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該当件数 : 1282

as the pastor of a congregation or not, is automatically a delegate to his presbytery and to Synod.
ting one pair of opposite sides, making it automatically a trapezoid.
the Walloon Parliament in 1991 and became automatically a member of the Parliament of the French C
l in Ordinary and received, as a law lord, automatically a life peerage as Baron Asquith of Bishops
ermit their employment...The homosexual is automatically a security risk because of social and emot
Although principals are automatically a member of their school's LSC, assistant
The house captain, who is automatically a member of the club, controls membership
re elected by a club as president, you are automatically a member of the Board of Presidents.
As a legislator in 1974, Allen was automatically a delegate to the Texas Constitutional Con
As a bishop he was automatically a senator, close collaborator of the Polis
er opposite the party chair, and therefore automatically a member of the Democratic National Commit
As Chief Justice, Pedder was automatically a member of the Legislative Council and th
and that to "turn the other cheek" is not automatically a sign of weakness.
strates Court of the Northern Territory is automatically a magistrate of the court.
s, music clips and television bumpers were automatically accepted into the competition, while stude
ty for quotations that are immediately and automatically accessible (Rule 611)
In Cambridge, MA status is automatically accorded to graduates of other universitie
and software, in which the service varies automatically according to the identity of the consumer
The multiple items to edit are selected automatically according to the example provided by the u
The dome and other windows respond automatically according to the temperature in the buildi
id of two computers, it is able to provide automatically accurate real-time 3D information on targe
repealing statute was enacted had already automatically acquired the status of a British subject,
For close-in dogfights, the radar automatically acquires enemy aircraft and projects this
The PASS device will automatically activate if the device does not detect mot
n (EPIRB) was hydrostatically released and automatically activated when the vessel sank.
Automatically activated cinema cameras set around the la
Focus Tracking: Automatically activated in Single Servo AF or Continuous
fighter is hit by bullet, guard barrier is automatically activated, which consumes guard barrier ga
s detected originating in Gaza, the system automatically activates the public broadcast warning sys
oaded, the hammer is pushed forward, which automatically activates the safety catch.
fire alarm system is classified as either automatically actuated, manually actuated, or both.
tus points, or "stats", are preset and are automatically added to the character upon leveling up (m
This article talk page was automatically added with {{WikiProject Food and drink}}
This article talk page was automatically added with {{WikiProject Food and drink}}
fied characteristic and a slashtag will be automatically added for search categories with prescreen
nal Register of Historic Places, an NHL is automatically added to the Register upon designation.
rnal website are called "Refences" and are automatically added n the page when you use {{reflist}}
• Invitees are automatically added to a contacts list and tagged with t
ican respectful «Monsieur le ministre» was automatically addressed to my advisor, who was white, an
ing order plan, and a Holds Manager, which automatically adds titles to a library's collection when
cles come equipped with a fuel sensor that automatically adjust the air/fuel ratio to optimize runn
hen operating in MAF mode the computer can automatically adjust its fuel delivery based on the airf
In addition, the engine has the ability to automatically adjust planetary level of detail so that t
ions are made with solid state circuits to automatically adjust the operating voltage to maintain a
x first introduced a rear-view mirror that automatically adjusted to glare conditions in 1982.
The angle of the louvers blades is automatically adjusted depending on their orientation to
the few known codes whose code rate can be automatically adjusted to varying channel capacity, by s
Ziegler rabbis are automatically admitted to the international Rabbinical A
ussia, Sweden, and the United States) were automatically admitted to the final eight.
ngs of current attendees of the school are automatically admitted.
The winner of each pool automatically advanced to the semi-finals and the teams
en was reduced to 50 laps, with the winner automatically advancing to the Winston.
he Miss Sport award at Miss World 2004 and automatically advented to top 15 semi-finalists.
out-of-court settlement in the UK doesn't automatically affect what can be included in Wikipedia.
os by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals was automatically affirmed.
rnia, voting rights are restored to felons automatically after release from prison and discharge fr
Dakota, felons' voting rights are restored automatically after release from prison.
They are usually destroyed automatically after they become unreachable.
