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Simple fixed Load Sweep Test: A fixed load, of somewhat less than the engine
re more correctly flame resistance tests, which test a fabric's ability to resist ignition with the
This is complemented by a memory test, a counting test, and a stroop test (found at t
It was designed to test a geared version of the 120 kW (160 hp) Mercede
A Decca BridgeMaster II display being used to test a prototype video isolator.
On January 31, 2011, Google began to test a new homepage for docs.google.com.
pping and Trace Mode could be used to Debug and Test a newly modified source code program.
ce revolves around audio samples from a hearing test: a woman's voice reciting two-syllable words, s
1964, Terasaki developed the microcytotoxicity test, a tissue-typing test for organ transplant dono
Litmus test, a common pH test
Typically, such research seeks to test a hypothesis in controlled circumstances.
ts; defines numeric tests, so that a script may test a field for a numeric value, and may test again
He also played in the 3rd Test a week later.
The goal of the experiment was to test a closed loop control system that will compensa
University-Purdue University when he decided to test a priestly vocation.
From each regular administration of the test, a total of 100 successful candidates were sele
of the first reflection seismic oil exploration test, a granite monument was erected at the site of
ssault can be involuntary and allowed by God to test a person (for more details about God's tests on
In another test, a would-be hafidh might be asked to recite ver
Plumbbob John Nuclear Test, a live test of nuclear AIR-2A Genie rocket on
A DemoSat is a boilerplate spacecraft used to test a carrier rocket without risking a real satelli
take the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Test, a nationwide standard that will determine thei
He is the inventor of the Ames test, a system for easily and cheaply testing the mu
s are administered the College Board ACCUPLACER Test, a college entrance assessment test, to determi
ory explains that he hired the Japanese girl to test a burglar alarm.
To test a sample for endotoxins, it is mixed with lysat
China became the fourth country to test a thermonuclear weapon after the United States,
In the test, a 200g sample of -21mm to +19mm particle range
In June 1959, Shasta helped test a recently developed torpedo counter-measure kn
In a qualitative test a sample is first reacted with a mixture of ace
For the Green Run test, a batch was run with only a 16 day cooling per
The destroyer was sunk in Test Able, the atomic explosion 2 July 1946.
Experiment - Perform a test about your hypothesis, or let others experiment
In a test about what species of spider replied the fastes
9 May - Sacramental Test Act removes most prohibitions on nonconformists
ous modification to the Poor Law, the Workhouse Test Act.
the office of Lord High Admiral because of the Test Act.
Religious tests like those of the Test Acts are banned by the no religious test clause
The Repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts (1736)
Because it was customary, not part of the Test Acts, as far as I'm aware.
of Publications on Toleration, Corporation, and Test Acts,' &c., 1790.
Sherlock's “Vindication of the Corporation and Test Acts,”' 1718.
After failing the field sobriety test, Adamle blew a .04,
Test Adaptor Description IEEE Std 1671.5
awarded the rank of shodan at age 17, during a test administered by the late Morihiro Saito.
The mean score for the 2009 test administrations was 638.
The 15 best pairs in the Grand Prix Special Test advanced to the final round.
His last Air Force assignment was as a flight test aeronautical engineer and experimental flight t
A very commonly used test after new construction or repair is a hydrostat
making a not out 76, Prior returned for the 5th Test after returning to the Caribbean.
was stripped of his title after failing a drugs test after winning 9-3.
Vlassov also fails a lie detector test after he angrily protests about sexual related
Canavan was sent off in the second test, after fighting with Akermanis.
identally six years later Jones played his 50th test, again at Carisbrook and again with Scotland th
i Lanka A before earning a recall for the first Test against Australia in Brisbane.
nd in 2000, replacing Scott Murray in the first Test against New Zealand, and was subsequently selec
Mortimer played one Test against Papua New Guinea in 1986 and was a memb
, 14-6, and Jones was reselected for the second test against the New Zealand team on 8 February.
In that tournament in England he played in one Test, against South Africa.
wicket-keeper/batsman, French played his first Test against India at Headingley, Leeds in 1986, and
In the 1989-90 Australian season, he played one Test against New Zealand (for two wickets) and then
He made his top score of 42 in his next Test against India in Lucknow and played the whole I
the Great Britain team as captain for the first Test against Australia at Hull in 1982.
