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opriate optical system, a spectrally filtering device, a photodetector, and a data acquisition syste
The first known solar-activated device, a water pumping machine, is invented.
xit point of the transducer to the measurement device, a delay must be inserted in the reference sig
Biasing the HBT to obtain an active device, a photo transistor with high internal gain is
nomograph, or abac is a graphical calculating device, a two-dimensional diagram designed to allow t
her weigh around 31.4 kg, including a pointing device, a power supply, a control unit, and an interf
t might be, for example, a new drug, a medical device, a surgical procedure, or a preventative regim
s many features including a fail-safe drinking device, a PSM/SSM on the side which can accept specia
Cavallo termed his device a multiplier, though 'addition' was perhaps a
• First to offer Novalis-Shaped Beam Surgery device, a cancer treatment that applies high doses of
unch a secret project to develop technological device able to transfer people and materiel through t
The SkyScout is a handheld, battery powered device about 7.4" x 4.0" x 2.5", and weighs about 1 p
t (which is typically a part of the electronic device accepting the power).
When a device accesses a site authored using XDIME, the mark
mical implementation of a simple computational device, acting as a chemical diode.
ter constantly be monitoring for user input or device activity, so at some fundamental level there i
However, the device actually made the car less fuel efficient.
industries, including the technology, medical device, aerospace, defense, surfwear, real estate, an
When retrieving the force field device, after seeing a strange structure, Jake says t
ts were made to the overall performance of the device after the upgrade.
Crookes named his device after the Greek word 'spintharis', meaning "a
ance the fifth country to test a thermonuclear device after the United States, the Soviet Union, the
l, they return to the train station to try the device again when Owen activates it while under a bri
It can also be used to start the sparking device again if the flame goes out while the burner i
t would compel the USSR to construct a similar device against which there was no known defense.
s" in the cartoon's opening) with some type of device aiding it.
ters of the alphabet from A to P as a mnemonic device aiding recitation.
This device aims to give a higher level of interactivity t
ross, two Silver Stars, Bronze Star with Valor Device, Air Medal, Legion of Merit, Meritorious Servi
It's as if he carries a listening device, alert for the moments when the tectonic plate
the beverage was prepared; small holes in the device allow only liquids to pass as the beverage is
This new device allowed for bags of flour to be sealed with gl
m is a sinecure appointment which is used as a device allowing a Member of the United Kingdom Parlia
It functions as a communication device, allowing chapekku to communicate and quickly
The box was attached to a concertina device allowing for adjustment.
Brilliant but blind, Ojo eventually created a device allowing him to see, and eventually became ass
This device allows the user to determine the profile of th
A short range insert device allows the weapon to be used in a direct fire
A dog collar-like mind-control device allows the hellhounds to be captured as pets,
The device allows downloading content from web sites such
In this case, if the device allows file system access through their synchr
is team to shelter and continued to defuse the device alone.
ry 9, 2007 Apple announced the iPhone hardware device along with iOS.
n telecommunication, a low-power communication device, also short-range device (SRD) is a restricted
His device also employed the use of liquid mercury in the
The Amazon Kindle reading device also uses NOAD as its built-in dictionary, alo
en by motion within the frame) as a transition device also influenced Star Wars.
The translation device also has shown up before.
The device also has a flash internal storage of 16 GB and
The device also features a GPS chip allowing applications
This device also saves time, in that it removes the need f
A blood-sampling device, also known as a lancing device, is a reusable
The device, also called a combustible gas detector, opera
work specifically designed for use on a mobile device, also known as a mobile social network.
The SAW device also contains three Application Specific Integ
The device also reduces "trigger slap" or "trigger bounce
dline for manufacturing the inner core and the device also used some Canadian-supplied plutonium.
In addition, the device also sports a HDMI output, allowing direct con
A similar type of device, also common in Northern Ireland, is the pipe
Hand device Also known as a "ribbon device", the hand devi
also displayed some sort of personal cloaking device, although it was never seen again.
and was the first widely marketed webcam-like device, although its original advertising did not use
drug (such as Fen-Phen) or a defective medical device, although the firm also handles other types of
1976, the U.S. government enacted the Medical Device Amendment.
f the National Cancer Act of 1971, the Medical Device Amendments of 1976, the Health Maintenance Org
In 1976, the Medical Device Amendments to the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act
ed data with other data already present in the device, an additional stage of synchronization logic
ce and reliability, an electronic safe and arm device, an additional digital umbilical similar to th
data can be saved to locally attached storage device, an SSH server, a Samba Server, or an NFS file
it should be possible to manufacture a spasing device analogous in function to the MOSFET transistor
4,421,785 Superconductive tunnel junction device and method of manufacture
album "TAP3" is a hybrid cassette/mp3 playing device and was released in April 2010.
