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died at 32 after a second heart operation to correct a heart defect that limited her mobility and
ed the first open fetal surgery on a fetus to correct a dangerously advanced urinary tract obstruct
is recalling the traits of the ideal ruler to correct a bad king.
t is forced to leave for the United States to correct a botched plastic surgery.
underwent successful triple-bypass surgery to correct a 99-percent blocked artery.
history, it appears the UCLA edit was made to correct a blatant falsehood that existed in the artic
factor specific inhibitors), while if it does correct a factor deficiency is more likely.
"incorrect" depth data makes it impossible to correct a mistake later.
Any ceremonial action taken to correct a hardware problem, with the expectation that
ett argued that the changes were necessary to correct a decade of imbalance under the previous gove
acker was attached to the telescope's side to correct a two-minute, ten-arc second periodic motiona
representatives argue that deregulation will correct a bottleneck in electricity supply and point
he underwent scoliosis correction surgery to correct a 50 degree curve in his spine.
In 2003, Dana underwent heart surgery to correct a condition called Supra Ventricular Tachyard
-hour operation in a Jacksonville hospital to correct a circulatory condition.
Correct, a resistor is used in electronics.
asures than a total calcium; however, one can correct a total calcium if the albumin level is known
He spent a while recovering from a surgery to correct a loose valve in his heart that caused him to
ori (pylori being the genitive of pylorus) to correct a Latin grammar error.
ms of the English use of vowels the trivia is correct, A,E,I,O and U are the only vowels in the Eng
It was soon repressed with "Ma Baker" as the correct A-side and the album front cover photo for th
u specifically serve in making that statement correct? A. None Case closed, thanks to 2007 basketba
ssure sensing system was to indicate when the correct abort dynamic pressure was reached.
ology, nor a belief that the Talmud is always correct about scientific matters.
ian woman, and if Rabbinical commentators are correct about Hagar being the daughter of the Pharaoh
r the two possible structures can suggest the correct absolute structure.
He also exhibited an earnest desire to correct abuses arising from the negligence of the bis
This early failure to correct abuses in his diocese did not discourage von
Henry Bentley issued his Correct Account of all Matches, 1786-1822 with supple
He produced the comprehensively titled A Correct Account of all the Cricket Matches which have
Africa where Fu lectured on the anatomically correct ACL reconstruction procedure - aka the "doubl
Will the user notice that the correct action is available?
From then on it was accepted that the correct action in the event of the operation of the f
dentify the root cause of the problem and the correct action that should be taken by automatically
work with reliable and accurate data, and to correct address errors.
If this theory is correct, affection ought to increase as its ability t
to raise a new queen if there are eggs of the correct age present.
Aimee King as a young girl rather than as the correct age of nineteen years old.
oes anyone have a link to an article with the correct aircraft involved, whether bombs or aerosol s
This article does not have the correct aircraft description.
airplanes to aid paratroopers in boarding the correct airplane), were organized into flights in tra
Since Blaikie died in 1899, the text is still correct, albeit not entirely relevant.
to bring the two double-stranded pieces into correct alignment for rejoining.
To correct all that kind of stuff you would have to go t
In effect, the correct allocation of public funds and the careful ma
d’s lives, with just basic planning and correct allocation of resources,” he maintains.
red the founder of Bethlehem, but that is not correct, although he was a leading figure in the earl
tetricians were convinced that Semmelweis was correct, although few admitted it openly.
es your addition in that regard was factually correct, although I deemed it unnecessary.
They are both correct, although the "In Popular Culture" section is
t of the 180 ancient sites he identified were correct, among them Usha, Modi'in and Betar.
vessel's tanks and shore tanks to ensure the correct amount of product is transferred.
Care must be taken to balance the correct amount of crumble with the fruit, or else the
ember's bill seeking to make clear in law the correct amount of froth at the top of a pint of beer.
ed, but we should try and replace it with the correct amount.
nches are cut off, to leave approximately the correct amount.
When these hormones are not present in the correct amounts, the signs and symptoms of adrenal in
a, 18 months after undergoing an operation to correct an irregular heartbeat.
ard, just weeks after he underwent surgery to correct an irregular heartbeat associated with Wolff-
that the pilot did not recognize the need to correct an excessive rate of descent after the aircra
he Season 1 set on February 10th, 2009 in the correct anamorphic widescreen aspect ratio, which is
herefore, Mayow - who also gives a remarkably correct anatomical description of the mechanism of re
njust criticism for her role-the decision was correct, and may well have saved America's role in th
from which I have used quotes and details to correct and improve this Wikipedia biography.