Laws were to expire automatically after one hundred years, thus preventing o
et used to it when you are young, it comes automatically after so many years."
g on the system, hydraulic fuses may reset automatically after a delay, or may require manual re-op
upled with a laser radiation detector, and automatically aims for the enemy's illuminating laser de
Admission to the Union was carried out automatically: all members of the organization VFP appro
messages from addresses in these lists are automatically allowed through no matter what the content
processing, the latest fares can be loaded automatically, allowing these new fares to be sold in th
also spin their own articles, manually or automatically, allowing them to sell the same articles w
The top 5 ranked teams qualified automatically, along with hosts Mexico and the winners o
runners in each of the initial three heats automatically alongside the two fasters runners qualifie
runners in each of the initial four heats automatically alongside the four fasters runners qualifi
AppleScripts can also be utilized to automatically alter behavior in responses to certain tri
At dusk, they turn on (usually automatically, although some of them include a switch fo
cience, program analysis is the process of automatically analysing the behavior of computer program
Processing and Machine Learning methods to automatically analyze reviews and metadata.
ject, a body of software which attempts to automatically analyze the morphology of a language), as
artifacts into system version control, it automatically analyzes each software artifact to discove
qualifying groups, meaning they qualified automatically and avoided the play-offs.
It is capable of performing, automatically and symbolically, such common procedures a
ing sent to the printer and thus could not automatically and correctly convert the data stream.
n, with the result that Pherozeshah got in automatically; and all the elaborate plans of the caucus
rcade game, the NES version doesn't scroll automatically, and it's gameplay is similar to Choplifte
Applications created at zembly were automatically and transparently deployed, hosted, and sc
ty level were bucked to the district level automatically, and court days were the busiest days of t
with an icemaker, which produces ice cubes automatically and stores them in a bin from which they c
waveform, and often contain the ability to automatically and repetitively "sweep" the frequency of
y management - memory is allocated / freed automatically, and the language has no memory management
techniques; they follow behind the player automatically and can be used to extend normal combos th
een (LLAS) analyzes child vocalizations to automatically and objectively calculate the risk of auti
documents, pictures (including those taken automatically), and sounds an individual has experienced
tist registered in ReverNation is measured automatically and the score is tracked over time.
tween vehicle location systems which track automatically and event activated tracking systems which
tegrate with the Windows operating system, automatically and simultaneously signing into the networ
ation about the selected subject will then automatically and seamlessly to the user "tune" to that
tched more accurately and evolving queries automatically and interactively.
ed with a satellite monitoring device that automatically and continuously (every two hours) reports
is a 24-hour, toll-free phone service that automatically and anonymously links callers to the neare
ttle, but from there the battle is handled automatically, and items/spells/attacks are used when ne
show that locates the broadcast timeslots automatically and 100% democratic based upon the Outloud
th various physical requirements satisfied automatically, and show that every ssspf can be put in R
iler will generate the necessary glue code automatically and compile the Pyrex code into a working
This is adjusted automatically and does not require previous technical kn
Because trickle valves work automatically and require no power source or controls, t
rsons, vehicles, goods, keys and valuables automatically and without physical contact, in same case
tor to be turned into hyperlinks or popups automatically any time they are used in a forum post or
Taiwan" folders and Chinese-language files automatically anywhere on the computer and consumes a la
osed by the Iraqi judges, Munaf's case was automatically appealed to the Iraqi Court of Cassation.
be agreed to by a Ministerial Council and automatically applied in each jurisdiction.
can be searched, with study-type 'filters' automatically applied to identify substantial, robust st
If they did not respond, the new tariff automatically applied the latest on 30 September 2007, u
veloper (as in the case of Google Reader), automatically applied on behalf of the user by their AT
investigation into why the brakes had not automatically applied.
resident of the 35 student governments are automatically appointed as representatives upon their el
a Lord Justice of Appeal, and was thus was automatically appointed to the Privy Council.
& Technology; and the President and CEO is automatically appointed.
or whether what is appropriate for one is automatically appropriate for all?
assets within the time frame allowed, thus automatically approving the deal.
Entries automatically are entered in the USEA Gold Cup Series.
xplicitly, unlike other IUPAC names, which automatically arise from IUPAC nomenclatural rules.
tus (SCBA) worn by firefighters so that it automatically arms when the SCBA air supply is engaged o
Diagrams can be automatically arranged using different layout styles, ma
Iran qualified automatically as host
Argentina qualified automatically as host.
Japan (qualify automatically as host)
Lebanon qualified automatically as host.
