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Money would be repaid by charging drivers a toll until the debt was cleared, and the ro
pushing legislation that would give Michigan drivers a 20% discount on auto insurance.
way crosses the Intracoastal Waterway, giving drivers a spectacular view of the beach and the Gulf
e guns and had a crew of 27: a commander, two drivers, a signaler, an artillery officer, 12 artille
s and mechanics, sewer workers and dump truck drivers, a candy shop owner, a boxer and a mob boss.”
provision of information in advanced to alert drivers about conditions ahead, and the prices being
Some drivers accept Bus2Rails cards at the Doraville Stati
ldren of parents who drink excessively, drunk drivers, accidents, domestic violence and alcohol-rel
The drivers accumulated 21 wins and 109 Top 10 finishes i
Race", a tour of expensive cars and prominent drivers across Europe.
All SEG officers are Advanced Drivers, Advanced Motorcyclists and are fully trained
hot seat mode, the player can use both Arrows drivers after Germany, creating a field of 22 drivers
Battle mode pits the drivers against each other.
concentration (0.08 grams percent) applies to drivers age 21 and over, but a lower BAC level is app
ason of the one make racing series for junior drivers aged 14 to 17.
Stone Brothers Racing drivers Alex Davison equalled his best result in the
Although he impressed many fans and drivers alike with his personality and driving style,
uble for compilers of classified ads and taxi drivers alike.
In 2007 he was named one of the Top 50 Drivers All Time at South Boston (VA) Speedway.
She drivers all the cab drivers wild.
support as provided by BNU and other similar drivers allowed the communications software programme
ortable Executable (PE) format (including WDM drivers, allows custom MZ DOS stub).
Edwards is most renowned for being one of the drivers, along with Arturo Merzario, Brett Lunger and
served as a landmark for local residents and drivers along Interstate 5. A new brewery was built i
cars in the movie, and he also trained stunt drivers, along with letting some film stars take turn
tive Americans, and later soldiers and cattle drivers along the Chisholm Trail.
Stobart used a mixture of drivers alongside Matthew Wilson in his first full ye
† These drivers also drove for other teams during the season
echanics were trained here and many transport drivers also received instruction.
idely known as Black Sunday because two other drivers also died (in consecutive qualifying runs at
† These drivers also drove for other teams during the season
ludes a wide cast of characters including cab drivers, and artists like Patty Larkin, Joe Jackson,
e running Microsoft Windows, further more the drivers and scripts for it are written in the general
A number of racecar drivers and people associated with racing appear in t
The following drivers and teams competed in the 1986 Australian Tou
rk City, including actions by the city's taxi drivers and other municipal workers, as well as helpi
an, and was involved in the Locomotive Engine Drivers' and Firemen's Union, and also with the Seame
was nick-named the 'Mickey Mouse' cab by some drivers, and later also gained the nickname 'Spaceshi
in High Voltage IC's for small panel display drivers and mobile power management modules.
nitoring oriented measures for the benefit of drivers and other users of public roads, highways and
The following drivers and teams competed in the 1998 ATCC.
t 15 laps were run under yellow, leading many drivers and fans to question the new restart system.
emiums will rise drastically for young female drivers and that the ruling was unfair".
ere trained and went on to serve as ambulance drivers and medical orderlies in London during the Bl
of the ice are often practically invisible to drivers and thereby do not serve as a good indicator
ent responsible for maintaining a database of drivers and a database of vehicles in Great Britain;
a vehicle to the desert, fights off other bad drivers and catches up to the bus which has flipped o
Drivers and passengers on the move can use their mobi
the men from this village are being worked as drivers and conductors in Tamil Nadu transport corpor
in the measures taken to ensure the safety of drivers and spectators.
, and requiring Foothill Transit to hire more drivers and stage more buses to provide busway servic
The following drivers and teams competed in the 1995 ATCC.
races in the NASCAR Sprint Cup that qualifies drivers and their teams for a points-paying race.
ed around the route of the rally, telling the drivers and those involved in the WRC to go home.
on the 1991 Formula One season, the game uses drivers and racing teams with similar names to the of
ublication is produced by independent taxicab drivers and other business professionals with an inte
ndows Display Driver Model (WDDM) for display drivers, and has similar video card requirements to W
f the Benalla branch of the Locomotive Engine Drivers' and Firemen's Association (LEDFA) and joined
The following drivers and teams competed in the 2004 V8 Supercar Ch
trajectory planner, real-time motor/actuator drivers and a user interface.
8 people were killed, including both drivers, and 12 were injured.
Lagorce, both Minardi and all three Japanese drivers and the returning JJ Lehto who had replaced A
easons, in which his R25 and R26 won both the Drivers' and the Constructor's championships.
le and engage in loud altercations with other drivers and conductors, in competition for your patro
Ten drivers and riders drove partial laps alone, attempti
Prix Masters formula for retired Formula One drivers, and continued in the series in 2007.
