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The student was awarded prizes of a computer, a Gold Medal, cash award of 20,000 Rupees, a
In 1980 he acquired his first 'real' computer, a Microtan 65, and spent time using his frie
eloped the VeggieCard for the Apple Macintosh computer, a compressed set of archived files on a 3.5"
E (the design and manufacture of the AN/FSQ-7 computer, a vacuum tube computer with ferrite core mem
At the age of 9, Dayton got his first computer, a Sinclair ZX81.
Computer: A History of the Information Machine, Basic
Prior to the move de Raadt got his first computer, a Commodore VIC-20, which was soon followed
into machine code that could be fed into the computer a second time to execute the program.
literacy and arithmetic skills in addition to computer ability.
π until the advent of the electronic digital computer about one century later.
SBOA Computer Academy, Anna Nagar Western Extension, Chenna
t on the schools ability to afford sufficient computer access around the school.
hildren's playroom and a business center with computer access and health care information.
able by anyone who has physical access to the computer, access to the user or administrative account
Vista (screen enlarger for computer access)
ffers not only a wide selection of books, but computer access, private study rooms, and educational
ization dedicated to countering inequities in computer access.
n converted into a room for homework help and computer access.
Computer access: the Robinson Library has four compute
For the computer accessories company, see Noctua (company).
ing 2003) for electric guitar and interactive computer accompaniment.
a five-person game, four players on an Atari computer acting as a graphical terminal, and a fifth a
There was a separate computer adaptation of the original Jaws movie called
The name came this computer add-on business plan.
ory, instrumentation, and the introduction of computer added and controlled systems.
The term computer addiction originated long before the Internet
Computer addiction is a loosely used term for the exce
She compared computer addiction to other forms of addiction, such a
Escape from Monkey Island is a computer adventure game developed and released by Luca
Starship Titanic is a computer adventure game designed by Douglas Adams and
e security software pretending to protect the computer against malware and viruses.
Beyond the Limits: Flight Enters the Computer Age (1989)
"You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statis
The Computer Age
"Composers in Computer Age II".
2), for tape, released on The Composer in the Computer Age-IV
Instead, the game can be played with an computer AI-controlled partner, and players may exchan
s companion Blobert, who is controlled by the computer AI.
In Eritrea Computer Aid is working with the British Council to pr
Computer Aid International is a not-for-profit organis
Computer Aid International
Professor Denis Goldberg is Computer Aid's Honary Patron.
or component types which can be simulated in computer aided design software.
Mechanical Computer Aided Design Drafting
He also worked on computer aided learning.
Computer Aided Structure Analysis and Design
be confused with CAM which usually stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing) refers to systems that u
hich offers vocational training in Carpentry, Computer Aided Design/Drafting, Computer Technology, C
ennial is one of the only schools to have the Computer Aided Drafting Class.
eCATT (extended Computer Aided Test Tool) is a tool for software test
Field-Map: computer aided system for mapping and field data colle
FARO develops and sells CAM systems ( Computer Aided Manufacturing Measurement).
Practical/Vocational Arts Computer Aided Drafting I-III/IV Construction Computer
application in manufacturing, communication, computer aided design and transportation".
Computer Aided Design
For the next three years, he ran his own Computer Aided Design and Drafting Center in Coimbator
Computer Aided Drafting and Design, Digital Imaging an
al design office in the Chicago area to offer Computer Aided Design (CAD).
It produced a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool called
Computer Aided Design Drafting
largely been superseded by newer glasses and computer aided design.
approximately 300 papers in the areas of VLSI computer aided design, parallel computing, and compile
Computer Aided Engineering and Design, Early Childhood
ely used in commercial applications including computer aided design and computer games.
ck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer is a 1987 computer aircraft simulation game produced by Electron
t to work for Wolfram Research, makers of the computer algebra system Mathematica.
Wolfram led the development of the computer algebra system SMP (Symbolic Manipulation Pro
It publishes the ACM Communications in Computer Algebra and often sponsors the International
a computer algebra system to manipulate formulas symboli
X document preparation system and an optional computer algebra system.
