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Glazunov was enthralled by the sound of the saxophone: a new timbre in the musical world.
keyboards, piano, acoustic guitar, trombone, saxophone, accordion, backing vocals
Ostinati (concertino), alto saxophone, accordion, string orchestra (1998)
after this, Porter began to be drawn to the saxophone after noticing it's melodic abilities, and b
died clarinet in high school but switched to saxophone after six months on the instrument.
, Martin Cooper, who replaced him in OMD, on saxophone, after playing it in the Extended Player EP,
's founders: Hugh Hopper (bass), Elton Dean ( saxophone), Alan Gowen (keyboards) and Pip Pyle (drums
rumpet, the South African Pat Smuts on Tenor Saxophone, Albert Torrance on Alto Sax, Harold "Baby"
y serves as treasurer for the North American Saxophone Alliance.
majority of classical saxophonists play alto saxophone almost exclusively.
ntil a journalist discovered him playing the saxophone alone on the Williamsburg Bridge.
Colley played primarily baritone saxophone, along with soprano or tenor saxes, and the
the return of original member Joe Farrell on saxophone, along with several new members making up a
8 minutes and again features Sakari Kukko on saxophone along with ambient synthesizer pads played b
andmates Dan Pearson on alto/barry/and tenor saxophone along with local Boulder drum instructor Ste
h began in 1922, Freeman played the C-melody saxophone alongside his other band members such as Jim
Johnny Hodges - saxophone: alto
Michael Paris - tenor saxophone, alto recorder, vocals, percussion
23, 1929 - December 31, 1991) was a baritone saxophone, alto saxophone and Fender bass player best
Joseph Jarman: soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet,
Lou "Blue Lou" Marini - Tenor saxophone, alto saxophone
Anthony Braxton: soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, clarinet, voice
Alfred Harth - tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, tr
Alfred Harth - composition, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Bobby Watson (clarinet, flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone)
He also plays soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and the EWI.
Ian O'Beirne - Baritone Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Fl
Prince Lasha - Alto saxophone, alto clarinet, flute
Yusef Lateef - tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, oboe, chuen, theremi
Henry Threadgill - tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, bass flute, hubkapho
Pharoah Sanders - Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Piccolo, Voice
John Purcell: baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, clarinet
George Adams: tenor saxophone, alto flute (track 2)
John Purcell: baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, flute
Dick Oatts (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone)
George Coleman: tenor saxophone, alto saxophone
Roger Jannotta - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute
Sonny Fortune - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute
Carl Grubbs - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Marty Ehrlich - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute
Steve Coleman: soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Frank Foster - tenor saxophone, alto flute, alto clarinet
Roscoe Mitchell - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Marty Ehrlich - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Sam Furnace - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
es" with a band featuring David Binney (alto saxophone), Ambrose Akinmusire (trumpet), Matt Brewer
yrick's considerable facility on the soprano saxophone, an instrument noted for being inherently di
Eric Dolphy - alto saxophone and bass clarinet
Julian Siegel is a UK Born Jazz Saxophone and Clarinet player, writer and arranger.
Nozy teaches saxophone and wind band, at the Royal Conservatory of
ognized in the middle 60's as an outstanding saxophone and flute player.
bass guitar, keyboard, harmonica, clarinet, saxophone, and drums.
‘Lopage' for alto saxophone and piano (2007)
uding euphonium, flute, piano, marimba, alto saxophone and (most recently) trombone.
ichael Fitzgerald - Soprano, Alto, and Tenor saxophone, and Keyboards
The “Toccata for Soprano Saxophone and String Trio” was premiered in 2002 by sa
and are singer Emily Grace, who plays flute, saxophone, and piano; Sam Marder, who plays bass; and
Farmer first took up the saxophone and piano before she began singing in her la
He rejoined the band in 1983 on saxophone and helped record the album The Top.
ty in these projects, playing guitar, piano, saxophone and trombone.
