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other al-Mu'azzam, and al-Kamil was willing to accept a peace with emperor and King of Sicily Freder
il Haniyeh, said his government was willing to accept a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.
1949 Mamatey moved to Tallahassee, Florida, to accept a faculty position with the history department
bottom up and hence declined the role, only to accept a subsidiary role in another series.
He refused to accept a salary for the position, stating that he wis
s, samkhya and the early mimamsa school do not accept a God (see Atheism in Hinduism) while acceptin
of the set F (a HALT state) for the machine to accept a regular language (Not in including the empty
e other side is either bluffing or refusing to accept a reasonable settlement and thus deserves to b
tirement, Lanz returned to British Columbia to accept a job in the BCHL as an assistant coach for th
Glendening when Thomas L. Bromwell resigned to accept a position with the Maryland Injured Workers I
An heir may accept a succession under beneficium inventarii witho
.243-06 (alternately 6mm-06) - necked down to accept a .243
st in natural history prompted him to quit and accept a place on an expedition to the Amazon run by
to teach in chemistry and natural history and accept a new professorship at the university.
He declined to accept a renomination in 1882.
However, he was unable to accept a fellowship due to being unable to subscribe
greater portion of his life, Bowes refused to accept a salary for his ministrations, and he seems t
He has argued for the need for Israelis to accept a two-state solution that recognizes Palestini
that "While it was Iso's complete right not to accept a work he finds unsuitable," he feels he does
He resigned in 1948 to accept a seat in the Legislative Council of Quebec an
He left the board of Ecolatina in 2000 to accept a post as Ambassador-at-large to international
lucrative Vitagraph Studios career in 1918 to accept a contract with fledgling film mogul Louis B.
Upon the resignation of Howell Cobb in 1812 to accept a captain's commission in the United States Ar
Stevens left office to accept a judicial post five days later on May 20, 200
oral election rematch, but resigned in 1974 to accept a job with Edward J. DeBartolo Corp., a mall d
r. Jordan resigned from the College in 1971 to accept a position as vice chancellor for the central
ted that while the courts would not by default accept a government statement that there was a nation
esign from the office of Secretary of State to accept a position at the John F. Kennedy School of Go
n, who resigned effective November 5, 2008, to accept a position with Lockridge, Grindal and Nauen,
marshals position until 1885, when he left to accept a job managing the Estado Land and Cattle Comp
thorities, who initially attempted to have him accept a decrease in Papal authority over Romanian Ca
December 2006 he was denied the invitation to accept a medal from the President of the Union of the
financial situation meant they were forced to accept a £50 bid from Glossop North End in May 1899.
has less tendency than a strongly basic one to accept a proton.
nce waned over this time, and he was forced to accept a buyout offer from Walter A. Brown, owner of
ley, Clark left the Harvard Business School to accept a position as president of Brigham Young Unive
The word Amen can have three meanings: to accept a vow upon oneself, to acknowledge the truth o
provisions forced King Henry III of England to accept a new form of government in which power was pl
he English instructor left in February 2007 to accept a position in another profession.
Members are expected to accept a fully pacifist position, but the MPF now enc
, until February 12, 1894, when he resigned to accept a position on the bench.
July 20, 1956, Congress enacted legislation to accept a 5,000-acre (20 km2) donation from the state
lister took time off from his legal studies to accept a position as physical director and football c
ove for Ashok in favor of Bela's claim, and to accept a proposal from the aristocratic son of one of
ent be a practicing Christian before they will accept a student into the school.
te term of Sam G. Bratton, who had resigned to accept a judicial post; he was elected in his own rig
ded that the refusal of a Jehovah's Witness to accept a blood transfusion after being stabbed did no
library, Tucker stated that he would refuse to accept a card to the new blacks-only branch library i
Prince Wan returned to Thailand in 1930, to accept a professorial chair at the Faculty of Arts, C
In July 1886 the dolerenden had to accept a verdict against them.
dge Benson took a two-year leave of absence to accept a position with the construction company Ralph
She declined to accept a spot on the Democratic State Executive Commi
feared that the southern congressmen would not accept a black ambassador in Washington, D.C.
fore receiving a diploma since colleges do not accept a D as a passing grade.
After conferring with King, O'Dell decided to accept a less prominent post within the movement in o
art does not need to be pressed to make R.O.B. accept a command.
sement about a vending machine that refuses to accept a man's dollar bill.
ly, the Council requested that no member state accept a Unilateral Declaration of Independence from
erim leader when Nixon from the legislature to accept a federal appointment.
er, an absence of dignity, and an inability to accept a fixed political creed, prevented him from ac
he means of subsistence, he was constrained to accept a situation as teacher.
He accept a professorship at Columbia in 1926, where he
hance to vote on whether or not they wanted to accept a Cotton Bowl Classic bid.
eventually coaxed to North Carolina in 1911 to accept a mathematics position at Woman's College in G
In 1893, James left Philadelphia to accept a professorship in public administration and d
nted to keep fighting, Drucci persuaded him to accept a ceasefire.
however, the Parappanad Royal family agreed to accept a pension from the British government as also
rterback Haywood Sullivan left school early to accept a professional baseball contract with Boston R
at he wants to play in the Ryder Cup and would accept a captain's pick.