Commissioner showed that these claims are not correct and the location of the license where Tamar 1
velous production for a boy of sixteen, airy, correct and harmonious in language, and rapid in move
icates that the proposal of Priddel's team is correct, and the Masked Booby subspecies fullagari is
a users that the information may not be fully correct and to encourage Wiki editors to participate
rned out, the assessment of Dodd and Kemp was correct, and the Supreme Court rebuffed Louisiana's a
Of course, it's a logically correct and factual sentence.
e with local knowledge of the NHS services to correct and update further as the various websites ar
ors genuinely believe that they have the only correct and complete understanding of Wikipedia polic
a contributor's role to judge which facts are correct and which are not.
Now, both are correct, and have been used by solid sources, and so
trades were on the verge of extinction proved correct and in a world of increasing standardisation,
Their calculation proved to be correct, and in 1954 the governments of Egypt and the
ut whether or not this mascot was politically correct and if it should remain (in the early 90s the
officer-of-the-deck during the attack, "took correct and especially prompt measures in maneuvering
ly involved in making sure story details were correct and writing the scripts for the stories-O'Con
e anonymous contributor (above) is esentially correct and I can offer a reference for the Italian t
fident that its analysis would be shown to be correct and that the data would show a temperature ri
As are a fraud that can never be able to give correct and neutral vote advice; others contend that
from the ages of eight to sixteen years were correct and that efforts should be continued.
on websites and a community of volunteers who correct and rate translations.
However, the sentence was found to be correct and the appeal failed.
and refined fancy and grace, his feeling for correct and dainty ornament, and his love of pure art
It was not perceived as politically correct, and was axed by the BBC after several unsucc
s were however generally seen, post facto, as correct and responsible.
I've heard several stories but none seem correct and I can't find it on the official website.
please focus on making the articles factually correct and clear to all English readers, rather than
Maybe the orginal author Iwanafish can correct and bring this article up to date with more s
us' information about Jesus' illegitimacy was correct, and a soldier with this name, living at the
could be telling us as counterintuitive (but correct) and our impulse to disconnect because of our
he saw his work as part of a broad effort to correct and redefine the reality of race, sex, class
ologue prior to his tale-yet his preaching is correct and the results of his methods, despite their
roperly, earlier assessments were found to be correct, and it is once again listed as a Vulnerable
ves his nationality as British, which is both correct and verifiable, 2) "Devonish" isn't a word, C
nion at the time, but events proved him to be correct, and the enormous appreciation in value of hi
She was always correct and her prophecies always came true.
s aim for a slightly humorous style, most are correct and well-written treatment of their subject m
Is this referenced info correct and should it be in the article.
Is four correct and what is the missing district?
As to his style, Grove calls it correct and fluent, but wanting in both invention and
Oneness churches believe that "Jesus" is the correct and entire name of God.
ness of the syntax of programs, 2) generating correct and efficient object code, 3) run-time organi
It to correct, and eke to rubbe and scrape,
d Sazavis, but this is not usually considered correct and the relationship of these birds - which m
Her fears are correct and it is revealed that Lolly is being abused
ltithreaded software, can be very hard to get correct and deadlock-free.
I do not believe this is correct, and no explanation was given, so I changed i
roblem is that case-control studies depend on correct and honest reporting of the risk factor, whic
y handle", Pell replied that he had gotten it correct and he was now convinced that Geller was genu
Nimier's figures are probably correct, and were accepted several decades later by T
In the above FIXMessage Body length 9 is correct and checksum 10 was checked out by using the
of its population size, this was found to be correct, and it is consequently uplisted to Near Thre
bug meaning wrong or defect and right meaning correct and justice.
both powerful guardians of "reglemen," or the correct and appropriate form of Vodoun service.
cience, with a happy talent of communication, correct and gentlemanly manners, and a large and libe
the article at hand' to an extent where it is correct, and otherwise I would imagine that the fair
When one contestant is correct and the other is wrong at any point, the one
amberlain worked with Melissa Cross to get it correct and add deeper screams into the mix.
was refused a hearing; but his accounts were correct, and Louis was inclined to spare him anything
and concise, and the spelling and grammar are correct; and
oblem consists of checking that the answer is correct and the scribe multiplies 1 / 4 + 1 / 16 + 1
valuation of its status, this was found to be correct, and it is consequently uplisted to Criticall
Nevertheless, it is correct and can be demonstrated that "celestial marri
emselves a Power and Jurisdiction to examine, correct and amend" judgements of the Irish courts, wh
f its population status, this was found to be correct, and it is consequently downlisted to Endange
Experix users are encouraged to correct and improve help files as they work.
