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該当件数 : 1889

seen under this name is actually Aptenia 'Red Apple', a hybrid with red flowers and bright green l
British psychedelic rock by critics, making An Apple a Day one of the most sought-after British psy
The Jonagored Apple, a sport mutation of Jonagold, was once covere
pan is the equivalent of the United States "an apple a day."
f his articles has been published in a book An Apple a Week (pub.
Jonagold is a cultivar of apple, a cross between Golden Delicious and Jonathan
Wayne, Indiana called Adams Apple, a part of the Jesus movement, and it was duri
Also according to Apple, a former worker at the factory claimed on Tia
They released a single LP in 1969, titled An Apple a Day.
His first work, Devil's Apple, a mystery novel, was published by Random Hous
eries: Magazine for “Good Health: More Than an Apple a Day” by Sandra Blackmer, June 25
castle resembling Midgar, and a giant flaming apple above Butchy's castle which resembles a meteor
enty other books on the countryside, including Apple Acre (1942), Sunrise to Sunset (1944), The Bud
er (originally known as The Iveys) - Signed to Apple after several demo tapes were brought in by Ma
However, after some legal representation from Apple Agius had no other choice but to change the na
Giddens was born in Pine Apple, Alabama in 1908.
Fred Cone (born June 21, 1926 in Pine Apple, Alabama) is a former professional American fo
The second Apple album Space was recorded at London's Trident S
ears includes Bob Livorio, Jeff Allen, Charlie Apple, Alex Mellon, Porky Chedwick, Sean Israel, Joe
Buckland is godfather to Martin's daughter, Apple, along with Simon Pegg.
The Snow Apple, also known as the Fameuse, is believed to be
grove Park has a hospital radio station called Apple AM, presented by volunteers.
and most major distribution channels including Apple, Amazon, Google and Barnes & Noble.
Some stores include Apple, American Apparel, Banana Republic, Chico's, C
mpson type 707, the dancing water, the singing apple, and the speaking bird.
The main crops are cereals, apple and chickpea .
The caterpillars feed on oak, apple and pear.
Cauliflower, bean, tomato, apple and peach are among the more important crops.
Flashing forward 1997, Jobs has returned to Apple, and announces a new deal with Microsoft at th
The latter, in turn, holds an apple and wears a coif, an element which is present
a "crunchy, sweetened multi-grain cereal with apple and cinnamon."
bout two weeks later than that of the domestic apple, and its fragrant fruit clings to the branches
g fruits were of superior quality to the sugar apple and were given the name "Atemoya", a combinati
ayed guitar for Alan McGee's band The Laughing Apple, and also contributed to McGee's later band, B
s seen tap-dancing down the streets of the Big Apple and singing "The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady" (a
and its name is derived from the names of both Apple and Microsoft.
Oatibix Bites, Oatibix Bites with Sultana and Apple and Oatibix Bites with Cranberry varieties.
It was confirmed that the flavours Apple and Cherry caused this problem the most and Or
omposello: bass guitar produced Blues from the Apple and played bass guitar on the final recording
ewheat, sultanas, wheat bran, hazelnuts, dried apple and barley malt flavouring.
They include a pamphlet on the famous Apple and Pork Festival, a Clinton traveler for each
d to make a German style light white wine with apple and pear flavors.
nd and pastures into several large orchards of apple and pear trees, numbering over 10,000.
ut inexpensive version of the text, called The Apple and Pear as Vintage Fruits, was published in 1
st severe disease of pear and also is found in apple and raspberry, among others.
paign focused on children, but fan response to Apple and CinnaMon helped them remain as the mascots
In 2009 Apple and Cinnamon were transported out of their car
inutes to Love (originally known as The Rotten Apple and It Only Takes Five Minutes) is a 1963 Amer
r hundreds of years to make jams, preserves or apple and bilberry pies.
It is the centre of Tasmania's apple and fruit-growing industry, and has also been
The Wind and the Lion, The Lady Vanishes, The Apple and The Jigsaw Man.
Due to legal troubles, Bad Apple's antagonistic nature was dropped; Apple and C
In 2007, Apple and Cinnamon where fused together with Cinnamo
tant is the ADPCM algorithm which is in use by Apple and Microsoft.
irgin and Infant Jesus, St. John presenting an Apple, and St. Catharine kneeling; after Titian; ver
common in the United Kingdom) do not have the apple and almond topping (and tend to be made with a
late, raspberry and white chocolate, banoffee, apple and cinnamon, coconut and white chocolate, oat
gether (with the Esso girl picks up a coloured Apple and has a bite) as the film closes by zooming
AR licenses its API to many companies, such as Apple and Symantec.
um is a plant pathogen that causes side rot in apple and pear and can also cause disease on asparag
lar in the 1980s and 1990s, such as Commodore, Apple and Amiga computers.