Queensland Secretary of the Federated Engine Drivers and Firemen's Association 1945-1962 and Presi
esults would become dominated by professional drivers and teams rather than the gentleman amateurs
nation through hardware manufacturer-supplied drivers and only if compatible hardware and BIOS were
gs in general to be unclean, many Muslim taxi drivers and store owners have refused to accommodate
te corners, to be of greater challenge to the drivers and more interesting for the spectators, at h
ated as the player tries to win the FIA World Drivers' and Constructors' Championships.
ke McLaughlin's team had to fold and with two drivers and one spot open, Purvis was released from J
The following drivers and teams competed in the 1990 Australian End
ng system to identify Alberta's chronic drunk drivers and introduced specialized domestic violence
ng with time, it became a tradition for truck drivers and owners to paint their trucks in such a fa
and the MP4/5B for 1990, earning back to back drivers' and constructors' world titles with the type
traced to Dr. Orca, who has hired other boat drivers and helicopter pilots to protect his island l
races and columns by notable authors, racing drivers and club officials.
squad finished second in GT2 in the 2004 ALMS Drivers' and team championships and third in 2005.
Non-resident drivers and drivers of Australian Formula 2 cars (who
t four years where the team had dominated the drivers' and constructors' championships.
asses in the competition and over 50 official drivers and 48 teams.
top along the dusty road for recreational ATV drivers and weekend tourists.
This has led to criticism that drivers and mechanics are too familiar with Catalunya
being that there are now two human controlled drivers and six computer controlled drivers.
officially changed hands 20 times among eight drivers and was usually contested in multilap wheel t
The following drivers and teams competed in the 1997 AMSCAR series.
ntroversy, with his campaign against speeding drivers and his support for speed cameras has drawn c
rendum on an Existing Law - This law requires drivers and passengers in certain motor vehicles on p
She was close to several male racing drivers and land speed record competitors, using her
The Ambulance Corps provided trained drivers and litter-bearers who provided much better s
The following drivers and teams competed in the 2006 V8 Supercar Ch
s deliberately designed to be challenging for drivers, and to minimise the amount of time spent in
and upsmon (which protects systems), a set of drivers and examples, a number of CGI modules and cli
This permits device drivers and other low-level event consumers to perfor
Attacks included assault on North Indian taxi drivers and damage of their vehicles.
Hirvonen who managed to score four points in drivers' and five in manufacturers' championship desp
ost Amish will not drive cars, they will hire drivers and vans, for example, for visiting family, m
rmat featuring the 1996 and 1997 race winning drivers and owners, and then adding the preceding yea
d to heavy criticism from team members, other drivers and even sports commentators, such as James H
lanned campaign of violence against Marchetti drivers and vans.
truck concentrated more engine weight on the drivers and produced an engine with great power and a
Entries were by manufacturers rather than drivers and competitors' names were not adequately re
objective remains unchanged - to train young drivers and promote the best to give them access to a
The following drivers and teams competed in the 2002 V8 Supercar Ch
Certifications on qualifying vehicles to help drivers and fleet managers choose the best performers
ated that there was a dispute between the two drivers and that the accident "was the result of the
Training for drivers and examining standards for license eligibili
It is very popular among off-road drivers and adventure travelers as it allows to use a
Since around 1910, drivers and cyclists have reported suffering unusual
es strong memories and nostalgia from several drivers and spectators.
first round of the 1961 World Championship of Drivers, and the first World Championship race under
development helped it win 16 Grands Prix, two drivers' and one constructors' world championships in
The library loaded graphic drivers and fonts from disk in order to provide devic
ult Clio Cup over the last decade and won the drivers' and teams' title in 2004 with Paul Rivett al
this highway, mostly due to irresponsible bus drivers and over-speeding lorries colliding head on.T
The following drivers and teams competed in the 2010 Commodore Cup
of Paris, is diversely welcomed by residents, drivers, and retailers.
20 bhp (310 kW) with a mixed field of younger drivers and older more experienced drivers including
improve conditions for more than 10,000 truck drivers and has produced significant reductions in ha
The following drivers and teams competed in the 1984 Australian Tou
50s, the co-operative had expanded to over 60 drivers, and now operates on a commerical basis, with
The following drivers and teams competed in the 2000 V8 Supercar Ch
testing is done at this circuit, Formula One drivers and mechanics are extremely familiar with it.
mpten, Germany, into a family of amateur race drivers and car dealers.
trouble when filmmakers used non-union truck drivers and non-union crew members on movie shoots in
There are two entrances, one for car drivers and one for HGV drivers, and these are locate
Jayski's is well-known by NASCAR drivers and fans alike, and it often is mentioned on
one: Abenteuer mit geheimen Automobilen (Test Drivers and Car Spies: Adventures with Secret Automob
competing in a race against the best Japanese drivers and vehicles in the world.
two Luxembourgers and four French, being the drivers and a worker on the adjacent track
The following drivers and teams competed in the 1980 Australian Tou
blocks out all pre-modern and some modern era drivers and owners as a result.
