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It is relatively easy to support a data feed based on the InstantAtlas XML sch
The rocks are a Ramsar site, and support a variety of small cetaceans including dolphi
Some examples had rails added to support a tarpaulin over the load spaces.
These natural resources support a unique quality of life.
o weeks of deliberations, the Greens chose to support a minority Labor government.
ws are controversially the busiest crews that support a wholetime crew in the Brigade.
The test is usually used to support a partisan position concerning the United Sta
in 1923 with footings sufficiently strong to support a second-deck.
The dam will support a power station with nine generators, each wi
Despite Cogenhoe's size it manages to support a number of successful sporting ventures attr
The are four Doric columns that support a large entablature.
Have the time of your life and support a good cause while doing it!
The tombstones support a mosaic of brightly coloured lichens and mos
When complete, the dam will support a 3,000 MW power station consisting of five 6
I'd support a move either to Cardiff Rift or Rift (Torchw
I particularly do not support a pre-emptive first strike.
Finding little support, a resolution was instead passed for the new
r near West Falls Church station, intended to support a Silver Line bridge
This was later resurrected to support a Microsoft Exchange 2003 connection over HTT
I would support a better hatnote though.
The floor beams support a wood plank deck.
contains 8 granite pillars which were used to support a roof.
Some choose to support a variety of groups as a "volunteer broker."
On the deck of the bridge, it will support a maximum of 6 lanes across.
The will also support a power station with a 1,700 MW capacity; con
true as the human infrastructure necessary to support a nuclear stockpile at the envisioned level o
Its IT backoffice has been structured to support a multitude of brands and services.
Data from this trial has been used to support a PMA application to the FDA.
erous ponds, lakes and streams, most of which support a brook trout population.
Programming languages generally support a set of operators that are similar to operat
We, in the European Parliament, therefore support a thorough reform of FIFA.
To support a process of National reconciliation and equa
Humanity would be struggling to support a massive population of 11 billion.
The dam will also support a fish proliferation system.
This "canted" table helps the body support a greater string tension.
The region continued support a great amount of textile mills and various o
However, Roosevelt refused to support a bill that would punish sheriffs who failed
m mound is any earthwork or mound intended to support a structure or activity.
The columns support a Classical entablature that includes dentils
Foxit Reader for desktop GNU/Linux does not support a few features which are available on MS Wind
Holme Moor and Clean Moor support a range of habitats associated with high wate
This airfield was then used to support a campaign to neutralize Japanese air power a
tto Maenchen-Helfen's linguistic studies also support a Turkish origin for the Huns.
The dam will support a 1,100 MW power station and a 500 ton ship l
The dam will be tall and support a 3,000 MW power station.
I cannot support a msn that leads to corruption, human right a
They support a variety of rare plant and animal life.
Dunne's decision to support a Labour-led Government disappointed some.
For the frame used to support a mattress, see Box-spring.
The lakes support a large traditional fishing industry.
Local wetlands support a number of rare hardwood species, including
They support a nationally important lichen flora.
Support a buoyant economy.
The columns support a richly carved entablature.
These funds support a warden and three assistants.
as been reported that KLJ-7 also has modes to support a range of NATO weaponry.
Simple post support a decorative gable roof overa small front por
its from across the country use its assets to support a variety of missions.
with a balustrade lead up to it, and consoles support a small sheltering hood.
, but little verifiable information exists to support a definite date.
vel two unfluted ionic columns at each corner support a decorative cornice.
The Department of Education does not support ABA, it does not support ABA within the ABA s
nged Mainline Protestant church agencies that support abortion rights.
one of the first public figures in Poland to support abortion.
y condemned birth control and politicians who support abortion.
Abu'l-Khayr agreed to support Abu Sa'id, and the two armies marched on Sama
hanced its programming language interfaces to support access to its XML data.
Windows 98 and later support ACPI.
st to integrate BIOS diagnostics and first to support ACPI;
xpanded significantly to include data-sharing support across the biomedical research community.
