sit
The issue before the Supreme Court was whether a conviction based on possession requires kno
So far, it is unknown whether a fourth series will be produced.
the Jackson ratio is a method of determining whether a member of the tortoise species Testudo grae
This score is used to decide whether a message is spam or not.
Whether a basal hadrosaurid or derived non-hadrosauri
nization faced unresolved questions concerned whether a new generation of leaders would be as commi
es in the determination process of evaluating whether a refugee came within the definition of Conve
They were authorized to consider whether a detainee should continue to be detained by
However, whether a subject has knowledge depends to a surprisi
is at the discretion of the Commission as to whether a person appearing at a hearing is required t
Currently, predictions in regards to whether a residue is exposed or buried are used in a
nything could be bet on, e.g.: who would win, whether a particular ball would be made or missed, or
They were authorized to consider whether a detainee should continue to be detained by
This distance influences whether a lens from one system can be mounted with an
Whether a generation succeeds in developing a distinc
had committed perjury or had broken an oath ( whether a higher or lesser noble) forfeited his right
whether a person is fit for further trial after a jur
pted to set down some guidelines to determine whether a prize or award qualified as a gift.
hine consciousness project which investigated whether a human-like robot with a self-model and a wo
rds" community members became alarmed, unsure whether a toxin or disease was at work.
It is also possible to check whether a given directed graph is a DAG in linear tim
The Court however was divided on whether a reversal of onus onto the accused in s. 37.
n his apartment on May 3, 2002; it is unclear whether a medical examiner's determination of time or
siological mechanisms can help in determining whether a particular pattern of phenotypic variation
mely claim construction and double patenting, whether a patent should be invalid because an inventi
three day long examination used to determine whether a candidate is qualified to practice law in t
There is some controversy over whether a "direct" proof is possible; allegedly "dire
merica for his paper "It is easy to determine whether a given integer is prime".
For many people the issue became whether a group of protesters could be allowed to pre
That may include Tuesday's announcement about whether a microbicide called CAPRISA 004 works.
Whether a sight record in 1865 and captive specimens
r 29, 2000, Keating appealed a single issue - whether a Governor is empowered to reorganize the exe
-turn have been identified, varying mainly in whether a cis isomer of a peptide bond is involved an
therefore have the potential for determining whether a compound acts as a transporter substrate an
noted that individuals generally believe that whether a snack is healthy or not is based on its cal
The case also involved the question of whether a police officer's qualified immunity shielde
hts and freedoms of each Kazakhstani citizen, whether a voter or a candidate."
t to refer to the policy system which decides whether a particular entity should be permitted to ca
ed to take a supplement versus not, to answer whether a pill would be useful to take for cancer pre
ests make it easy for the programmer to check whether a piece of code is still working properly.
set spacing marked in the Relascope to gauge whether a tree is in or out of the stand.
lenge; and the unresolved questions concerned whether a new generation of leaders would be as commi
isions on any change in the area, for example whether a new house should be allowed to be built or
must be given preemptive effect regardless of whether a particular matter had been litigated and de
der each reachable program state to determine whether a program satisfies a given property.
Prolation describes whether a semibreve (whole note) is equal in length t
tween the two end members, and it is doubtful whether a complete series exists between jarosite and
Media critics asked whether a partisan politician could reasonably be exp
The Court had to decide whether a Quebec-created Professionals Tribunal was u
Again, whether a film is good or bad doesn't reflect commerc
trained spanning tree problem is to determine whether a particular graph has such a spanning tree f
Whether a nucleophilic displacement reaction will wor
In 1916 Fujiwara proposed the question of whether a curve could have two equichordal points (of
eard by Supreme Court of the United States on whether a United States District Court properly handl
Supervise or conduct elections to determine whether a labor organization has been selected as an
product release process, determining when or whether a particular Google product is ready to be re
If it's an edit war such as arguing over whether a given fact belongs or whether a given un-ci
Ideal World has not disclosed whether a cause was found for the fire.
supported tougher restrictions when deciding whether a repeat domestic violence abuser should be l
It is currently unclear as to whether a second season of the show will be produced.
Whether a particularly obsessive attachment is a fixa
Each chirigota - whether a professional group or one made up of family
eing processes" as key factors that determine whether a wool yarn or product can be certified as or
The idea is to determine whether a specific side chain group of a specific res
whether a DFA accepts all strings
subway stations in Glasgow and it is unclear whether a specific event led to their introduction.
also be difficult or impossible to ascertain whether a situation meets criteria for failure or suc
burners to control ignition devices based on whether a burner flame is lit.
There is still historical debate over whether a market was being held that particular Monda
s utilized in SPIN model checker for decision whether a state was already visited by nested-depth-f
It is therefore difficult to speculate as to whether a station at this site will ever actually be
testified in court as an expert witness as to whether a newly built house would cast a shadow on an
It readily communicates whether a water-insoluble solvent will float (SG < 1.
By chemotactic selection we can determine whether a still not characterized molecule acts via t
ith constraint equation in differential form, whether a constraint is holonomic or nonholonomic dep
It doesn't matter whether a mirror image is used here, as it would be p
the third date is a milestone in determining whether a woman will consent to Sexual intimacy.
has developed a system of ratings designating whether a member is an Apprentice, a Journeyman or a
earlier oil and gas discoveries to determine whether a predominantly local operation might make ex
To determine whether a compiler can safely interchange loops, depe
hen it can be shown to be NP-complete to test whether a bipartite cubic polyhedron is Hamiltonian.
Determining whether a visually impaired individual may become a b
It is unknown whether a copy of this full version still exists.
with a Resolution of this Case of Conscience, whether a Man may lawfully marry his Wife's Sister,'
The decision problem that asks whether a certain string s belongs to the language of
Whether a larva becomes a worker or a queen depends o
with a technical question of law relating to whether a showing of prejudice in incorrect sentencin
o gave an O(n) time algorithm for determining whether a given circular-arc model has the Helly prop
r position than the appellate court to decide whether a particular set of individual circumstances
Whether a jazz bassist is comping (accompanying) or s
The test is whether a reasonably prudent adult would not have ent
It is not known whether a complete recording of the session exists (s
pher such as RC4 might be one that determines whether a given stream of bytes is random or generate
Also, it is extremely hard to determine whether a text actually is written in Old Dutch as th
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