Watkins Glen International, updated teams and drivers and car sponsors as well as Nascars new "Car
He was one of only six drivers and co-drivers selected for the Motor Sports
r yard and also inter-changing depots for the drivers and guards.
a 10-day strike and lockout that had 300,000 drivers and other union employees out of work.
nvironment (road safety and the regulation of drivers and vehicles)
With properly installed drivers, and GPU hardware such as supported Intel, AT
s-of-service regulations for commercial truck drivers and launched Share With Care, a public educat
e Council have included regulation of pedicab drivers, and attempts to reverse funding cuts for the
parabolic loudspeaker, or an array of speaker drivers and horns (transducers) all transmitting in-p
ters, hotel managers, doormen, bellboys, limo drivers, and servants.
er 3D (OpenGL performs 20% faster)-The OpenGL drivers, and handling were vastly improved in this ve
the completion of Highway 25, and will allow drivers and buses to avoid the Pie IX Bridge upstream
The game features almost all drivers and all of the teams and tracks from the 2006
etwork of public roadways that allows vehicle drivers and bicyclists convenient direct access to al
n the advert, to show off the company's Speed drivers and woods.
a choice to play as either existing or custom drivers, and the settings are completely customizable
ms, a number of corps were formed to provided drivers and pioneers, drawn from the more acceptable
omatic berths were given only to race-winning drivers and owners in 1990 and 1991 up until The Wins
chigan, was attended by a large contingent of drivers and racing personalities.
e choice words were exchanged between the two drivers and a huge traffic jam was caused.
a, is responsible for providing the vehicles, drivers and maintenance.
m, the licencing and training of vehicles and drivers, and the policing of provincial roads, enforc
d Gaming team working on Direct X 10, display drivers and other features for Windows Vista.
The drivers and staff of those distribution offices used
The following drivers and teams competed in the 1981 Australian Tou
storically been important for traders, cattle drivers, and those transporting local salts and lime
Operated by drivers and guided with Automatic Train Protection to
With both the drivers and manufacturers titles already decided none
idge to sag 1.2 meters, causing discomfort to drivers and concern for officials.
on has something of a legendary quality among drivers and older fans; this is probably due to its l
The race attracted several overseas based drivers and teams.
The following drivers and teams competed in the 1985 Australian Tou
ice staked out the house, captured one of the drivers, and interrogation of two Muslims later arres
ors, athletic coaches, board members, carpool drivers and countless other roles that shaped Regents
The following drivers and teams competed in the 1999 V8 Supercar Ch
ran the record labels Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers and, subsequently Memoirs Of An Aesthete.
he compilation documentary Woodsmen and River Drivers, Another Day, Another Era which also intervie
Nick Heidfeld, on the McLaren drivers' antics.
was a CAMS sanctioned motor racing title for drivers Appendix K GT cars.
from country to town somewhat less abrupt for drivers approaching Stone Ridge along 209/213 from th
Train drivers are now amongst the highest-paid associate pr
The following teams and drivers are competing in the championship.
All of these racing drivers are now widely known and respected throughout
The GEAR drivers are used programs such as iTunes.
Free drivers are available for the OPC-UA module.
This is used for tamper resistance, as the drivers are still hard to obtain, and are given the d
In the US, perhaps the most famous of these drivers are Mario Andretti and Phil Hill.
And even lorry drivers are much nicer; they'll flash you to let you
It is a Door to Door service, where drivers are required to assist passengers to and from
the Blue Ridge Parkway; once past the gates, drivers are greeted by the only NC 128 shield on the
enforcing the rules against them, and regular drivers are often blamed in case of a collision with
Instead drivers are warned on entry from the A3 and M27 of th
Drivers are also available for Unix-like operating sy
Also, 2.6.35 has been released and the drivers are still there, and version 2.1 of the drive
er 11, 2001 attacks, many Canadian commercial drivers are required to obtain a FAST Pass by their e
d to talk because "the opinions of all racing drivers are completely worthless", going on to explai
FOSSIL drivers are specific to the hardware they operate on
The following teams and drivers are contesting the 2011 Australian GT Champio
When the two ambulance drivers are finally able to report to a local army ba
The main economic drivers are agriculture, fisheries, retail, manufactu
Initial competition: “Show Down, 1.” Several drivers are eliminated based on various factors.
JDBC drivers are client-side adapters (installed on the cl
by American cowboys and South American cattle drivers are similar in nature, although distances wer
Drivers are seated on sprung seats giving them additi
Taxi drivers are not permitted to use cell phones while tr
in experiments is the open-ear one, where the drivers are sitting in front of the pinnae with the e

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