Rather than accept a demotion to the minors in October 1982, he r
The launcher's barrel could slide forward to accept a single 40 mm round into the breech.
ed that he would resign his position at Kew to accept a faculty appointment in the University of Chi
The three were found guilty of conspiracy to accept a bribe from Sharp, and sentenced to five year
ces to subscribe to another web service, or to accept a subscription from another web service.
2003, whose manager Glyn Hodges hoped he would accept a lowering in wages to remain at the club.
uccessful and he resigned only a year later to accept a position in North Carolina at a school for y
However, he was forced to accept a treaty with the Lucius Vitellius, the Roman
cardinals, and Rome was not at all inclined to accept a hated Frenchman as Pope, so Martin IV was cr
, 1897, to August 20, 1900 when he resigned to accept a court position.
He resigned in 1988 to accept a position as Executive Director of the Chatha
ng the fact that the Red Army was not ready to accept a new tank because of lack of sufficient spare
is a letter from Oscar Wilde begging Terry to accept a copy of his first play.
t when Senator Dan Larson resigned in order to accept a position with his former employer, a law and
They accept a gig at a Hungarian venue instead, dealing wi
The CEO instead tried to force Rochester to accept a forfeit.
Some models including -2M and 8M accept a single OCT-19 mount lens, others have a thre
He was suddenly forced to accept a battle in which Ming army won a sounding vic
e've not been able to convince the majority to accept a GST as the main option to address the tax ba
They were designed to accept a range of mechanical components to enable buy
e screws, like the 6-32 screws, also typically accept a #2 size Phillips screwdriver tip.
He has said that he would not accept a reunion without Sebastian Bach.
lt that resulted in his resignation in 1882 to accept a lucrative position as crown clerk for Halifa
rom the post of lieutenant governor in 1991 to accept a presidential appointment to the Internationa
Pope's two sons accept a folded flag during their father's burial cer
seek re-election in 1794, but returned home to accept a seat on the Connecticut Supreme Court in 179
y the French government's insistent refusal to accept a military convention stipulating the way in w
e for Garrick is so strong that she refuses to accept a marriage arranged by her father, Mr. Ingot (
cause it is a well known fact that people will accept a change in the form of a fiction while they w
Governor Stevenson resigned his office to accept a seat in the U.S. Senate, and the remainder o
policy of Lord Cornwalis, they were induced to accept a tract west of the Jumna in exchange.
Nonetheless, Henry was forced to accept a peace agreement in which he renounced any fu
the Father of the Nation, upon his refusal to accept a Cabinet position, he was imprisoned by the m
year in Italy and later returned to Europe to accept a marketing position with Procter & Gamble in
He chose to accept a scholarship offer from his hometown team, th
Heatley would shortly after accept a trade to the San Jose Sharks instead, and Co
In 1994 he left the USGS to accept a position at Oregon State University, where h
the city in September, 1912, convincing him to accept a salary less than half that of his private pr
were bowl eligble, South Carolina declined to accept a bid due to the team's involvement in the Car
Typically females are most likely to accept a mate and have a successful clutch two weeks
iry was set up and the growers were obliged to accept a contract that protected the millers from any
Gorin left France in the mid-1970s to accept a teaching position at the University of Calif
ational Congress Party to push the Missirya to accept a deal that they don't accept as a tribe,” Hik
sell 548 tickets at that price, forcing it to accept a $462,535 loss, before travel expenses, to pa
r Sapai says he believes that the Taliban will accept a timeline for a coalition withdrawal only if
On October 12, 1812, unwilling to accept a foreigner (Wellington) as supreme commander
Rockingham government, he preferred instead to accept a well-paid post as chirographer to the Court
enate from 1988 to 1991, resigning mid-term to accept a job in Washington.
ict and emancipist workers, Petrie was glad to accept a post as clerk in the Ordnance Department.
Williams later moved from his ministry to accept a post at Granada Television in Manchester, pr
whips sought out MPs with safe seats who would accept a Peerage to make way for him.
In order to accept a job in the civil service he severed his ties
is unlikely that the opposition coalition will accept a possible victory of President Gbagbo in the
his return, resigning from the post in 1866 to accept a position in the office of the clerk of the d
and emigrate out of the Arabian peninsula, or accept a money payment.
Shabbat lamps are lit by and only accept a compact fluorescent lamp.
placate the barons of Morea, but was forced to accept a parliament in 1304.
, Thomas L. Bromwell resigned the same seat to accept a position with the Maryland Injured Workers I
ly serving DAP politician to be conferred (and accept) a Malaysian chivalrous title.
ombat, but offers instead a challenge: he will accept a blow from his axe that will sever his head,
4, 1827, to July 16, 1832, when he resigned to accept a judicial position.
