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elopers also produce CutePDF Writer (formerly Printer), a plug-in application which acts as a "prin
Hardware extensions included a thermal printer, a magnetic card reader (HP-67 compatible via
He has worked as a printer, a warehouseman, and an editor, eventually wo
een, but it could just as easily be sent to a printer, a file, or out a serial port by using a diff
t practical commercially manufactured optical printer, a series of cameras and projectors that allo
in 1948; Henry Mayers started his career as a printer, a cartoonist and later created Davis Elen Ad
Government Printer: Adelaide.
ded by placing the sound of the paper's small printer against the sound of a power mower, was found
This symbol was taken up by the early printer Aldus Manutius in 15th century Venice.
which it was held, at least by that Venetian printer; Alfred Einstein, writing in The Italian Madr
y 7, 1894, running the paper until selling to printer Alstead W. Browne in March 1900; he sold out
The Odee Company is a commercial printer and promotional products company headquartere
Mao also was the printer and producer of Qian's Liechao shiji.
In 1894 he was promoted to foreman printer, and finally became managing editor.
Bush nominated him for the position of Public Printer and he was confirmed by the Senate on October
Professionally, Brown was a printer and publisher, including of the New England F
In the 1970s and 1980s, he was government printer and government press photographer in Niue.
Grant (born 26 September 1826) was an English printer and Liberal politician who sat in the House o
n displays, Bose speakers, and an illuminated printer and bill acceptor.
r Crum (1828 - 23 August 1893) was a Scottish printer and Liberal Party politician who sat in the H
cher was an engraver at Cologne, as well as a printer and a dealer in works of art, from about 1580
In 1990, printer and computing system manufacturer Hewlett-Pac
e a report on the support and quality of each printer, and they also give a report on the support g
t Clay Cross Grammar School before becoming a printer and engineer.
d outgrew its primitive origins in a hand-fed printer and in 1876 a Victory printing and folding ma
In 1823 he was apprenticed to a printer, and after learning this trade thoroughly set
eries called Amsterdamse Cahiers by Amsterdam printer and publisher C.J. Aarts, supposedly on the o
Morris was sole writer, editor, printer and also delivered it personally, selling eac
mber 1846 - 3 January 1936) was an Australian printer and pioneer ink manufacturer and later a publ
Printer and engraver 1838-1840.
As a young adult, he became a printer and for forty years issued annually a series
William Spotswood, a Boston printer and bookseller, agreed to oversee the entire
rwards joined partnership for a time with the printer and translator Anthony Scoloker, and in 1554
ch Protestant lawyer who became a significant printer and martyrologist in Geneva.
He was trained as a violinst and a printer and it is believed that his stepfather sent h
In 1770 he went to India as a printer and writer in the East India Company's servic
were greatly admired by Benjamin Franklin, a printer and fellow member of the Royal Society of Art
Initially, Damman used a dot matrix printer and sheets of offset-printed card stock to me
assical scholar David Buchanan (1745-1812), a printer and publisher in Montrose.
Thomas Gibson died 1562, printer and physician.
erface, modem (likely unreleased), Centronics printer and one memory expansion module for use with
ompany and has evolved to become a top 100 UK printer and the leading supplier to the UK bingo and
In 1982, GE sold the printer and relays groups and the company was formed
Schlumberger became her exclusive printer and a devoted friend for 30 years until his d
24, 1820 - November 10, 1899) was an American printer and publisher who served in the United States
5 - 3 October 1513) was the German goldsmith, printer and publisher who printed and published the N
Blake served as artist, engraver, printer and publisher.
July 1846 - 14 December 1929) was an English printer and a Liberal politician.
nd Malling (1807-1878), Norwegian bookseller, printer and publisher
He worked as a newsboy, printer and newspaperman.
his sixteenth year to Mr. J. Baxter, a Lewes printer, and became a member of a literary society in
W. Metcalfe and Son was a printer and publisher in Cambridge during the 19th ce
1564-1601), was an English bookseller, printer, and translator.
January 28 - John Baskerville, English printer and inventor (died 1775)
Abraham John Valpy (1787-1854) was an English printer and publisher.
providing graphical output, with line printer and pen plotter graphics.
He worked as a printer and became active in trade union organising e
Same connector for printer and tape drive as PC-1401
He was the father of printer and publisher Abraham John Valpy and of New Z
Elias Gaucher was a prolific printer and publisher of clandestine erotica who work
attended the common schools, apprenticed as a printer, and moved to New York City in 1822.