Following that, he was called up for the third Test against Pakistan, but he bowled 24 wicketless o
He continued his form in the next Test against India when he registered scores of 94 a
Moonlight played his last Test against the United States of America at Edmonto
He was called in shortly before the Test against Australia in his home town of Mumbai in
In the 1st Test against England Kaneria was selected ahead of A
He played one test against Scotland and one match against Munster.
in the course of an innings of 86 in his first Test against England, he became the third-youngest p
He stood in the fifth Test against South Africa at the Oval in 1951.
but for the New Zealand Kiwis in the 2011 Anzac Test against Australia.
England played a single Test against India at Lord's Cricket Ground and won
He was the twelfth man in the 2009 Cardiff Test against Australia.
He played the one-off Test against Japan in 2002 and some of the RWC quali
aby appearances at Centre up till the July 1982 Test against Scotland.
but against Wales in 2002, ending with his last Test against New Zealand in Christchurch in 2004.
The second Test against the United States remains Ireland's big
He subsequently played in the following test against Argentina in Port Elizabeth in which he
ica in 1922-23, and made his debut in the first Test against the South African cricket team.
Evers missed the First Test against Australia, which the tourists lost 13-3
He also played in the Test against Argentina.
In his first test against Friday Ahunanya, Jones lost a split dec
Billy played in the famous "Rorkes Drift" test against Australia in 1914, where Great Britain
al career came courtesy of two conversions in a Test against Scotland.
n 3 July he played for New Zealand in the third Test against Australia.
He did it on the second day of the final test against England last Friday, one day before all
He was called up for the 1st Test against Australia in 1934, at Trent Bridge, tak
as capped twice in 1992, playing at hooker in a test against the All Blacks, which the Springboks lo
In his first Test, against Australia at Johannesburg in October 1
debut for the Irish national team in 2000 in a Test against Japan in Dublin.
them as long ago as 1934, by winning the final Test against Australia after the first four matches
in warm-up matches, he was selected for the 1st Test against India on 1 March in Nagpur.
In 2005, Good Times began a test agreement with Taco John's to open co-branded r
GL.24X - Test aircraft to investigate the effects of overload
ravity Probe A, a satellite-based experiment to test Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity,
at the whole adventure was a "game" designed to test Alfonso's character.
It can be used to test all major 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 3.5G wireless techno
I was just saying, if I test all these families, are they going to be the sa
If possible (rarely done), chemically test all drugs before use to determine their purity
Communication mode - test all protocols for communicating with equipment
Russ McCool was the son of the Australian Test all-rounder Colin McCool and his wife Dorothy.
This test allowed end-to-end verification of the ICBM lau
first substrate used to maintain bacteria, this test allows for accurate depiction of bacterial type
This test allows end-to-end verification in the ICBM laun
ate Legislative Election 2010 Political Courage Test, Almy has stated that she is pro-choice.
standards on the Illinois Standards Achievement Test, also a state test that is part of the No Child
The Beutler test, also known as the fluorescent spot test, is a
Elek's test, also known as the immuno diffusion technique,
The test also yielded further calibrations to many of th
The Trauzl lead block test, also called the Trauzl test or just Trauzl, is
standards on the Illinois Standards Achievement Test, also a state test that is part of the No Child
In 2007 V/Vm Test also launced the Freenoise Archives which has o
This test, also called random blood glucose (RBG), assume
standards on the Illinois Standards Achievement Test, also a state test that is part of the No Child
Why was the result of the paraffin test altered before being announced by the authoriti
e penis may not be allowed (see Mull of Kintyre Test), although attitudes towards this are changing.
tion with pressure calibration of atmosphere at test altitude.
There was a dressage test, an endurance test, and a jumping test.
He is best known for Raabe's ratio test, an extension of d'Alembert's ratio test, which
The United Kingdom was the third country to test an independently developed nuclear weapon, in O
quiz is designed to test an individual's economic reasoning.
19 June 1958 in Pune, Maharashtra) is a former Test and One Day International cricketer who represe
types of cover tests are the alternating cover test and the unilateral cover test (cover-uncover te
lidated tests for analysis while monitoring the test and the test environment.
The supporters of the Test and Corporation Acts moved wrecking amendments
Our fiber optic test and measurement devices include optical analyze
2009 North Korean nuclear test and following the nuclear test, Pyongyang also
rious types of offshore vessels, including well test and servicing vessel Toisa Pisces.
He failed a polygraph test and had a false alibi but did not fit the profi
o successfully pass a rigorous physical fitness test and tactical skills test.
He served as the Director of Test and Evaluation from July 2007-August 2008.
Dubois, and Leonard Wagner failed the polygraph test and were immediately put on paid administrative
deficiency explains the delay between the blood test and the vomiting.