McKnight were tried on charges of agreeing to accept a $10,000 bribe to influence their votes on a
sings the song under his breath on his way to accept a phone call from Will Bailey.
t year, Derrick went to the boxing pavilion to accept a challenge of staying upright for three round
In 1998 he moved to Los Angeles to accept a position directing porn videos for John T. B
He resigned that office in 1830 to accept a seat on the bench of the general court of th
er members of the black community unwilling to accept a one-party system had allied themselves.
reelected to Congress, but resigned in 1990 to accept a post as Ambassador to Brazil.
867, to December 19, 1870, when he resigned to accept a judicial position.
pression was naturally selected to allow us to accept a subordinate role.
oyer and terminer, but resigned immediately to accept a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.
before the 2004 season, as he did not want to accept a smaller role in the offense.
e province, largely due to Clarke's refusal to accept a compromise.
er suspicious of Soviet intentions, decided to accept a mutual non-aggression pact with Germany.
and in 1868 he was invited by Louis Agassiz to accept a position at the Museum of Comparative Zoolog
e term of Smith McPherson, who had resigned to accept a presidential nomination as federal district
the Ahly board to find Fathi a team that would accept a loan movement of a player who had little mat
ith resigned from the Army on June 19, 1854 to accept a position with the Illinois Central Railroad.
luded the threat of sanctions, Sudan agreed to accept a second resolution which did not include sanc
give the very active intermediate 3, which can accept a wide range of nucleophiles to give the desir
rations for Seattle, resigning months later to accept a job as GM of the Denver Nuggets.
a Moscow police investigator and is forced to accept a variety of menial jobs in remote parts of th
The "pointer to void" type can accept a pointer to any object, even though the void
When Colonel Fletcher refused to accept a commission under the authority of the provin
onstant touring and rowdy audiences led him to accept a post as director of a concert agency in New
ity Medical School but told them she could not accept a department chair because of her religious ob
went ahead after the South Africans agreed to accept a mixed-race team.
As a native, Zhu was expected to accept a much lower wage package than a foreign coach
above captain; Washington resigned rather than accept a demotion.
is considered the most deserving of those who accept a regular commission in the military occupatio
at the Soviet Union will, without retaliation, accept a limited U.S. counterstrike comparable with t
out before completing his studies in order to accept a position with the International Paper Compan
im leader, but he resigned on July 31, 1991 to accept a federal appointment.
This forced Benton to come back and accept a daily call, no-benefits job from Romano.
year to stay at St. John's, opting instead to accept a job as coach of the New York Knickerbockers
In 1985, he resigned his seat to accept a transfer to a church in Middleton, Nova Scot
He resigned in 1919, however, to accept a position with the U.S. State Department as F
led by Simon de Montfort, forced King Henry to accept a new form of government, laid out in the Prov
Academy in 1858, but resigned his position to accept a commission as a third lieutenant in the Reve
-winning newspaper, the San Francisco Foghorn, accept a co-editorship arrangement in the interests o
t that institution a year before graduating to accept a warrant as a midshipman, effective 2 March 1
He resigned from Congress in October 1812 to accept a captain's commission in the U.S. Army to fig
Since no medical school in Canada would accept a female even by the 1860 - "The doors of the
offered to pay the outstanding tickets and to accept a delegation from the 13 schools to discuss th
On May 25, 1870 he retired from politics to accept a position on the New Brunswick Supreme Court.
oncerning, and that on that ground I would not accept a dollar of the railroad's money, though I was
6, 1917, to June 30, 1921, when he resigned to accept a Treasury position.
ua when the U.S. forced the warring parties to accept a power-sharing agreement, the Espino Negro ac
an he can replace...strike deep, and refuse to accept a blow in return."
nt, however Indra bound by protocol refused to accept a gift that he had made, and insisted that the
jamin W. Leigh, but resigned March 4, 1837, to accept a seat on the Court of Appeals.
He later agreed to accept a version which allows people to use federal s
The decision by Bush to accept a tax increase adversely affected his re-elect
He left the state's highest court to accept a judgeship for Oregon's fourth judicial distr
c coupler, may be hardwired and may not easily accept a DSL filter.
In attempting to force the Scots to accept a new Prayer Book in 1637, Charles sparked a c
moved the family to Meadville, Pennsylvania to accept a position as pastor of the First Christian Ch
McDonough resigned in November 1997 to accept a teaching position at Brandeis University.
James would come back, or if the people would accept a new king.
turn to the Yankees in 2007 and was willing to accept a role as a back-up outfielder and pinch hitte
Yet he refused to accept a rabbinical position or to wear the customary
at Worcester City he felt confident enough to accept a move to Luton Town.
n of the season he announced his retirement to accept a coaching position with the Whalers.
e town Council of Howey-in-the-Hills agreed to accept a cash and property settlement worth about $80
a juridical career, he left Breslau in 1837 to accept a call to Vilnius as director of the orchestra
He resigned from his seat to accept a position as Minister for Crown Lands in Prem
He resigned in October 1912 in order to accept a position as the City of Toronto's legal coun
The proposed automaton will accept a word iff a time i exists such that it will s
arrell) after he is forced by circumstances to accept a job as janitor.
is employees, who had unionized and refused to accept a pay cut.
-election held after John Bemister resigned to accept a position as sheriff.

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