, 12 mortar sights, a Soviet-made night vision device and four mortar aiming stakes.
es complete USB Testing solutions for both the device and the host side.
Wakaba also uses Togemura as a fortune-telling device and as a weapon to defend herself and her frie
ring the trip (and also to an author as a plot device), and for this reason sleeper ships sometimes
The passenger rides in a bumper car-like device and is sent through a maze of dark hallways.
end of the coil is fixed to the housing of the device and the other drives an indicating needle.
be paid to the output impedance of the porator device and the input impedance of the cells suspensio
These include the Bronze Star with “V” device and one oak leaf cluster, Meritorious Service
forced North and South Korea to hand over the device and close the facility.
ship and use its sensors to track the Escafil Device and the Animorphs morphing abilities.
They are usually an optional device and not a required piece of personal protectiv
ilities for more advanced designs of a nuclear device, and reportedly gave the any designs of the nu
d to do with tracking individuals with his MAD device and 'unlock' new places and addresses.
Bronze Star with V Device and two oak leaf clusters
y preempted by the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act, 35 Pa.
e crew to construct a crude water desalination device and eventually resort to cannibalism, consumin
The current owner uses both the stick horse device and the slogan, "Since 1955 - Keeping the past
Stephens did not patent the device, and it was adopted by the Liverpool & Manches
sers enter their profile of interests into the device and when the device, with a limited wireless c
The nine sides of the device and the four sides of the oblong also allude t
Mr. Hanger patented his prosthetic device and founded what is now the Hanger Orthopedic
has been transferred onto a portable security device and a squad is given the task of escaping from
Hosting services are directly associated to a device, and play an important part in the device disc
The buzzer set is a USB device, and connects to the USB ports on the PlayStat
imself to human using a nanotechnology healing device, and took the ship to the planet called Home.
70, N800, N810 Internet Tablets and Nokia N900 Device) and supports ARM architecture and x86.
ion from the, arduous and limiting, individual device and volume level to higher level constructs su
tential impact of carrying an external marking device and are currently in use on African penguins (
owever, can imagine a different future for the device and persuades Mac to keep the machine a secret
It is a clumsy device, and at least one editor thinks 'it need not b
Once the Andriod device and a computer are on the same wireless networ
its biggest challenge for retail downloads in device and software compatibility, particularly with
ad stiffeners - a support piece behind the cap device and a wire around the inside top perimeter to
The device and topology information is graphically displa
t Commendation with Operational Distinguishing Device, and three Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citati
blast used to scale and calibrate the Trinity device, and ending with the last U.S. atmospheric nuc
unwilling to pay for the right to examine the device and never saw the purported model, although Po
The Swan device and Robin primary are apparently the first exa
perating wireless technology suppliers, mobile device and consumer electronics manufacturers, teleco
robots would have solar panels, an observation device and be able to gather geological samples.
on of x is (imperfectly) measured by a certain device and that each part of C corresponds to one pos
ation received from a connected GPS navigation device) and helicopter support.
l body, he has to sleep inside a refrigeration device and wear special clothing that controls the am
nd tobacco and a filter were inserted into the device, and then a lever was pulled to compress the t
on he was also cited with disobeying a traffic device and failure to comply with the Secretary of St
and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Valor Device and one star
ing on a hard rubber Volkswagen Bus suspension device, and spent about six years experimenting with
ischarge side of the pump, a mixing chamber or device, and control systems to ensure the correct mix
One of the robots attacks the jamming device and is disabled by a sudden discharge of power
The process of rooting varies widely by device and usually requires the discovery of an explo
is free for users from any web-enabled mobile device and is available globally.
ce, Frank Luke, was a prominent victim of this device, and it was mentioned in Eddie Rickenbacker's
e a riot, to teach the making of an incendiary device, and to commit acts to impede law enforcement
t on Ingrid's suitcase they notice a listening device, and upon arrival Yoko surprises a masked stra
elf has been held to be principally a literary device, and its claim to witness to a rabbinic perspe
This allowed others to freely copy the device and improve on it.
It works as a standard USB storage device, and uses xD-Picture Cards for storage.
s improve the heat transfer coefficient of the device, and hence increase efficiency.