A last-minute resurgence in Liberal support across Ontario resulted in a 4,000-vote victo
2010 Roberto Fonseca was the support act for Omara Portuondo's USA.
recording their first album, they toured as a support act to Steve Hillage.
Later they played as support act for Blondie and Chelsea.
In 2007, the band were a support act for British heavy metal band Iron Maiden.
The major support act for the Slippery When Wet tour was Cinder
In June 2007 the band was support act for Megadeth at their show in Hamburg, Ge
The support act for the tour was Canadian artist, Kyle Ri
The release had them touring as support act for Mercyful Fate.
Doves was a support act for the Hard Rock Cafe gig.
In 2010 they toured as a support act for Rodrigo y Gabriela.
Their support act Raymond Froggatt played the entire evenin
For this tour, Lowgold acted as the support act.
with Ronson, and with her band providing the support act.
The NCAA staff itself provides support, acting as guides, liaison, research and publ
, she again sailed with TG 50.8, this time to support action against Okinawa.
Support actions and countering possible terrorist act
MTASC will not support ActionScript 3.0, which is supported by its s
mission was to operate at full readiness, and support activities included aircraft and vehicle main
nal initiative in carrying out office/program support activities that resulted in improved processe
Lindsey AS provided A home base for other support activities.
ers perform for U.S. servicemen onboard Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain
NAS Memphis was redesignated Naval Support Activity Memphis September 30, 1995.
Best Support Actor in a Single Drama
Best Support Actress in a Series
Twisted Wheel were booked as one of the support acts for Oasis' 2009 Heaton Park concerts.
Although, there were only three Support Acts in the tour.
Heaven & Hell had various support acts.
Star player and mercenary support added.
"Life Support Addiction" - 2:27
Some engines, however, support additional functionality in which truth depen
New D type support ADI function.
Support advanced input formats such as LaTeX.
Support advanced EA and EP system development and eva
Family support, advice and information is also available thr
Action grants include financial support, advice, support, and training.
The same year it took on the close air support after gaining SIAI Marchetti SF.260TPs.
ooden beams in all four corners for increased support against winds.
riner and Director from 2000-3 of the Warship Support Agency
Government announces Child Support Agency to be scrapped (Telegraph).
He was later pursued by the Child Support Agency for maintenance payments, and ordered
Most businesses in town support agricultural operations; some provide transpo
The region is very fertile and will support agriculture and cattle.
rk toward 10 percent of their budgets to help support agriculture.”
nsified campaigning across the country to win support ahead of the referendum.
This important support aided in the successful antisubmarine and esc
Trained in close air support, air interdiction, suppression of enemy defen
It was originally designed to support air bases and retrieve downed pilots.
The airport remains open to support Air Force operations around Point Barrow and
The JMSDF is in charge of support, air-traffic control, fueling, and rescue.
Support aircraft in raids, therefore, could be from a
dard was originally developed in the 1970s to support aircraft radar simulation and prediction.
e 105th had received 25 P-47's and additional support aircraft.
lies A-10 Thunderbolt II tank buster infantry support aircraft.
-1 Skyraider was the USAF's primary close air support aircraft.
war moved away, Langensalza became a reserve support airfield.
The support airport's status is presently undetermined.
gullies here are permanently waterlogged and support alder woodland.
But incumbency drew Lancaster to support Alexander over Scott.
However, the party declared that it didn't support all policies of the government.
, tightly-defined alternative to C which does support all of these things.
mbers care for Bevo, the Longhorn mascot, and support all Longhorn activities both academically and
s can also set up a standing order payment to support all 52 charities each year.
e brothers discovered that the land could not support all the people.
l efforts, Yeung lacks sufficient evidence to support allegations against Chit.
Lebrun's support allowed Denis to move to Rome in 1786.
American air and artillery support allowed the US forces to keep from being over
Asynchronous subprocess support allowing one to compile from within the edito
Bethany removes the life support, allowing God to escape while inadvertently k
This support almost certainly cost him the election.
football team receives a large amount of fan support, along with their head coach Chuck Shidan.