Concerto for alto saxophone and orchestra (1940)
his skill and expertise in playing both the saxophone and the flute and call play in any number of
Metamorphoses for saxophone and piano - 2004 (J.-E.
Her brother is Ernie Tollar a saxophone and woodwind player who has played with jazz
ker Brothers was the musical duo of Michael ( saxophone and EWI) and Randy Brecker (trumpet, flugelh
to the Leeds College of Music to study alto saxophone and piano (1981-1984).
nks (now of San Francisco's Genghis Khan) on saxophone, and - at different times - Yuri Didrichsons
, and various woodwind (including houguan or saxophone) and percussion instruments.
Kenneth himself was an avid player of the saxophone and flute.
Solo Live is an album of unaccompanied saxophone and clarinet solos by David Murray recorded
19", Ralph Miller on piano, Daryl Jenkins on saxophone, and Pete Barnhart on percussion.
song "Cadillac" features Gene Barge on tenor saxophone, and has been covered by The Kinks, The Down
ment most closely associated with him, tenor saxophone, and was entirely self-taught on all of thes
verinsen on trumpet, Sam "The Man" Taylor on saxophone and the Ray Charles Singers singing backup.
She also plays piano, guitar and saxophone and writes her own music, stating that her m
in, but he switched to a combination of alto saxophone and clarinet at the age of 16.
uding the steel guitar, violin, banjo, bass, saxophone, and piano.
s a result of the propagation of the soprano saxophone and "smooth" jazz guitar style, as well as m
Extravaganza for Saxophone and Orchestra, Albany Records.
uando Quango and later M People, playing the saxophone, and acting as a backing singer.
a German musician, who played violin, tenor saxophone and clarinet, as well as directing a dance o
He played saxophone and flute.
Eric Ungar - Saxophone and Flute (first two albums)
band are David King (drums), Michael Lewis ( saxophone) and Erik Fratzke (electric bass).
Horns by Jerry Martini (tenor saxophone and clarinet) and Cynthia Robinson (trumpet)
land, involving real instruments such as the saxophone and trumpet as an addition to the synthesize
In high school he took up the tenor saxophone and began studying jazz.
His, son, Hal Jr. (dec'd), was a talented saxophone and clarinet player who attended Berklee Col
DELTANGI for Alto Saxophone and Four Celli (1965)
theremin, tape delay effects, and occasional saxophone and prog rock drum solo.
ans on the recording were Lee Allen on tenor saxophone and Alvin "Red" Tyler on baritone saxophone.
Denis Payton: Saxophone and harmonica, lead vocals on "I Miss You"
faculty of the CMQQ in 1962 as professor of saxophone and wind chamber music; a post he held for s
RAINFALL for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1998 arrangement of the original
s several instruments including the trumpet, saxophone, and trombone, an addition never before feat
Trio for oboe, alto saxophone and cello (commissioned by Serge Bichon, Gen
Coast Music Award winner for his distinctive saxophone and clarinet playing, Tom has accompanied ma
atured saxophones by Matt Dufresne (baritone saxophone) and Marcus Rosinski (alto saxophone) both o
Eddie's first instrument was the alto saxophone, and by the age of 15 he had played at the N
was five, de Paris had started playing alto saxophone, and a year later was working for his father
He also played flute, violin, viola, saxophone, and oboe and was in demand as a session mus
ist and drummer, later switching to the alto saxophone, and eventually settling on the soprano saxo
ction that included Douglas Gutherie on alto saxophone, and Leighton Johnson on trumpet; both were
t, Johannes Faber, trumpet, Charlie Mariano, saxophone and ethnic instruments, Christof Lauer, saxo
Meanwhile, Jasper after playing a saxophone and jamming with a magic trumpet he is then
mpet, Victor Lewis on drums, Andy Snitzer on saxophone, and Charnett Moffett on bass.