The forth workshop will be on Computer Algebra systems.
MuPAD was a computer algebra system (CAS).
The development of the Reduce computer algebra system was started in the 1960s by An
FuncDesigner is a computer algebra system (CAS) written as a Python modu
Mathemagix is a free computer algebra system.
mputations in COmmutative Algebra") is a free computer algebra system to compute with numbers and po
Maxima is a computer algebra system based on a 1982 version of Mac
The Maple computer algebra system offers code generators optimiz
capabilities are less than more sophisticated computer algebra systems like Mathematica.
Dcas is a dynamic computer algebra system featuring the idea of using id
The Magma computer algebra system is produced and distributed by
The free software Sage computer algebra system depends on Cython, both for pe
Cadabra is a computer algebra system designed specifically for the
of A# as the extension language of the Axiom computer algebra system.
He was a major contributor to the Macsyma computer algebra system at MIT and later to the Franz
KANT is a computer algebra system for mathematicians interested
He is an author of a textbook about computer algebra and many papers.
us omissions in the Xpander was the lack of a computer algebra system.
Derive ( computer algebra system)
oft Warehouse later developed Derive, another computer algebra system.
The Unix and Linux versions do not contain a computer algebra subsystem.
Computer algebra systems: Axiom, Giac, Macaulay 2, Mat
Reduce is a general-purpose computer algebra system geared towards applications in
Computer algebra is used at this point to greatly redu
e a collection of Java applets written in the computer algebra system (CAS) Maple, which teach calcu
bilities are available as Scientific Word (no computer algebra) and Scientific Notebook (limited LaT
Some calculators even have the ability to do computer algebra.
ated from their VIS absorption spectra by the computer algorithm “Dichromaticity index calculator”
The computer algorithms are produced by bioinformatists.
rts used to be a popular means for describing computer algorithms and are still used for this purpos
exhaustive, over 500,000 entries as of 2006; computer algorithms allow rapid peak matching.
for genomes, as genomes are also finalized by computer algorithms.
Association of Bachelors And Computer Allied Students.
uired point-by-point and reconstructed with a computer, allowing three-dimensional reconstructions o
skilled programmer increased control over the computer, allowing for further optimization and tighte
The instrument computer along with a highly precise BlackJack GPS rec
The contract for this computer along with the Blue Gene/L supercomputer was
The Rice Institute Computer, also known as the Rice Computer or R1, was a
album was the first album that Hancock used a computer, an Apple 2, in performing songs.
In short, the computer analysis becomes the gospel.
He then began working as a computer analyst at a Veterans Hospital in South Carol
Tommy Heath became a computer analyst and moved to Portland, Oregon, though
A computer analyst from Kannapolis, North Carolina, John
She is a computer analyst, and speacializes in acquiring inform
In computer and video games
eld: A virtualization engine that shields the computer and personal data from Internet and computer-
The Tektronix oscilloscope wasn't part of the computer and wasn't permanently attached to it.
increase network traffic, reboot the infected computer, and more important-it operates without conse
friendly design, the dot-com bomb, Bollywood, computer and network security, and the ubiquitous fibe
The ORACLE or Oak Ridge Automatic Computer and Logical Engine, an early computer built b
Facilities at the Centre include classrooms, computer and listening laboratories as well as audio-v
It also offers computer and photocopying facilities to its students a
he worked on programming both the Elliott 401 computer and the Ferranti Pegasus computer.
te 20th century, he was convicted of various computer- and communications-related crimes.
automatically installed, MacSweeper scans the computer and informs the user that many applications o
The game received the rating of 93% by Computer and Video Games and scored 92% from Amiga For
ly expanded Learning Resource center includes computer and media centers and allied health and nursi
Save PDF files to local computer and online account
Episcopal also has computer and writing labs, as well as computers with I
Gametraders is an Australian retailer of computer and video games, accessories, anime DVDs and
and articles for Macworld magazine and other computer and technology publications.
