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At the base of each column, a pontoon extends outward to support two teth
, and give the lip (where it diverges from the column) a heart-shape.
e Spanish revolution, Clara joined the Durruti Column; a column of anarchists organized to fight aga
es, Pete Crooks and Vini Reilly in The Durutti Column, a band led by Reilly, releasing their debut a
each stands up, says column A or Column B/Guilty or not guilty.
Inside the hollow column a spiral staircase leads to the viewing platfo
During the journey down the regeneration column, a DC current is passed across the electrochem
r contract as ombudsman and wrote at least one column a month, with her tenure coming to an end in M
In the center of the pagoda stands a large column, a feature of Chinese architecture in pagodas
The California Column, a force of Union volunteers, marched from Apr
The Pioneer Column, a military volunteer force of settlers organi
His grave is marked by a broken column, a symbol of a life cut short.
rts: a three stepped base, a plinth, a tapered column, a capital, and on the top a soldier.
spaper where he writes a weekly Saturday Focus column, a Wednesday column for the Business back-page
s a collection of extracts from the By The Way column, a feature of London newspaper The Globe.
It was the first newspaper to have a column about films, which first appeared in March 191
ontains one or two news stories; "Eco Watch" a column about environmental issues; a 2,000-6,000-word
Perhaps Allen's best-known work is his weekly column about world Catholicism called "All Things Cat
time, they co-authored Whirligig, a syndicated column about Washington politics.
More recently, he began writing a column about business and economic issues in the US W
enant Adair of the Marines, at the lead of the column about a mile from Lexington, were confronted b
While at the head of the column about to assault the first cotta under a super
She has also written a column about giving up smoking, "The Quitter".
Gaming magazine and writing a monthly humorous column about slot machines for Strictly Slots magazin
A Fickle Sonance A column about improvisation by Art Lange
He has a weekly column about astrology in "Panorama" newspaper, one o
Since 2005, Pye has written a column about the London art scene for the Estonian ne
rrently writes The Independent's "Cyberclinic" column about technology and the internet.
The crownshaft takes the form of a column above the main trunk and beneath the main crow
Honorable Mention, Column above 50,000: "Downing" by Margaret Downing
Organisms living in the water column above this habitat were able to escape and abo
d News Service began syndicating his political column across a dozen newspapers across the country.
can see that the first row and also the first column add up incorrectly.
However, during the column additions to the station, a task which lasted
In his column addressing the murders, Pitts wrote, "I am [..
In the Score column Adelaide scores are always shown first.
and headed east to confront an expected relief column advancing from Veracruz.
ry and air support, attacked an Iraqi armoured column advancing on Basra, destroying 17 T-55 tanks,
They took the name Fifth Column after a military manoeuvre by Francisco Franco
ced he was leaving the magazine in his regular column after the August 2009 issue.
Reconstruction of the column, after Cornelius Gurlitt, 1912.
s accomplished by use of a magnetic separation column after disruption of the cell membrane.
ction of a helical narrative frieze around the column, after the fashion of Trajan's Column, is erro
He continued to write his column after joining the International Finance Corpor
The 36th division wiped out nearly the entire column, after engaging the Soviet Russians in fierce
s "To Root Against Your Country," a noted 1971 column against the Vietnam War.
his regiment attacked at the head of the Union column against Confederate fortifications at the Seco
red the pioneer of using minorities as a fifth column against the Communists in the Soviet Union.
five books in Turkish and one in English ("One Column Ahead") that collected some of his articles in
His weekly column, Air & Space, ran from 1998 to 2007, and was o
parate input signal, and all the cells of each column align to match their input signal.
sy range, which could be occupied by a hostile column almost without resistance."
words are transliterated within the reference column along with its Tyndale-Strong's number.
In the meantime, the communist 7th Column also had successfully driven back the national
The glycol stripper consists of a column, an overhead condenser, and a reboiler.
ompany which formed the head of the assaulting column and was the first man on the parapet of the fo
al lifestyle magazines, and has written a wine column and chooses the wine picks for the magazine Ev
oneurotic opening between it and the vertebral column, and therefore behind the diaphragm (Meaning t
uppose it's possible they migrate up the water column and feed in the water column and migrate back
teers from California, known as the California Column and led by Colonel James Henry Carleton, moved
d the table format to eliminate an unnecessary column and an ambiguous column header, after you had
n pits (one indoors, one outdoors), a watering column and areas to drop ash, store tools and keep wo
and one of the two torturers in Christ at the Column and The Flagellation of Christ,
al information was revealed in Jack Anderson's column, and he was forced to inform the child of his
egraph Media from May 2008 and wrote a regular column and occasional leaders for the Daily Telegraph
It was a skirmish between a British army column and a group of Boers, fought a few miles east
ut today in bricks) alternated between one big column and two doubled smaller ones (as at the colleg
Boers had overwhelmed the right of the British Column, and some 400 of them were galloping round the
One column and window were restored in 2004, the first ti
The theme song, "Yo-Yo" is performed by Fifth Column and the film also features songs by Human Asht
Kelley realizing the extreme danger to his column and its inability to clear the ambush site unt
20 seconds for the liquid to move through the column, and industrial columns might process 16-160 l
mes, where she originated the Shifting Careers column and blog.