Iran qualified automatically as defending champions
(c) - qualified automatically as defending champions
United States qualify automatically as current champions through winning the 2
Germany (Qualify automatically as the hosts)
Swansea to Shrewsbury however do stop here automatically, as the train has to stop before the level
Professor Peoples qualifies automatically as a professor emeritus, editor of an acad
m retail pricing schemes, formerly treated automatically as illegal under the Sherman Antitrust Act
This came automatically as a result of Britain declaring war on Ge
West Germany qualified automatically as hosts of the competition.
tes at each end of the lifting span, close automatically as the bridge is raised to close the span
Portugal qualified automatically as hosts of the tournament and therefore d
lations that would yield true propositions automatically; as a side effect he developed binary calc
or premiers were deemed to be the premiers automatically as well unless two clubs were on equal poi
user may then proceed to load the systems automatically as well as define new systems then use the
open for competition, as Brazil qualified automatically as holders.
South Africa qualified automatically as host for the World Cup, and Angola qual
Singapore qualified automatically as host
This article was automatically assessed because at least one WikiProject
This article was automatically assessed because at least one WikiProject
This article has been automatically assessed as Stub-Class becuase it uses the
This article was automatically assessed because at least one article was
This article has been automatically assessed as Stub-Class because it uses the
This article has been automatically assessed as Stub-Class because it uses the
This article has been automatically assessed as Stub-Class becuase it uses the
This article has been automatically assessed as Stub-Class because it uses the
son many algorithms have been developed to automatically assign domains in proteins with known 3D s
ns, more teams were added and players were automatically assigned to teams in order to get to the g
the name Friendship was already in use and automatically assigned the new district Frenship Indepen
ine ordering throughout the United States, automatically assigning all registered customers to the
lated to that person (see below), and then automatically assigns a rating for which the expectation
All or selected Life file types can be automatically associated with MCell for easy opening dir
ted and effective in Korean culture, don't automatically assume that the same tactics will work on
us as we walk by them in the hall, we may automatically assume that they think we look strange or
browski crossed paths with the two men who automatically assumed he was gay, as Clapham Common is a
Many fans automatically assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that any fut
and, the elected Vice-Chair of the council automatically assumes the chair of the Council the succe
With MIVEC, the "cam swap" occurs automatically at a fixed engine speed.
small accumulator unit, which is connected automatically at power failure.
t generation is that peasants are produced automatically, at no cost.
ion, while many will intervene by shifting automatically at the low end and/or high end of the engi
To qualify automatically athletes needed to jump 17 metres.
Multiplayer game servers will automatically attempt to send any custom content to the
iscipline in which the host nation was not automatically awarded entry.
Points" (a category where a contestant "is automatically awarded the points").
lations in basketball for which points are automatically awarded.
Local network computers are automatically backed up to the CTERA appliances on the L
rosoft Office documents can be manually or automatically backed up to Google Docs each time they ar
run user-selected systems, or pick systems automatically based on problem features, and run them in
s, where scripts are generated by the tool automatically based on the actions that the user perform
ndex, Google's algorithm combines listings automatically based on address, phone number, or geocode
eam that are placed top of the league will automatically be promoted to the Northern Premier League
l last for five years, after which it will automatically be extended for another five-year term.
g in association with their parents cannot automatically be regarded as helpers; it is necessary to
A float will automatically be promoted to a double.
s explains, "Someone of that stature would automatically be changing their costumes to fit the occa
Credit would automatically be deducted from a driver's account as the
injury is not a factor, an individual will automatically be charged with a class D felony.
ften cheaper than a return ticket and will automatically be provided by ticket machines and ticket
t the natural beauty of the landscape will automatically be resisted, and large-scale development p
ue to use Page Creator and your pages will automatically be transitioned to Google Sites later this
would no longer automatically be considered as prima facie refugees, but
upport of another adult, her parents would automatically be reported to authorities and an investig
file to a Referencer library file, it will automatically be searched for key identifiers such as a
26 and that were in use prior to 1949 will automatically be stopped up on 1 January 2026.
f taking minors (as planar graphs are) can automatically be characterized by finitely many forbidde
Passengers will automatically be given a computer generated booking numb
eated references to favorite artists would automatically be highlighted in notes containing their n
for a place at Salisbury High School will automatically be put on a waiting list or accepted becau
tised on PCS and subsequently awarded will automatically be transferred to the Scottish Procurement
n allow changes in the underlying model to automatically be reflected in the view, and vice versa.
under the British Subsidiary System, would automatically be annexed if the ruler was either "manife
ewly reelected leader of the State Senate, automatically became Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut.
Automatically became representative of the lone district
s Assistant Principal Chief, Lewis Downing automatically became Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nat
4 Jewell would resign as speaker and Lewis automatically became Acting Speaker.

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