You are correct and I accept my comment is soapbox; however,
of route numbers and such that were probably correct and warranted, but there were several edits i
f its population status, this was found to be correct, and it is consequently uplisted to vulnerabl
ple proof that the ComIntern's line was being correct, and Leon Trotsky thus incorrect to be questi
tt (Hobson), he finds that his suspicions are correct and that it has already been penetrated by se
t the Indigenous peoples' representatives are correct and that the Project should be immediately su
e makings of a Guetta classic are present and correct, and Cudi's nonchalant, mellow vocals are ple
revised by the doctors of Louvain is the most correct and also the rarest because it was suppressed
ughly opposite Trinidad, it might actually be correct and indicate that the Trinidad Piping-guan wa
But this is not correct, and thus, even though the "true" B. oligolep
can be checked to ensure the calculations are correct and not tampered with.
saying that the decision against Murdoch was correct and that the English had conducted themselves
hree systems fails, the other two systems can correct and mask the fault.
gendre's style has been described as elegant, correct, and his criticism judicious and impartial.
of its population size, this was found to be correct, and it is consequently uplisted to Vulnerabl
to Ireland as visitator with ample powers to correct and reform.
ignificance of right and left...right meaning correct and left meaning wrong '.
The player must also rotate their Mii to the correct angle of the bubble by rotating the Wii Remot
jacket, placed his beret on his head "at the correct angle", and burned his draft card.
When viewed at the correct angle, the formation appears to be the silhou
wing (pivoting) the shroud and turbine at the correct angle, so it always faces upstream like a win
thereby allowing it to slew the radar to the correct angle.
If a correct answer is given, but the opponents have no pr
The correct answer was Trees.
ow the lowest sum of money is assigned to the correct answer and the contestants must identify and
"On This Day" question was asked, Ed gave the correct answer to the previous night.
After the third wrong answer, the correct answer is displayed.
answer, as well as those who had told him the correct answer (none), retaining those saying they di
ed on the keyboard; the calculator produced a correct answer if the "0" was the result of a previou
ond contestant gives an incorrect answer, the correct answer was read, (sometimes David lets Jennif
A correct answer by the responding contestant wins the
Acadia National Park?", to which he gave the correct answer "Maine", becoming the second person an
he contestant cannot receive any hints at the correct answer or receive partial credit for being "c
marking flaws, occasionally giving the user a correct answer despite them incorrectly answering the
old one and the player who had given the last correct answer got to choose the next category.
A correct answer wins the points; a wrong answer or no
their lives..." The listener who guesses the correct answer wins a prize.
he randomized algorithm must still output the correct answer for all inputs: it is not allowed to m
d or Green; these represented a caller with a correct answer ('blue'), a caller with a wrong answer
audience, 90% of the audience was saying the correct answer - Hawaii instrument.
ise for junctions or distractions - hence the correct answer of Road To Nowhere by Talking Heads; o
A correct answer scored 1 point and continued down the
The true correct answer turned out to be Batdance by Prince.
Then the correct answer was revealed & a correct decision adde
Each correct answer was worth either 100, 1,000 or 3,000 m
e celebrity guest to play on the course, each correct answer earned 10 seconds playing time for the
hallenge by receiving enough points from each correct answer to get at least the bronze medal, if n
The correct answer is A since the others don't go in alph
Each correct answer garners a cash reward which they can t
A correct answer earned the point value of the question
e show to a daily winner who rang in with the correct answer to a question posed by Mayo about a sp
Each correct answer is worth $50.
t the reviewing court is not to determine the correct answer with which to compare the Tribunal's d
uestion and the other had to determine if the correct answer was higher or lower.
It gave the correct answer of "Red" whereas all but two other pro
easy to fall into this fallacy: it gives the correct answer in many common situations.
tants calling to offer guesses, no-one gave a correct answer and therefore no prize money was award
the first contestant to buzz in and give the correct answer will go to the final round.
Franta chose the correct answer and won 1,000 korun.
Those who picked a correct answer moved on to the next round, while the
ame as Hitman in Buzz!: The Big Quiz except a correct answer gives the player a chance to throw a p
Each correct answer in both rounds is worth five points.
s problem, but the scribe manages to find the correct answer in spite of this error.
nswers a question is affected not just by the correct answer, but also by the respondent's memory.
If the challenged player gives a correct answer, they receive money and control of the
Students receive 1 point for every correct answer, lose ¼ of a point for each incorrect
After a player gave a correct answer, Stein would ask that contestant a fol
They get 2 points for a correct answer, but 1 is deducted for an incorrect an
When the correct answer, Joan, is returned, the Australian mil
A contestant could stop after any correct answer, but an incorrect answer deducted the

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