The top is replaced on the column and then the pump is allowed to push down on t
nd seabed sand that were lifted into the spray column and its cauliflower head and then dumped back
ily after 20 years and began writing a regular column and online blog for Knoxville Voice.
He's blackballed from the column and loses all his clients.
renowned for his breadmaking skills and has a column and show on it.
e and 31 of his men were cut-off from the main column and killed by the Ndebele warriors.
All of the balcony, column and railings were produced at the nearby Annan
2, reportedly held a low opinion of Dempster's column, and revived the 'Ephraim Hardcastle' feature,
6 January with only a fraction of his original column and no heavy artillery.
obile solid body, which is dividing the liquid column, and fixed elastically in a middle position, i
ial kind of heterosquare where the 2n + 2 row, column and diagonal sums are consecutive integers.
t this time, Yunagi detached from the Japanese column and reversed direction, perhaps because she lo
the emperor of the army's wish to erect such a column and for its site the town of Boulogne bought t
Each issue also contains an ACU Column and a Heroes and Great Ideas Column.
es, into the neck, where it entered the spinal column and severed the spinal cord.
ed Dysart in his ‘Believe It Or Not' newspaper column and introduced what would become Dysart's stag
ir advances were checked by the communist 10th Column and 1st Column respectively at Liao River 20 k
ng engagements, continued to pen her newspaper column, and made appearances on television and radio
ilarly, if c is odd, there is a single central column, and otherwise there are two columns equally c
e, and sports an Ordnance Survey triangulation column and a cairn.
h the Utes racing to out flank and segment the column and the soldiers struggling to consolidate a d
The fruit column and beer tents in 2005
e he was a contributor to the 'William Hickey' column, and used his contacts to gain stories about t
The vapor phase enters in the bottom of the column and exits out of the top.
y Anderson saw her picture in a Boston society column and contacted her and asked her to be his lead
orbent chemicals are activated charcoal (first column) and activated aluminium neutral (in the secon
c particulars such as the fig tree next to the column and the description of Sebastian's body.
In addition to her newspaper column and website, she also sold customized sign rea
His name appears on the 12th column and is spelt WATHIER.
stant dissenters in England would form a fifth column and support their Dutch co-religionists agains
ver, the head is not balanced on the vertebral column, and apes therefore need strong muscles that p
Journal editor Ronda Bumgardner picked up the column, and the acronym was changed again to "Straigh
Michaux is the author of the advice column and radio show "Ask Deanna!".
In addition to maintaining his weekly column and authoring four books, Savage has been invo
Shortly thereafter, Toby left The Durutti Column and Ludus, worked briefly with The Invisible G
3, 1864 another battle between the California Column and Apaches was fought near Stein's Peak in Do
le (London), writing the weekly Media Analysis column and extensively on the Holocaust, Israeli econ
d the Dragon is by Alexander Fisher, the stone column and plinth by Sir Philip Stott carved by Eric
cant engagements fought between the California Column and the Apache.
antasy football on NFL.com, including a weekly column and a modified Jeff Foxworthy bit known as the
es are attached alternately to the wall of the column and to a central rotating shaft.
The failure of McCook's column and a concurrent ill-fated raid by George Ston
r Anger, and the tiny squashed rabbits between column and base in the loggia screen for Lust (which
roke out, Wilson given command of the Victoria Column and appointed the rank of Major.
h between these two, and between Christ at the Column and a Flagellation.
Preserved papyrus shaped column and ceiling at Kom Ombo temple
ls, an advance party of General George Crook's column, and attacked.
It is hooding the column and most of the 2 lateral petals.
Simon was a member of the Fifth Column and a friend to Willie.
owers and drummer Chris Joyce with The Durutti Column and vocalist Bob Harding with Alberto Y Lost T
peatedly criticized other conservatives in his column and conservatives have returned the favor.
onist meant to kill them, they returned to the column and informed Major John Pitcairn of the Britis
s type of local coverage, omitting the society column and trying to provide the kind of local news t
ss spurs (known as trays or plates) inside the column, and returns to the distilling flask, refluxin
orums include his website, his Huffington Post column, and regular radio dispatches for Leeza Gibbon
He coined the term beatnik in a 1958 column and popularized hippie during San Francisco's
ow two parallel columns (instead of a vertical column and a horizontal row in the matrix notation.)