September 25 - Joshua Eddowes, printer and bookseller, 87
17 August - Alfred-Henri-Amand Mame, printer and publisher (d.1893).
5 April - Fernand Mourlot, printer and publisher (d.1988).
It 'spooled' (queued) printer and card data, freeing programs from being de
switch; the server is further connected to a printer and a gateway router, which is connected via
1763-1841 (1971); Benjamin Levy: New Orleans Printer and Publisher (1961); Jews and Negro Slavery
ore university Phillis had been an apprentice printer, and returned to the industry as an executive
He was the only son of George Foster, calico printer and justice of the peace in Lancashire and th
umber), a powerful projector, a business card printer and miniature turntables for scratching MP3s,
He set up business as a printer and publisher in 1982 until 1990 when he took
In 1990, printer and computing system manufacturer Hewlett-Pac
ew York in 1832 where he was apprenticed as a printer and later became publisher of the Hamilton Pa
The grandson of Revolutionary War officer, printer, and congressman Matthew Lyon, he was first e
July 7, 1722 in Amsterdam) was a francophone printer and publisher working in the Netherlands.
this pamphlet was prohibited, and Stubbs, his printer, and publisher were tried at Westminster, fou
pment including Xerox Alto computers, a laser printer, and file server connected by Ethernet local
n the year 1830 in England, where he became a printer and stenographer by profession, working prima
His father, Geoffrey, was a printer and his mother, Rosemary, was the daughter of
reen (c.1614-January 1, 1702) was an American printer and progenitor of the Green family of printer
holl (1794-1840), Andrew was apprenticed to a printer and worked as a compositor on The Northern Wh
on briefly served as an apprentice to a local printer, and then enrolled in the local Methodist aca
es says that he was more of a bookseller than printer, and dwelt at the sign of the Dragon in the w
By profession, Collison was a printer and publisher of art books and founded his ow
a 1460 - Basel, 27 October 1527) was a famous printer and publisher in Basel.
ellington (where he worked for the Government printer) and then Christchurch.
He became a printer, and started umpiring college games involving
Born in England, Spencer worked as a printer and publisher in Paris from 1906 to 1907 befo
He apprenticed as a stationer and printer and worked in the family firm of Waterlow & S
nnepin County and was variously employed as a printer and journalist.
Campeggi's father, a printer and typesetter, exposed him to the world of g
ct the file format that was being sent to the printer and thus could not automatically and correctl
From 1870 to 1876, Davidson was printer and publisher of the Listowel Banner.
id L. Faber (born 1950) is an American master printer, and is Professor of Art and Head of Printmak
morse, radiotelephone, error correcting radio printer and satellite communications facilities.
n Colchester County, Nova Scotia and became a printer and publisher.
As a young man, he worked as a printer and in a sawmill.
hotographer, completed an apprenticeship to a printer and became a compositor at The Age for over f
rly's father, Loyd Haberly, was a noted poet, printer, and educator.
The Trained Printer and the Amateur, and the Pleasure of Small Bo
iana the next year, establishing himself as a printer and an active participant for the Democratic
From 1782 the mill was leased to Oxford printer and publisher William Jackson, proprietor of
(1896-1981) was an American poet, letterpress printer, and educator.
ted his father in carrying on the business of printer and bookseller, and his uncle, Samuel Moore,
et was published in 1720 in Shrewsbury by the printer and bookseller Thomas Durston.
Hayq in Western Armenia) was an Armenian book printer and engraver during the years 1705-1730.
daughter of Wilhelm Fickert, a Viennese court printer, and his wife Louise.
(19 November 1827 - 4 May 1911) was a British printer and publisher, as well as mayor and later Con
dfall (7 February 1746 - 1803) was an English printer and publisher in the 18th century.
Joseph Howe, a Halifax printer and owner since 1828 of the weekly Novascotia
to be confused with his brother Nathaniel, a printer); another, Theophilus Feild, became the Bisho
Color print from copper engraving ( printer Arnold Coninx).
He was also an engraver, printer, art dealer and a member of the Amsterdam art
and memorial to honor the work of this master printer, artist, and teacher.
a Declaration of Causes, from the Queen's own printer, as, without booty, she and her fellow Englis
t and Bundaberg before becoming an apprentice printer at the Peak Downs Telegram in 1887.
id Meynell (1891-1975) was a British poet and printer at The Nonesuch Press.
Mose(s) Humphrey was a printer at the New York Sun and member of Fire Compan
inia in late 1814, and worked as a journeyman printer at the Gazette, Knoxville's oldest paper, for
When the war ended, Rogers began working as a printer at the Trinity Advocate newspaper in Palestin
He became a printer at the age of fifteen, and a year later found
A litho printer at work - a Jorasanko speciality
rted in business with the Earl of Buchan as a printer at Peterhead, and was successful enough to be
He worked as a printer at the Brockville Recorder under William Buel
65, Boote began working as an apprentice to a printer at the age of ten before emirating to Austral
es Ross, and in 1825 was appointed government printer at Hobart.
November 1805, he began work as an apprentice printer at Luke Hansard's printing works at Holborn,
Hoof Green was an extremely successful woman printer back in revolutionary times.
The son of a book printer, Baedeker was born in Essen, then in the King
ry accessories available including a portable printer, bar code reader, and an early 3.5-inch diske
the age of fourteen, he was apprenticed to a printer Batavia, New York.
ed that he would like to pursue a career as a printer because of Franklin's success in the field.