I don't think that he will go behind [ support] Alpha Conde after saying that.
t Mansfield, Camel's Hump, and Mount Abraham, support alpine vegetation.
Αdministration and support also came from Phanariotes and prince Dimitri
Despite this, he retained Gunn's support, although in the eventuality, Theoklitos neve
n-law enforcement persons to staff basic life support ambulances.
also a chess enthusiast, and donated money to support American chess.
Survivor groups gain support amid priest scandal - Chicago Tribune
project proved to be a failure due to lack of support among the local population.
inter-process communication, e-mail, and HTML support, among others.
Abbott said that he did not have enough support among the remaining Liberal MPs.
She attracted support among many younger Democrats.
policy was controversial, as it cost the NDP support among its unionized working-class base of sup
Kesri's lack of popular support among the masses caused further damage to the
phew of the deposed Kaykaus II and had strong support among the Turkmen.
Matra was killed shortly in battle and his support among the Corsicans collapsed.
They have tremendous support among their constituents.
ni was a charismatic leader, with significant support among the radical anti-apartheid youth.
Though the MFDP challenge had wide support among many convention delegates, Lyndon B. Jo
Graeco-Aryan has comparatively wide support among Indo-Europeanists.
He has cultivated support amongst the elderly in particular, and his su
we tell the readers the truth, or uphold and support an old myth?
Eight ornamental columns support an elevated 8-lane race track.
The new facility is intended to support an expansion of the company's operation.
Yahoo! and Altavista both support an undocumented NEAR operator.
s, which dominate central and southern China, support an astounding 146,000 species of flora.
This dam will support an additional 180 MW power house.
She also stated in Parliament that ‘I do not support an attack on Iraq.
work began on developing evidence that would support an "actual innocence" claim.
eft side has the accommodations/interfaces to support an additional furnace module if required.
They support an entablature with a full-width similarly di
Map showing the partisan support and margins within electoral districts
The Rosicrucian Order continues to support and expand the museum and its educational and
Mutual support and encouragement is provided.
It also has integrated library support, and sophisticated analysis tools for advance
Philhellenes have always played a role in the support and protection of Hellenic Studies.
AstraZeneca dropped Plendil from its support and AZ&Me free Rx access program in October 2
ent of IT contract consultants for IT project support and staffing, recruitment of full-time positi
and batteries were designed to provide mutual support and to provide shelter and support for infant
The quality of care, support and guidance provide for students is describe
The HKDCS called upon the public to support and join the campaign protesting against this
t only is it extensible in terms of data type support and tree layout, it allows the extension writ
Fowler credited much of his success to the support and love of his wife and family.
tion, project management, delivery, training, support and hosting.
rch such as a biocatalyst, catalyst, catalyst support and solid phase synthesis support, as well in
stitution and goals go beyond the aims of the support and spreading of sidux.
LAADB2UG has been providing support and cutting edge breakthroughs for almost 30
stations around the island complex, gave fire support, and screened aircraft carriers.
The show is designed to support and showcase up and coming young bands.
event raised over £1000 for Macmillan Cancer Support and the BG Foundation Fund.
ol, scheduling, search capabilities, workflow support, and browser-based WYSIWYG editors.
In reality, support and use for languages other than Java has bee
owed the Independence Party with about 34-35% support and with a small lead over the Social Democra
Rawlings, John D.R. Coastal, Support and Special Squadrons of the RAF and their Ai
as a bomber squadron and later as an airborne support and transport unit.
ons, one artillery and one armor brigade, one support and one air regiment, four independent battal
then hired Themis Group to provide technical support and provide in-game events.
Von Teese did not seek spousal support and seemed to have no interest in his assets.
Asian CSR Award for Support and Improvement in Education, 2008
The WFMT Fine Arts Circle, a member/listener support and funding group, was formed in 1991.
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