Macintosh ROM files are owned by Apple and cannot be legally distributed.
compound responsible for the distinctly green apple and nutty character of Fino sherries called ac
Fruit growing, especially apple and cherry crops, were a major industry, altho
Both the Apple and Windows version software were sponsored by
at he worked as a software testing manager for Apple and Borland after dropping out of high school.
ted tourism via its retail market and seasonal apple- and pumpkin-picking programs; visits by local
Matthew became a fan favourite in the Big Apple and played in 196 games before he was traded t
Sky is Falling, Adventures in Toyland, and Red Apple and Silver Bells, as well as contributing to a
follow-up: "Return to the Little Kingdom: How Apple and Steve Jobs Changed the World" is available
marketplace by personal computers such as the Apple and IBM PC which were inspired by this first g
jal and Mana Sherchan, a brandy similar to the apple and apricot varieties produced in Marpa is fou
fruit (sultanas, raisins, coconut, banana, and apple) and hazelnuts.
o be in good condition and readily accepted an apple and half an orange.
rt phones and new TV devices in development by Apple and Google."
orange fruit and other types of citrus fruit, apple and maize.
named Mr. Fontenot who proposes to her with an apple, and gives her a good life.
orld of Goo, "World of Goo HD" was approved by Apple and entered the App Store.
e world from Japan to Germany, from Verizon to Apple and everywhere in between.
Sidral Mundet is available in two flavors: red apple and green apple.
Pixlet is a video codec created by Apple and based on wavelets, designed to enable view
rea is a well-known agricultural district with apple and cherry orchards, along with vineyards prod
temperate rainforest, including booyong, crab apple and coach wood trees, surrounding the village
The Apple and the Tooth (2009, Warp Records)
tions of salad include a layer of fresh grated apple and some don't.
He brings his father an apple and marries Peri-Banu.
snails can feed on cucumber, lettuce, carrots, apple, and boiled eggs.
rdonnay it incorporates strawberry, raspberry, apple and lemon.
of a cocktail or with a mixer such as Coke or apple and cherry juice.
illery, producing and selling corn whiskey and apple and peach brandy.
lm is a still shot, showing Battcock eating an apple and taking a phone call, while apparently rece
The Apple and the Tooth is an album by Bibio.
', or ‘Clemany clemany clemany mine, a roasted apple and some good red wine!'
onsists of native broadleaved trees as well as apple and ash trees.
ator is a basic calculator application made by Apple and bundled with Mac OS X.
ter of Life and The Dancing Water, the Singing Apple, and the Speaking Bird.
5 points, while pieces of fruit (cherries, an apple and a lime) are each worth 200.
of Silicon Valley, which explores the rise of Apple and Microsoft (the film opens and closes with
cipe such as toffee, orange and cranberry, and apple and cinnamon.
He recognized the apple, and confronted Eudocia who had sworn she had
es of the main characters Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, and Marshmallow.
solution to replicate the scent or flavour of apple, and sometimes pineapple.
ties Cider and Perry Association - the popular apple and pear derived alcoholic beverages some of t
In addition to apple and pecan pies, various cream pies are availab
its added, including wormwood, St John's wort, apple and quince.
tall (called "Chris's Fruit & Veg"), eating an apple, and then turning to the camera, saying "F***
Beit Ummar also has cherry, plum, apple and olive orchards.
It premiered at the Big Apple Anime Fest on August 30 2003, and went into wi
Big Apple Anime Fest's metric for counting attendance di
ark Media, one of the companies supporting Big Apple Anime Fest, informed AnimeCons.com
Despite confirmed dates for 2004, Big Apple Anime Fest announced on its web site that it w
The Big Apple Anime Fest (BAAF) was an anime convention whic
r, Michele Knotz, she also competed in the Big Apple Anime Fest's Anime Idol Voice-Acting Contest;
Retailers and eateries now open include: Apple, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Camille's Sidewa
cations being distributed across the internet, Apple announced the availability of a native SDK for
nks to "Lazy Sunday"'s initial iTunes success, Apple announced they had licensed several archived S
On January 9, 2007 Apple announced the iPhone hardware device along wit
On June 8, 2009, Apple announced at its Worldwide Developers Conferen
ions of the application can be downloaded from Apple app store for free.
n by a variety of names including Rough-barked apple, Apple box, Rusty gum, and Boondah.
sen's Eurovision song, "Pomme, pomme, pomme" (" Apple, Apple, Apple"), was chosen internally by broa
"Freestyle 101" which has been created into a Apple application available on iTunes and Apple stor
"Calling the Maker" is a top download on the Apple application Tap Tap Revenge 3. Currently, Side
(such as iCal or Dashboard, safe pre-installed Apple applications) are "fat binaries or trash" and
peach, pear, plum, fig, grape (red and green), apple, apricot, banana, blackberry, blueberry, boyse
Plants include apple, apricot, cherry, peach, pear trees, as well a
Apple Aria Instrumental (1:35)
n rice, wheat, and oats, as well as in coffee, apple, artichoke, peanut, orange and pineapple.