It detects all tasks/processes running on the computer and displays their ranking according to their
se that hides its presence on the compromised computer and downloads files from remote Web sites.
The resource centre has up to date computer and printing and copying services for village
Formula One was a series of computer and video games originally created by Psygnos
anklin Institute's Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science.
es to expand as technologies of the internet, computer and electronic communications expand.
For the computer and video game term, see 1-up.
Two sequels followed with computer and video games conversions done for each fil
See also: Punisher in film and Punisher computer and video games
A computer and DVD versions of some of the original game
Technohub - Computer and mobile phone shops beside the Garden Food
kup command and control receiver, the back up computer, and had completely shut off twice.
he Video Technology CreatiVision was a hybrid computer and video game console introduced by VTech in
It was also later ported to other Atari computer and game platforms.
Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science, 2005
Home of the George R. Stibitz Computer and Communications Pioneer Awards
l education, Spanish, developmental guidance, computer, and library.
Culliss holds a number of patents relating to computer and telephony systems, including US Pat.
layed around the clock and both gaming rooms ( computer and paper) were open 24 hours.
Vending machine selling computer and school supplies.
e DDD program for 3-8 months to develop basic computer and English skills.
meeting room, a small parking lot, wiring for computer and internet usage, and access for disabled p
CDI acquired the computer and technical services divisions of United En
2002 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science
Designed AI trainer, the TREAC digital computer, and contributed to early discussions of cybe
Students would log in each time they use the computer and access their work.
weekly work was conducted from China using a computer and the university's online learning environm
An extremely well endowed female computer and physics expert, who works at the college'
The album's title track was written by computer and improvised over by the band.
In 1997 Computer and Net Player Magazine named Red Baron II th
y - is a Professor and the Department Head of Computer and Information Technology at Purdue Universi
Computer and Video Games
Computer and Information Sciences
quartered in Dallas, Texas, Architel provides computer and network support.
songs at the age of eight years, using Amiga computer and applications like Noise Tracker.
rrently indexes only file metadata like path, computer and modification time.
hash function may compromise the security of computer and communication systems.
Computer and Information Science
However, Pixx's memories are programed in the computer, and Ghoul gave her a holographic form and pe
is the first in a series of popular baseball computer and video games published by Accolade.
Journal of Computer and System Sciences 8 (1): 22-35.
We also had the decommissioning of the Prime computer and the CDC 6600 and CDC 6400 systems.
Department of Computer and Information Science
The computer and TV tuner connect to the audio amplificati
Journal of Computer and System Sciences (JCSS)
He dedicated most of his life to spreading computer and technology education in Indian society an
She was the owner of a computer and accountancy company for over 20 years.
It sells various computer and related peripherals at wholesale prices a
He is Zisman Family professor of Computer and Information Science at the University of
U.S. Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Sicily, Sigone
contributor to the United Kingdom's domestic computer and digital television market.
Hugh Quarshie also played a Computer and Martin Sims also played a GELF.
AMBIT/L was implemented for a PDP-10 computer and used to implement the interactive interac
Power Unlimited is a Dutch multi-format computer and video games magazine.
This was a bottleneck in the computer and made the access time to data on these dru
Muto's computer and guide.
991 Widrich again turned his attention to the computer and the possibilities it offered for creating
ceived a BS in the disciplines of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering (ECSE) from RPI (Ren
slate thoughts into something meaningful to a computer, and to translate something from a computer i
nce skills, she manages to hack into Repness' computer and anonymously sends the data to New Republi
In 1976 he received a Ph.D. in computer and communication science from the University
Department of Computer and Communication Engineering
Like her father she was a computer and astronomer.
Institute of Computer and Communication Engineering - MS/ Ph.D Prog
had previously been home to Malcolm Hughes's Computer and Experimental Department in the 1970s.
Computer and Video Games said it was "the best yet fro
ologies has partnerships with several notable computer and hardware companies.
The central computer and sequencer failed and the spacecraft retur
George Klir, computer and systems scientist
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