Andersen on double bass, Tomasz Szukalski on saxophone and Krzysztof Dziedzic on drums)
e music instruction books: Improvisation for Saxophone and Flute: The Scale/Mode Approach and Modal
), later joined in 1996 by Paul Varga (tenor saxophone) and Ashley Morgan (trumpet).
prising Helias on bass, Tony Malaby on tenor saxophone and Tom Rainey on drums, has recorded six cd
Lew Tabackin - tenor saxophone and flute
less traditional salsa instruments such as a saxophone and a full drumset
ed by Victor Feldman, and David Luell played saxophone and woodwinds.
d the Ronnie Scott Legacy with Pat Crumly on saxophone and flute.
ince's tour manager Alan Leeds, who provided saxophone and flute.
Antonio Pinheiro (drums) and Hector Costita ( saxophone and flute).
kton, Massachusetts, he also played the alto saxophone and flute.
ern Maine where he focused more on classical saxophone and then the Eastman School of Music where h
He took the mouthpiece and bell from a toy saxophone and attached them to the body of a flute.
hers, Trap Set, Triangle, Glass and Ratchet, Saxophone and Flutes, and Guitar (played by Elizabeth
ring Glen Campbell on guitar and Jim Horn on saxophone and flute, released in 1965.
s Thundering Herd as music director, playing saxophone and arranging.
He plays the clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, and metallophone, borrowing from classical
She studied flute, clarinet, saxophone and composition.
n Memphis, Tennessee, Lowe took up the tenor saxophone and then moved to San Francisco.
He teaches saxophone and directs jazz ensembles at the University
earned clarinet from age seven, later adding saxophone and flute to play in dance bands.
sic as well as proficiency in cello, guitar, saxophone, and clarinet.
1 March 1991) was an American jazz clarinet, saxophone, and flute player.
August 17, 2001) was an American jazz tenor saxophone and clarinet player.
l career early playing the violin, clarinet, saxophone, and piano.
s and musically involved, his father playing saxophone and clarinet and his mother a singer, Dorian
om an extended illness, and primarily played saxophone and accordion instead of trumpet afterwards.
gs he was so inspired, he picked up the alto saxophone and within two years many people say that he
d a horn section, featuring Glen Da Costa on saxophone and David Madden on trumpet.
Lowe played keyboard, saxophone, and sang vocals.
instructional books: Amazing Phrasing, Blues Saxophone and Jazz Saxophone.
(keyboards), Bobby Previte (drums), Skerik ( saxophone) and Wayne Horvitz (keyboards).
Richmond (drums, vocals), Eric Dolphy (alto saxophone), and Ted Curson (trumpet).
Andy Sheppard - soprano saxophone and tenor saxophone on "Runaway"
), James Geiblinger (bass guitar), Max Wedl ( saxophone) and Michael Brandstetter (drums) the band w
Frank Wess tenor saxophone and flute
has recorded an album featuring the C-melody saxophone and performs with the ophicleide.
p grew organically to include drums bass and saxophone, and eventually began to fulfill requests to
onically, but also played the piano, violin, saxophone and bass guitar.
tage by Joe Holaday's sons: Jared, who plays saxophone, and P.J., who plays drums.
ht Ramblers in Chicago; in 1931-32 he played saxophone and clarinet for Fred Avendorph.
and Steve Choi (keyboards) with Borth taking saxophone and lead vocal duties.
Additional saxophone and vocal parts by Ornette Coleman and "Litt
s raised in Little Rock, where he played the saxophone and clarinet in school.
bass), Reinhold Sobotta (organ), Rolf Gurra ( saxophone and vocals), Fritz Groeger (vocals), Klaus O
Horns by Jerry Martini (tenor saxophone) and Cynthia Robinson (trumpet)
, Stephen Stills on piano, Ron Cattermole on saxophone and trumpet, Badfinger members Pete Ham and
pet, and Milton "Buddy" McDaniels played the saxophone and flute.