He eliminated Test and K-Kwik, then proceeded to chokeslam everyon
month of training, Forsdyke finally passes the test and is released into society.
ulled over, and he failed both a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer test.
Julin Bristol was the last British nuclear test, and took place at the Nevada Test Site on 26 N
N.W. Morton, he created the Adult Comprehension Test and the Picture Anomaly Test.
documentaries including Dream Team, National IQ Test, and Blaggers.
ade in 1950, the rocket engine blew up during a test and although repaired, the airframe was scrappe
t the scene after he underwent a field sobriety test and refused a blood-alcohol content test.
e components and numerous allied nations during test and exercises and managed the largest test rang
He passed the test and qualified for the race.
He passed a lie detector test, and died three years later at the age of 85.
In July, Hill passed both a lie detector test and independent drug test regarding his substan
ecame the Official Inspector of Pitches for the Test and County Cricket Board.
jab) is a cricketer who plays for the Pakistani Test and One Day International teams.
Basically, the 2006 test and the out-of-competition test were positive f
The Benzidine Test and the Bloody Blouse - Conjecture based on the
The Benzidine Test and the Bloody Blouse - Testimony and Official
ement, he served as the director of Operational Test and Evaluation from 2001 to 2005.
This satellite is designed to test and set up a global system for lightening the E
Main articles: Ronchi test and Interferometry
ve centuries in the second innings of the first Test and the first innings of the second Test in the
premier aviation research and development, and test and evaluation facility.
Nowinski and D'Lo then went on to feud with Test and Stacy Keibler, a feud which Maven briefly i
However, poor performances in the following Test and ODI matches against New Zealand saw him dro
istory of cricket, who played a country's first test and the 100th test.
own cricketing family; his brother Roger played Test and One Day International cricket for England.
sman and medium pace bowler, Pulford has made 1 Test and 39 ODI appearances for New Zealand.
ed out to the top three scorers in each subject test and the General Test.
The 46 TW Executes Developmental Test and Evaluation Enabling the Warfighter to put W
His youngest brother, John, played Test and One Day International cricket for England.
ains classic statements of the denial of rights test and the covering the field test for inconsisten
ting tool connects “directly” to a system under test and tests it dynamically.
The Castle Bravo test and the new fears of radioactive fallout inspir
She is asked to get a DNA test and the DNA test shows she is the daughter.
Replacement tests such as the VDRL test and the RPR test, initially based on flocculati
d in April 1954 during the Castle Union nuclear test and had a yield of 6.9 Mt.
ivil Rights weighed in on the OCR's three-prong test and procedures for implementing it.
Salmon was administered a sobriety test and his Blood Alcohol Content registered a 0.08
iously purchased Marconi Instruments, a British test and measurement equipment manufacturer.
low director, overseeing preflight preparation, test and checkout for the Space Shuttle Discovery.
s main businesses are industrial automation and test and measurement hardware and software.
Karamatsu failed a police sobriety test and was found to have a blood-alcohol content o
The E class was also used to test and evaluate tactics and new equipment.
ris Payne - synthesizers (1979 Old Grey Whistle Test and Top of the Pops performances)
In July 2006, Berestov failed a drugs test and is now facing a two-year competition ban.
This is the supreme test, and may be rephrased as "the liability of a co
He joined the Test and County Cricket Board, upon his retirement.
Primary purpose is to test and validate nuclear command and control and ex
The 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron (31 TES) is a United St
South African plans to test and treat millions of people for HIV and TB. 
53d Test and Evaluation Group Fact Sheet
AFHRA 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron History
He is the brother of Peter Lever, who played Test and One Day International cricket for England.
l Hati's leadership, was defeated in Gol Hati's test, and left to perish.
Examples include, Trinity (nuclear test) and Emu Field.
rst Amendment "literalists," chafed at the Roth test and argued vigorously that the First Amendment
Test and evaluation of emergent wireless broadband d
Model 67 used a standard 360 instruction called Test and Set to implement locks on code critical sec
They appeared on the Old Grey Whistle Test and for a long time were John Peel's favourite
quity of the World Wide Web and applies them to test and measurement applications.
F test and T test
he tolerated level means the cylinder fails the test and should be destroyed.
The 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron (85 TES) is part of the
ridicule, and at times waits with His reply to test and purify His faithful.
In the 1st Test and Lord's he opened the batting and made an un
The 3958th Operational, Test, and Evaluation Unit (then functioning as an in
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