He tried to make a living as an independent printer before deciding to emigrate to Liberia.
He worked as a book printer before the Second World War, but together wit
er relocated to Albania, where he worked as a printer, before coming back to Italy and settling in
1715 - June 1787) was an American printer before and during the American Revolution, an
owne; and his indentures with Mr. Baxter, the printer, being set aside by arrangement, he placed hi
s is often the case regardless of the type of printer being discussed.
ned a strong friendship with the Philadelphia printer Benjamin Franklin, who stayed with Shipley in
In response to the printer bomb attempt and the "underwear" bomb attempt
t, Driffield, as music seller, bookbinder and printer, bookseller and stationer.
Murray worked as a printer, bookseller and publisher in Brompton Road, L
ounded 6 January 1854 by Ralph Horne, a local printer, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, paperhang
July 17 - John Neilson, publisher, printer, bookseller, politician, farmer, and militia
ly 5, 1752 - October 29, 1828) was an English printer, born in St Mary's parish, Norwich, who gave
duct, "Fitzgerald Inquiry report", Government Printer, Brisbane, 1989.
The son of a printer, Bruckner grew up in the Viennese suburb of O
The first PNA stamps, printed by German state printer Bundesdruckerei Berlin, used the currency des
Claud's father, James Muirhead, printer, Burgess and Guild Brother, served as the new
In 1987 the Centronics printer business was sold to GENICOM.
The 1987 purchase of the printer business assets of Centronics added the 350 s
In 1996 Texas Instruments printer business was purchased, giving GENICOM a line
ng the RAM or allowing to connect the KC to a printer, but also included applications and programmi
over the old role of the Hong Kong Government Printer, but unlike other modern day government print
(1) Wavelength selection, (2) Printer button, (3) Concentration factor adjustment,
He was a life-long bachelor and a printer by trade, and was not particularly religious.
f-educated Friend, Lewis Benson, a New Jersey printer by training, a theologian by vocation.
ence, Googe's juvenile poems were sent to the printer by a friend, Laurence Blundeston.
e's, David Patrick Fisher (1850-1912), also a printer by trade and resident in Wellington 1872-1906
A printer by trade, Monson has spent most of his life e
In 1971, he was appointed the official State Printer by Governor Mike O'Callaghan.
As Ron is a printer by trade, he is able to replicate items essen
He became a printer by trade.
Phillips, a fast, skilful rover, and a printer by trade, played for Melbourne City Football
ed to ensure a shared resource, for example a printer, can only be accessed by one process at a tim
rom STL file to a proprietary format that the printer can utilize) and operate the printer.
Being a printer, Carl Wallau in 1844 founded his printing pla
cations in everything from plumbing pipes, to printer cartridges, to automobile fuses.
luminum cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, and printer cartridges.
The printer, Catnach, was based in the "7 Dials" area of
Around 1802 he went into partnership with the printer Charles Mitchell forming Lavenu & Mitchell an
ss, and similar works published by the Bungay printer Charles Brightly.
omposer to have her works issued by the royal printer, Christophe Ballard.
erald appeared in 1924 under the direction of printer Clifton Harper (1902-1982), explained John Ag
CaPSL is a printer command language/page description language us
ologies acquired the Swedish ticket and kiosk printer company, Swecoin in 2006.
labs each contain 20 workstations and a laser printer connected to the campus network.
assette tape recorder connector, a Centronics printer connector and an RS-232C port.
Printer Control Extender - Assists in working with pr
ometimes hyphenated as HP-GL, was the primary printer control language used by Hewlett-Packard plot
en the print server (or print driver) and the Printer Controller.
d States Congress, working with Congressional printer Cornelius Wendell.
known for his collaboration with the Flemish printer Daniel Bomberg on the first printed Hebrew Bi
Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) is InfoPrint Solution Comp
He was followed by William Ward, a printer; David Brunsdon, one of Marshman's students;
the accumulation of problems at the Domestic printer, decided to go back to its original partner i
A computer/study room, with printer, desks, white board and library containing no
s, as well as gaining the support of a master printer, Diana Davidson, who owned her own printmakin
is compatible with the Kodak camera docks and printer docks.
He himself sold over 10,000 printer driver diskettes.
It does not operate via a printer driver but can accept input from print stream
file could be created by the use of a special printer driver in WordPerfect.
gePrinter is based on the Microsoft universal printer driver.
toine Galland (1763-1851) was a publisher and printer during the French Revolution and First Empire
Compatibility of peripherals ( Printer, DVD drive, etc.)
s a nineteenth-century politician, publisher, printer, editor and proprietor from New York, Iowa an
Leopold Fuhrmann, German lutenist, engraver, printer, editor and publisher
7, 1817 - September 22, 1891) was an American printer, editor, and politician.
The Herald's printer, Edmund Freeman was "charged ... with publish
Together with book printer Edolf Aasen (1877-1969) she had the son Arne

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