Verona, Italy) is an "adept"Italian Baritone saxophone and Hammond organ player.
A second rhapsody for saxophone and orchestra was planned, but never complet
rvatory in New York- ESPERA, Ballad for alto saxophone and chamber orchestra was premiered with sax
Jay Leslie - soprano saxophone and flutes on "The Streets of Crystal Vista"
Belmondo met the saxophone and flute player Yusef Lateef and they toget
time band player in a nightclub band playing saxophone and clarinet.
later recorded with bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, and B-flat clarinets.
a brass band, led by founder Lev Liberman's saxophone and founding member David Julian Gray's clar
tarted on clarinet before moving on to tenor saxophone, and studied under Santy Runyon.
inspired and commissioned many new works for saxophone and piano, including three of the works on t
ons to the most recent avant-garde works for saxophone and piano.
in the church choir and learned how to play saxophone and trumpet from music educator Ricky Callie
In 2004, Tom released a smooth jazz album of saxophone and clarinet compositions, "Heading Home", u
which is dominated by the sounds of Sanders' saxophone and Alice Coltrane's piano, as well as lengt
ge of sixteen Sultanov started to master the saxophone and performed in the military orchestra for
Raul Romero's recordings of saxophone and clarinet ensembles from the Mantaro Vall
stage, most notably, Rabbi Shaul Judelman on saxophone and Eliahu Rosenblum on percussion.
Mock Joplin which was written for piano and saxophone, and Saxe Blue written for the same instrume
for saxophone and piano, arranged by John Harle
y teens he played electric bass guitar, alto saxophone, and clarinet.
keyboards/producer), Jasper Wilkinson (bass, saxophone and guitar)- the band's production aesthetic
She eventually moved on to the violin, saxophone and then bass.
Ghee fronted a jump blues combo with honking saxophone and rolling piano that was variously called
and mandolin, Jeremi Madsen on guitar, bass, saxophone and percussion, Max McCabe-Lokos (using the
lani (guitar), Steve Sandor (bass), Joe Sax ( saxophone), and Allan Boroughs (drums).
rose's band, where he played primarily tenor saxophone and worked well into the 1940s.
Grady Tate (drums), Grover Washington, Jr. ( saxophone) and David Williams (bass) at Carnegie Hall
ies of Rising Star Trumpet, Rising Star Alto Saxophone, and Rising Star Composer.
Andy MacKay - Saxophone And Oboe
ns Bobby Keys and Jim Price performed on the saxophone and trumpet, respectively.
ecame a piece of standard literature for the saxophone, and has been recorded on both the alto and
hool with her husband, who is a professional saxophone and guitar player.
Dick Callan joined Matchbox on guitar, saxophone and violin until approximately 1985, writing
s craft focusing on jazz and jazz fusion for saxophone and flute, and playing live with Natalie Col
Her sister, Christine Jensen, plays the saxophone and occasionally performs with Ingrid.
For six years, he played both the clarinet, saxophone and flute for a weekly national television a
Dream Girls, 10 Great Songs Nearly Ruined by Saxophone, and 100 More Obsessively Specific Pop-Cultu
, 1960) is an American bass guitar, baritone saxophone and bass clarinet player, originally from Da
ob Ringwald (lead vocals/piano), Don Nelson ( saxophone), and Zeke Zarchy (trumpet).
1969 Kaleidofonen I, for alto saxophone and piano
Twice Removed for Solo Alto Saxophone and Solo Clarinet (2 versions)
Haynes also plays saxophone and eardrums on some tracks.
Saxophone and Trumpet in "Dood Zijn" by Mark and Frank
r to study at Juilliard under Joseph Allard ( saxophone) and Harold Bennett (flute).
al lineup featured MIRV on guitar, Skerik on saxophone, and both Jack Irons (ex-Pearl Jam and Red H
Schiavone is an active saxophone and jazz instructor in the Buffalo area.

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