ad captured the greater portion of the baggage column and five out of the six guns of the leading ba
About noon Plummer arrived with his column and a detachment of Col. William P. Carlin's t
ith Loaded, resulting in a relationship advice column and a regular feature called "Sophie's Choice"
and Truong won the Cramer Award for Best Chess Column and three Chess Journalist of America Awards f
Vapour flows upwards in the rectifying column and condenses at the top.
supinate, with the trilobate lip adnate to the column and having a long thin midlobe.
located at the intersection of the given pitch column and the side cut of the hip/valley row.
ander and Tristis) took charge of the literary column and the poetry section.
editor of the journal's "Among the New Words" column, and one of the founders of the new online dic
with the specialist castings for the Alexander Column and St. Isaac's Cathedral.
zed DNA, the double-stranded DNA is bound to a column and the mixture is heated in small steps.
s surrounded by symbols of empire, including a column and a globe, iconography that would appear aga
The hottest tray is at the bottom of the column and the coolest tray is at the top.
ation (the time at which the solute enters the column) and the time at which the solute elutes.
to connect at least 3 of the same color in one column and to make them disappear.
by A Certain Ratio, and singles by The Durutti Column and Section 25 followed in 1980.
lines on its tentacles, white tubercles on its column, and spherules just below the tentacles.
are two calli where the lip diverges from the column, and a keel between them, running part way dow
killed or wounded and just after the American column and the Creeks charged and captured the surviv
The Monitor syndicated his column and he was published in all major magazines an
ng on Tour with Franz Ferdinand, a book of the column and unreleased material illustrated by Andy Kn
What do you think it's wrong with the crest's column and what do you suggest?
and radio programs, writes a weekly newspaper column and leads conferences and retreats in the Unit
December, Zizka grouped his war wagons into a column and charged the enemy lines.
Fink wrote a weekly newspaper column, and became known for his trademark bowtie.
apin voluntarily advanced with the head of the column and cut down the palisading.
variety of places, including Rand's newspaper column and in The Objectivist Newsletter, The Objecti
are ubiquitous, often forming within the water column and settling to the bottom.
pearances as a substitute under the Appearance column and number of assists under the Goal column.
magic square is the sum of numbers in any row, column, and diagonal of the magic square.
lt on the city nearly nine months ago, the 1st Column and the 7th Column, were tasked to take the ci
gagements fought successively between a French column and a body of Spanish volunteers and mercenari
been kind to and mentioned occasionally in her column, and who had returned the favor by giving Pars
banistic and Christianising programs: Trajan's Column and the Column of Marcus Aurelius (at the time
destroyer was able to maintain her station in column and return to Surabaya the next morning.
The sample is added to the column and the nucleic acid binds due to the lower pH
he church (13th century), a Gothic cellar with column and capital, a square pond faced with stones,
hoes, Rogers' Rangers ambushed a French-Indian column and, in turn, were ambushed by enemy forces.
has worked as a journalist for Berlin Victory Column and, starting in 1986, for die tageszeitung (t
s et Jim) + Alain Lefevre (Marine, The Durutti Column, Anna Domino, Blaine L. Reininger) + Michel Si
Journal and produced a popular monthly advice column answering reader's questions.
ed into a nearly complete tube in front of the column apex (Dodson & Dodson 1989 describe the lip as
From peduncle to column apex is approximately 1 cm; the lip protrudes
His column appeared five days a week until 1992, when he
ed up by Playboy in 2009, Dunn's “The Imbiber” column appeared weekly for several years in Metro Int
s article, which was separate from Kilgallen's column, appeared on the front pages of the New York J
The column appeared in newspapers including the Mancheste
At the peak of its popularity, Hoppe's column appeared in the Chronicle five days a week and
The column appeared under his name for 32 years.
"Chef Ra's Psychedelic Kitchen" column appeared in High Times off and on for 15 years
His signature "Leather Notebook" column appeared in Drummer for twelve years beginning
His "Cooking With Bob" column appeared in the bimonthly KJAZ newsletters, an
re until his death, aged 92, in 2006, his last column appearing on 20 January 2006.
The central column appears to continue through the roof, and is s
His column appears monthly in that magazine.
This column appears in the print and online versions of th
The column appears weekly in several dozen newspapers, ma
As his column approached Charlotte, Cornwallis would normall
his men failed to significantly delay a Union column approaching Brandy Station from the southeast.
Flanking each column are two sphinxes (four in total) lying on his
For instance, under the NDP column are the 7 seats in which they came closest to
, representing which of the actions in a given column are to be performed.
he first plinth above the lower section of the column, are emblematic wreaths.
The conditions in the reactive column are suboptimal both as a chemical reactor and
Although some of the symbols in the leftmost column are displayed in black due to math markup pecu
In asexual reproduction, fragments of the column are capable of regenerating into new individua
Inside of the column are trays or plates.
Links in the first column are to game recaps on VUcommodores.com.
first two columns the operations in the third column are carried out successively, and the machine

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