It works as a standard USB storage device, and uses SmartMedia cards for storage.
rst to have a Finsen ultraviolet light therapy device and X-ray machine.
t Medal, the Outstanding Unit Award with valor device and two oak leaf clusters, the Combat Readines
63, Neuhaus began to use feedback as a musical device and used it in a realization of John Cage's op
f a tin of tobacco, a plastic cigarette-making device, and loose cigarette papers and filters.
that Pericles did in fact steal the Shrinking Device and is threatening to shrink the whole city.
obile hot spot functionality is present in the device and can be enabled by using certain applicatio
Merit, the Bronze Star Medal with combat valor device, and the Meritorious Service Medal with oak le
filed for U.S. Patent 2,981,877 "Semiconductor Device and Lead Structure", a type of integrated circ
vere locomotor dysfunction, using an assistive device and assisted by an aide, who will remain in th
(as well as a presentation of the transmission device) and both an alternate beginning and ending.
harged with felony possession of a destructive device and reckless conduct.
wing a schematic for a toroidal helicon plasma device, and is reassured that he cannot relate to his
Spitzer invented the stellarator plasma device and is the namesake of NASA's Spitzer Space Te
t never seeing them off the ground as a proven device and could see companies go to the wall with ov
The current supplied to the device, and hence the temperature achieved, is regula
f the Pennsylvania Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act".
logies, as well as the established electronics device and circuit materials.
be awarded to "the first Team that can build a device and use it to sequence 100 human genomes withi
Bill and Ted must take the device and find Death before he causes too much damag
ly utilizing them as a ready-made prey-capture device, and possibly as a site for finding mates.
It was an analog device and it was given digital information and switc
is anecdote to its "handiness" as a rhetorical device and an optimistic "call to action."
e Armed Forces Reserve Medal with mobilization device and gold and sliver hourglass devices, the Non
raps may include the buckles for adjusting the device and can be lockable for creating the chastity
- A disgruntled customer used a trolley based device and bombed the Territory Insurance Office in D
g invented the Comptometer, an early computing device, and the Comptograph, the first printing addin
US Patent Search: 12,347,873 - Computing Device And Method For Selecting Display Regions... -
t the bar as the loyalists were planting their device and disrupted their plan.
There was no aiming device and the soldier simply pointed the mortar at i
His first task was to market an anti-wrinkle device, and he became Project Director of Amstrad's n
n piece consisting of a cave, video projection device, and custom costume elements.
ientated with the guitars as the main rhythmic device and the keyboards tinkling over the top".
r Jackson did ever come in contact with such a device and still they developed either telekinesis or
n-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal With Arrowhead device and one Silver Service star
three novels: The Bands of Orion, The Thornton Device and Laura (with her older brother, Charles Stu
atory services for the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries.
ms with and without a magnetic water treatment device, and no theoretical basis to expect that there
n properly credited for the development of the device and that the two men had made a verbal agreeme
The selection of the right hand for using the device and the left hand for assisting cleansing refe
The Solution possessed the device and intended to use it to rescue Shadowmage fr
Bronze Star Medal with "V" device and an oak leaf cluster
eral charges including arson with a incendiary device and conspiracy in addition to two federal char
onal radios, several whip antennas, navigation device and a portable generator.
hat the hat should be adorned with a brass hat device and a wool hat cord denoting the branch of ser
2 oak leaf clusters, the Bronze Star with “V” device and 5 oak leaf clusters, the Purple Heart, the
en the workpiece is mounted in the workholding device and immersed in the molten solder for 2 to 12
roject from ITEA, named SODA (Service Oriented Device and Delivery Architecture), went further into
cles to penetrate the confinement field of the device and heat the plasma within.
e first Chinese test of a staged thermonuclear device and its sixth nuclear weapons test.
nting or use with tripod, it is an observation device and as such, does not include the reticle or t
lements, a compressor, a condenser, a metering device and an evaporator.
ined, by means of an analog-digital conversion device and a special data acquisition software or a d
or for moving the images to the proper storage device and for managing storage space.
lity was added to export routes for use in GPS device and the ability to route via ferry services an
eter, a photomultiplier with a photon counting device, and a set of filters.
ld taller smokestacks, install a soot-reducing device and better manage its sewage sludge pond.
ide rule, it is a graphical analog computation device; and, like the slide rule, its accuracy is lim
A Position Sensitive Device and/or Position Sensitive Detector (PSD) is an
id applications do not have 100% access to the device API.
completely unphonetic, and hence unintuitive, device appears in Chao's Mandarin Primer and all W. S
irl Lyrical Nanoha are named for cars, and her device appears to be named after the mythical sword L
The first such device appears to have been used by General Motors, f
It is commonly used in electromechanical device applications, such as Wiegand wires because it
Downloads for the respective mobile device apps are found in the links below and at the R
, proprietary aspects relating to this Samsung device are closed source and generally unavailable, m
The downsides of the device are the resistive touch-screen, bad resolution
remains nor indisputable evidence of a funeral device are reported to have been found.
reason or another, the internal workings of a device are taken for granted, so that its function ma
Motorists using a toll device are eligible to a toll discount.

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