Erik Apple as Mad Dog
In 1992, PolyGram reissued both Shine and Apple as the compilation album Mother Love Bone, whi
uses cankers on several tree species including apple as well as black dead arm on grape.
major factors was the owner's loss of faith in Apple, as Apple began to open their own stores.
ius II had given Eudocia a very large Phrygian apple, as a gift.
siung, Larry Kenyon, and Bryan Stearns, all of Apple as part of the original Macintosh development
eciduous trees and shrubs, including basswood, apple, ash, beech, birch, elm, maple, oak, poplar, P
of deciduous trees and shrubs, not limited to: apple, ash, basswood, beech, birch, blueberry, cherr
eed on the leaves of various plants, including apple, ash, walnut, boxelder, clover, goldenrod, pin
However, The Standard reports that the Apple assertions "could not be substantiated".
ors and secretary-treasurer of the New England Apple Association and a former president of the Conn
ji apples ranked at number 4 in 2003 on the US Apple Association's list of most popular apples, aft
Darwin Calendar Server, which was initiated by Apple at the same time, and has the flexibility to r
, however Dewey uses his trombone to launch an apple at Donald, and Huey uses his cello to project
ht in the Apartements Daphne, which won a Gold Apple at the NEFVF in Oakland.
tosh 6100, 7100 and 8100) specifically for the Apple AudioVision 14 Display.
: Toronto, Anaheim, Philadelphia, Chicago, Big Apple, Austin, and Boston.
Harris, software product marketing manager at Apple Australia, said, "For the most part, everythin
ith Audio Media Education Who is India's first Apple authorized training center in which students a
ton-Belmar, and is connected by Upland Street, Apple Avenue off of Lincoln Avenue and by Stranahan
Litwack was presented with the Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2007 by the
2009 Bright Red Apple Award for Educational Excellence - District 10
Golden Apple Award - Best of National Educational Film and
Greenhut received a 1989 Crystal Apple Award from the NYC Mayor's Film Office for his
The Alley has won the Green Apple Award for environmental regeneration, Building
eachers and several past winners of the Golden Apple award, given each year to six of Lee County's
In 1998 she received the Golden Apple Award.
2006 Polished Apple Awards - Best Movie
Big Apple Bagels was started by Paul Stolzer in 1993.
Big Apple Bagels is an American franchised chain of bake
BAB, Inc., the parent company of Big Apple Bagels, has one company-owned store, and has f
oducts are sold as three different brands: Big Apple Bagels, Brewster's Coffee, and My Favorite Muf
nnovations for more modern usages, such as his apple baking dishes, chicken cookers and microwave b
2000 Apple, Banana, Cherry written by Joy Cowley
ha Sang ("Emotion"), Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band ("A Fifth of Beethoven"), and Frankie Val
Apple Bank, an American bank in the New York City ar
1867, "Notes on the Apple Bark Louse (Lepidosaphes conchiformis), with a
It would be a cooperage for apple barrels and a brass foundry.
hed from UK shelves in 1988, together with the apple based Cydrax, suffering from plummeting sales.
attributes of fertility as the cornucopia and apple baskets; she may also have been associated wit
in 2010, Golden Apple became the official sponsor of the popular wee
. Butters, who gave the name Woodpecker to the apple because the tree was frequented by woodpeckers
ae feed on various trees and shrubs, including apple, beech, birch, poplar, oak, maple, rose and wi
eds on a variety of deciduous trees, including apple, beech, birch, elm, hawthorn, hazel and oak as
of Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" was released on Apple before Harrison's version.
In 1987, Apple began publishing original titles, including Bl
When Apple began producing 64-bit systems under the G5 br
It has a bouquet of aromatic sweetness with apple, berry, and honey maltiness and a hint of sour
o on the album we see a naked woman with a red apple between her legs.
ckwood has also worked with Carly Simon, Fiona Apple, Bijou Phillips, Alana Davis, Ben Taylor, Leon
Apple billed Mac OS 9 as including "50 New Features"
The larvae feed on alder, apple, birch, elm, poplar and willow.
Recorded food plants include apple, birch, blackthorn, currant, hawthorn, Prunus,
The larvae feed on the leaves of apple, birch, cherry, hazel, hawthorn, maple, mounta
The larvae feed on leaves of alder, apple, birch, blueberry and huckleberry, cottonwood,
ually feeds on trees and shrubs such as alder, apple, birch, blackcurrant, blackthorn, cherry, ches
The larvae feed on various plants, including apple, blackberry, peach and spearmint.
malls owned by Simon Property Group along with Apple Blossom Mall, Charlottesvile Fashion Square, C
"Cherry Pink (and Apple Blossom White)" (Louis Guglielmi) - 5:24
"Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" (Polka) (Mack David) - 2:43
Plant badge: Apple blossom
'n Determined took the Bewitch Stakes and the Apple Blossom Handicap, spotting her rivals 4 to 13
Apple Blossom Time
inated by her handlers to face Zenyatta in the Apple Blossom Invitational Handicap at Oaklawn Park
is even today - to the fairly closely related Apple Blossom Tineid (Argyresthia curvella).
ced in 2007 a major lifestyle redevelopment at Apple Blossom Mall including the addition of a RC Th
The Apple Blossom Mall is 442,000 square feet (41,100 m2
1947 Apple Blossom ex-GN 1121
ow up to 50,000 during special events, such as Apple Blossom Parade.
Dakota on the Apple Blossom Scenic Drive
ding invitation to be a part of the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester (VA) each year

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